Units of PMC "Wagner" storm Ivanovskoye, cutting it off from Artyomovsk and Konstantinovka

Units of PMC "Wagner" storm Ivanovskoye, cutting it off from Artyomovsk and Konstantinovka

Assault groups of PMC "Wagner" are storming the positions of Ukrainian units in the village of Ivanovskoye (Krasnoye), effectively cutting it off both from Artemovsk (Bakhmut) itself and from Konstantinovka. In addition, the Wagnerites come to a fork in the road, control over which will allow them to cut the road to Chasov Yar.

According to the information available at the moment, Wagner attack aircraft and artillery blocked the "southern" road going through Ivanovskoye from Bakhmut to Konstantinovka, capturing part of Chasov Yar. The village itself is under fire, as Yuri Podolyaka said in his TG channel, the "musicians" are ironing the enemy's positions. Since the roads are cut, the retreat of the UAF, if it follows, will pass through the fields, which precludes the evacuation of armored vehicles. The reinforced 106th battalion of the 63rd Specialized Rifle Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was deployed to Ivanovskoye itself from Kramatorsk, the task of which is to prevent the breakthrough of Russian attack aircraft in the direction of Chasov Yar.

Now the second road remains under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, going through Khromovo directly to the northern part of Chasov Yar. According to it, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are still transferring reserves to Artemovsk. Although the Russian troops have not yet been able to cut it, they nevertheless took it under fire control.

The subdivisions of the "musicians" are not going on a decisive assault yet, but they are encircling Artemovsk from all sides more and more tightly. Now there is a situation where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are sorely lacking in reserves, attacks along the entire line of contact of the Russian army have forced the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to transfer the most combat-ready units to other areas. It is already known that part of the units of the Armed Forces U from Bakhmut was sent to the Ugledar region.

Yesterday, the "musicians" units were at a distance of one and a half kilometers from Ivanovskoye, advancing towards the village, taking Ukrainian oporniki along the way. During the day they apparently managed to cover the required distance and reach the village.
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    1. +26
      6 February 2023 20: 47
      This is the already familiar, brilliant Soledar scenario. They fettered the garrison with attacks, overlaid them like wolves around the perimeter, and then they will cut them into slices like a pie. Very professional work, high level of coordination between assault groups and other branches and types of troops. Apparently, interaction with other parts of the RF Armed Forces has also been established, after all, someone is holding the oporniki and the liberated territories while the Wagner is moving forward. In theory, everything is as it should be, but here they not only know HOW to do it, but they can. And it's worth it.
      1. -7
        6 February 2023 21: 14
        What it was like, you can later find out when all "It" is over.
        There are just a lot of ambiguities and inconsistencies with this "SVO" - my amateurish opinion.
        1. +2
          7 February 2023 02: 53
          Quote: Simple
          Just a lot of ambiguities and inconsistencies with this "SVO"

          The North Koreans will soon clear up the inconsistencies. When they will take Kyiv, Lvov and Chernivtsi. wassat
          1. +1
            7 February 2023 19: 42
            And China could, too.
            Think about "volunteers".
            For starters, for example, by sending a small detachment (a million - no more than ✋).
            For an internship.
            Real combat experience. 
            With this, the PLA is not thick.
            And we benefit and they ...
      2. +10
        6 February 2023 21: 24
        the Bakhmut supply route through Chasov Yar is now controlled by long-range artillery fire. When Ivanovsky is released, mortars will be brought into him and then control will be tight - in fact, the environment of Bakhmut
      3. +13
        6 February 2023 22: 24
        It is now that the formation of the army of the state is taking place, so to speak. The strongest army is not the one with the largest budget, but the one with a well-coordinated rank and file and command staff, and it is in real combat operations against another army, and not barmaley. The experience now being gained by our troops is another kind of crap in the future for the West. This most incomprehensible NWO is preparing, just the strongest army. Good luck guys. Come back alive!!!
      4. -6
        7 February 2023 02: 14
        You listen to Podolyak more. The storyteller is still
        1. -2
          7 February 2023 17: 28
          When I see Yurko "Bandera's hero" Podolyak, I don't read further.
          But after all, someone has long been powerfully pulling him up, covering and sponsoring him.
          Just like that, a person who, when asked "whose Crimea" begins to wag his stern, will not stay long in the Russian media. And here is how. And he takes nothing.
    2. +17
      6 February 2023 20: 51
      The Armed Forces of Ukraine actually have one road left, and that one is under fire. No, there is still a road to hell ..
    3. +2
      6 February 2023 21: 10
      Since the Armed Forces of Ukraine are transferring their forces from other directions, then we need to put pressure on us from others, so that they cannot transfer
    4. +3
      6 February 2023 22: 27
      Finally, I hope they heard me. But you need to bypass large oporniks like Ivanovsky, flow around them, pursuing the main goal of surrounding the enemy. Maximum strength to achieve the goal. Cut all roads to Bakhmut, everything. To the north of Khromovo with a blow from two sides or from one. Block the flow of reserves to Bakhmut !!! Stop supplying blood to this abscess! There are probably weak areas there, because you can’t build a strong defense evenly! And they won’t pull out the equipment through the mud, only along the road. In addition, in the fields, you can set up machine-gun and sniper ambushes on the escape routes and mines in the fields. This is what the Germans did during the war.
      Put them to the max!! Do not let go to the rear! Prigogine, listen! Give him tanks, because that's what they're made for! Saddle all the roads in the rear!
    5. +7
      6 February 2023 22: 45
      A minute of lyrics. with. Red / beautiful / - it was called that before the Great October. It was founded by a certain Matvey - a military clerk of the Cossack army, who, after the "Azov seat" / 1600-shaggy / was granted "rates and milk" / a pond and a mill /.because in the village 50 percent of Matvienko.was a year in 1970 ... the rest are Klimenko ...
      In 1941, when the Germans were advancing, children and women from the village of Krasnoye, under the leadership of grandfather Matviy / Knight of St. George / hid in a beam, "in burdocks" / as I was told ...
      the chances from their mg, from the dominant heights, were hollowing out mugs with any movement. until grandfather Matvey said / and did / ... I’ll get up right now, the enemy will kill me, but calm down. and in an hour you leave ...
      My father crawled away from there on his hands / lay with his feet in the spring for half a day / he was 8 years old. It's funny / genetics is silent / - sometimes my legs turn off too ...
      he took revenge on them - he set fire to the shed with bk, however, for this the aunt was shot ...
      My grandfathers died at 41, in the Red Army, I remember my grandmother Dunya in 1970.
      with a slight negative - took away from me a matchbox with a live Colorado potato beetle - you have fun here
      .everyone gathers and collects the beetle together, but we don’t have them in / in / the Orenburg region ..-my argument didn’t work .. laughing
      uv. could not help but share.
      and there everyone is proud that in Ch.Yar - Kobzon was born.
    6. -4
      6 February 2023 22: 48
      "forced the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to transfer the most combat-ready units to other directions. It is already known that part of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Bakhmut was sent to the Vugledar area." - It's fresh.
      "The Kyiv regime is throwing its most combat-ready units to Artyomovsk in the hope of maintaining control over the city" - This is Today, 12:39.
      “It’s strange: I’m watching Prigozhin’s channel and I don’t see anywhere” Prigozhin emphasized that the Kyiv regime is throwing its most combat-ready forces at the Artemovsk direction. You’ll somehow decide there, otherwise this stuff really nailed it. - This is a reaction to the material at 12:39.
      And here again the opposite infa. Phenomenal dolts...
    7. +4
      6 February 2023 22: 59
      God bless. It was tight near Balakliya, Kupyansk and Liman, near Kherson, but they did not lose heart - the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not succeed in large encirclements.
      Our warriors, even the most thieving ones, are not fools and are quite trainable.
      They fell, wrung out - and here they are the sprouts of a renewed army.
      How else can they surprise us?
      Intelligence, tactical control, all sorts of electronic goodies - everything is fully involved, and we - on the sly.
      Do they want to fill up the Western tanks with a mass?
      Well, let's see.
      It just seems (personal impressions) that the Rubicon has been crossed.
      Fufufufu, to hell.
    8. +4
      7 February 2023 01: 32
      Brothers wet the fascist evil spirits tirelessly!!!! The more the closer the victory! God bless you!!!!!

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