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A fire broke out at the warehouses used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kupyansk after Russian strikes

A fire broke out at the warehouses used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kupyansk after Russian strikes

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As a result of the shelling by the Russian armed forces of the positions of Ukrainian formations in the city of Kupyansk, a fire broke out in local warehouses used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For obvious reasons, it is hardly possible to accurately state what could be stored in these warehouses. However, Internet resources write that during the fire, pops were heard, characteristic of the detonation of ammunition or bursting slate.

It should be noted that yesterday the Russian armed forces also attacked the objects of the Ukrainian troops in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Sumy region. In Kramatorsk, several arrivals to the industrial zone were recorded: there may be repair shops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military equipment.

Also, strikes were made on objects in Slavyansk. Ukrainian resources also write about the shelling of the Ukrainian military in the village of Chasov Yar. However, there is less and less information about the consequences of the strikes for the Ukrainian side in the media space, which is associated with the tightening of the censorship of information flows by the Kyiv regime. In Ukraine, they fear that the dissemination of information about the consequences of Russian strikes undermines the morale of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and worsens the mood in Ukrainian society.

Thus, Russian troops continue to deliver precision strikes against various military targets both on the territory of Ukraine itself and on Russian territory occupied by Ukrainian formations.

The main purpose of these strikes is to destroy weapons, military equipment and personnel of Ukrainian formations, as well as to disable the critical infrastructure of the enemy used for military purposes.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 24 January 2023 08: 12
    Slate, slate! And the Wagnerites smear toothpaste on the staff at night! Red...
    1. Machito
      Machito 24 January 2023 08: 24
      Burn, it's clear,
      To not go out. am laughing
      Looks like a shitty slate in the European Union. Fire hazardous.
    2. aszzz888
      aszzz888 24 January 2023 09: 10

      Vladimir_2U (Vladimir)
      Today, 08: 12
      Aha, the Ukronazis brought pyrotechnics for the Chinese New Year. And here, on you - arrival! laughing
  2. antivirus
    antivirus 24 January 2023 08: 14
    So it was still a slate.
    Characteristic pops.
    Already 11 months
    I have become smart.
    Especially how the Bulgarians wrote about second-hand supplies.
    "divorced" brothers.
  3. ivan1979nkl
    ivan1979nkl 24 January 2023 08: 29
    as Ukrainian news channels write: at night there were arrivals at the location of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - people died
  4. Uprun
    Uprun 24 January 2023 08: 34
    Let's wait for the official report of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, they won't tell the whole truth from the outskirts anyway. Then we divide / multiply everything by 2, that's somewhere in the middle and it will be.
    APASUS 24 January 2023 08: 40
    They bombed a warehouse with slate ............. however, they stocked it in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for many years? wink wink wink
  6. Anatoly Proskurin
    Anatoly Proskurin 24 January 2023 09: 07
    It seems to me alone, or is this the actual state of affairs - only Wagner is fighting in the RF Armed Forces? No, they are great! But tryndite, and you are the same, only about Wagner?
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 January 2023 10: 13
    Quote: Anatoly Proskurin
    But tryndite, and you are the same, only about Wagner?
    Apparently, you have not yet reached you, so for now, you allow yourself frank rudeness on the Russian site. They beat yours and they will beat you further, and it doesn’t matter who exactly.