Peculiarities of the Davos Forum-2023: a drop in investor interest and political censorship

Peculiarities of the Davos Forum-2023: a drop in investor interest and political censorship

The so-called international economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, has ended, this time showing a sharp drop in interest from investors. If earlier politicians and businessmen gathered in Davos to conclude key agreements, sign contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars, now the forum has turned into a pointless talking shop. There was neither Russian nor Chinese business on it. And taking into account the fact that the Chinese economy, according to a number of estimates, has come out on top in the world, the official absence of representatives of Chinese business in Davos is not even a signal, but a real gong-sentence to the forum.

What did the ladies and gentlemen who gathered at the Swiss resort discuss?

There were several items on the agenda. "Green" economy and Russia. How to form the first and how to neutralize the second. Moreover, for some reason, the leaders of the American and British intelligence services, including the FBI and MI6, decided to join the discussion of issues of the "green" economy (and in general, lead the process). It must be assumed that these are the most "green" organizations in the Western world.

The theme of the summit was the Russian operation in Ukraine. Representatives of European business are in favor of a speedy end to hostilities, but, firstly, not all of them, and secondly, those who want to speak out are often simply silenced by politicians and special services. That is, the Davos Forum has ceased to be also a platform where participants can express their point of view without fear of restrictions addressed to them. If this point of view does not contradict the Western agenda, of course. Blatant political censorship.

Reflections on this topic from Mikhail Leontiev:

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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. +4
        23 January 2023 09: 05
        It's a bad thing to catch up and overtake someone fool
        But it’s impossible to simply build, develop your economy AS IT IS NECESSARY???
        Can you imagine a list of what we do not have, without which we cannot live?
        That's when there will be a subject of conversation, discussion, and so ..... empty chatter.
        Oban ... while typing the text, they deleted what the question arose on.
        1. +6
          23 January 2023 09: 10
          Because the administration did not like the last paragraph, as I understand it.
          Moreover, not only my comment was deleted, but also the answer of another colleague on the site.
          Probably, I didn’t like the comparison with the same VO, but a couple of years ago. Well, or the question of whether they remember why they banned the "Observer", about which they themselves released an article a couple of hours ago ...
          But, in general, taking into account the heading about "censorship," deleting a comment that does not violate the rules of the site at all (no, there was no criticism of the actions of the site administration, but there were only questions to it, formulated taking into account the law and without insults, etc.), this is a wonderful an illustration of what we have come to and what such articles are worth with attempts to find a straw in someone else's eye.
          1. +2
            23 January 2023 11: 15
            Straws, logs, comparison of the incomparable... was, is and will be. About frogs and a swamp, too, and the same.
            Objectivity and bias, both the writing fraternity and the administration ... everything in this world is relative.
            1. -1
              23 January 2023 16: 34
              Quote: rocket757
              ... everything in this world is relative.

              I kept thinking about this forum-losers, as you called them, Victor. Yes, they are losers. They lose opportunities and resources. They do not want this, of course, they will be angrier and more aggressive. That is why Western military representatives and their obedient executors gathered against Russia ----- dill and the opposition of Belarus. These losers in the execution of their cannibalistic plans, the richest people, represent different TNCs, they will be angrier and will not give up their plans and Russophobia
          2. 0
            23 January 2023 19: 11
            ...those who want to speak are often simply silenced
            laughing We have our own "Davos" and our own "FBI" and "MI-6" here wink
    2. +5
      23 January 2023 09: 10
      Actually, this is off topic, but indeed, many were banned here, those who "did not fit into the existing framework of propaganda and had the audacity to have a" excellent "opinion". But, all the "hat throwers" and "cheers-quacks" in full force are here. hi As for Davos .. It's strange that no one still understands its function - it's just such a populist-political scene where they throw meaningless slogans to "check the readiness" of the audience and a kind of bride, bringing "debutantes" to the stage or vice versa the place is to show "fi" to those who are given a "black" mark and determined to be "slaughtered" ... Real, serious decisions on the management of world politics, the economy, and finance are made not there, but elsewhere and quietly, without prying eyes and ears.
      1. +3
        23 January 2023 09: 23
        So why off topic? The article, including about the dominance of political censorship in the decaying West ... I just wanted to ask - why didn’t they write in today’s article about the “Observer” that they themselves banned him for an uncomfortable opinion? But this man knew what he was writing about, unlike most of us, he has been living in the hottest region for more than one year.
        It's just that I gave too many years and effort to this site to just keep silent in such cases.
      2. +1
        23 January 2023 11: 19
        It is strange that no one still understands its function - it's just
        . Are you serious? So no one understands, did not say or call that club of talkers as such?
        1. +1
          23 January 2023 12: 36
          Greetings Victor hi their obstinacy is interesting. About the development of greenery. When they all returned to coal mining and began to increase it, forgetting about the environment in general due to the crisis. Or only they will spoil the environment, wassat and all the rest --- save?
          1. +1
            23 January 2023 13: 39
            Hi Dmitry soldier
            Stubbornness, as such, has nothing to do with it ... they made a bet, they invested financially in green and other things that could now crash, that is, they are afraid of financial and other related losses.
            THAT'S ALL.
            1. +1
              23 January 2023 14: 19
              green affairs

              Billionaires arrived, and millionaires, and each --- on his own plane !!! The environment has already been harmed ... In addition, the head of NATO was there, and all sorts of intelligence spies from small Britons, and the "Ukrainian home", and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, and of course Schwab! In general, the congress of Russophobes on how to destroy Russia and resettle everyone else in the ghetto with passes so that they don’t go far from home!
              Somehow I remembered Lemberg, the current Lviv, and the restrictions that the Poles set for the Ukrainians (which the Poles and Ukrainians are now striving for again!)
              1. +1
                23 January 2023 15: 46
                Dmitry, the congress is preoccupied with losers ... not interesting.
  2. +1
    23 January 2023 08: 53
    Well, Leontiev is a well-known truth-seeker authority. Do not listen to him, so the day will pass in vain. Good article and good Leontiev. And without censorship, it directly cuts the truth-womb! And the topic is so important. For those who have money abroad.
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    23 January 2023 09: 00
    Peculiarities of the Davos Forum-2023: a drop in investor interest and political censorship
    . The situation in the world is changing, it is necessary to adapt to what is happening, since you do not control, do not shape the current world situation ...
    In general, a bunch of outsiders, losers who lag behind the squad and catch up with it, they are unlikely to succeed, as well as slow it down, no one is going to for them.
    1. +1
      23 January 2023 12: 39
      The forum itself is breathing, without the Russian Federation and China it is not interesting. But they will still gather dust and try to harm Russia
      1. +1
        23 January 2023 13: 41
        Come on, there was NOTHING PRINCIPALLY IMPORTANT AND THERE WAS NEVER. The rich Pinocchio exchanged experience, the richest, received the "youngest" and that's it.
        1. +1
          23 January 2023 14: 24
          Quote: rocket757

          They talked about their plans and dreams, which showed their attitude towards Russia. But not all of our compatriots understood this! And some just wanted to participate!