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How Henry Ford Hitler instructed

“It was only on his deathbed that repentance came to Henry Ford. When at the end of the Second World War, he watched a film about the atrocities of the Nazis in concentration camps, thus confronted with the terrible consequences of anti-Semitism, it was enough of a blow - the last and hardest ... "

This is an excerpt from Robert Lacey's article "Hitler and Ford."

What connected the leader of the National Socialists and the US car magnate? What repentance is the author writing about?

As is well known, the father of German Nazism and the führer of the German nation, Adolf Hitler, to put it mildly, disliked the Jews. Similar feelings experienced and multimillionaire Henry Ford. But, at a time when a young German made his fiery speeches in the Munich beer halls, his wealthy American like-minded person had already smashed Jews in articles in his newspaper Dearborn Independent. Ford’s book International Jewry has been translated into 16 languages, the circulation in the USA is 500 000 copies! This book will appear in Germany in 1921 and will probably become the first book on popularity in Germany up to the 34 year, after which Mein Kampf will take over the palm. In his work, Hitler repeatedly quoted the book of Ford.

It is curious that Ford’s first articles later included in International Jewry were published two months after the official approval of the NSDAP program (25 points), namely 22 in May 1920. Only the National Socialists officially approved the clearly anti-Semitic points (item 4) of their program, immediately the thought and printing presses of Henry Ford begin to work as a conveyor. Coincidence?

Not surprisingly, Hitler calls Ford’s grandfather (1923 in the year 60) "his idol" and "source of inspiration."

Where did the Irish-born American Ford come from so much dislike for Jews?

Ford acquired the newspaper Dearborn Independent in 1918 and invited Edwin Pipp to participate in its publication. Here is an excerpt from the book H. Benitto "A lie that does not want to die":
There was a great need for kindness, said Ford, "and we will try to make the world kinder, spread the idea of ​​tolerance."
Pipp felt a surge of inspiration. Ford's words raised him above everyday existence, opened new horizons. He felt that with this person he would be able to reach true heights, to give way to his secret desire to seriously change the world. Pipp knew that Ford’s activities were not limited to the production of automobiles, but for the first time he had to experience the impact of Ford’s personality, his energy, his ideas.
"I want Dearborn to become known to the whole world as a city in which they do good, in which they preach the brotherhood of people," Ford announced. Good feelings should be extended to all races and all religions.

Strange words for the ideologue of Nazism, is not it? “Ideas of tolerance”, “make the world kinder”, “brotherhood of people”.

Where is the number one breeding ground for the National Socialist?
Less than 2 of the year, 22 of May of the 1920 of the year, Ford’s thought turns to 180 degrees. The first attacks on the Jews begin.
Why is Ford's position changing so drastically? And it changes repeatedly. Judge for yourself:
- 1918 year - "The ideas of tolerance" and "brotherhood of people"
- 22 May 1920 - first anti-semitic articles
- At 1922, an anti-Jewish company led by the Dearborn Independent ceased as suddenly as it began
- In April, 1924 - attacks on Jews resumed;
- 7 July 1927 - Years Ford publishes its apology in the press:

"I consider it my duty, the duty of an honest man, to correct the evil caused to the Jews, my countrymen and brothers, asking them for forgiveness for the harm that I unintentionally brought to them, and, taking back, as far as that is in my power, built on them by my publications insulting accusations, as well as unconditionally assuring them that from now on they can rely on my friendship and goodwill. Needless to say that these brochures, which have been distributed in our country and abroad, will be withdrawn from circulation, that I will ways and I will make it clear that I certainly don’t approve of them, and that henceforth the Dearborn Independent guide will ensure that articles defaming Jews never appear on the pages of this publication. "

Doesn't it seem strange to you? How can a person like Ford, so often and radically change their views? So, articles in a newspaper that performs a specific task can change, but a person’s beliefs cannot change that way.

There is only one conclusion - Ford really hates the Jews, but when it is necessary it lies and covers itself with beautiful phrases. Ford’s dislike for Jews has one good reason - the desire for financial independence “The finances of the whole world are controlled by the Jews; their decisions become economic laws for us. ” - stated in one of the articles “Dearborn Independent”. Ford fought with a group of Wall Street financiers not only on the pages of his newspapers and books, but also in real life. Historians believe that many of his thoughts about Jewish financiers arose from personal meetings with them. The most fierce conflicts between Ford and the “gesheftmachery” occur at the beginning of 1921 year. He then happened to face certain financial difficulties. There were persistent rumors that Wall Street intended to "put him on his knees."

Although some researchers attribute the emergence of dislike for Jews to the influence of Ford's personal secretary, Ernest Gustav Liebold.

The influence of Liebold on Ford was also noted by Edwin Pipp:

Lebold reclined in his chair, unbuttoned his jacket, thrust his thumbs under his waistcoat, bulged out his chest, and announced:
"Mr. Ford, you do not need to think as others think; your thoughts come, like insights, from the subconscious - and all problems are immediately solved."

Just like that. And anti-Semitic articles straight from the subconscious to the print shop.

Who was E. Liebold?

Ford began to communicate with Libold in 1911 year. At the time, Lebold already had a lot of experience and soon headed a number of Ford enterprises. He became his kazanechey and right hand. Liebold really had German roots, because his father was an immigrant from Germany.

German trail?

Max Wallace, in his book The American Axis, claims that Lebold was a German spy. By the way, official representatives in response to the publication of the Ford Motor Company did not deny this information.
However, in order to be a German spy, it is not enough to be a German. The German spy who influences Ford and forces him to write anti-Semitic articles and books should be led by an anti-Semite and a nationalist. But Hitler became the leader of the Nazi Party only 29 July 1920 of the year. At that time, the NSDAP is not something that did not have its own agents, but even a meeting place, in general, without tears, it was impossible to look at the Nazis of that time. Ford’s anti-Semitic articles came out earlier, and the impact is not a matter of a couple of weeks, but months and years. It turns out that there was simply no one to recruit or implement Liebold in the United States to promote anti-Semitic ideas. It is difficult to assume that anti-Semitic ideas in the United States could be spread by agents of Kaiser Germany.

Here the theory of the German spy does not hold water.

Help the Nazis.

It is more interesting to understand what help Henry Ford rendered to the Nazi Reich.

But he did not spare the strength. Not only did Ford overwhelm all the US and Europe with anti-Semitic literature, even when the future leaders of Nazism took their first steps, he did everything that was necessary for the young Reich.

Construction of the Ford plant began at 1929 in Cologne. By the end of the 1930's, Ford had become Germany’s fourth-largest automaker. Most of the shares belonged to the Ford Motor Company. With 1942, the plant produced only trucks, among which stood out the Rhein-LKW (Maultier), a three-ton wheeled / tracked truck for the needs of the Wehrmacht.

How Henry Ford Hitler instructed

The photo is the same, but the car converted into an armored personnel carrier. By the way, these cars had good maneuverability and were designed specifically for the Eastern Front.

On the eve of World War II, Ford invested 17,5 million dollars into the German economy!

During the war, Ford's company supplied the Allied army with bombers, aircraft engines, tanks, anti-tank installations and other equipment. That, however, did not stop him from supplying Rommel’s army in North Africa with armored personnel carriers that were used in battles with the British army, which the US Consul in Algeria Felix Cole reported to the State Department on July 1, 1942.

There, no reaction followed, because in Washington this blood business was well known. American economist Henry Waldman wrote 26 February 1943 of the year in the New York Times: "We represent a nation that provides active economic assistance to the enemy with whom we are at war." However, attempts by Harold Ickes, the US Secretary of the Interior, to take the traitor concerns by the throat, have failed. It seems that President Roosevelt himself was pushing at him.

Nothing personal, just business!

As in the best traditions of democratic gains in our day, at that time they did the same. If Mikhail Gorbachev says everything as it should, then he is awarded and protected.

30 July 1938 of the Year (on 75's grandfather's anniversary) Henry Ford was awarded the Iron Cross of the German Eagle - the highest award of Nazi Germany for foreigners!

The same awards were given in due time: Benito Mussolini, Thomas Watson (head of IBM), James Mooney (head of General Motors).

Subsequently, the Reich Minister of Economics of Germany Jalomir Schacht, in an interview with the American doctor Gilbert during the Nuremberg process, will state:

“If you want to indict the industrialists who helped rearm Germany, then you must indict yourself. The Opel automobile plant, for example, did not produce anything except military products. Owned this plant is your "General Motors".

As you know, the Nuremberg Tribunal found J. Mine innocent.

Moreover, Khrushchev’s lies about cynically looking that allegedly in certain “free talks” Stalin told him one-on-one: “If the United States did not help us, then we would not have won the war.”

As a result, the US leadership, having sung with the banking clique, cynically and treacherously acted not only with its allies, but also with its own people, burying it in German and Japanese land for the interests of capital. No, except the genocide, this situation can not be called! In time to talk about the criminal regime.
The iron cross of the German eagle on the chest of Ford and others - this is a reflection of the contribution of the United States, not only in the defeat of Nazi Germany, but in its formation!
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  1. LaGlobal
    LaGlobal 13 November 2012 09: 12
    Hm! You read the article and you wonder ... Not only did I learn wild things for myself! No, I suspected that this could be ...
    Precisely, that after the Second World War, our overseas "partners" took over the baton - THE EARTH IN DOWN!
    1. JonnyT
      JonnyT 13 November 2012 09: 30
      Yes ! America was friends with Hitler, instructed on the path of war !!! American tycoons helped Hitler in every possible way by giving him loans for the military-industrial complex !!!! And they made money! Arming Hitler first, then delivering equipment and resources to the USSR in exchange for gold, then giving loans to European countries for restoration !!!! I am sure that they really want to return to these golden times, to build new capital on their blood and suffering!
      1. LaGlobal
        LaGlobal 13 November 2012 09: 35
        Quote: JonnyT
        I am sure that they really want to return to these golden times, to build new capital on their blood and suffering!

        And how can I disagree with you ?! drinks

        If we had done a year earlier, Ya.O. And it would not be Hiroshima with Nagosaka, but Washington with New York.
        1. majorlnb
          majorlnb 13 November 2012 16: 07
          It wouldn’t be. Stalin was never a reckless fool. And this could be done only by a reckless fool who does not know anything in politics and has no brains at all.
      2. vyatom
        vyatom 14 November 2012 15: 18
        Yes, then they got a ride. But I think for every tricky ass there is a bolt with a pin.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 13 November 2012 10: 29
      Quote: LaGlobal
      Hm! Here you read the article and marvel at ...

      Today you read the comments of visitors from Israel, which prove that Assad is evil, that there is a civil war in Syria, that democracy is good, that the United States does not intervene in the conflict in Syria. You read and wonder how history teaches nothing humanity. Do not see , do not hear and do not want to hear and see. Sometimes it seems to me that Russia is doing more than it can even. knocks at the "doors" of people's minds, but they do not open. Nothing in the world has changed for the better in 2000 years, everything is just it became much worse.
      1. LaGlobal
        LaGlobal 13 November 2012 10: 36
        AT ALL 1000% I agree!
      2. Ascetic
        Ascetic 13 November 2012 12: 32
        Alexander Romanov,

        Sasha, everything is very simple. Democracy is just a cover for the true intentions of the "geshefters" to establish financial and economic control around the world. The technology is as simple as an orange orange.
        All these revolutionary councils, the Libyan-Syrian transitional and coordinating council, of the so-called Russian opposition, are organized for the sole purpose of to create parallel illegal authorities, and then to turn these illegal "authorities" into one of the tools for a coup.
        To this end, a sort of semblance of legitimization of illegal authorities is arranged - a kind of “election”; and the idea that it’s illegal “advice” that is legitimate and that in general “they are the power here” is persistently being introduced into the consciousness of people through controlled media and legal authority, by contrast, is illegitimate.
        This is what some Israeli visitors to the site are trying to prove to us. That is, the majority of the Sunni people are dissatisfied with the dictator Alawit Assad and therefore wage a democratic liberation war against him.
        Then, at the right moment, the illegal councils are recognized by the West “as the only legitimate authority” (pay attention also to the statements that you need to choose a council so that the West knows exactly who to deal with), and then the matter of technology - for example, the West can formally without declaring war on the country where the conflict began, begin to support those who declared them “legitimate authority”. And the side that the West, which has virtually inexhaustible resources, provides assistance and support will naturally win
        Therefore, both our government and we need to take seriously the seemingly "harmless" games of the Russian opposition. Yes, some say that the so-called "elections to the Constitutional Court" turned out to be a farce and showed that "the so-called" swamp protest "is coming to naught, but in such situations it is better to overdo it than to miss it. After all, all these oppositionists, nationalists, radicals are financed from one wallet.
        Well, Hitler was helped not only by the anti-Semite Ford, but also by influential Jewish industrialists Fritz Mandel and Reynold Gesner. Significant assistance to Hitler, which went directly through American banks and oil companies, was provided by the well-known Warburg banking dynasty and its head Max Warburg. Among the Jewish bankers who spared neither funds nor efforts for the sake of the "thousand-year Reich", one should also name Berliners Oskar Wassermann and Hans Privin. In 1936, when information about the persecution of Jews in Germany spread throughout the world, Wasserman telegraphed to the New York Stock Exchange, begging his colleagues and fellow tribesmen to do everything possible to "stop spreading harmful and completely unfounded rumors"... The fate of the rest of the Jews in Germany, the Mandels, Gesners and Warburgs, did not care, nor did Hitler's constant cries of the need to "cleanse the country of the Jewish infection." The family business under the auspices of the Nazis actively developed, and personally, as a guarantee of security, Hitler's order was given the status of "honorary Aryans". In total, thanks to the Fuhrer, more than 150 "honorary Aryans" appeared in the Third Reich, in the overwhelming majority of large industrialists who carried out his personal assignments to finance certain political events.
        1. Ascetic
          Ascetic 13 November 2012 12: 50
          By the way, the activity of the All-Ukrainian Association “Freedom” is financed by Igor Kolomoisky, head of the European Jewish Council, oligarch, Israeli citizen and adherent of the ultra-orthodox sect Chabad-Lubavich.
          History repeats itself as in Germany, because there, too, the Nazis won the elections with the help of Zionist money

          We all know about these moods, we know about anti-Semitism, moreover, we know that it will not go anywhere. No matter how we fight, he will not go anywhere. As long as there are Jews, there will be anti-Semites. As for everyday manifestations, how can we help? We must be honest. Jews are the most nationalistic nation in the world. We are God's chosen people, or we think so ... our life, our existence provokes responses

          Why is the outspoken Zionist fascist finances the Natsik Tyagnibok? Because the main task of Tyagnbok-Portman, Farion) - -division of the Russian people.
          1. dmb
            dmb 13 November 2012 16: 35
            Honestly for me, the financing of the Nazis by the Americans, incl. and American Jews, not news. The goals and motives of anti-Semitism as an ideology necessary for the Germans are not entirely clear. If some little more or less coherent explanation can be obtained for the intra-German, then why in the occupied territories? With the Slavs it is clear: territory, slaves, resources. And why create irreconcilable enemies even in the allied countries?
            1. mazdie
              mazdie 13 November 2012 20: 44
              Hitler seemed to go against the owners, for which he paid, at the cost of the lives of our ancestors.
            2. ImpKonstantin
              ImpKonstantin 13 November 2012 22: 36
              The explanation is as follows:
              In order to move the German people to such significant geopolitical achievements, it was necessary to justify them. Hitler decided to do this by designating the internal enemy of European civilization - the Jews. Why Jews, yes, because intolerance remains to them in Europe even then. Anti-Semitism smolders in the minds of Christians for thousands of years and sometimes it’s enough to inflate it and it will flare up again, which Hitler actually did.
          2. vyatom
            vyatom 14 November 2012 15: 21
            Everything is confusing. Why then did Hitler destroy so many Jews. In Belarus, thousands and thousands of them were shot during the war. Or the Jewish financiers hate their less fortunate brothers so much that they destroy them with the wrong hands.
        2. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 14 November 2012 06: 53
          Quote: Ascetic
          Then, at the right time, illegal advice is recognized by the West “as the only legitimate authority”

          Stanislav, LAS, France have already supported the "Syrian Council" or whatever it is, the legal representative of the Syrian people. In other words, they made it legitimate. Everything is as you wrote. hi
  2. Centaurus
    Centaurus 13 November 2012 10: 48
    No wonder. I have long suspected this. As the American billionaires muddied the First World War, so they raised Hitler. No, well, my outrage would have been a chapel if they had not at least supported the opponents of their own armed forces! belay It just doesn’t fit on my head! Can anyone imagine that our OKBs during the war began to supply the Finns with technology and equipment ??? o_o ??? !!!!
  3. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 13 November 2012 14: 01
    in surprise ... in wild surprise ....
  4. 3 points from Ilyich
    3 points from Ilyich 13 November 2012 16: 44
    Somewhere around a hundred families running multinational banker corporations, which are always in the shadow of mortals, control world (Western) politics, all processes in the international arena, war, revolution, and more. Suitable, especially loyal pawns, in the end, become politicians, billionaires, presidents, clowns, public ridicule and just sixes fiercely defending the system, blindly believing in false values ​​imposed on them, they are always in sight, one will leave and give people hope that the old problems will go away too. It's like a lot of masks used by the same entity, and I'm sure that the roots go back to antiquity. The way of our life, a false worldview, the media, academic science (who offended anyone, excuse me) makes our understanding of what is going on difficult, we are forced to believe in chance, in coincidence, in Darwinist materialism. Stopudovo in the Universe everything is orderly, structured and controlled and life is much more beautiful than it seems, something has borne me, do not judge strictly, comrades soldier
  5. 3 points from Ilyich
    3 points from Ilyich 13 November 2012 17: 01
    ... by the way, Ford also fits into this category of sixes, since people of its status and at that age should have a firm stance, a rigid inner core, and not change for several years: either bad Jews or good ... It seems to me this is the influence of the backstage forces, because the United States is generally a puppet country
  6. Net
    Net 13 November 2012 17: 28
    Ford once said a wonderful phrase: "If you take money from the 20 richest Jewish families, the world will stop wars"
    1. vyatom
      vyatom 14 November 2012 15: 24
      Wars always arose independently of the Jews. In Europe, they were periodically cut out just like that, for health. The uprising of Bohdan Khmelnitsky, when he slaughtered thousands of psheks and Jews in Ukraine and Belarus. Moreover, what is characteristic of ordinary Ukrainians and Belarusians was not even robbed.
  7. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 13 November 2012 19: 06
    thanks to the author, surprised by the article .... here they are, double standards ... America went to and fro the equipment, everywhere they earned their damn dollars ...
  8. enkor
    enkor 13 November 2012 21: 53
    “The finances of the whole world are under the control of the Jews; their decisions become economic laws for us. ”Neither diminish nor diminish. Worse than the Nazis, there are only 0 jidamassons.
  9. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 14 November 2012 13: 00
    Grandfather Marx said that the capitalist for any profit would go to any crime.
    So, it is not surprising that some Americans, one of whom Ford, made money on supplies by fascist Germany. Clean business and nothing else.
  10. bart74
    bart74 18 November 2012 22: 54
    Everything is so clear. Money doesn't smell. Business. Nothing personal.
    1. studentmati
      studentmati 18 November 2012 23: 05
      Moreover, the business of the blood of hundreds of thousands .... Classical capitalism according to Marx-Engels. In modern Russia, capitalism is just in its infancy: the period of primary capital accumulation is over. We open the textbooks and move on ... Sad, very sad ....