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American edition: the United States transmits the coordinates of the take-off sites of Russian drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

American edition: the United States transmits the coordinates of the take-off sites of Russian drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The United States provides the Ukrainian military with information about where the Russian army launches drones that “work” on Ukrainian targets. This is written by the American newspaper The New York Times.

The publication calls this task very difficult. After all, the Russian military, according to the American press, is constantly launching drones from new and unexpected places, allegedly using any suitable sites for this purpose, including car parks and stadiums.

According to The New York Times, intelligence assistance to the Kyiv regime is being carried out as part of a special program of the US administration to prevent the development of military-technical cooperation between Iran and Russia. The main goal of this program is to ensure that Iran does not transfer its unmanned aerial vehicles to the Russian Federation. Let us recall that in Russia and in Iran itself, the sale of Iranian UAVs for their use in a special military operation is not recognized.

The American authorities believe that if Russia allegedly buys Iranian drones, this will stimulate Tehran to further improve both the capabilities for the production of UAVs and the drones themselves. In turn, such a scenario already poses a threat to American interests in the Middle East, as well as to US allies, primarily Israel.

The publication also noted that Adrian Watson, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council under the US administration, acknowledged the existence of a program to prevent the production of drones in Iran. But opposition to Iran in this direction, according to Watson, is carried out by imposing regular sanctions and tightening export controls.

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  1. Evil 55
    Evil 55 28 December 2022 16: 38
    The World Hegemon, completely forgetting about the limits of decency, chivalrous prowess and military traditions, plays along with one of the parties as the last card sharper in the mask of "Mother Teresa" .. hi
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 28 December 2022 16: 41
      He did not know about such decency, as it were. ALL the history of the states is deceit, betrayal, bribery, beating the weak by the strong, robbery.
      1. topol717
        topol717 28 December 2022 16: 48
        Forgot to specify, arm twisting and intimidation.
      2. zenion
        zenion 30 December 2022 20: 27
        wedmak. Still, you need to read the history of how the states appeared and who were their first settlers. And they were the same killers and robbers as those who settled Australia. And they were there to destroy the local population, so to speak, clearing the area so that the mugs would make money. What they sow, they reap. With them, in the end, it will be the same as with the ancient murderers of Rome and also the Tatar-Mongols. No matter how much the rope twisted, there will be an end, maybe even with a loop. With them will be the same story that was with the Nazis. So far, the ocean is helping them, but now the countries that hate the USA have weapons that the USA will get. Einstein once said - I don’t know when there will be a nuclear war, but it will definitely be, because there have already been such wars a number of times and everything starts all over again. The Greeks wrote about such wars in their stories about the centuries that were. There were three centuries - golden, silver and now iron. and it will happen again.
  2. Buyan
    Buyan 28 December 2022 16: 39
    Fashington.... nothing more to say...........
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 28 December 2022 16: 54
      everyone understands who is fighting with whom and with whose hands.
  3. opuonmed
    opuonmed 28 December 2022 16: 40
    who would doubt that the United States transmits everything to ukrrrr
    1. Evil 55
      Evil 55 28 December 2022 16: 45
      Long live the liberation of the Ukrainian SSR from foreign invaders...
  4. Bingo
    Bingo 28 December 2022 16: 43
    The FB has been repeating for half a year that Orkaina receives a layout for aircraft takeoffs from Russian air defense airfields from American AWACS at the moment of separation from the runway.
    It's on VO that everyone is sure that this is impossible ...
    1. topol717
      topol717 28 December 2022 16: 50
      Tell us how the DLRO aircraft can identify the departure of an aircraft, for example, from Voronezh?
      I can still imagine DLRO Sputnik at an altitude of 250-500 km. but definitely not a plane.
      1. cold wind
        cold wind 28 December 2022 16: 55
        Everything is much easier. All military airfields are located directly next to residential areas. It is enough to get access to the camera aimed at the airfield in order to know in real time what, when it takes off and where it flew.
        1. topol717
          topol717 28 December 2022 17: 07
          We read the article and see that they use parking lots and stadiums. Or was there no command to read?
          1. cold wind
            cold wind 28 December 2022 17: 22
            I am not ready to comment on the retelling of the nonsense written in the American rag.
            The answer was to the question of how aircraft (manned or not) are controlled taking off from airfields.
        2. bars042
          bars042 28 December 2022 17: 22
          I wonder if there is an opportunity to "look" into the peephole of this camera and ask the "access" (with Internet access): how much is espionage today, huh?
          1. cold wind
            cold wind 28 December 2022 17: 37
            If you want, you can easily find it.

  5. Oleg Zorin
    Oleg Zorin 28 December 2022 16: 44
    Wow, what a surprise! And who would have thought of such deceit
  6. Uprun
    Uprun 28 December 2022 16: 45
    They themselves came up with about Iran, then they disperse the topic ... well, agreed, Iran threatens national security and the interests of the striped people in the Middle East. How! Where are the striped and where is Iran ...., like, they have national interests everywhere, and if something threatens interest, then it threatens national security.
    1. Myths
      Myths 28 December 2022 17: 14
      The international gendarme has its own interests everywhere.
    2. Ilgizl
      Ilgizl 28 December 2022 21: 33
      So you so directly declare in their main strategy about hegemony in the world. Their chief on the topic openly writes in his book.
  7. Leshak
    Leshak 28 December 2022 16: 57
    Well ... It is necessary to improve our unparalleled electronic warfare equipment so that the Yankees are blind and deaf. Our engineers have much to strive for. Countering NATO is the main task.
    1. Guran33 Sergey
      Guran33 Sergey 29 December 2022 16: 30
      Our electronic warfare installations did not work to their full extent .. "Starlink" at the forefront became an unpleasant surprise, poorly jammed and also hard to hear. It's a shame, but you can't quickly apply the fact and measures, there were no ready-made solutions in the metal.
  8. polk26l
    polk26l 28 December 2022 17: 15
    How long can the US hostile actions be tolerated?! They are enemies and brazenly fight on the side of the Nazis Nedoukrainy! So, according to the rules of warfare, they must be destroyed! Experts have been talking about this for 5 months! All US satellites involved in hostilities and providing intelligence to the Ukronazis that allow them to harm our troops and civilians must be destroyed!!! And don't be afraid! The enemy will be defeated! Victory will be ours!
    1. Last centurion
      Last centurion 28 December 2022 18: 01
      There is nothing to bring it down and this will immediately lead to a war with the United States and to the end of the world. And hurrah has nothing to do with it. Another question is why the Russian Federation does not have satellites, neither streaming the Internet via satellites, nor streaming video, and that intelligence comes from Chinese quadrics ... A system error of stupid old generals who know textbooks that "there are no bad tactics, there are few tanks." But that doesn't work in the 21st century. Therefore, we shoot tanks along a hinged trajectory :/ with reconnaissance from the Mavik.
    2. Guran33 Sergey
      Guran33 Sergey 29 December 2022 16: 42
      It is possible and there is something to shoot down, but a small problem, these satellites produced on a "conveyor" are practically cheaper than an anti-missile, which is still being produced piece by piece, besides, the manufacturer has full insurance - their destruction will bring us greater losses than they bring flying. And putting into orbit at the same time, our devices will blow away fractions in a head-on direction. So, until the states openly rush into this "dog wedding", no one will touch space out of tactical and strategic interests. according to the residual principle, it suddenly starts, but we have and started planning seriously when it started to burn from the moment the states fled from Afghanistan. Keep in mind that for the last 15-18 years, the Ministry of Defense has spent huge amounts of money on hyper and nuclear atmospheric propulsion not before the Internet, as it was, and then drones major only in the Armenian-Azeri conflict appeared
  9. Yulia Averina
    Yulia Averina 28 December 2022 17: 40
    And why are these satellites still hanging in the sky, and not resting on the bottom of the ocean?
    1. Last centurion
      Last centurion 28 December 2022 17: 53
      Do you want to start Star Wars? And they do not hang and fly in orbits. One Space x 3000+ satellites with what are you going to shoot down? For comparison, Russia has a total of 110 of them.
      1. agond
        agond 28 December 2022 18: 15
        The author does not specify what kind of UAVs he is talking about, if it is a large airfield-based device, then you can probably see it taking off from space, and a small one from a catapult in a field or from a car, then this is a fresh legend that is hard to believe
  10. Serge9901
    Serge9901 28 December 2022 19: 13
    But we have Roskosmos-Rostecs-nano-shmanotechnologies, "and let them fly on trampolines." And the point is not that in this sense we are deep in ..., but that no one was punished, and the situation was not corrected.
  11. SlavaS
    SlavaS 28 December 2022 19: 43
    That's the difference, the Russian Federation does not know where the US will fly, they even know where it took off from.
  12. Sergei N 58912062
    Sergei N 58912062 29 December 2022 17: 52
    And not only the coordinates of the drone takeoff sites. Now almost all NATO intelligence works for Ukraine.
  13. alexey_444
    alexey_444 30 December 2022 09: 43
    And someone else claims that we are not at war with NATO. Therefore, not everything turns out to be hard to fight when every step is under supervision. Even in the first Chechen war, the Americans observed in real time the movements of our soldiers in Grozny.
  14. Codett
    Codett 30 December 2022 15: 08
    I would be surprised if they didn’t do this, otherwise the United States is squeezing out all the possible benefits from this conflict, in addition to arms sales, also political dividends, as for our defective managers, it is necessary to develop and build our own and not re-stick nameplates from foreign samples .