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Deputy head of the FSMTC Drozhzhov: Negotiations with India on the production of Russian helicopters at Indian enterprises are frozen

Deputy head of the FSMTC Drozhzhov: Negotiations with India on the production of Russian helicopters at Indian enterprises are frozen

The production of Russian Ka-226T helicopters in India will not be deployed, negotiations on this issue have been frozen. This was announced by the Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia Vladimir Drozhzhov.

Several years of negotiations with India on the production of Russian Ka-226T helicopters at Indian enterprises have been frozen, the Indians were not satisfied with the proposed level of localization of production. At the same time, the Indian Ministry of Defense is considering the purchase of ready-made helicopters from Russia. Meanwhile, the joint venture offered the Indians new conditions with localization of 70%. Now it depends only on New Delhi whether the negotiations will resume.

Unfortunately, negotiations with Indian partners on the level of localization of the production of Ka-226T helicopters have practically been frozen. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of India, they are not satisfied with the level of localization offered by the joint venture

- leads TASS Drozhzhov's words.

The agreement between the Russian Federation and India on cooperation in the field of helicopter construction was signed in 2015. According to the document, Russian Helicopters will arrange deliveries to India and localization of production in this country of the Russian Ka-226T helicopter and its modifications. In 2016, Russia and India created a joint venture, which included: JSC Rosoboronexport, the Russian Helicopters holding company and the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautic Limited. It was assumed that the joint venture will produce 200 rotorcraft in nine years, the first 40 of them will be assembled in Russia.

The Ka-226T with a carrier system made on a twin-screw coaxial scheme, has a maximum take-off weight of 3,6 tons, capable of carrying up to 1 tons of payload. The main distinctive feature is the modularity of its design. The helicopter is easily installed transport cabin, the design of which allows you to carry up to six people, or modules equipped with special equipment.

In 2021, an updated version of the Ka-226T helicopter appeared, the helicopter underwent a deep modernization. The design of the fuselage and airframe was changed. In addition, the updates also affected the carrier system, a new rotor column, main gearbox and a new crash-resistant fuel system were installed on the helicopter. New blades are also announced. In the future, the helicopter should also receive the Russian VK-650V turboshaft engine, which should replace the French Arrius 2G1 engines.

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  1. mark1
    mark1 13 February 2023 13: 38
    Your own engine has appeared, which means you need to produce at home, because the best advertising is your own production.
    1. Silver99
      Silver99 13 February 2023 13: 52
      This is not new, they acquire all the weapons that India buys only with technical documentation for production, this is their permanent condition in contracts, I already wrote about this cunning ethnic group, some here stated that they do no harm to us, but sorry to buy oil with huge parasitizing at a discount on Russia's modern difficulties in the sale of hydrocarbons, this is also not a partnership (((
      1. hrych
        hrych 13 February 2023 15: 17
        But no, it was the Europeans who had the main discount, and the Indians get it almost at the market price. The Indians are planning to climb on diesel fuel, because. who distilled our oil drove themselves into a corner and diesel should take off on the world market due to a shortage. The Hindus are planning to capture a piece of this market. They decided to buy our diesel as well, so that our irresponsible buyers in the EU could supply their own and our diesel. Plus trade in rupees / rubles, and this will force us to buy Indian goods, instead of dollar ones from others. This is not just love with interest, but also India's participation in the attack on the dollar and the overthrow of the yoke of the imperialists. The funny thing is that Indian diesel is bought by the United States, i.e. Americans buy refining of our oil.
    2. Alf
      Alf 13 February 2023 15: 44
      Quote: mark1
      Your engine appeared

      Tell Gop when you jump. VK-650V is only being certified in 2023, and it is PLANNED to put it on the series in 2024 ...
      1. mark1
        mark1 13 February 2023 19: 31
        Or do you think that the UAV and Ansat programs will be screwed up?
        Quote: Alf
        PLANNED to put on a series in 2024

        Well, what's the catch?
        And in the end, I didn’t say that they WILL, I said that it SHOULD be.
        1. Alf
          Alf 13 February 2023 19: 52
          Quote: mark1
          Well, what's the catch?

          Your words ?
          Your engine appeared

          That's when it starts to be produced, when it will be possible to feel it on board the helicopter, then we will say that it "appeared". In today's Russia, a lot of things have been created, but with the production of this created problem, then there is nowhere, then there is no money, then some other garbage.
          1. mark1
            mark1 13 February 2023 20: 12
            You are confusing the two concepts "appeared" and "produced"
            And I repeat - I said that "it is necessary", you confirmed that there is an opportunity, but I make decisions, alas, not me and probably not you
  2. Buyan
    Buyan 13 February 2023 13: 38
    Well, well ... our factories will be loaded
    1. TipaVoffka
      TipaVoffka 13 February 2023 13: 42
      We localize our production from them completely - there will be no need to buy from us. They will produce themselves.
  3. Pulkovo1942
    Pulkovo1942 13 February 2023 14: 03
    Unfortunately, negotiations with Indian partners on the level of localization of the production of Ka-226T helicopters have practically been frozen.

    Fortunately, fortunately. Only a madman will share his technologies and localize production in a country that is not even an ally. You didn’t master these technologies, it’s not for you to squander. Let the Indians stick stickers, and there will be jobs in Russia.
  4. Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 13 February 2023 15: 20
    The VK-650V engine is designed to replace the French Arrius 226G2 on the Ka-1T helicopter, in addition, for the Iranian Saba 248 and Shahed 285 programs.

    Saba-248 (Persian: صبا-۲۴۸) is an Iranian medium-lift helicopter that was unveiled on March 7, 2017. It was completely designed/manufactured by the Iranian Ministry of Defense. Saba-248 is multifunctional, has 2 engines and 8 seats.

    HESA Shahed 285 (Persian: شاهد ۲۸۵) is a light attack and reconnaissance helicopter developed in Iran. It was introduced on May 24, 2009. Available in two versions: light assault / reconnaissance and maritime patrol / anti-ship.

    At MAKS, UEC presented a model of a hybrid power plant (HPU) based on the VK-650V engine. The layout includes a gas turbine engine, electric motors, power electronics units, an electric generator and a battery pack.

  5. Grits
    Grits 13 February 2023 15: 20
    And why do we need Indians in the production of helicopters at all? Are they specialists in some part of the helicopter industry or can they only build workshops? so we can build workshops without them. Then why try to attach the fifth wheel to the cart and be very worried that the wheel interferes with the ride.
    1. Alf
      Alf 13 February 2023 15: 47
      Quote: Gritsa
      Then why try to attach the fifth wheel to the cart and be very worried that the wheel interferes with the ride.

      You're right. This fifth wheel is not only superfluous, but, judging by the results of joint activities, it is also square.
  6. vovochkarzhevsky
    vovochkarzhevsky 13 February 2023 17: 10
    Good helicopter. But without a domestic engine, it’s the same as if it doesn’t exist. And there are still problems with the production of the VK-650V.
    But it took Mil less than a year to create the Mi-4...
  7. Down
    Down 13 February 2023 19: 08
    Informative ... And what do you think, is there a synonym for the word patriot in Russian?