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American edition: US will provide Ukraine with a new large package of military assistance, preparing the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the spring counteroffensive

American edition: US will provide Ukraine with a new large package of military assistance, preparing the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the spring counteroffensive

The United States is preparing a major new military aid package for Kyiv, with funds scheduled to be announced next week. It is reported by The Washington Post.

According to the publication, the US administration is preparing to supply weapons and at the same time allocate funds for budgetary support to Kyiv. We are talking about 10 billion dollars, this is a separate amount, other funds will be used for armaments. In addition, all this will be accompanied by new anti-Russian sanctions.

The Biden administration is working with Congress to approve another $10 billion in direct budget aid to Kiev and is expected to announce another major military aid package next week, as well as more sanctions against the Kremlin around the same time.

- the newspaper writes.

The Americans are in a hurry, preparing Ukraine for the spring counteroffensive. According to Washington's plans, the Armed Forces of Ukraine should "turn the tide" in the spring, and it is for this operation that is being prepared that weapons and equipment are being supplied. At the same time, the Americans warn the Zelensky regime that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine fail to take advantage of the chance given to them in the spring, then the volume of arms supplies will drop sharply in the future. In general, Zelensky was warned that no one would endlessly pour billions into him, it's time, as they say, to "pay dividends."

We will keep trying to convince them that we can't do everything indefinitely.

- said an unnamed high-ranking official.

Washington fears that despite all the assistance provided, Kyiv will not have the strength to turn the tide. Now the Americans are trying to convince Zelensky that it is necessary to withdraw troops from Bakhmut, and not throw more and more units into the meat grinder. But the puppet bit the bit and tries to show its independence. Also, the Pentagon doubts that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have enough strength to "capture" the Crimea and Donbass. The task is to reach the borders of February last year.

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  1. Asad
    Asad 14 February 2023 06: 35
    Of course, they won’t be able to break it, but they will drink blood. What can we counter them with billions of dollars? Reserves are declining, the ruble cannot be devalued indefinitely, taxes have already been introduced for almost everything. It remains to shake the oligarchs, but they are their own, But they don’t give up their own.
    1. Kaufman
      Kaufman 14 February 2023 07: 09
      As for breaking it, they won't be able to. After the autumn retreat and the surrender of Kherson, I consider it necessary to look at such statements more seriously !!! Taking into account the economic factor, a significant decrease in exports and increasing assistance to Ukraine from the West is more than serious. Even from sofas you need to stop boasting
    2. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 14 February 2023 07: 34
      There will be no counteroffensive. Firstly, this is impossible due to the superiority of the RF Armed Forces in the number of personnel and equipment. Secondly, because the military-political leadership of both Ukraine and NATO understand that they cannot hold the territory of the LDNR. This is an absolutely fundamental issue for Putin, and no resources will be taken into account to achieve it. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to defend on all fronts with short counterattacks in the periphery areas.
      1. Kaufman
        Kaufman 14 February 2023 08: 25
        Maybe . But I wouldn't calm down. Firstly, no, but they collect a shock fist from Bradley and Leopards. Secondly, they carried out a successful counteroffensive in the autumn. Thirdly, our resources are dwindling. The economy went down. Fourthly, the Arctic ASEZs would not just be taken to the NWO zone. Combat-ready units and weapons from all over the country, and from Syria, were transferred to the NVO. I think the enemy intelligence services are aware of this.
        So despite your authority and combat experience, I will allow myself to disagree with you
      2. solar
        solar 14 February 2023 12: 27
        This is an absolutely fundamental issue for Putin, and no resources will be taken into account to achieve it.

        And what is not fundamental?
        So far, the most expected from the Ukrainian troops is the direction to Melitopol.
    3. Beaver
      Beaver 15 February 2023 09: 19
      We can improve the efficiency of every citizen. If a Russian works like a German, first of all with his head, then he won't care about anything.
  2. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 14 February 2023 06: 41
    They took over the content of the "dark territory" completely.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 February 2023 06: 54
    10 billion in government aid, a major new military aid package to be announced next week. Wasn't Kuleba talking about these signals of the "symbol of unity"? So such signals have recently come from the United States and Europe all the time. Or is it still the hope that the Americans will give the green light to the Poles for the supply of F-16s and declare it loudly so that other European members boldly begin to complete the task?
    1. Dmitry Trukhtanov
      Dmitry Trukhtanov 14 February 2023 07: 03
      I doubt that they will give F-16s .... They will divorce them like with Abrams) Yes, and a huge number of aircraft are needed ... Even let's say 50 aircraft will not radically change anything. They will drink blood, but no more
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 14 February 2023 09: 26
        I wrote with the facts that unnecessary aircraft are like firewood in a barn in the fall. These are not tanks and shells. NATO and the West have always planned air offensives and proceeded from unconditional dominance in the sky. Therefore, something is something, and they have a lot of aircraft and ASPs for them. The same Britain will have 25 Eurofighters Mk0 by the year 1 - this is a program for which money has been allocated (including replacement purchases). In total, there were 1 Eurofighters Mk22 for 30 out of 53. At the same time, the first Mk1 was decommissioned in 20. That is fresh.

        The Netherlands - the F-16 wing is being decommissioned right now. All F-16s will be written off, this is already an accepted document and replaced by F-35s - which the Netherlands is already receiving, moreover, today they used them in a close to combat situation in Poland.

        Denmark - similarly, they receive F-35s under a 2020 contract and all F-16s are looking for new homes, they are fresher than those of the Netherlands, by the way.

        That's just Denmark and Norway can donate 50 F-16s and still remain / cannibalism to reduce maintenance costs and zips. About the United States, in which +/- one hundred F-16s is a shrinkage in the statements, I will not say anything.
  4. Ura Orlov
    Ura Orlov 14 February 2023 07: 05
    Zelya works for the United States in laundering corrupt US money))
  5. Volunteer Marek
    Volunteer Marek 14 February 2023 07: 07
    Any help to the Bandera people is painfully responsive. There is only one way - to fight.
  6. Reader_lover
    Reader_lover 14 February 2023 07: 50
    Mantras about the fact that the West will suddenly stop helping Ukraine are repeated with enviable regularity. But real data suggests that the US plans to play long. Various programs are planned to increase the production of weapons for 24-25 years. America spent 2.3 trillion dollars and 20 years on Afghanistan, so Ukraine will have to fight for many more years.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 14 February 2023 09: 31
      Austin, on the other hand, voiced a 5-year plan for the rearmament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Here they come from it, in strategic directions + situationally force / plug holes in critical ones.
  7. rocket757
    rocket757 14 February 2023 08: 08
    American edition: US will provide Ukraine with a new large package of military assistance, preparing the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the spring counteroffensive
    It can be assumed that everyone is preparing for something!!!
    Boom to see who does it better...
  8. AKsvlad047
    AKsvlad047 14 February 2023 09: 14
    From all this it follows: first: - our opponents supported the fascist regime, support and will continue to support it, second: - weapons will become more modern and powerful, third: - there are more and more instructors and advisers of NATO countries on the territory of Ukraine, which leads to their direct participation in the conflict, fourth: - we did not draw the proper conclusions on the retreats of last year (martial law in the country has not been declared, the mobilization of the population and the economy has not been carried out). I conclude: the spring-summer offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prepared by the West poses a real threat to the integrity and independence of Russia (to the new-old regions of the Russian Federation) and, given the capricious mood of some leaders of the NMD, it can cost a lot of blood for Russia.
  9. nik-mazur
    nik-mazur 14 February 2023 11: 03
    The Armed Forces of Ukraine should "turn the tide" in the spring, it is for this operation that is being prepared that weapons and equipment are being supplied
    Here, Russia has thousands of tanks, hundreds of aircraft, an unknown, but a huge number of long-range missiles that hit anywhere on Ukrainian territory, however, Russia has not yet won.
    On the basis of what do the ukrophiles believe that Ukraine will win if it has a couple of hundred tanks, two or three dozen aircraft and a few missiles capable of hitting only three hundred kilometers beyond the line of contact?
  10. dfk-80
    dfk-80 14 February 2023 18: 50
    Well, nothing prevents the amers from printing bucks yet - they will support Zelya and devalue their debts.
    But the main thing is all words, and impudent Saxons cannot be trusted, especially in war. The most deceitful and unprincipled.