President of the Russian Federation: Fighting neo-Nazism is one of the key tasks of our diplomacy

President of the Russian Federation: Fighting neo-Nazism is one of the key tasks of our diplomacy

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated all employees and veterans of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Day of the Diplomatic Worker. In a congratulatory telegram published on the Kremlin website, the head of state pointed to a number of key tasks for Russian diplomacy, among which he named ensuring the protection of the rights of Russian citizens and their support abroad. The Russian leader called the fight against neo-Nazism and discrimination based on nationality one of its main priorities.

Moreover, Putin added, Russian diplomacy will continue to make efforts towards the development of multipolarity in the world, through democratic reforms, respect for equality and mutual respect, which should form the basis of universally recognized norms of international law.

The President also focused his attention on the topic of active development of diplomatic relations with partners showing their responsibility in the international arena.

Note that the President of the Russian Federation, on the occasion of a gala concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army in the Battle of Stalingrad, held on February 2 in Volgograd, said that Russia has many friends around the world, despite all the efforts of pro-Western propaganda to present everything in in a different light to their advantage. According to him, they are not only in Europe, but also in Latin and North America.

On the eve of Putin decided to extend the term of public service 2 Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for another year. We are talking about Mikhail Bogdanov and Alexander Grushko. The order is connected with the excess of diplomats of their age limit for public service - 65 years.
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  1. +4
    11 February 2023 07: 17
    Apparently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not work well, since a whole Nazi-terrorist state appeared next to us, so also one people with foam hating us with foam.
    1. -8
      11 February 2023 07: 23
      yeah, but in 37-39 the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not work well since Nazi Germany appeared and had to fight with it? And in 1905, 1913, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire did not work well if militaristic Japan appeared nearby, and Kaiser's unfriendly Germany?
      will you immediately name when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Rus', Russia worked well and enemies did not appear at hand?
      1. +3
        11 February 2023 07: 28
        Quote: voice of reason
        37-39 The USSR Foreign Ministry did not work well once Nazi Germany appeared and had to fight with it? And in 1905, 1913, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire did not work well if militaristic Japan appeared nearby, and Kaiser's unfriendly Germany?

        The American ambassadors in Ukraine, on the other hand, did a very good job ...
        1. -5
          11 February 2023 07: 42
          Russia does not have such a trump card as Ukraine! If there was another Russia near the borders with Russia, then the Pinds would recruit us against that Russia! They need them all while they do their dirty work against us. If we don't exist, they won't either! Nafig who will need these tribalts, Poles, dill, and in general all this geyropa.
          1. +3
            11 February 2023 08: 56
            So maybe it's worth doing something so that we are always there? not to poke your fingers at Europe, but to mobilize the economy ... to disperse all kinds of guards with the sons of "successful" dads and their suits for 120 thousand (which, of course, were not there, but for some reason there are screenshots ... probably the Americans forged)
        2. +5
          11 February 2023 07: 46
          Politics does not warm the void. Where we did nothing to attract people to our side, others did ...
          1. +6
            11 February 2023 08: 58
            you are right ... the Russian Federation did nothing ... and besides, it also carried out frank sabotage, sending black-hearted and zurabovs as ambassadors to Ukraine ... there is even nothing to say about the 8-year stubborn stuffing of Donbass into Ukraine by implementing the unrealizable ... but even now, after a year of war, Russia again offers the inhabitants of these territories NOTHING, except for the statues of Medvedchuk, who is simply hated by everyone ... if only YanukVegetables were added to him ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. +9
      11 February 2023 07: 26
      the age limit for being in the public service - 65 years.
      And at the most, already over 70!
      1. +2
        11 February 2023 07: 55
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        the age limit for being in the public service - 65 years.
        And at the most, already over 70!

        and here it is not! remember the story of zero!
      2. +2
        11 February 2023 08: 13
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        the age limit for being in the public service - 65 years.
        And at the most, already over 70!

        His age was reset before the elections.
        1. +1
          11 February 2023 09: 06
          Quote: Carat
          His age was reset before the elections.

          Yes, if only age! Also his promises that were made before (including the retirement age not to increase).
    3. AAK
      11 February 2023 12: 31
      Taking into account the explosive growth of neo-Nazism and anti-Russian actions, our diplomacy should be directed to penal companies without exception ... if the main "Gorchakov" has his daughter, like most Foreign Ministry officials, they taught and educated their children in the states and in Britain, but why do we need such patriots and " anti-fascists", exclusively traitors and witnesses of the "sect of the negotiation process"
      1. yho
        11 February 2023 14: 17
        I don't understand why we need diplomats in Europe, if Russian diplomacy is put to nothing, embassies and property are seized? Why keep all this useless armada, why do we have nowhere to put money?
    4. 0
      11 February 2023 15: 25
      Quote from ARIONkrsk
      Apparently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not work well ..............

      In our camp, the Foreign Ministry is working as it should!
    5. 0
      12 February 2023 09: 16
      How bad? And Ambassador Svetlomyrdin? What a great job too!
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Hey
    11 February 2023 07: 39
    And what is the result on this issue? But none. Complete failure.
    How many friendly countries do we have? (Control question to determine: whose Crimea?) Again, a complete failure. Etc. and so on. My assessment of the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is 2 with a minus.
    1. +6
      11 February 2023 07: 42
      I really do not like the constant statements of representatives of our Foreign Ministry with regrets and bewilderment ... serious organizations do not behave like that ... this is a flawed position.
      1. -3
        11 February 2023 07: 51
        I do not like the constant statements of representatives of our Foreign Ministry with regrets and bewilderment

        this is how all foreign ministries of countries with weak or weakened armies behave, ours is no exception. The Russian army is now on the rise - the Foreign Ministry's rhetoric will change
        1. -2
          11 February 2023 09: 01
          army on the rise ahem ... PMCs are not the kind of structure to have their own Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but where did you see the rise of the Muradovs, Lapins and other Zuskos, I don’t know ...
      2. +4
        11 February 2023 08: 32
        this is a bad position
        they voice the position of the leadership.
  4. +5
    11 February 2023 07: 47
    Fighting neo-fascism with diplomacy is as effective as fighting cancer with conspiracies. Only a surgical knife and chemotherapy, radiation therapy.
    1. +4
      11 February 2023 09: 05
      you are right ... history knows 2 facts of the diplomatic struggle against Nazism-fascism ... the first was in Europe and led to the Munich Agreement of 1938 ... many people know about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, but that he became the answer on the policy of appeasement of the aggressor and the complete refusal of England and France to conclude an anti-Nazi agreement, they prefer to remain silent ... as well as the role of "unfortunate" Poland in the partition of Czechoslovakia in cooperation with Hitler ...

      as a result of all these MFA games, WWII began in 1939 ...

      the second fact is the incompetent Minsk agreements that led to a strange military operation that is not in a hurry to "operate" fascism ... what the Foreign Ministry can prevent there is not clear ... especially the ever-concerned Kalinko-Malinkovsky Foreign Ministry of the followers of the Kozyrev case
  5. +2
    11 February 2023 07: 47
    Neo-Nazism is such an infection that diplomacy cannot defeat it! How many monuments to the Heroes who defeated Nazism have been demolished by neo-Nazis throughout Europe over the past twenty years! And they sneezed at the notes of protest about this Russian diplomacy. After the demolished monument to Vatutin in Kyiv, the neo-Nazis will also take a swing at the monument to the Soviet soldier-liberator from Nazism in Treptow Park in Berlin! But every demolished monument to those who defeated Nazism is, first of all, a blow to the rights of citizens of the Russian world and to the rights of citizens of multinational Russia to have a memory of who we are and for the sake of which we sacrificed millions of lives of liberator soldiers who saved Europe from Nazism . There is only one conclusion, the Soviet soldier-liberator did not finish off one of those Nazis then, and today's neo-Nazis, the descendants of those Nazis, will not be destroyed by Russian diplomacy. This must finally be done by the Russian Soldier.
    1. -1
      11 February 2023 09: 28
      oh, how much pathos ... the only problem is that Nazism or fascism is an ideology ... and besides the living carriers of this ideology (which it is physically impossible to destroy everyone), it is also the presence of certain books, etc. ...

      for example, what will you do with Ivan Ilyin, whom some people love to quote so much? or we will allow you to quote the right words, and the wrong ones we will pretend that the "Guz" patriot (half German is true) did not say this: "While Mussolini leads Italy, and Hitler leads Germany, European culture is given a respite. Has Europe understood this? It seems to me that no... Will she understand this very soon? I'm afraid she won't understand... Hitler took this delay primarily for Germany. He and his friends will do everything to use it for the national, spiritual and social renewal of the country. But taking this delay, he gave it to Europe too."?

      and there are a lot of such quotes about the white movement as a proto-fascist organization ... or will we pretend that Ukrainian Nazism is bad, and Kolchak-Wrangel fascism is quite good?

      it’s a big mistake to think that the Soviet Union didn’t finish off fascism because Khrushchev let Bandera go ... I want to remind you that the fascist regime of Franco existed in Spain until 1975, the fascist regime of Salazar existed in Portugal until 1968 ... this is in addition to all sorts of pinochets, which some in Russia love so much ...

      a Russian soldier can purge the Ukraine of the Nazis or drive them deep underground, as the Soviet soldier did. but to assume that the ideology will be destroyed is simply ridiculous ...

      as another example, has the ideology of Ichkeria been destroyed? even if all the inhabitants of Chechnya were destroyed without exception (which is a crime in itself), then a certain Akhmed Zakaev would remain in London, who continued his activities ... just like the carriers of Bandera live in Canada and nothing can be done with them. .. what is possible is to remove the soil for this ideology on a specific land, what the USSR did in Europe in 45, what Russia did in Chechnya ... and kick Khrushchev while Putin gave Kalyn and Radish to the Turks as something funny...

      therefore, descend from heaven on earth, look objectively around you ... and less pathos ... a Russian soldier, finally ... is this the one that cannot take Maryinka for a year? again, the claim is not against the soldiers, but against those who brought the army to such a state. but I didn’t forget to put all conceivable and unimaginable orders on myself ... the question here is rather whether it will be possible to at least denazify Kharkov ... which in the light of constant "readiness "The Foreign Ministry is extremely doubtful for negotiations ...
      1. +1
        11 February 2023 11: 05
        read my comment again and you will see that there is not a word in it that the Russian soldier must defeat the neo-Nazi ideology. There it is clearly written in Russian that the Russian soldier must defeat the descendants of Nazism. Just like the Soviet soldier did not destroy the Nazi ideology, but destroyed the Nazis. It's like doctors saving humanity from the plague. But after all, the plague again, look, appears from time to time. And again, doctors save humanity from this infection. And so on until next time. So is the Russian soldier. Now he will destroy the bacilli of this infection, which have come to life from the genes of that infection, which the Soviet soldier did not completely destroy. And so on until the next outbreak of this infection. This will already be done by the descendants of today's Russian soldiers. By the way , my comment also begins with words about an infection .
  6. +2
    11 February 2023 07: 50
    Poor thing.
    How old they are not enough to destroy the country. We are ready for anything, even for ourselves to raise the pension return.
  7. +5
    11 February 2023 07: 54
    You say the fight against neo-Nazism? And how many countries have signed up to the UN under the glorification of Nazism? And who is not opposed to mutually beneficial trade with these countries? I remember the Chinese in general from the trade register crossed out some obese midgets, and for less than against us. And how does the winning country (and positioning itself in propaganda from every iron and at every holiday with or without a reason) protect itself and its history?
  8. -1
    11 February 2023 08: 13
    The fight against Nazism is necessary, but diplomatic methods alone are indispensable here. How many of our representatives in the UN Security Council and on other platforms poke their noses at the "enlightened and civilized" West at Nazism in bloom in Ukraine, at Nazi manifestations in the Baltic states, and everything, like peas against a wall. Moreover, these "enlightened" not only do not want to see this, but they themselves often use Nazi statements in their speeches and call for the genocide of the Russian-speaking population.
  9. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  10. +1
    11 February 2023 08: 38
    President Vladimir Putin has dismissed Victor Coronelli, the ambassador to Mexico, who has held the post since 2018. Coronelli rose to prominence after helping, together with the Russian and Argentine intelligence services, solve the "cocaine case" while serving as the Russian ambassador to Argentina. He explained then that through him the coordination of the operation with the local authorities was organized.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. +1
    11 February 2023 09: 21
    It is high time for them all to retire, including Himself. How many years have the same faces. We need to make way for the young. good
    Maybe then things will finally change for the better.
  13. +2
    11 February 2023 10: 08
    Nazism is a product of capitalism, it doesn’t matter, with the prefix neo, or without it.
    In addition, we should not forget that in addition to the openly declared Nazism, it can also be hidden.
    For example, when the population is driven into banking bondage.
  14. -2
    11 February 2023 10: 31
    President of the Russian Federation: Fighting neo-Nazism is one of the key tasks of our diplomacy

    Fighting neo-Nazism with the help of diplomacy with expressions of concern and puffing out of the cheeks is a sign of cowardice, weak will and anticipation of defeat ...
    Enough to explain to us the rules of good manners in a pigsty. Pay attention (at least) why the Russian industry cannot provide the needs of the RF Armed Forces with the latest WEAPONS and what the Rostec leadership, the MANTUROV department are doing for this, and what the so-called Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, headed by Mr. SHOKHIN, is doing.
    And, excuse me, you are telling common truths without EVEN (!!!) analyzing the growth in military output. Where are these “before and after”? Who and what responsibility for the "disappeared" suffered and why not?
    We have the right to ask you! We don’t fucking need explanations from people who don’t have any authority, and this circus around Ukraine, which is a pity to destroy and there is no way to endure, it’s time to close ... Both we and you have little left in this life. In addition, we can no longer do anything new in terms of family and children. And those guys who die in the war are able and capable. And they must be protected, using TODAY all the possibilities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in order to save those honest and decent people who stood up for the defense of the Russian people. And evil spirits poison them with cyanogen chloride ...
    Finally turn your face to the country! Take a close look at your surroundings! Do you really like remarks where they flatteringly bow for YOUR PERSONAL PARTICIPATION IN THE PROBLEM?! And without you, we all - Khan?! There will be no one to congratulate the Russian people on the New Year or some other "Halloween"?
    By the way, February 14 is soon - the holiday of sodomites, brought by the West on the eve of the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy ... Is it really needed today?
    1. 0
      11 February 2023 15: 28
      You two from the casket palace (Kremlin), scoundrel sycophant, go to the reception - get the "order of the stooped"!
      Like that dog, I understand everything, but I can’t say ...
  15. +1
    11 February 2023 13: 50
    The impression is that Putin considers diplomacy only conversations. The West, on the other hand, successfully applies the diplomacy of gunboats, the diplomacy of sanctions, the diplomacy of coups. And in any case, why negotiate where you can act by direct force?
    We occupied significant territories of Ukraine. What was done there to fight neo-Nazism, except for Khusnulin's fraternization with Bandera? Probably, Putin expected that the Nazis would not have to be hanged and wanted to negotiate with them. Strange fight.
    Neo-Nazism in I am a complete debilaltic? It is time to move from the diplomacy of chatter to the diplomacy of sanctions.
    Further everywhere. Erdogan yelped, sent volunteers to help the Nazis - to raise the price of gas ...
  16. -2
    11 February 2023 14: 06
    The struggle of "good" bourgeois with "evil" bourgeois satanists is admirable!!! Moreover, the “good” bourgeois think day and night about how to improve the well-being of the ordinary working person. Everyone feels this concern! And the "evil" bourgeois glorify Satan and breed homosexuals
  17. +2
    12 February 2023 10: 03
    Has the monument to General Krasnov, who commanded the Cossack troops of the Wehrmacht, been removed near Rostov yet? Or is the manifestation of neo-Nazism inside Russia not one of the tasks of diplomacy? And the memorial plaque to Mannerheim, which Medinsky solemnly presented in Leningrad that survived the German and Finnish blockade, was destroyed, or is it still waiting in the warehouse?

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