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PMC "Wagner" is fighting for factories in the eastern part of Artemovsk

PMC "Wagner" is fighting for factories in the eastern part of Artemovsk

Currently, units of PMC "Wagner" are fighting in the eastern part of Artemovsk (Bakhmut), located in the part of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) still occupied by Ukrainian forces. According to military correspondents, the fighting is going on behind industrial enterprises, along Patrice Lumumba Street. In particular, clashes are recorded in the area of ​​the champagne wine factory.

Ukrainian militants are constantly trying to counterattack the positions occupied by the fighters of the Wagner PMC. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fail to knock out our fighters from them. For example, on January 10, on the territory of the champagne factory, Ukrainian formations tried to carry out a counterattack. But she was unsuccessful. As a result, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost up to 15 militants.

The Russian armed forces recently liberated the city of Soledar. The Ukrainian formations defending it were either driven out of the city or destroyed. The assault on Soledar city blocks was also carried out by the Wagner PMC, as reported yesterday by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The liberation of Soledar was the first significant success in recent times. Now the RF Armed Forces are also completing the liberation of Maryinka and continuing the assault on Artemovsk.

Interestingly, the West is already beginning to prepare public opinion both in Western countries and in Ukraine for the possible surrender of Artemovsk. Thus, the official representative of the US administration, John Kirby, for example, said that the loss of Soledar and Artemovsk supposedly would not affect the course of hostilities in any way. It is difficult to explain such a statement otherwise than as an attempt to reassure the Ukrainian and Western inhabitants.
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  1. Luka Nord
    Luka Nord 14 January 2023 11: 02
    The musicians showed our General Staff, etc. How to fight for real! Well done men, although the losses are not small. The earth rest in peace to all of them. Russia is also fighting for the idea !!!!
    1. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 14 January 2023 11: 18
      Why is everyone drowning for Wagner? What's the order? There are many of us. And Wagner's maximum regiment
      1. dnestr74
        dnestr74 14 January 2023 11: 37
        So convenient .... Ranks and benefits as members of the NWO do not need to be paid, do not need to be included in the losses of the Moscow Region, and they take on the most difficult and dirty work.
      2. Prisoner
        Prisoner 14 January 2023 11: 40
        PMC or. Individuals need advertising. And it is right. There are several points here: the first is an increase in moral motivation (money is money, but a fighter needs courage), the second is psychological pressure on the enemy. And, if someone thinks or broadcasts that the troops are fooling around with a club, then these are either people who are far from military service, or simply not very smart, or provocateurs. I am not a very young man and I parted with romantically snotty illusions a long time ago and therefore I think that among military correspondents and bloggers there are those who sign for receiving certain amounts from conductors for, so to speak, popularization. But the boys are really good too. They fight competently and bravely, they deserve respect.
      3. SKVichyakow
        SKVichyakow 14 January 2023 12: 25
        Quote: igorbrsv
        Why is everyone drowning for Wagner? What's the order? There are many of us. And Wagner's maximum regiment

        I think the order was visible, but to keep the successes of the Wagnerites in the shadows, it is clear that in this case you can appropriate the successes and get bonuses.
        1. Vyacheslav57
          Vyacheslav57 14 January 2023 13: 17
          Link of the Ages. Taken from the internet.
          Kornilov: “Today is a great, undeservedly forgotten anniversary. On this day, 210 years ago (January 1, 1813, according to the old style), Russian troops took the powerful Persian fortress of Lenkoran. The commander of the Russian detachment, General Pyotr Kotlyarevsky, having learned that to help the besieged fortress the Persian army was moving, he realized that he had a choice: either die or go on a crazy assault. Later he wrote: “Let strict tactics call the assault this audacity: in later times it will be betrayed that one thousand five hundred Russians stormed the fortress, defended by four thousand Persians ; it will also be betrayed that the motto of the storming detachment was: everyone die or take the fortress! "General Kotlyarevsky himself after the battle was found in a pile of dead with three severe wounds. He had no right eye, his jaw was crushed, broken head sticks stuck out of his ear bones (all his life he kept 40 bones taken out of his head in a box). they were destined to sign a humiliating peace for themselves, recognizing the Caucasus for Russia. And do you know what connects that unprecedented battle with today, in addition to the audacity of our modern soldiers? After the war, the wounded General Kotlyarevsky retired and settled in his estate near Bakhmut! As long as it is under the control of the invaders. I hope that soon we will be able to honor the glorious Russian hero there too!"
          1. Andrei Nikolaevich
            Andrei Nikolaevich 14 January 2023 22: 11
            For some reason, historians have undeservedly forgotten the name of General Kotlyarevsky. Didn't lose a single battle. Moreover, he fought either in the minority or in the overwhelming minority. V. Pikul wrote well about him in ,, historical miniatures ,,
          2. dump22
            dump22 14 January 2023 23: 24
            Thank you so much for this amazing story.
            I did not know her, I read your comment and then found a detailed description of those events.

            I was particularly struck by the answer of the commandant of the Lankaran citadel Sadykh-Khan to a letter from General Kotlyarevsky with a proposal to surrender:
            ... You did not come to liberate the Talysh Khanate "from the hands of the Persians", but to expand your territory at the expense of foreign land. Are you really cramped in your greatest state in the world that you are looking for space? Distinguished by insatiable greed, your emperors set themselves the goal of subjugating all weak kingdoms to their power, and especially Muslim ones, taking advantage of their unpreparedness for war. Rather than liberate people who are alien to you, living at a distance of two thousand miles from you, isn't it better to free and save your peasants from the yoke and shackles of your landowners?
            You offer me to “surrender the fortress voluntarily; otherwise, you will be right before God and mankind.” What a beautiful and humane phrase? Do you believe in God? I doubt: if you believed in him and loved humanity, then you would not lead your unfortunate soldiers to a senseless slaughter and to certain death, but would take pity on them, their wives and children, and let them live in peace in their homeland , and would not lead them to such a distance because of the pernicious whim of your king.
            You write: "to avoid the shedding of blood in vain." Who causes the shedding of blood? We or you? Leaving your country, despite its colossal size, you, like robbers, broke into our borders, robbing and killing us ruthlessly. We didn’t even think about you, but you invaded our land, amazing us with your bloodthirsty devilish face, forcing us to stubbornly resist so as not to lose our independence and independence, trying to keep our golden will and freedom in your hands. We are not at war with you, but we are defending ourselves from you, as from attacking wild beasts of prey, declaring to you categorically that we will all lay down with our bones and die without exception, and will not surrender the fortress to you voluntarily.
            ...we will resolutely and desperately defend ourselves and fight you to the death for the land of our ancestors and for the well-being of our future generations. Have pity on people and stop exterminating them: we did not give life to anyone, and we have no right to take it away from others: and therefore you do not send your soldiers to certain death, since we will not surrender the fortress without a fierce struggle

            The Lankaran garrison was completely exterminated during the assault. No prisoners were taken. Sadykh Khan died during the assault.
            1. dfk-80
              dfk-80 15 January 2023 17: 42
              To cut Armenians, to overpower them by force - yes east good, zerr good. And how does the answer come - Sadykh Khan (under dictation in British) immediately became a peacemaker and theologian?
            2. igorbrsv
              igorbrsv 16 January 2023 08: 00
              Why? Because it is a matter of our survival. Look at the world map
          3. Victor777
            Victor777 14 January 2023 23: 53
            Later, Kotlyarevsky settled near Feodosia. Recently, a monument was erected to him on the embankment of the city.
      4. KolVisin
        KolVisin 14 January 2023 14: 01
        Yes, because they "drown" as you put it, that they just work. And it doesn't matter if they are few or many.
      5. siberalt
        siberalt 16 January 2023 03: 25
        There are about 20 fighters in PMC "Wagner". So count how many regiments it will turn out. what
    2. lis-ik
      lis-ik 14 January 2023 13: 29
      Quote from Luka Nord
      Earth rest in peace to all of them. Russia is also fighting for an idea !!!!

      More about the idea please.
      1. SKVichyakow
        SKVichyakow 14 January 2023 13: 42
        Quote: lis-ik
        Quote from Luka Nord
        Earth rest in peace to all of them. Russia is also fighting for an idea !!!!

        More about the idea please.

        I think so, they fight for an idea, and if it doesn’t exist, they defend it.
  2. Nikolay310
    Nikolay310 14 January 2023 11: 04
    Of course, I’m not a strategist or a military man ... but why doesn’t the Ministry of Defense take diversionary strikes in order to prevent the transfer of reserves ... we have a large area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbcontact ... or is no one besides the Wagnerites able to carry out something serious? ??
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 14 January 2023 11: 21
      Distracting? For example, a grouping in Belarus. They draw significant forces onto themselves. On the rest of the front?
  3. Leshak
    Leshak 14 January 2023 11: 07
    Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) is next in line. I don't think he will last long. I hope to be released soon. The Wagnerites cannot be stopped!
    1. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 14 January 2023 16: 41
      I think he will merge in a few days. Then Slavyansk and Kramatorsk will still fall. And there already graters with Poland will begin. I mean, we're not on them.
  4. YOUR
    YOUR 14 January 2023 11: 11
    Maybe someone in the know. At the beginning of the NWO Akhmat, Akhmat, Akhmat, now Wagner, Wagner ..... what is our army doing? And do we have it? Judging by the reports, there are doubts
    1. Klaus8691
      Klaus8691 14 January 2023 11: 19
      The army is probably not so PR, sorry for this word, I do not diminish the merits of the "Wagnerites" in any way. Or, well, I don’t know, less motivation or something.
      1. svan26
        svan26 14 January 2023 11: 31
        "Or, I don't know, less motivation or something."
        It's all about motivation, of course! There is no way to conduct urban battles without it. And, apparently, clarity in management, in the use of their own fire support system.
        Consciousness does not change quickly. Twenty years of a well-fed life make themselves felt. Plus, the system of education and upbringing of young people is disastrous. But it is possible to gather several thousand Muzhiks around the country. Thank them very much. Reassuring...
    2. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 14 January 2023 11: 21
      Specifically, we are engaged in boltology here. I don’t understand either, instead of urra now wagner screams when attacking angry
      1. Prisoner
        Prisoner 14 January 2023 12: 39
        Why scream at all? Silently press. It is even more terrible when they snap off in silence.
    3. megadeth
      megadeth 14 January 2023 11: 30
      I'm not special, but n.p. specially trained detachments should storm (special units of the Airborne Forces, special forces, and both are present in the Wagner PMC), so Konashenkov yesterday, on behalf of the Moscow Region, mentioned only paratroopers during the capture of Soledar, forgetting to mention the guys from the Wagner PMC ( at 20:00, after apparently rising resonance, the MO released an addition ... hi ). IMHO
      1. YOUR
        YOUR 14 January 2023 12: 28
        In fact, they said the following that they stormed the Wagnerian, and the paratroopers provided the assault. What is hidden under this was provided not entirely clear, not that it is not entirely clear at all. One can only assume that the army units are not mentioned for only one reason, not to disturb the population, relatives and friends. Information breaks through mainly from there, from the other side, when they begin to post their outrages on the network, the executions of prisoners.
      2. Prisoner
        Prisoner 14 January 2023 12: 40
        In fact, not only special forces are trained in street fighting.
        1. 28st region
          28st region 14 January 2023 13: 43
          Spetsnaz is generally not very suitable for combined arms combat. They are tailored for something else. They have a completely different staffing. There are no tanks, in general there are no heavy weapons capable of conducting combined arms combat. Next, what special forces. Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Guard, FSB, FSIN ...? As such, there is no MO special forces. There are intelligence units, there is the GRU. We will not talk about the rest at all. Not large narrowly focused units.
          Everything falls on Vanya infantryman.
    4. glock-17
      glock-17 14 January 2023 11: 34
      It seems that she is in a deplorable state since Konashenkov was busy appropriating Wagner's victories.
      1. igorbrsv
        igorbrsv 14 January 2023 12: 12
        What an appropriation of Wagner's victories. What are you talking about? And what about Wagner?
        1. glock-17
          glock-17 14 January 2023 12: 54
          For several months they talked about the storming of Soledar by Wagner. And in the reports of the Ministry of Defense were paratroopers. Wagner seems to have been forgotten. And it's not an assignment?
          1. igorbrsv
            igorbrsv 14 January 2023 15: 45
            How much power is involved there? . On the contrary, it kills me that the victory is assigned to Wagner. The infantry took. And for some reason they abandoned the landing
      2. Prisoner
        Prisoner 14 January 2023 12: 42
        Well, how much manure is not a fan and how many kilos of yeast did you grab today for work, dear man? winked
    5. Sebostyuan
      Sebostyuan 14 January 2023 11: 47
      The answer to my opinion lies on the surface. Pressluzhba MO - works for a deuce.
    6. Rage66
      Rage66 14 January 2023 17: 55
      And you tear your pink ass off the sofa and go check it out on the spot yes
      1. igorbrsv
        igorbrsv 14 January 2023 19: 08
        It's for us then to break away together .... oops is necessary. Interestingly, the rosreserve is designed for this? So it should be for several YEARS of war
  5. igorbrsv
    igorbrsv 14 January 2023 11: 15
    Finally, they will take bakhmut. Now reinforcements have arrived
  6. Prisoner
    Prisoner 14 January 2023 11: 29
    The orchestra began a new overture. A good orchestra, an excellent conductor, what else is needed to win over the "public"? Military luck, happiness, health, victories and long life.
    1. glock-17
      glock-17 14 January 2023 12: 01
      This orchestra must be made the backbone of the future Russian army. There is no place for careerists and talkers.
  7. antiquity
    antiquity 14 January 2023 12: 10
    Quote from Luka Nord
    The musicians showed our General Staff

    Mdya .. order, discipline and unity of command and rushing wassat
  8. sanik2020
    sanik2020 14 January 2023 12: 42
    In reports from the front, Soledar - takes Wagner, Bakhmut takes - Wagner, and many settlements, this is also Wagner, and in TV reports and reports of the Ministry of Defense, only general phrases about the units of the ground forces of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Airborne Forces.
    It turns out that everyone is fighting for their homeland on their own, and the Wagnerites, like Martians, they seem to exist, but not from our area. It turns out as if we ourselves, our own heroes, are ashamed.
  9. SergLivi
    SergLivi 14 January 2023 12: 46
    The plant is a pity. One of the largest and most modern champagne wineries in Europe. Most likely, the rich history of one of the best plants of this profile in the post-Soviet space is coming to an end.
    1. Ivan 1980
      Ivan 1980 16 January 2023 08: 16
      There are 2 places where champagne is made, this is the province of Champagne and MKSHV, and the French themselves allowed the MKSHV product to be called champagne, the rest are Spanish wines
  10. oleg_627
    oleg_627 14 January 2023 21: 57
    The Wagnerites are great. If they pull the main Ukrainian grouping purely on themselves with a small number of troops, and our Ministry of Defense only picks holes for medals and ascribes almost all the victory to the new generals. The Wagnerites are a small but close-knit army. But our generals definitely won’t get this. Not that level. The Wagnerites will soon be the most powerful structure, right up to foreign intelligence, any rat abroad can be cleaned up. (Unless, of course, they are wrapped up) In Moscow, two clans are at war the policy is very diverse and we don’t really know anything about Zhirinovsky. Almost everyone in power is obsessed with money, as long as they feel good. Sadly
  11. Andron78
    Andron78 14 January 2023 23: 00
    Well done Wagners! Without imploring the merits of the army and its role in supporting the storming of the city, I think that our commanders of the corresponding units have something to learn from them. The motivation of the Wagnerites is certainly higher, but there is something else that does not allow regular troops to operate as effectively on such a scale. Something ... probably this is a clear statement of tasks, the experience and authority of commanders, high discipline.
  12. belovvladimir
    belovvladimir 15 January 2023 02: 12
    Special respect to the Wagnerites, hello guys from me, who knows, respect for you, it’s a pity there is no way to join due to age, I bow my head for your exploits, give you health and return home to your families and relatives alive and healthy, thank you for your work , because neh ... . all wickedness to defile our lands!
  13. Misha Mihalkov
    Misha Mihalkov 15 January 2023 10: 04
    Arestovich admitted on air that the house in Dnepropetrovsk was destroyed as a result of air defense actions
    Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the office of the Ukrainian president, spoke online about the true causes of the explosion at the entrance of a multi-storey building in Dnepropetrovsk. According to him, air defense systems shot down the missile, after which it fell on the building and detonated. Today, Russian troops launched missile strikes on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. Later, Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko confirmed that as a result of the attack, infrastructure facilities were hit in five regions of the country, as well as in the part of the Zaporozhye region controlled by the Kyiv regime. social objects.
    According to the latest data, which was announced by the head of the Dnepropetrovsk region Valentin Reznichenko, as a result of the detonation of a downed air defense missile, at least 12 people were killed, more than 60 were injured.