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In 2012, the ships of the Northern Fleet passed more than 200 thousands of nautical miles

In 2012, the ships of the Northern Fleet passed more than 200 thousands of nautical miles

In 2012, more than 20 ships and vessels of the North fleet (SF) took part in long hikes, leaving behind aft more than 200 thousand nautical miles. As part of the combat training, surface crews performed several hundred combat exercises, including rocket and artillery firing, mine operations, and worked out combat coordination and interaction with the formations of ships of other fleets as part of inter-naval groups.

For the first time this year, the naval groups of the diverse forces of the Northern Fleet operated in the northern latitudes of the Arctic Ocean and for the first time in stories The navy of Russia carried out a landing of an amphibious assault on the unequipped coast of the islands of the Novosibirsk archipelago.

As the Northern Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, emphasized, “in the Arctic areas, the North Sea sailors solved not only military, but also peaceful tasks - these are training in assisting ships in distress, ensuring the safety of civilian shipping, and surveying poorly known navigation areas.”

Ships and vessels of the Operational Marine Demining Unit (OMOR) of the Northern Fleet carried out work on the search, detection and destruction of explosive objects in the waters of the Ob Bay of the Kara Sea. In total, for six weeks the ships and vessels of the OMOR Federation destroyed 12 explosive objects, the surveyed area of ​​the water area was more than 160 square miles.

Crews of the Northern Fleet ships successfully completed the tasks of ensuring the safety of civilian shipping in the Gulf of Aden.

This year, the large anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Kulakov set a record for the duration of sailing in this region of the World Ocean. His crew spent 159 days at sea, leaving thousands more than 29 astern, under his guard dozens of civilian ships of foreign countries avoided meetings with pirates and successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo to destinations.

In 2012, the Northern Fleet actively developed cooperation with the naval forces of other states. An agreement was reached annually to conduct the Pomor and Northern Eagle international naval exercises, the main purpose of which is to develop joint elements of anti-terrorism activities, ensure the safety of civilian shipping, and provide assistance at sea.

Ships of the Northern Fleet made business visits to the ports of Norway, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Malta, USA, Cuba, Syria, Saudi Arabia.

The work of seafarers from the North Sea was adequately appreciated - 26 seamen from the North Sea for successfully solving the tasks of long-distance marches, achievements in strengthening the country's defense capability, exemplary maritime training, maintaining high combat readiness and courage were awarded state awards.

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  1. YARY
    YARY 31 October 2012 11: 22
    They would say "And 300 meters and as much as forty centimeters!"
    What a fucking fuck! Achievement! Baska thinks the one who writes this ?!
    Fleet MUST walk !!!

    Or is it not a fleet

    I put a plus - only for the attribute!
    1. dimon-media
      dimon-media 31 October 2012 12: 07
      After the troubled 90s, this really is an achievement. In those years, the fleet was not a fleet. It stood and rusted. Neither goryuchki nor funds. Now a little, but began to walk on the seas.
    2. Gromila78
      Gromila78 31 October 2012 12: 59
      In general, flux is a real indicator of the ship's performance. Or do you think that the five-month combat "Kulakov" is so, little things about which you can not mention, or the combat of three large-scale battalions in Mediterranean, each one covered 10 thousand miles in two months ( / v-severomorsk-iz-dal-nego-poxoda-vernulis-desantny
      e-korabli) too little things. It’s a pity that there is little data in previous information for previous years, you would feel the difference.
      1. YARY
        YARY 31 October 2012 14: 46
        How statistics is alright
        But how is achievement? Uh, no, I'm sorry, move over.
  2. Narkom
    Narkom 31 October 2012 11: 48
    In the sea - at home.
  3. snik57
    snik57 31 October 2012 12: 35
    Well, well, welcome, the revival of the fleet - the revival of Russia!
  4. dchanc112
    dchanc112 31 October 2012 13: 30
    So what? The support column in the cabins of the ship company also went to the BS. When will the old stuff be updated or replaced for a decent one?
  5. omsbon
    omsbon 31 October 2012 13: 57
    In my opinion, it is positive: the fleet began to go to sea more, the headquarters of the Navy also moved to the sea.
  6. understudy
    understudy 31 October 2012 15: 05
    Quote: omsbon
    In my opinion, it is positive: the fleet began to go to sea more, the headquarters of the Navy also moved to the sea.

    Yeah ... solid positive, more than 40 billion - "down the drain" for the move and virtually zero flight time for greetings from sworn "friends". As it was said in another topic, - It would be better to raise the Andreevsky flag on a new ship, and not on the Admiralty.
  7. understudy
    understudy 31 October 2012 15: 52
    White-ticket nits welcomes the waste of public funds not on real defense, but on a dubious relocation of value ??? Definitely - virulence, traitor and vile! laughing
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 31 October 2012 16: 26
      Quote: Understudy
      Definitely, - vrazhin, traitor and vile

      Whose address is such a boorish tirade?
      Do you seriously think that such a relocation is done at random, without miscalculating the negative consequences?
  8. Karish
    Karish 31 October 2012 16: 40
    200t nautical miles - about 380t kilometers. In my department, 15 cars ran per year. And ... such garbage. By the way, we are only serving substations, not some kind of taxi.
    1. Gromila78
      Gromila78 31 October 2012 17: 35
      Judging by your data, each car in your company every day, without holidays and weekends, drove 146 km daily, or at an average speed of 60 km / h - about 3 hours, a handsome one will tell you the workload. I have already cited the example that a number of ships spent at sea without breaks and days off for several months, although at this time anchor stations also enter to replenish supplies and missile defense. This news is presented not as a fact, but as a report on the results of the year (the remaining month can not be taken into account - in November almost all the ships are at the wall). At the same time, if we take into account the GHG ships (they only go), then the load on the ships is quite large. Compared to the beginning of 2000, they began to walk much more.
      Quote: Ardent
      How statistics is alright
      But how is achievement? Uh, no, I'm sorry, move over.

      Ardent, for the BDK, the youngest of which has already reached its service life, the transition to the Mediterranean and back without any problems is an achievement, we could be happy for us drinks
      1. YARY
        YARY 31 October 2012 18: 05
        Uv Eugene
        In my time, what the ENTIRE fleet found was interesting only at rembases and applied only to the fact "And when is the PPR?" for technicians.
        As for the sailors, the "wall" was an association with women and self-propelled guns.
        "The run of the TOTAL fleet, I repeat once again, is not an achievement (and the context of the comments is about the achievement), and I will say that the tsifir is not awesome.
        So let's end with fanfare? Can we really look at things?
        "Old ships and found so much" is not an achievement but a regret, don't you think? Regret and some envy that in the Soviet Union they made solid and reliable boxes, and as it is customary now to scoff at "gigantomania", but there would be five aircraft carriers for each fleet right now.
        What do we have at the moment?
        The overwhelmingly Soviet ships (which have not yet been cut and sold) have demonstrated their survivability! Glory!
        That's the whole point. drinks

        Py Si I just remembered how I rode from Poti to Varna, and I think I wound up a lot of miles on my "laiba" in three years, but I stood at the wall only once, the girls at the headquarters and the floating hospital had a holiday !!!
  9. understudy
    understudy 1 November 2012 12: 50
    Quote: omsbon
    Whose address is such a boorish tirade?
    Do you seriously think that such a relocation is done at random, without miscalculating the negative consequences?

    Dear, the degree of rudeness at the Forum is determined by the Great, Fair and Independent Guru under the divine name "Moderator". The right to evaluate the offense, if it happened, to punish or pardon belongs only to Him and exclusively to Him. May his years in such an ungrateful post last! Therefore, - "Don't tell me what to do, and I won't tell you where to go." Isn't it a wonderful phrase that defines the essence of our being?
    So what are we talking about there? Oh, yes, about the mental abilities of the leaders and the calculation of negative consequences ... I don't even know how to explain this in a more polarizing manner to the "hurray-patriot" ... well, so that I can feel the moment before the liver ...
    In short ... "Serdyukov's girls" and the chaos they are committing is the most important indicator of their moral qualities and the degree of competence of the one who appointed them to positions in the defense department. They have learned to sell and steal perfectly. And by the way, the proposal to relocate the headquarters of the Navy was first voiced by the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, unsurpassed in professionalism, Gryzlo, when he was in the status of the leader commanded by popular trust ... However, like Oorfene Juice himself and his obsequious, but really "wooden" soldiers in their "approbation" ..