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Iran introduced a new hovercraft

Iran introduced a new hovercraftOn Monday, Iran showed the general public a new warship erected in the IRI, and Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi was present at the presentation of the novelty, the local Fars News agency reported.

The vessel called “Tondar” (“Thunderbolt”) will be produced in two versions - for solving military transport problems and for combat operations.

The ship will carry a variety of weapons - missiles, guns and even unmanned aerial vehicles.

"Tondar" can be used as a patrol ship, as a commander ship, for reconnaissance, combat and amphibious operations, as well as a medical and sanitary vessel for search and rescue operations, "quotes the words of Vahidi RIA"News».

In recent years, Iran has been working on the creation of a number of new weapons systems, while paying particular attention to ballistic missiles and UAVs.

In October, Tehran announced the imminent presentation of a new sea-based Kadir cruise missile.

However, Western media reported that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), headed by Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari, allegedly developed a plan for organizing an environmental disaster in the Strait of Hormuz, which is supposedly necessary for Iran to temporarily lift international sanctions.

Meanwhile, on October 11, the United States aircraft carrier strike group, led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier John Stennis, entered the area of ​​responsibility of the Fifth Operational fleet US Navy.

The responsibility of the Fifth Fleet includes the Persian Gulf, the Arabian and Red Seas, and the Gulf of Aden. According to the US Navy, there are currently three American aircraft carriers in this region, including the Eisenhower, which is on alert on the coast of Pakistan, is involved in providing air support to NATO forces in Afghanistan, and Enterprise, which is located in Gulf of Aden.

According to the Pentagon, the aircraft carrier strike group of the aircraft carrier "John Stennis" includes a missile cruiser, four destroyers and an atomic nuclear submarine.

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  1. marmon
    marmon 14 November 2012 11: 58
    I think this is a duck as well as the thermonuclear reaction that Iran conducted about 2-3 years ago.
  2. marmon
    marmon 14 November 2012 12: 03
    Yes, but this technology has long been publicly available. And regarding competition with Russian or American, it’s clearly not in Iran’s favor.
    1. traveler
      traveler 14 November 2012 12: 06
      Given the location of Iran, they simply need such ships.
    2. Civil
      Civil 14 November 2012 12: 49
      hmm hovercraft in the bay
    3. Vadivak
      Vadivak 14 November 2012 16: 22
      Quote: /
      A ship called Tondar (Lightning Bolt)

      Actually, Sakhé is a thunderbolt and Tondar-Thunder is a copy of the Winchester-class boats supplied to Iran by Great Britain in the early 1970s. It is equipped with a 107 mm missile launcher installed on the left side and an anti-ship missile installation on the right board.
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 14 November 2012 17: 02
      In the meantime, in Syria:

      Syrian troops take control of the Damascus-Aleppo highway

      After fierce battles with armed extremists from the Jebhat al-Nusra group, Syrian troops managed to take control of the Damascus-Aleppo highway near the city of Maarat-Naaman (320 km from the capital).

      Using helicopters, army special forces liberated several villages in the vicinity of the city of Jisr al-Sugur, located on the strategic pass through which the Latakia-Aleppo highway passes, SANA news agency reports. Government forces are now developing an offensive. Residents of liberated villages are allowed to return to their homes.

      The message about the seizure of the air defense base in Khandarat, in the vicinity of Aleppo, which was ordered by the Arab TV channels, was denied by a source in the Ministry of Defense of the SAR. He confirmed that the area where the missile battalion was located in the northern capital was indeed attacked, but the Syrian military "managed to repel the attack and inflicted losses on the terrorists in manpower and equipment." In the city itself, the Sheikh Said quarter was cleared of militants. Street skirmishes continue in the Liramune roundabout and on the outskirts at Bani Yazid. Syrian soldiers chase mercenaries outside the Khediva Mosque in the Bustan al-Qasr quarter, where dozens of militants have been killed. The battles are taking place in the neighboring sectors - Sukkari and Khan-Tuman.

      The Syrian Air Force killed at least seven rebels during a raid on outposts of armed Islamists near the Turkish border in the city of Ras al-Ain.

      On Monday, tanks appeared on the southern outskirts of Damascus, where armed confrontation continues in the Tadamun quarter and the nearby Palestinian Yarmouk camp. In Homs (165 km north of the capital), mercenary groups were eliminated, which were dominated by jihadists from Libya and Saudi Arabia.
      1. valokordin
        valokordin 14 November 2012 17: 21
        The messages are encouraging, they shouldn’t take prisoners, they’ll destroy evil spirits, Russia needs to be helped by helicopters and other equipment, as well as high-precision ammunition, and Mistral should be abandoned, Frogs become our enemies.
        1. rolik
          rolik 14 November 2012 17: 47
          valokordin This would be a logical response to the recognition by France of bandits as a legitimate force.
      2. rolik
        rolik 14 November 2012 17: 46
        Lord of the Sith And now, in connection with the formation of a common leadership among the bandits, it is necessary to begin to shoot their leaders. Moreover, their location is already known. Or to arrange for them a common cattle cemetery by undermining a powerful landmine under their asses.
    5. Ruslan
      Ruslan 14 November 2012 20: 19
      YERUT, November 14. / Corr. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zelenin. Elemental protests against a government-announced increase in fuel prices broke out on Tuesday evening in Amman and other cities in Jordan. Their members demand the removal of the government of Abdullah al-Nussur, formed a month ago.

      Street demonstrations in a number of places are accompanied by riots. "This is a people's revolution," - chant the protesters gathered in the capital's square of Gamal Abdel Nasser. Security forces have not yet dispersed the protesters. Meanwhile, in Irbid, according to Arab TV channels, opposition supporters set fire to the building of the police department.

      The Prime Minister announced on Tuesday a 28 percent increase in fuel oil, which is used to heat homes in winter. Prices for gas cylinders increased by 54 percent and gasoline by 14 percent. Obviously, this step of the cabinet will automatically lead to inflation and an increase in the cost of basic food products.

      The peak of unrest in Jordan at the height of the "Arab Spring" in 2011 was in March. Then the security forces demolished the camp of opposition-minded youth in the center of the capital, which was twice attacked by the king's supporters. Hundreds of students were injured in the clashes. The Anglo-Saxons and the Jewish mafia realized that the Alkaida they had created was not combat-ready against the regular forces of Syria, and for this they would now begin to bring down the Saudi monarchies in order to bring Alkaida to power at the state level and create a caliphate modeled on the Third Reich. For as in the Second World War, they want to fight with the wrong hands, and they themselves will earn money from military supplies and boost the economy. American Jews are actively pumping modern weapons of the Saudis as the Wehrmacht was once re-equipped - radicals will receive these weapons after coming to power. Arabs do not know history well - Jews want to do the same trick with them as they did with the Germans - radicalize, arm, direct against their geopolitical enemies and make money on this.
  3. anchonsha
    anchonsha 14 November 2012 12: 16
    Yes, Iran, like a bone in the throat of the USA, well, he doesn’t want to obey them. But to fight with Iran, the gut is already thin, the amers are bogged down everywhere, It remains only to intrigue, as the abominable Malawan always did
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 14 November 2012 12: 35
      The United States, than rushing through the seas and oceans and clanging muscles in its area of ​​responsibility, teeming with pirates, would fulfill the real tasks of finding and destroying not only Somali filibusters. Or they are afraid that again a motor junk with explosives will fly into the side.
  4. Kyki57
    Kyki57 14 November 2012 12: 30
    Of course they blew some of us, but nothing!
  5. fern
    fern 14 November 2012 13: 16
    Iran is gaining strength. No matter how they turn their backs to Russia. Nowadays, the geopolitical situation is changing rapidly. Yesterday, it would seem, a true friend, and now the enemy. Although no, I’ll get better. Ally, not friend. There are no friends in politics
    1. snek
      snek 14 November 2012 14: 26
      Quote: Farn
      There are no friends in politics

      Exactly. And Iran was not to us a special close ally. Ayatollah Khomeini of the USSR called the little Satan (by analogy with the United States, which were called the great Satan).
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 14 November 2012 15: 27
        He called Israel little Satan
        1. snek
          snek 14 November 2012 15: 52
          Quote: Sith Lord
          He called Israel little Satan

          google does not agree with you.
  6. patriot2
    patriot2 14 November 2012 13: 38
    And that our designers also created beautiful cars, the truth is where they are and how much is left. It would be very useful in the Arctic. smile
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 14 November 2012 13: 44
      Small missile hovercraft project 1239 "Sivuch"
      1. UPStoyan
        UPStoyan 14 November 2012 14: 10
        Well, the Iranians are still far from our beauties))). Photo old, now ships of the project 1239 are gray-blue camouflage
  7. marmon
    marmon 14 November 2012 13: 59
    The ships of the Tondar project are copies of the Winchester-class boats supplied to Iran by Great Britain in the 1970s.
  8. zol1
    zol1 14 November 2012 14: 01
    The Americans' area of ​​responsibility is spreading around the world. But interesting is the area of ​​our responsibility where can it be? Or no further than Moscow Region?
  9. marmon
    marmon 14 November 2012 14: 01
    The ships of the Tondar project are a copy of the Winchester-class boats supplied to Iran by Great Britain in the 1970s.
  10. Karish
    Karish 14 November 2012 14: 09
    Almost every week, Iran presents another sample * of the most advanced independently developed * weapons. In fact, they are clones of the ancient Russian, English or American weapons supplied to the Shah.
    Does this boat carry UAVs launched from a slingshot? Or they have a missile launch option. It’s not clear, do they want to convince themselves of their power, or are they simply promoting it?
    1. snek
      snek 14 November 2012 14: 34
      Quote: Karish
      Almost every week, Iran presents another sample * of the most advanced independently developed * weapons. In fact, they are clones of the ancient Russian, English or American weapons supplied to the Shah.

      Iran does not have enough scientific and technical potential even for copies of complex equipment. One "copy" of the cobra is worth what
      1. Ivan Tarasov
        Ivan Tarasov 14 November 2012 17: 43
        The photo is not a copy of "Cobra", but an independent development, based on another machine. Moreover, it looks like the first prototype.
        The production car looks different.
      2. rolik
        rolik 14 November 2012 17: 52
        snekThat is why they need to sell our weapons, C 300, MI 24, etc.))))) Don't give a damn about these sanctions, they won't do anything anyway. tired of being "too correct" to my own detriment.
  11. nitrid
    nitrid 14 November 2012 14: 23
    Quote: Karish
    It’s not clear that they want to convince themselves of their power or

    I think they want to show their teeth more.
  12. baltika-18
    baltika-18 14 November 2012 15: 13
    The resounding name "Tondar" (Thunderbolt). Only I can smell that Iran with its lightning will hit some lightning rod.
  13. KRAVEN333
    KRAVEN333 14 November 2012 16: 27
    Ours, anyway, is better!
  14. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 14 November 2012 17: 35
    The media flashed a message that Iran introduced the new Ya Zahra III short-range air defense system yesterday.
    It is interesting to see photos of this complex.
  15. InkGrey
    InkGrey 14 November 2012 17: 38
    The guys show that they are mastering the production of new types of weapons for their industry. That is, they do not stand still. This in turn should cool the ardor of potential aggressors. Half of these developments were likely to be ready even before the start of all this tension around Iran recently. However, they present it as new, as ready for production - that’s right.
  16. andrei332809
    andrei332809 14 November 2012 17: 38
    for shallow water the very thing. still push them yachts, and do not mine the strait
  17. mazdie
    mazdie 14 November 2012 20: 18
    because of the embargo, spin as they can.
  18. Temnik1
    Temnik1 14 November 2012 22: 03
    What ...
    Well done!
    They are developing their own military-industrial complex. So far, products have not risen above average but the road will be overpowered by the going one.
  19. suharev-52
    suharev-52 14 November 2012 23: 10
    Let them work. Well done. The next step is most likely something related to missile issues. Sincerely.
  20. stasuk
    stasuk 15 November 2012 02: 18
    The window dressing is of course, but now every piece of equipment, every bayonet is useful to them, they are following Syria.