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Roscosmos wants to connect America to GLONASS and create a state corporation

Roscosmos wants to connect America to GLONASS and create a state corporationRoscosmos has proposed to place in the United States measuring stations of the GLONASS system in the framework of cooperation with the GPS system, reports RIA "News"Referring to the statement of the deputy head of the department Vitalia Davydova, made on Tuesday at a meeting of the working group on innovations of the Russian-American Presidential Commission.

Davydov recalled that at present the GPS and GLONASS systems are the only fully deployed navigation orbital groups. Currently, according to Roskosmos, 19 GPS measuring stations operate in the Russian Federation, while there are no similar GLONASS stations in the USA. In this regard, the deputy head of the department said:

- We propose to consider the possibility of cooperation in the exchange of measurement data and, to this end, deploy eight GLONASS stations in the United States.

According to Davydov, it is advisable to place such stations at NASA facilities. He explained that since Roskosmos and NASA are the leading organizations for cooperation between Russia and the United States in space, this will avoid unnecessary delays that could arise during the creation of stations in the United States.

Earlier, Dmitry Payson, director of development of a cluster of space technologies and telecommunications of the Skolkovo Foundation, in a conversation with Izvestia, estimated the likelihood of placing GLONASS in the USA:

- I believe that the issue of the deployment of SKDM GLONASS in the United States could well be resolved positively. Threats to US national security is not visible here. And there is no reason to talk about GPS and GLONASS competition either, it is already obvious to all that these systems complement each other.

In addition to the emerging expansion abroad, the leadership of Roskosmos wants to change a lot in the domestic market.

So, as early as September, the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, speaking to students of technical universities, stated that he considered it necessary to give private hands to the “lower floors” of production chains in the space industry related to the production of components, maintenance of space centers, as well as the space services sector.

Regarding the attitude of the department to the expansion of competition in the space industry, Mikhail Kokorich, director general of the Russian space startup Dauria Aerospace, told the Russian Innovation Week conference on the sidelines of the conference:

- Of course, when the real competition begins, we do not know how it will be perceived (by enterprises). But while Roscosmos is very constructive. Part of it needs to be definitely given to private business, because it is not capital-intensive, requires competences in relations with customers, and so on - that is where the state-owned business is not strong. The environment for such business participation has not yet matured. Its maturation is not a Roskosmos affair, it is, in fact, an entrepreneurial environment. Should appear the first successful options. If the licensing of space activities is now facilitated, if standards are unified, these will be powerful tools. I believe that the idea of ​​the state corporation is the most correct in this situation. But if you create one company, it still will not be able to do everything, anyway, it will have to give contracts to private owners.

As previously reported, Roskosmos prepared a package of proposals for transforming the organization into a state corporation following the example of Rosatom.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. Tsiolkovsky Alexander Zheleznyakov, in turn, in a conversation with "However," skeptical about the plans of Roscosmos:

- I do not really believe in the deployment of GLONASS in the United States, because the Americans have their own GPS system. It is unlikely that they will create their own competitors with their own hands. We at one time GPS allowed our market because our GLONASS did not work. And their system worked and works. As for the transformation of Roscosmos into a state corporation, the conversations have been going on for several months now, but for now they are still conversations. It is difficult to say whether it will increase competitiveness or not. This will only show practice. Nobody knows what the possible transformation will look like in its finished form. There is only a general plan.

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  1. Sergh
    Sergh 31 October 2012 07: 30
    This event is familiar, the connection of private business to the connection of financially energy-intensive state corporations, especially Roskosmos. The increase in pricing, product quality, and the risk of pumping money through private accounts increases. Of course, the private trader is private, but the danger is increasing, especially since this private trader will probably be like Deripaska or something like that.
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 31 October 2012 09: 27
      The United States will not be allowed, a thousand reasons will be found, but not allowed ....
      1. albanec
        albanec 31 October 2012 09: 36
        Then we will ask them to go out with things smile
      2. Igor
        Igor 31 October 2012 09: 36
        Why they won’t let them in. Their companies producing iPhones and navigation equipment have already said that their gadgets will not only be accepted by GPS and Glonass, but of course they won’t let Glonass go to the military market.
        1. crazyrom
          31 October 2012 16: 25
          They will say "but we don't need a few millimeters of accuracy, we have enough for 3 meters" (this is how many of these stations are there now)
          1. Blat
            Blat 1 November 2012 09: 53
            and since when did glonass become more accurate gps? the more so gps is constantly being improved
      3. Ascetic
        Ascetic 31 October 2012 10: 54

        The USA will not be allowed, they will find a thousand reasons, but they will not ...

        The GLONASS differential correction station from January 2013 will have to be built in Israel. These stations and other ground equipment will increase the accuracy characteristics of GLONASS. In addition, a single navigation field based on the GLONASS system can be created in 2015-2016 in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. A control and correction station is being built in Crimea. Three similar stations are already operating in Antarctica.
        One of the control stations of the GLONASS Russian navigation system can be deployed in the UK. For their part, the British asked Popovkin to consider bringing a group of small British research vehicles into orbit via a Russian launch vehicle in 2013.
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        Well, almost all of Amer’s allies have been bored out. Now Amers can’t get anywhere.
        1. Ascetic
          Ascetic 31 October 2012 11: 07
          GLONASS control center It is located in the town of Golitsino, 40 km from Moscow, and control stations are located in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yeniseisk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur. They are all stationary
          System Management Center (NCC) daily plans the use of control stations and their measuring instruments.
          Control stations (CS) carry out trajectory and time measurements, collect telemetric information about the state of on-board systems, transmit service information on board satellites
          When planning the CS operation for a day, the main and reserve stations for conducting measurement sessions are determined, and the redundancy in the measurements is also laid. CSs have triple redundancy in equipment (one set is operational, the second is in reserve, and the third is being prevented). The coefficient of availability of funds in the session of measurements and bookmark information on board the satellite is close to unity.
          Laser Locating Stations (SLL) designed to calibrate the radio channels measuring distance control stations. They are located together with control stations and operate at night in conditions of good visibility. Calibration is carried out periodically as necessary.
          Central Synchronizer (CA) as part of a group of hydrogen frequency standards, forms a system time scale. An indispensable thing in strategic missile defense by the way.
          Field Control Equipment (AKP) - high-precision consumer equipment located at control stations with high-precision binding provides continuous monitoring of the characteristics of navigation support.
          Phase Control System (SCF) provides control of the signal emitted by the satellite in order to measure the phase and frequency shift of the airborne time and frequency standards relative to the DSS.
          Specially developed techniques allow us to determine the universal time in the process of ephemeris support of the system. The accuracy of the results is estimated at 15-20 cm for the coordinates of the pole; 0,5 ms for the duration of Earth days and 1 ms for the duration of universal time.

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        2. Karish
          Karish 31 October 2012 14: 26
          Quote: Ascetic
          Well, almost all of Amer’s allies have been bored out. Now Amers can’t get anywhere.

          GLONASS stations in the United States and its allies laughing (Interesting GPS stations in Russia are available? laughing
          1. late
            late 31 October 2012 14: 56
            Of course, there are, and this is the text of the article.
  2. late
    late 31 October 2012 07: 37
    And, in my opinion, the healthy competition of these systems is good, it will allow them to develop, especially if GPS and GLONASS are not identical, but complement each other. Americans can well put this system on their market, but Russian companies buy their factories.
  3. JonnyT
    JonnyT 31 October 2012 08: 24
    The title is too provocative ...........

    I think that whether the states will go for it, Romney has done his job, people living there will think that "evil" Russia will try to capture the free American people with the help of VOICE!
  4. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus 31 October 2012 10: 35
    oh, Could any of the honest Americans, looking with tears of pride at the BW TV screen from which a distant voice could be heard "this is a small step for a man, a big step for mankind ..." space exclusively on SOYUZ ships, put on Sokol spacesuits and intensively learn Russian, as a mandatory cretery when selecting astronauts?
  5. grizzlir
    grizzlir 31 October 2012 14: 08

    Roscosmos wants.
    1. grizzlir
      grizzlir 31 October 2012 15: 19
      Is there anyone who used a navigator with a GPS module and then changed it to GLONASS? And I know a lot of examples when GLONASS was changed to GPS. Of these, it’s not about patriotism. In 2011, the navigator was purchased not at all cheap GARMIN navigator with a module GLONASS. I haven’t seen much of a short brushwork. Now the same GARMIN works perfectly with GPS and does not determine my position on the coast of Anapa, like 20 kilometers from the coast towards Turkey. Rather, I believe that AvtoVAZ will build its plants in Detroit and will start successfully sell your cars in the USA.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 31 October 2012 18: 33
        Quote: grizzlir
        Rather, I believe that AvtoVAZ will build its factories in Detroit and will begin to successfully sell its cars in the United States.

        It was necessary to purchase a navigator with support for two systems: Lexand, Explay, Digma and Prestigio. eg. For a long time already everyone uses hybrid navigators.
        In the photo, testing a hybrid device with the usual monostationary.
        As a result, within an hour of testing with the “snap” function disabled, the Lexand SG-555 “left” the track 2 times, while the Lexand Si-525 - already 6 times. Thus, it was confirmed that the hybrid GLONASS / GPS navigator provides a little more accuracy and stability of positioning. Moreover, in theory, this same accuracy can also occur with the “snap” function of the coordinate to the road.
        Of course, much depends on the map (Navitel or iGo will go less or less)
        The main thing is that GLONASS -navigators do not see more than 12 satellites of two groups in total
        If there are 8 GPS satellites and 8 GLONASS satellites on top, they still only show “the first 12”
        Faster such a device "pinpoints" American devices - from which it could be concluded that our group is completely "poor." But this is not so. It’s just that the device with a large number of satellites does not work, 12 is the maximum. I hope this error will be fixed over time. That's the whole reason and not the wretchedness of the GLONASS SNS itself.
        The actual accuracy provided by GPS is approximately 2 to 8 meters, which is quite enough. GLONASS is almost inferior to the American system, providing positioning accuracy of 4.5-8.5 meters. Using navigators using only GLONASS makes the same sense as conventional GPS devices. However, the main advantage of devices with two systems on board is a more accurate positioning and reliability.
        1. grizzlir
          grizzlir 1 November 2012 15: 17
          Quote: Ascetic
          For a long time already everyone uses hybrid navigators.

          They honestly made me laugh. I have enough without a hybrid GPS.
          And in the troops also offer to use hybrid modules, domestic and probable enemy.
          1. Ascetic
            Ascetic 3 November 2012 01: 52
            Quote: grizzlir
            And in the troops also offer to use hybrid modules, domestic and probable enemy.

            GLONASS / GPS navigator "Grot-M"

            My webpage

            My webpage

            A bit about Russian GLONASS navigators
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