It's time to give an assessment to the Polish "rebels" of the 1863 of the year - barbarians, beasts and killers

It's time to give an assessment to the Polish "rebels" of the 1863 of the year - barbarians, beasts and killers"The 1863 uprising of the year was aimed at returning to the times of foreign domination over our people, preserving unreasonable gentry privileges and arrogant attitude towards commoners - including the ethnic Poles, whom the nobility contemptuously called" claps, "the 13 told reporters in November BakuToday the chairman of the Vitebsk public organization "Russian House", a member of the Union of Writers of Belarus, a member of the Union of Writers of Russia Andrei Gerashchenko.

According to Gerashchenko, today in Belarus, work on the preparation for the anniversary of the Polish uprising 1863 is visible. Recently, on November 7, not far from the town of Vileyka (Minsk region), a new cross was erected on the rebel grave, consecrated by the rector of the Alkovitsky church, the priest Anatoly. On the same day, a public holiday was celebrated in Belarus - in memory of the October Revolution 1917. At the same time, the 200 anniversary of the Patriotic War 1812 of the year is not celebrated at the official level. So how does the 150 anniversary of the 1863 events of the year go?

“I think we’ll confine ourselves to the duty phrases of glorifying револю revolutionaries’ and are unlikely to dare to tell the public the truth about those events at the official level. Perhaps they will even open a couple of monuments to the rebels, ”Gerashchenko believes.“ Meanwhile, the Polish intelligentsia and the Vatican should have celebrated an anniversary with penance for the atrocities that were committed by the gentry with the participation of the Catholic clergy in 1863 year - including against their own people, because no desire for freedom can justify the crimes committed then offended and cruelty. "

"It is necessary to hold scientific conferences with the participation of historians and the public, devoted to the 1863 uprising. The reasoned, impartial discussion will easily reveal the anti-Russian and at the same time anti-Belarusian and anti-Ukrainian reactionary nature of this class uprising," Gerashchenko emphasized.

According to the Vitebsk writer and social activist, the participation of the Roman Catholic Church in honoring the Polish insurgents 1863 of the year is quite natural, as is the non-participation in such events of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. "The rebellious gentry in 1863 put one of the goals to return the privileged position of Catholicism, so for the Vatican these rebels, despite the doubtfulness of their actions against even the Polish peasantry, were their own," Gerashchenko said. "It would be strange if the Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church participated in the glorification those who called for reprisals against the Orthodox, for the return to the Catholics of their unlawful privileges. "

It is also quite understandable, Gerashchenko believes, that the pro-Western opposition focuses on honoring the Polish gentry and hides the sacrificial feat of those Belarusians who opposed gentry terror in 1863 and supported the Vilnius Governor-General Mikhail Muravyov (Muravyov-Vilensky - in Russian historiography and - "Hangers" - in Polish). “Everything is clear with the pro-Western opposition: it continues the same line aimed at weakening the Russian world that their predecessors carried out in 1863-1864,” Gerashchenko stated. “It’s necessary to stop sprinkling ash on your head for a long time and, finally, tell the truth about the Polish uprising of 1863. It is high time to give a moral and historical appreciation of the actions of the Polish gentry and the so-called rebels, who immediately showed barbaric cruelty from the moment of the first attacks on the Russian garrisons and Russian people starting from the night of January 10 to January 11, 1863: they slaughtered innocent sleeping soldiers who came from ordinary peasants, burned trying to resist them alive, cut off parts of the face and body of the still alive. It is clear that our supporters of the "romantic revolutionaries" do not care about this, but we must remember this, and not follow a smoothed story. "

“In the Soviet period, these, if I may say so, the“ rebels ”were whitewashed, and the facts of their atrocities were deliberately hidden only on the grounds that they opposed the Russian autocracy,” said Gerashchenko. “In fact, they, counting on the support of a number of European countries They tried to restore Rzeczpospolita. Mikhail Nikolayevich Muravyov-Vilensky showed himself at that time as a real patriot and courageous politician, thanks to his actions the massacre unleashed by Polish nationalists was stopped. Polish journalists called him hangman "only because he executed several dozens of gangsters and murderers whose hands were stained with blood by this time. If not for his decisive actions, not the courage of Russian soldiers, officers, Cossacks and ordinary Belarusian and Polish peasants, there would be more victims. "

“In essence, the 1863 uprising of the year is a brutal outbreak of extreme Polish gentry estate nationalism, which, unfortunately, the Russian authorities simply overslept. It is clear that if you give an objective assessment of the actions of General Mikhail Muravyov and other patriots, you will have to say about the“ methods ”of the rebels ", and that they called for the murder of Governor-General Muravyov, promised for this large reward. And also that the peasants did not support the gentry and supplied the rebels with food, feed for horses, etc. only d the threat of death, - said Gerashchenko. - At the very first incident, the Poles of Avgustov and the closest districts asked Muravyov to join the Russian territories directly. peasants, surpass all imagination! They hang them up and cut mercilessly, even wives and children. Through these peasants are completely terrorized. "The publication of such documents will inevitably destroy the myth that was created in Poland around the events in 1863 of the year."

The events of 1863 have left a significant mark in the history of the Belarusian people. However, the interpretation of events that began in January 1863 and ended a year later, caused a sharp controversy between the so-called "national democrats" and Western Russians in the late 19th century - early 20th century and, judging by historiography, continues in the 21st century. Assessing this state of affairs, Gerashchenko said: “I think that this is a matter of historical and ethnic choice. The natsdem suffer the same Russophobia that the Polish gentry were imbued with in the 1863 year. Therefore, there’s no need to talk about any objectivity. Supporters Western Russianism is already telling the truth about the 1863 uprising of the year, but few hear them. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to read the truth about the events of the 1863 in both the official and opposition media. "

As REGNUM news agency reported, since the beginning of the year the authorities of Belarus have not held a single scientific event dedicated to the anniversary of the Patriotic War 1812 of the year or "on the occasion of the 200 anniversary of the war of 1812 of the year", as indicated in official media reports. The authorities of Belarus are silencing the 200 anniversary of the Patriotic War 1812 of the year, they have audited the content of the curriculum, as well as scientific, reference and educational literature, removing references to the Patriotic War of the 1812 of the year. From the beginning of 2012, activists of the Minsk Society of Russian Culture "Rus" - the largest organization of Russian compatriots in Belarus, held about a dozen events dedicated to the anniversary of the Patriotic War 1812 of the year. In the spring, the authorities of Belarus suspended the activities of MORK "Rus" for six months and are preparing to liquidate it.
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  1. KCC
    November 15, 2012
    The Poles were hostile to us and relate to and probably such an attitude for a long time. They still perceive us as enemies, although there are no prerequisites for this. It is likely that we also need, based on their relations, to treat them accordingly and not to forget about it.
    1. +12
      November 15, 2012
      Our state and various commissions do not want to completely understand the brutal killing of captured Red Army soldiers in 1920, the number of 60 or 80 thousand people is still unknown. Our historians are not allowed to access the archives, for this reason the Poles dig where we want with the help of of our purchased orders and grants of pseudo-historians., and you want to deal with the 19th century.
      1. Fox 070
        November 15, 2012
        Quote: aleks
        , and you want to deal with the 19th century.

        It is necessary to deal with the 19th and the 20th, and the 21st century. Why not start in order?
        1. Gorchakov
          November 15, 2012
          Quote: Fox 070
          It is necessary to deal with the 19th and the 20th, and the 21st century. Why not start in order?

          No need to deal with them at all ... This delays and distracts from more important problems ... It is necessary to evaluate their actions in general, send them away and ignore them until they mature enough to give an objective assessment of their hatred of Russia ... Only then can they be connected to our energy sources ....
        2. S_mirnov
          November 15, 2012
          You need to start from the present! but if you start from the 19th century, then nothing will remain of Russia until you reach the 21st!

        3. Che
          November 15, 2012
          Fox 070,
          The Poles must repent and atone for their sins. Crusaders crushed in Russia.
      2. YARY
        November 15, 2012
        For me personally, any "pro-Western" is a traitor and a louse!
        Isn’t it time to speak the truth — anyone who, in their thoughts, looks back at least for a second to the west — is a rotten link in the defense of the fatherland!
        Only the most severe reaction to such counterparties in the country will allow raising the spirit inside the country lost with the loss of the USSR.
        Faith and knowledge of the greatness and sacrifices of the people, the truth about our unreasonable enemies, of which there are no numbers, has given us all the opportunity to survive in the most terrible war. So will we be blind to internal enemies, weakening our spirit, weaving us before our executioners?
        Who are we?
        Remember-Poland Austria-Hungary Germany France England Sweden all these countries are our enemies! In the past and in the present!
        Nothing in their attitude towards us has changed. All NATO bombed Serbia - if possible they will bomb us!
        Russia has no other allies except the Army and Navy!
        1. +1
          November 15, 2012
          Quote: Ardent
          For me personally, any "pro-Western" is a traitor and a louse!

          A few days ago on the Culture channel I saw a lecture by a Pole (for Russian schoolchildren) about unrest (early 17th century). So it turns out the Poles carried (and brought) peace and prosperity. There was nothing besides their benefit. fool And our story is sheer lies. And you say - "traitor and lice." This, my friend, is "cultured". wassat
          1. 0
            November 15, 2012
            Link - Jerome Grail.
        2. S_mirnov
          November 15, 2012
          Golden words Yary Benediktovich! So who is pushing pro-Western politics in our country, let's see together!

          two different people, two different opinions
          complement the picture

          Maybe it's time to call pro-Western agents by my names! Enough faceless State Department, the names in the studio!
    2. S_mirnov
      November 15, 2012
      Of course, we must remember that our country did not receive anything good from Poland! Nevertheless, before you bombard Belarusians with Poland you should deal with your traitors:
      but then you can already give Old Man advice - what holidays to celebrate and when.
      But this information, in general, aroused my respect for the Belarusians: "On the same day, a public holiday was celebrated in Belarus - in memory of the October Revolution of 1917." It is very different from our asexual "day of unity of the people" or whatever this holiday is called now.
  2. predator.2
    November 15, 2012
    For participation in the uprising, 128 people were executed; 12500 was sent to other places, in particular to Siberia (some of them subsequently raised the Circum-Baikal uprising of 1866), 800 were sent to hard labor. Considering that the investigation found that about 77000 people participated in the uprising, it can be stated that less than 1/5 of the participants in the uprising were punished.
    In April 1866, an amnesty was declared by the Emperor Alexander II the Polish political exile: prison sentences were significantly reduced, and short terms were replaced by the settlement.
  3. zol1
    November 15, 2012
    One word "psya krevy".
    1. 0
      November 15, 2012
      I think the rating has already been given in the title of the article
      1. Fox 070
        November 15, 2012
        Quote: strannik595
        rating is already given in the title of the article

        It is advisable that this be done at the level of the leadership of our country. No.
  4. survivor
    November 15, 2012
    the whole background of the hostility of the Poles to Russia is its very existence. Poles have always been used as a kind of Catholic bridgehead for the destruction of Orthodoxy in Russia. coupled with territorial claims and almost permanent defeats, entailing or complete denationalization with the division of territories between countries as winners, hostility becomes almost eternal. It was the development of Russia as a state that completely stopped the development of Poland as a state. she was entrusted with the role or vassal of Russia, with which the Polish gentry, or the buffer zone, between Catholic Europe and Orthodox Russia could not put up with. in the first case, the gentry, deprived of privileges (although who deprived it?) incited the peasantry to riot and rebelled itself more than once. In other cases, it was not successful. in the second case, it was precisely its territory that was often used as a kind of springboard for expansion to the east. for this, they usually received it by snot .... from time immemorial the West pushed Poland to aggression against Russia, but under a negative set of circumstances, he simply washed his hands.
    1. +7
      November 15, 2012
      I agree with you. In addition I bring someone's comment from another site:
      Drop it. In fact, everything is easier. The main motivation of Brzezinski in the zoological (centuries-old) hatred of the Pole for Russian and Russia.

      Almost everyone knows what the Mongol yoke is. But almost no one understands that there was a Polish yoke. And much worse than the Mongolian.

      The point is evident in the silence of this regrettable fact by Soviet historiography.
      And the border of the Polish Empire passed along the very Moscow region. And in the 1610 year, they even captured Moscow. So 90% of the original Russian lands a couple of centuries were in Polish slavery.
      Naturally! And the Mongols were far from the Poles .. on the part of robbery, bloodthirstiness and contempt for the Russian people .. which was called the Poles by their word -

      And a kind of "miserable" ... ragged Moscow principality ... on the outskirts of the oikumene ... Suddenly it began to grow and gain strength. It took away from the Poles "their kresy" .. with all the "cattle" ... And the "cattle" of the gentry did not even have the right to life. Any small ambassador could hang up .. cook, etc. Just walking by ... could chop off a head or an arm, checking the sharpening of a saber.

      And this "ruffled" Moscow principality took the "legitimate" Polish place ... and deprived them of both ambition and a feeding trough.

      Muscovite will not understand. . But I know what I'm saying. And my great-grandmother from Uzhgorod even the Turks remembered ... not that the Austrians. and (Especially !!!) the Poles.

      Of course, you can talk for a long time.

      But! I pay attention at last! Arguing about geopolitics, it is impossible not to take into account the deep mental incentives of certain peoples. Otherwise the constant risk of error. Otherwise, lack of understanding of many things.
      For example: - Why did Hitler suffered in Russia?
      Why did Japan attack the USA?
      Why did Poland suicide reject the proposed assistance from Stalin?
      1. 0
        November 15, 2012
        Japan attacked the United States because the war was not inevitable, the choice was to attack either the USSR or the USA, if the USA attacked the USSR, the United States would certainly hit in the back, the Japanese reasoned that it was not advisable to fight on 2 fronts!
      2. +1
        November 15, 2012
        Quote: kosopuz
        Almost everyone knows what the Mongol yoke is. But almost no one understands that there was a Polish yoke

        The Mongols took tribute and did not climb with their vision of life to other nations, but the Poles also had to break their faith.
        Belarusians are indeed the most long-suffering people of the Slavs.
  5. -8
    November 15, 2012
    History in general, and in particular Russian on distortion and distortion of facts, has no analogues in the world! Especially in Soviet times.
    They distort in other countries as well; it doesn’t depend on who is in power at the moment!
    1. Fox 070
      November 15, 2012
      Quote: sergo0000
      History in general, and in particular Russian on distortion and perversion of facts, has no analogues in the world!

      Greetings, Sergey! In general it is true, but I would not single out the Soviet era as the period of the most intensive rewriting of history. In this respect, all periods of development of our long-suffering land are "good". All the participants in the world process are ill with this "ailment", especially the leaderships of countries suffering from an "inferiority complex" - Lithuania, Latvia and (of course) Poland. The humiliated (in the past) country, deprived of significant territories, did not give up the desire to create its own empire by any means and atrocities.
      the Polish intelligentsia and the Vatican should celebrate the anniversary with repentance for the atrocities committed by the gentry with the participation of the Catholic clergy in 1863

      They will not meet, especially the Vatican, with its secret societies and "priests" - pedophiles. And the Poles, as ardent Catholics, will follow the direction the Vatican will show them. Only Russians are OBLIGED to apologize, including for hanging murderers and rapists. And we continue to apologize for the right and fair actions.
      It is necessary for a long time to stop "sprinkling ashes on the head" and, finally, to tell the truth about the Polish uprising of 1863. It is high time to give a moral and historical assessment of the actions of the Polish gentry

      Of course, if our leadership has the political will and courage ... hi
      1. +5
        November 15, 2012
        the monastery annals were also cleaned up during the time of Monomakh, the main thing is which prince will give the monastery more.
        1. Fox 070
          November 15, 2012
          Quote: aleks
          which prince will give more

          This catchphrase "works" to this day. "+" good
          1. +1
            November 15, 2012
            Fox 070,
            Greetings Felix, I agree with you in general, and I don’t. I say one to Poland! Well, yes, you are in the know.

            Having taken up this matter, trying to embrace the immensity, I realized how little we generally know about the history of the Slavic peoples, including Poland.
            But the main reason for our eternal enmity is of course faith.
            Well, of course, the mentality of the northern and southern people. No wonder they say, In the south and lower back bend.
    2. +1
      November 15, 2012
      I see many disagree. Or isn’t Stalin's fault now?
      But time will pass and we will pray for it.
      So it is with the history of Christianity in general. But in Soviet times there was no god at all.
      At all times, lackeys and patriots were needed to protect their land and power in particular. And history is the basic science for educating a warrior. From her and. we proceed. Now there is another inflection, sprinkling of the Russian nation with ashes of the head. As always with us, from extreme to extreme. !
  6. aleksey
    November 15, 2012
    Poles always considered Russians (Belarusians, Ukrainians) below themselves, and belonged
    therefore, they cannot forgive the defeat of the Commonwealth and being under the rule of the Russian emperor
    and the behavior of the Belarusian authorities is generally incomprehensible
    1. 0
      November 15, 2012
      Well yes. They considered themselves more civilized or something. More educated at last.
  7. wax
    November 15, 2012
    There is a fierce war in the educational and information field. The task of the enemies of the Slavs - to kill the memory of the glorious past - is quite successfully solved. We must all defend the full patriotic education of youth.
    1. Che
      November 15, 2012
      But the guns are glorified by the swamps. I think the history of Russia will be even more ancient than European.
  8. a
    November 15, 2012
    The funny thing is that the Poles use it, and they are also proud of it, they probably don’t know where they used it later wassat
  9. Borodach
    November 15, 2012
    The Old Man’s position is not entirely clear. Well, with the pshek all the inferiority complex of that part of the Slavic branch that sold the Orthodox faith entails throughout its history attempts to assert itself by destroying its Slavic brother. After all, neither the Bulgarians, nor the Serbs, nor the Slovaks were so zealous in this matter. And even now I do not see a country that would have so poked its nose into the affairs of neighboring Slavic countries. I sincerely believe that the brilliant Psheks will suffer the fate that Brzezinski is preparing for us.
  10. sq
    November 15, 2012
    FOR aleksey. The behavior of the Belarusian authorities is just very clear. For Belarus, the war of 1812 is not Patriotic, as for Russia. Belarusians participated in this war on both sides almost in equal quantities. And during the gentry uprisings (and there were more than one), Russian troops smashed and slaughtered without much understanding of either faith or nationality. It was then that many peasants converted to the Catholic Church, oddly enough. Strange, but explainable. When there was total polonization (it was somewhere around the 16-17th century), people stubbornly adhered to the Orthodox faith, with great resistance moving away from it. And vice versa, with the forced planting of Moscow Orthodoxy, Cossack nagazi families and even entire villages declared themselves Catholics. This is quite a logical resistance characteristic of both Russians and Belarusians and for many other peoples.
    By the very uprising of 1863. I will not look for numbers and other statistics - there is no time. Who wants to read U. Karatkevich "Kalasy pad sarpom tvaim", "Zbroya" and several stories on this topic (there is a translation into Russian). Artistically, but informative enough.
    And the article is biased and one-sided, written explicitly by an orderly polonophobe. I myself do not like the Poles for their empty pride, but I also do not accept such diligent obscurity.
    1. dmb
      November 15, 2012
      At the expense of one-sidedness, you may be right. But with logic you are weak, and things should be called by their proper names. Regarding the massacre indiscriminately and nationality, it would be worth giving examples not from Brzezinski's books, but from sources of that period. War is war, and in its course not only heroes appear, but also bastards, but even when I mention the tsarist position without me, I do not remember that there would be at least one document that he wrote and called for the massacre. And it is completely incomprehensible what kind of Orthodox faith in the territory of Belarusians you speak after the Union of Brest. The Belarusian Greek Catholic Church was. subordinate to the pope. And it arose after the Union, as a result of the infringement of Orthodoxy. And after the uprising, of course it was dispersed. It would be naive to believe that the state will leave ideologies unsettled by ideologists. I don’t think at all that Catherine acted wisely by participating in the partition of Poland, but it should be noted that, being restored to the 1945 with the help of the USSR, our dear neighbors, starting from the 90’s, are shitting on us wherever they can. However, I can not say this about all the Poles.
  11. +9
    November 15, 2012
    Рђ РІСЃРµ вотому, С З С‚Рѕ РєР »Р ° СЃСЃРёРєРѕРІ РјР ° Р» Рѕ С З РёС‚Р ° СЋС ‚! Рђ ведь РїРёСЃР ° Р »Рђ.РЎ. РџСѓС € РєРёРЅ РІ 1831РіРѕРґСѓ
    R'RsS'RsRґRёRЅSЃРєР ° СЏ RіРѕРґРѕРІС ‰ РёРЅР °

    Great day of Borodin
    We are fraternal trinity remembering
    They said: "The tribes were walking,
    Russia's trouble threatening;
    Not all Europe was here?
    Рђ С ‡ СЊСЏ Р · веР· РґР ° ее велР°! ..
    РќРѕ стР° Р »Рё Р¶ РјС‹ пятою твердой
    And the breast took pressure
    РџР »РµРјРµРЅ, РїРѕСЃР» СѓС € РЅС ‹С ... РІРѕР» Рµ РіРѕСЂРґРѕР№,
    R СЂР ° вен Р ± С ‹Р» нерР° РІРЅС ‹Р№ СЃРїРѕСЂ.

    P ‡ S ‚Ps P¶? СЃРІРѕР№ Р ± РµРґСЃС‚РІРµРЅРЅС ‹Р№ РїРѕР ± ег,
    РљРёС ‡ Р ° СЃСЊ, РѕРЅРё Р · Р ° Р ± С ‹Р» Рё РЅС ‹РЅРµ;
    Р — Р ° Р ± С ‹Р» Рё СЂСѓСЃСЃРєРѕР№ С € С‚С ‹Рє Рё снег,
    ПогреР± С € РёР№ СЃР »Р ° РІСѓ РёС ... РІ вусты РЅРµ.
    Р — РЅР ° РєРѕРјС ‹Р№ РїРёСЂ РёС ... РјР ° РЅРёС‚ РІРЅРѕРІСЊ -
    ХмельнР° РґР» СЏ РЅРёС ... СЃР »Р ° РІСЏРЅРѕРІ РєСЂРѕРІСЊ;
    РќРѕ тяжко Р ± СѓРґРµС ‚РёРј РїРѕС ... мел СЊРµ;
    РќРѕ РґРѕР »РѕРі Р ± удет СЃРѕРЅ гостей
    РќР ° тесном, С ... Р »Р ° РґРЅРѕРј новосел СЊРµ,
    РџРѕРґ Р · Р »Р ° РєРѕРј северны С ... РїРѕР »РµР№!

    СтупР° йте Р¶ Рє РЅР ° Рј: РІР ° СЃ Р СѓСЃСЊ Р · РѕРІРµС ‚!
    РќРѕ Р · РЅР ° йте, РїСЂРѕС € РµРЅС ‹Рµ гости!
    РЈР¶ РџРѕР »СЊС € Р ° РІР ° СЃ РЅРµ поведет:
    Step through her bones! ... "
    РЎР ± С ‹Р» РѕСЃСЊ - Рё РІ день Р'РѕСЂРѕРґРёРЅР °
    Р'РЅРѕРІСЊ РЅР ° С € Рё вторглись Р · РЅР ° менР°
    Р 'РїСЂРѕР »РѕРјС‹ РїР ° РґС € ей РІРЅРѕРІСЊ Р'Р ° СЂС € Р ° РІС ‹;
    Р РџРѕР »СЊС € Р °, РєР ° Рє Р ± РµРіСѓС ‰ РёР№ РїРѕР» Рє,
    Р'Рѕ РїСЂР ° С ... Р ± СЂРѕСЃР ° РµС ‚стяг РєСЂРѕРІР ° РІС‹ Р№ -
    Р Р ± СѓРЅС ‚СЂР ° Р · РґР ° РІР» РµРЅРЅС ‹Р№ СѓРјРѕР» Рє.

    Р 'Р ± оренье РїР ° РґС € РёР№ невредим;
    Р'СЂР ° РІРѕРІ РјС ‹РІ РїСЂР ° С ... Рµ РЅРµ топтР° Р» Рё;
    РњС ‹РЅРµ РЅР ° РїРѕРјРЅРёРј РЅС‹ РЅРµ РёРј
    РўРѕРіРѕ, СЗ С‚Рѕ стР° СЂС ‹Рµ скрижР° Р» Рё
    РҐСЂР ° РЅСЏС ‚РІ вредР° РЅРёСЏС ... немы С ...;
    РњС ‹РЅРµ сожжем Р'Р ° СЂС € Р ° РІС‹ РёС ...;
    They are folk nemesis
    They will not see an angry face
    And do not hear the song of resentment
    From the lyre of a Russian singer.

    But you chamber mutators
    Light-speaking Vitii,
    You mobile nasty alarm
    Slanderers, enemies of Russia!
    What did you get? .. Is Russia still?
    Sick, a relaxed colossus?
    Is northern glory yet
    An empty parable, a lying dream?
    Tell me: soon Warsaw
    Will he make his law proud?

    Where shall we move the stronghold?
    For Bug, to Vorskla, to Liman?
    For whom will Volyn?
    Who is the legacy of Bogdan?
    Recognizing the rebel rights,
    Will Lithuania be torn away from us?
    Our Kiev is decrepit, golden-domed,
    This is the ancestor of Russian cities,
    Akin to rampant Warsaw
    The shrine to all of your coffins?

    Your stormy noise and hoarse cry
    Have you confused the Russian ruler?
    Tell me, who is the head of the wilted?
    To whom is the crown: the sword or the scream?
    Is Russia strong? War and pestilence
    And riot, and external storms pressure
    She was shaken, raging,
    Look w: everything is worth it!
    And around her worries fell -
    And Poland’s fate is decided ...

    Victory! heart sweet hour!
    Russia! rise and rise!
    Gremy, rapture is the common voice! ..
    But hush, hush
    Around the bed where it lies
    The mighty avenger of evil resentment
    Who conquered the peaks of the Taurus,
    Before whom Erivan resigned herself,
    To Suvorov Lavra
    A wreath of twisted triple war.

    Rising from his grave
    Suvorov sees the captivity of Warsaw;
    His shadow trembled
    From the splendor of glory begun to them!
    Bless him, hero
    Your misery, your peace
    Your companions courage
    And the message of your triumph
    And with her flying over Prague
    His young grandson.

    Great genius A.S. Pushkin! And the poet was shrewd! It’s a pity that they read it so little now!
  12. +6
    November 15, 2012
    The Polish elite is chronically sick with russophobia, if I may say so, at the genetic level and is not treated. Moreover, the disease progresses, all the old gentry grievances and claims against Russia are brought to light, at the same time, "deeds" are ignored, and simply unparalleled in cruelty crimes of the gentry scum, committed against the Russians, the Orthodox only because They are Russian and Orthodox. On the other hand, this is facilitated by the Western shitty liberal tolerance, which has already grown in Russia an influential stratum of Russophobes who are willing to support all anti-Russian actions and events and are ready to pour Russian shit on everything and call on Russia to constantly repent and sprinkle ashes on its head.
    Enough polites! Stop "throwing pearls in front of pigs" who, with their endless claims, are mentally stuck in the Middle Ages and do not want to be treated! Firmly, with a sense of dignity, we must finally make it clear to all Russophobes that today such an attitude towards Russia will be more dear to itself!
  13. +14
    November 15, 2012
    Quote: Fox 070
    Of course, if our leadership has the political will and courage ...

    sometimes enough, depending on who is in power:
    1. Fox 070
      November 15, 2012
      Quote: dirty trick
      sometimes enough, depending on who is in power:

      I really hope that it will be so !!! HIGHLY... hi
  14. -3
    November 15, 2012
    And then, in order to help her lover, Catherine sent the corps of Alexander Vasilyevich to Gaydamakov, he also hung a lot of slaves!
    I recommend watching the movie again - "The Flood"
    1. sq
      November 15, 2012
      The film "The Flood" is a Polish fairy tale, like the film "Alexander Nevsky". Poles from the beginning of the 15th century hid behind the Litvin (Belarusians). You don't have to go far for examples:
      The year 1410 Grunwald is a grandiose battle of the crusaders (practically the whole of Western Europe) against the Polish-Lithuanian army, more than half of which were ON soldiers.
      16th century Livonian war Pshek yapping at Moscow, paid Polotchina (ON).
      At the beginning of the 17th century, the Psheks again made a sortie to Moscow, received snot. in the middle of the century, a back strike (the same flood) and entire volosts of the ON turned into a desert. You can continue further, but it makes no sense.
    2. 0
      November 19, 2012
      That in history, am I not right and there was no punitive action against the Gaydamak rebellion? Read the story of the minus!
  15. +1
    November 15, 2012
    Jo came to your post and realized that you have already said everything.
    In my opinion, none of the Slavic peoples experienced on themselves what the Belarusians had to endure! And I think no one will argue with this. But if anyone is interested in this and earlier period of our southern borders, I advise you to read the book "Russia which did not exist-2 Russian Atlantis"
  16. +1
    November 15, 2012
    A few words about the special attitude of the Poles towards the Russians. The main ideological basis of the negative attitude towards the Russians is Polish messianism. According to him, the Poles assigned the role of leader among the Slavs, i.e. nation superior to the rest of the Slavic peoples on a number of criteria. The main role in the messianic concept is played by superiority in matters of religion. It is the suffering Polish people who atone for the “original sin” of Byzantium, preserving true Christianity (Catholicism) for posterity. It also ideologically reinforces the hatred of the Poles towards the German Protestants. In second place is the struggle against Russian Slavophilism, for Russian Slavophiles refuse to call the Poles “true Slavs,” which is again connected with the Poles belonging to the Catholic religion. The Poles, succumbing to the spiritual influence of the West, betrayed the Slavic cause. In response to this, Polish historians and thinkers constantly exaggerate the topic of the not entirely Slavic (Mongolian, Asian, Turanian, Finno-Ugric, etc.) origin of the Russian people. At the same time, thousand-year-old Polish history is presented as a continuous defense of Europe from the wild hordes of the Tatars, her and the Turks. In contrasting the Russian people to the Polish, the latter is constantly attributed to a more ancient origin, greater purity of race and faith, higher moral standards of life. In the social behavior of Russians, they constantly play up and emphasize the following national features:
    - tendency to aggression, great power and expansion
    - Asian woman with her inherent irresponsibility, resourcefulness, a tendency to lie, greed, bribery, cruelty and licentiousness
    - a penchant for drunkenness, alcoholism and idle amusements
    - extraordinary bureaucratization of the state-political system
    - intolerance towards Uniates and the very idea
    Here is a typical Polish view of Russians: “It’s always different, depending on what day of the week, what people are around it, whether it’s abroad or at home. The Russian has no concept of responsibility, his own benefit and convenience drive his behavior. The Russian man is very petty and picky, but not because he wants to do for the benefit of his homeland, but because he is trying for his own benefit, to receive a bribe or to distinguish himself in front of his superiors. In Russia, everything is dedicated to benefit and convenience, even Fatherland and Faith. even when it steals, it pretends to do a good deed. ”
    Thus, the epistemological basis of the centuries-old Russian-Polish antagonism is intense rivalry in the Eastern European geopolitical field for the right to lead in the Slavic world. You don’t have to go to a fortune teller to understand that this inner Slavic swara (or as the classic “... then the Slavic dispute among themselves ...”) finds for the Poles generous support throughout the Russophobic part of the world, now primarily among the Anglo-Saxons.
  17. +4
    November 15, 2012
    As an expert who has read a lot of materials on the topic of the Polish Catholic Expansion against the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian-Ukrainian Orthodox people, I can characterize it in one word: -genocide. This not only concerns the uprising of 1863, this also applies to Poland's attack on Russia, during the time of "turmoil", this is the aggressive campaign of Poland together with Bonaparte, this is in the end an attack by the "Pilsuda" Poland on Soviet Russia, which was exhausted under the burden of the civil war. And nevertheless, Russia did not remember the evil, and in 1945 it was she who acted as the guarantor of Polish statehood, for which Poland repaid it with an uprising of "solidarity" and now, in fact, Poland is a more bitter enemy of Russia than Germany! But God, as they say, is not a "fraer"! Of course, I do not want to call upon Poland's head the thunder and lightning of the higher powers, but I hope that she will receive a worthy reward for her betrayal!
    1. +1
      November 15, 2012
      We are all so fluffy, kind, generous, noble, etc., etc. And they -Well, everything is exactly the opposite.
      Of course, they bitches betrayed not once or twice, at any moment they will drive a knife into the back, but ...
      In times of turmoil, well, there was no Polish attack on Russia !!!, there was a troubled time, the Poles had their bets on the throne, but nothing more. And in the year 39 we were brothers too? And in August 44 they did not allow strangling the uprising in Warsaw?
      A lot has accumulated between our peoples. Do not rake. Yes and whether it is necessary.
      And then - we are the only ones to swing the beads.
  18. Brother Sarych
    November 15, 2012
    I don’t remember something that the participants in that uprising were somehow whitewashed in Soviet history! As far as I remember, those events were carefully hushed up, only in some places there suddenly appeared information about migrants to Siberia or Central Asia ...
  19. Nechai
    November 15, 2012
    Quote: Fox 070
    It is advisable that this be done at the level of the leadership of our country

    Shaw you, sho you! But what about tolerance? Enlightened democracies will not understand, you see ...
    Quote: Centurion
    for Russian Slavophiles refuse Poles to call themselves “true Slavs”,

    There is one simple age-old test for "Race PURITY", if anyone is so worried about it:
    The man pretty drunken up, look at him, at his behavior.
    1) cheerful, good-natured, ready to take off his last shirt and give it to a complete stranger. The state of ABSOLUTE CONFLICT-FREE and JOY OF BEING, in full NIRVANA - is purebred / dominant, in any case genes / Slav. And among the peoples of our North exactly the same state.
    2) aggressive excitement, looking for "offenders", inexorably looking for adventure on both faces - both the upper and lower back. And finds it inappropriately. Dominated by "! Alien" genes from both the West and Asia ...
    Actually, it was for the PREVENTION of murders during feasts with guests that HONEY was used. In my head a bit, and little hands with little legs do not rule. A good bragulka walked among her own people ... For me personally, it is very great that both Cossack and peasant blood are mixed in my "blood". The same trend about the purity of the race, the nation, very much tormented and worried about its own inferiority complex, just ...
    ps. There are two chela in the hostel, watching the program "Time". One, scratching, um ..., his crotch, with laziness declares: "Something has been bothering me a lot lately, Honduras ..." Drugan answered him: "You don't scratch him!"
  20. Zmagar
    December 22 2012
    mdya ... one kalobrationist, something there about ..... l, and the rest are happy to follow him, to show their inferiority. The uprising of 1863, including the Litvin uprising, against the Moscow invaders !. you all write about the Poles here, but for some reason no one remembers the Belarusians. and since when, have our lands become yours?

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