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In Czech Brno, employees of the Ukrainian consulate were evacuated due to a suspicious package with “animal tissue”

In Czech Brno, employees of the Ukrainian consulate were evacuated due to a suspicious package with “animal tissue”

Dangerous and simply strange packages continue to arrive at Ukrainian diplomatic missions and other addresses in Europe. The first package containing an explosive device was received on November 30 at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid. Then an employee of the department was slightly injured from the explosion, the court will consider this incident as a terrorist attack. Two days later, Spanish intelligence officials reported the interception of six suspicious mail items that arrived at the addresses of a number of government, military, strategic and diplomatic structures in Spain.

Today, employees of the Ukrainian consulate were urgently evacuated in the Czech city of Brno, where a parcel arrived that aroused suspicion. The police urgently withdrew all employees from the building, evacuation was carried out from the nearby kindergarten.

According to the Czech newspaper Lidove noviny, after an x-ray check, the police did not find an explosive device in the parcel. Brno police spokesman David Chaloupka later said the package contained "tissue from a dead animal." The publication clarifies with reference to the Ukrainian ministry that these were “probably the eyes of animals.” A representative of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission claims that Ukrainian embassies in several European countries, including the Czech Republic, received similar messages with “animal eyes”.

Consul of Ukraine in Brno Anna Proshko, who discovered a suspicious item in the mailbox, told reporters that she did not know where exactly the package came from. But, according to her, the inscriptions were in German.

The city police said that there is currently no threat to the consulate and nearby buildings. But at the same time, the requirement to check all suspicious items arriving at the addresses of diplomatic missions and defense companies continues to apply.

In a note describing this incident, the author for some reason specified that “just a few blocks from the Ukrainian consulate is the building of the Russian representative office.” Maybe out of habit, or maybe the article was in line with the editorial policy and the policy of the Czech authorities in general.

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  1. iouris
    iouris 2 December 2022 15: 50
    The terrorist group "Ukraine" provokes a campaign to declare the Russian Federation a terrorist state.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 2 December 2022 16: 08
      Quote: iouris
      The terrorist group "Ukraine" provokes a campaign to declare the Russian Federation a terrorist state.

      And what about parcels to foreign missions of Ukraine, is there no return address and addressee? Presumably not.

      Then one must take into account that post offices in all countries on such conditions (without a return address and the name of the sender) officially do not accept parcels for sending according to all postal rules, especially grocery shipments - it’s not right!
      So these parcels with animal eyes - these are amateur tricks of the Ukrainians themselves - senders and Ukrainian "recipients".

      In other words, these are subversive and provocative tricks of the Kyiv regime itself!
      1. Myths
        Myths 2 December 2022 16: 20
        The consumer won't even think about it. And the fact that mail is controlled is clearly not Russian the same.
      2. Rustic
        Rustic 2 December 2022 17: 32
        In other words, these are subversive and provocative tricks of the Kyiv regime itself!
        Come on, you, immediately sabotage. It is their brothers who simply decided to feed them with pork. And then the ghouls are starving. Previously, they didn’t check the parcels, so they didn’t notice how they send pork to the quiet. And then, at one stoned stoner, a Chinese firecracker popped, and the entire pig business burned down. laughing
      3. avg
        avg 3 December 2022 14: 58
        Quote: Tatiana
        In other words, these are subversive and provocative tricks of the Kyiv regime itself!

        Their handwriting shows their swine-satanic things like: "Carcass from a separatist", "Moskal's blood", etc.
    2. Evil 55
      Evil 55 2 December 2022 16: 10
      Is animal tissue part of President Zelensky's body?
      1. Lako
        Lako 2 December 2022 19: 44
        Hike, after a belated circumcision.
    3. credo
      credo 2 December 2022 16: 20
      They send themselves to present themselves as a victim.
  2. Sergio_7
    Sergio_7 2 December 2022 15: 51
    It seems to me that this is a preparation for the occupation of part of the former Ukraine by Eastern Europe: Poland, Hungary and others like them.
    1. Murmur 55
      Murmur 55 2 December 2022 16: 01
      Sergio7 hi, it is unlikely that Washington will give the go-ahead now, it WILL need a whole Ukraine, but if our V.S. tramples and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are blown away, they will give a command to seize all the regions that E.S. previously belonged to. Also in World War II, the USA and Co. opened a second front not in order to take away Hitler, but so that the USSR would not occupy all of Europe. Plus, it is necessary to support the runaway ideological neo-Nazis somewhere so that they commit atrocities in the borderlands.
      1. Myths
        Myths 2 December 2022 16: 21
        It is still too early to talk about this, but you need to think and be ready to demolish this wickedness under clean.
  3. Bingo
    Bingo 2 December 2022 15: 58
    They sent ears from a dead donkey, go. And an ear from a herring
  4. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 2 December 2022 15: 59
    Embassies of Ukraine in several European countries received similar messages from "through the eyes of animals"

    Who is making eyes at them? ...

  5. maxim1987
    maxim1987 2 December 2022 16: 05
    when reading the title, I thought about the skin from the fat laughing
  6. Mint Gingerbread
    Mint Gingerbread 2 December 2022 19: 24
    It was necessary to send surströming. That would be a chemical attack laughing
  7. Altmann
    Altmann 2 December 2022 21: 04
    These are provocations. Journalists have something to write about. Friends, Brno is the capital of Moravia. Don't do this to us Moravian patriots. Brno is a peculiar city, completely Moravian, for the inhabitants of Brno this would be an insult. As you can see, little Bohemia is divided into Bohemia and Moravia. Is it more or less fun or not? am
  8. Fangaro
    Fangaro 3 December 2022 00: 02
    Ukrainian provocateurs do not even spare animals, not to mention the soldiers who fight.
    But many people from Ukraine, who are in the trenches now, believe that they are defending their land, and not the authorities that appropriated this Ukrainian land for themselves, they fooled many ordinary Ukrainians, forcing them to fight against the same Slavs, and profiting from the supply / payment of weapons.
    They sent 400 million to Ukraine, Ukraine received 700 million, 300 went "in half". Someone in the subject and get the hryvnia, the other. Someone is for the Ukrainian idea. And he really won't take anything.
    But sometimes simplicity is worse than theft.
    Although simpletons should not be punished.
    They need to be shown the truth. Make allies for our idea.