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The advance of Russian forces in the Samolet area in Artyomovsk is capable of depriving the Armed Forces of Ukraine of physical control over the road towards Chasov Yar

The advance of Russian forces in the Samolet area in Artyomovsk is capable of depriving the Armed Forces of Ukraine of physical control over the road towards Chasov Yar

The Ukrainian military confirms the information that appeared in the reports of Russian military correspondents the day before. This information concerns the transfer under the control of Russian forces of a part of the area where the Airplane monument is located in Artyomovsk. Often this, southwestern, part of the city is called the “Airplane district”.

A Ukrainian officer with the call sign "Magyar", who recently announced that in Bakhmut there were no safe ways out of the city and, accordingly, to enter it, in his video he warned the so-called volunteers and journalists that the area "Airplane » You can't drive.


It became extremely dangerous.

The “Aircraft” area is notable for the fact that this is the main direction to go immediately to Konstantinovka through Krasnoye (Ivanovskoye), and to Chasov Yar through Artyomovskoye. Considering that the road to Chasov Yar remained the only one physically controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the advance of the Wagner PMC in this area can lead to the enemy losing control over this direction as well. In this case, the ring around Bakhmut (Artemovsk) will finally close.

At the moment, the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this area are being targeted by Russian troops, including in order to prevent the regrouping of the forces available there.
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Ministry of Defense of Russia

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  1. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 16 February 2023 06: 51
    What is this "Magyar" there? The navel of the earth, that they refer to it again and again? Let's wait and see.
    1. Murmur 55
      Murmur 55 16 February 2023 06: 59
      dmi-pris 1 hi, it’s just that this organism and official Kyiv have diametrically opposed reports for the public.
      1. dmi.pris1
        dmi.pris1 16 February 2023 07: 02
        Lately, I have been treating all this as an attempt at misinformation. Regarding Artemovsk, it is better to remain silent than to wang or run ahead of the locomotive. Let the fighters do their job. Then we will discuss
        1. Murmur 55
          Murmur 55 16 February 2023 07: 04
          dmi pris 1, I agree, otherwise they write victorious realities almost about a separate house. hi
    2. Silver99
      Silver99 16 February 2023 07: 39
      In March, Artemovsk will turn into Mariurol for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ragged "drivers, cooks, clerks and nurses from a brothel" will again go along the roads into captivity.
      1. berlaga2005
        berlaga2005 16 February 2023 11: 23
        As soon as everyone starts making noise at the UN about the urgent evacuation of "civilians" from Artyomovsk, it will immediately become clear that the situation there is not very good for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the meantime, the UN is quiet.
  2. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 16 February 2023 06: 51
    Artemovsk will be ours, but the only question is how many more such cities are needed to break the Armed Forces of Ukraine and bring down the front?
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 16 February 2023 07: 08
      It has already been said that the Donbass is an urbanized region. A large agglomeration. Actually, this is where Prigozhin’s assessments of the time of the liberation of Donbass come from.
      1. Quote Lavrov
        Quote Lavrov 16 February 2023 07: 30
        Just don’t refer to this Vanga !!!
        Or recall his own bravura reports a few months earlier? And not only about Artyomovsk? And all that I could now squeeze out of myself was that it was the MO that was to blame for him, and it was not he who ran ahead of the actions with his tongue. Does everyone have such a short memory? And it’s very interesting, but he, like most others in such a situation, having made such a statement, will he receive an article for discrediting the Moscow Region or is he outlawed?
        By the way, there is no need to say that Donbass is urbanized, and then it will be easier
        This is absolutely not true. Ahead are Nikolaev, and Odessa, and Kharkov, and Kyiv ... so there is no need to listen to those who cover up difficulties with fairy tales that we will endure now, but it will be easier there. It is necessary to clearly give a report to yourself and understand - it will not be easier further. And prepare for this, immediately correct mistakes, etc.
        1. dmi.pris1
          dmi.pris1 16 February 2023 08: 10
          Immediately, how is it? The army has been organized for decades largely for reporting, like a front door. It won’t work immediately. I’m generally surprised by the heroism in many, many cases of our soldiers. ideology and patriotic education .. About ten years ago, I somehow thought about a possible war, and came to the conclusion that we couldn’t pull it in any way. Looking at what was happening with the youth, with the army. We don’t have another army and won’t in the short term, here it is necessary to completely change the approach of the leadership, not even to the army, but to the country as a whole. Yes, and I said to the ode that it will be easier further
        2. Nastia makarova
          Nastia makarova 16 February 2023 08: 30
          "Ahead and Nikolaev, and Odessa, and Kharkov, and Kyiv" forget about it, at best, reach the Dnieper
  3. Prjanik
    Prjanik 16 February 2023 07: 20
    Yes, Wagner will not be cut off the last road, they will be left under fire, at least until the dill continues to throw reserves into fire bags. That is the meaning of the Bakhmut meat grinder, as in Soledar, only on a larger scale
  4. Quote Lavrov
    Quote Lavrov 16 February 2023 07: 27
    Maybe it's enough for a month to write in the style of "already about", "almost", etc.?
    How many of these "almost" were there? Soldiers are dying there, and here we are reprinting the statements of everyone in a row for the sake of their personal hype.
    When the guys take the city, then we will rejoice together.
  5. Arkady007
    Arkady007 16 February 2023 09: 02
    In the Artyomovsk area, only Wagner works at 50 km.
    They do their job excellently.
    What they are doing in other directions has not been seen for a month.
  6. Carlos Hall
    Carlos Hall 16 February 2023 10: 51
    Why is Russia bleeding out in costly frontal attacks? Are they going to waste their newly formed army on extremely worn out and very difficult frontal attacks in order to facilitate the Ukrainian counter-offensive later? Who is in command? Now Russia does not have the opportunity to go on a decisive offensive, and this tactic leads to the destruction of the army.