American expert on why Joe Biden should provide Ukraine with long-range missiles

American expert on why Joe Biden should provide Ukraine with long-range missiles

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly been denied his requests for the army's ATACMS long-range tactical missile system. At the same time, he is well aware that these precision-guided missiles with a range of about 300 km will fundamentally change the course of the war if used against the supply chains of the Russian Armed Forces, writes American retired officer Lindsey Nias in an article for 19fortyfive.

The expert recalled that the United States fears a sharp escalation of the conflict in the event of the transfer of ATACMS missiles to Kyiv. According to him, the concern of the White House administration is also fueled by regular statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, Nias emphasizes that part of the Crimea and the arc along the coast today are outside the range of missiles supplied to Kyiv by the US and the UK. Consequently, the peninsula is one of the "transshipment bases" for the supply of Russian troops.

The expert noted that the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine are highly dependent on supply lines stretching hundreds of kilometers. In the event, as he puts it, of a "deep strike," these routes would prove to be the biggest weakness of the Russian forces. That is why, according to the author of the article, Joe Biden should provide Ukraine with long-range missiles.

Finally, as an example of how the Ukrainian leader should behave today, the expert cites historical precedent.

Lindsey Nias recalls that Dwight Eisenhower's plan to bomb German supply routes in France also met with vigorous opposition. However, he then threatened to resign unless he was given temporary command of all heavy bombers in northwestern Europe.

However, it is highly doubtful that the threat of Volodymyr Zelensky's resignation will force the US president to reconsider his position on the supply of ATACMS missiles to Kyiv.
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  1. +3
    December 15 2022
    In the case of deliveries of such missiles, it is necessary to announce an ultimatum and hit London.
    1. +4
      December 15 2022
      Quote: voice of reason
      In the case of deliveries of such missiles, it is necessary to announce an ultimatum and hit London.

      So he can immediately use nuclear weapons and start a third world war, why only fuck around London. But it's worth fucking on Bankovaya
      1. +2
        December 15 2022
        American expert on why Joe Biden should provide Ukraine with long-range missiles

        So there is no harsh reaction on our part. Only regrets and concerns are what they deliver. Here we must take into account such a moment that the government can be anything, but not weak, otherwise they will be devoured, especially at such a time.
        “Why were there discussions in the West about whether to supply this or that weapon? For moral reasons? Not! They wondered how Russia would react. And the Russian Federation made a formidable face and said: "Do not supply, otherwise we will…". Next was the ellipsis. They looked and looked and decided: "But Russia will do nothing. We can do what we want - there will be no reaction." Except for Zakharova's statements, she says everything correctly, but this does not affect them. Therefore, tomorrow they are ready to cross the border with Patriot, and the day after tomorrow - with other types of weapons. There is no reaction from Russia, only in words, but do not care about words - there is nothing behind the threats, ”said Kedmi.
      2. +1
        December 15 2022
        Quote: APASUS
        But it's worth fucking on Bankovaya

        February 24, it was necessary to do it.
    2. 0
      December 16 2022
      To begin with, the preventive destruction of the Polish transshipment airfield near the border with Ukraine. And there is already a second ultimatum with London and Washington. The transfer and use of such weapons is a direct US aggression against the Russian Federation. These missiles are guided, targets are selected and launched by NATO (USA) specialists. This is a clear casus belli. In response, at least a blow should be struck at the places of their transportation (written above) and guidance systems (satellite constellations). Having previously warned the partners that the next strike would be massive and nuclear.
      That's what the red line means, and not the snot of our pseudo-rulers.
    3. 0
      December 16 2022
      Oh, if ..... What do you think, the death of several dozen or even hundreds of our citizens will incite the leadership to attack London. Don't laugh. They will be outraged again, new crossed red lines will be drawn, and so on. But not more.
  2. +1
    December 15 2022
    Well, the RF Armed Forces have missiles with a range of several thousand kilometers. All Ukraine is covered.
    They fired such missiles, probably, also already under 10 thousand.
    And what, they severely disrupted the supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and turned the tide on the battlefield?
    Nothing like this..
    And this unfortunate adviser knows this very well ..

    Therefore, they want to supply long-range missiles to Khokhols not at all in order to turn the tide in the Ukrainian conflict, but in order to disable as many Russian strategic forces as possible, which could hit the US itself or England
    1. 0
      December 15 2022
      "but in order to disable as many Russian strategic forces as possible," ///
      These missiles fly 300 km.
      (Iskander, remember, at 500).
      What strategic forces of Russia are located 300 km from the Ukrainian border?

      The Armed Forces of Ukraine already have kamikaze drones with an action of up to 1000 km.
      Engels airfield was 600 km away
      1. +1
        December 15 2022
        These are already technical details.
        A decision will be announced to "deliver long-range missiles."
        And then they will say, "what makes you think that it should be ATACMS?"
        And they will send some winged tomahawks or similar crap ..
        And they will say, "well, Ukraine needs to defend itself against attacks by strategic aviation of the RF Armed Forces"...
        1. -1
          December 15 2022
          "winged tomohawks" ///
          Tomahawks are completely equivalent to Caliber.
          The same weapon.
  3. +9
    December 15 2022
    When the General Staff and the political leadership mumble something indistinct. then you should expect all the most unexpected from the enemy.
  4. +1
    December 15 2022
    Once again I am convinced that the US plans to stretch the conflict as much as possible. Apparently they will, but later
  5. 0
    December 15 2022
    Generals, a dime a dozen. They probably write from the army. Right from the front... They obviously have more information than the Foreign Ministry and Putin, judging by the advice.
    Z.Y. If you do not understand something, then you do not have all the information. Remember these words and be men.

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