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Chinese edition: US keeps NATO in a Cold War paradigm that never ended

Chinese edition: US keeps NATO in a Cold War paradigm that never ended

According to the Chinese edition of China Daily, the United States has turned the North Atlantic Alliance into a "bloodthirsty zombie" that is very easy to manage. At the same time, the publication called NATO a "brainless" organization.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is the brainchild of the Cold War and a relic of that era that should have been buried long ago, China Daily notes. Recall that NATO was created to confront the USSR and its allies in the socialist camp, which have been gone for 30 years.

The White House also supports the work of the “brain dead” organization by showing it virtual reality, where the Cold War never ended, writes the Chinese edition.

China Daily also emphasizes that the unmotivated eastward expansion of NATO, ignoring all the fears and warnings of Moscow, has become the reason for what is happening in Ukraine today.

By ignoring its legitimate concerns, Russia was thus cornered

China Daily notes.

However, the chaos that they caused in Europe was not enough for the NATO countries, the newspaper writes, and they have now turned their eyes to Southeast Asia.

Back in June, the Russian Foreign Ministry declared that it was inadmissible to undermine the situation in the Asia-Pacific region and involve NATO in the region of Southeast Asia.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 18 November 2022 10: 39
    Chinese edition: US keeps NATO in a Cold War paradigm that never ended
    The former times of the Cold War had a serious feature, which is now not oh, somehow.
    There were times when not a single gun in the geyrop fired without the permission of the Russian Emperor...
    1. credo
      credo 18 November 2022 10: 50
      With all due respect to the Chinese comrades, they should sometimes remind themselves that the two countries of the NATO bloc are already opposite them - these are the USA and Canada.
      So the NATO bloc has long since pulled itself up to China from the east, and it would be time for China to somehow more actively cooperate with Russia in protecting its borders and more assertively expose NATO's bloodthirsty plans in the international arena. soldier
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 18 November 2022 11: 09
        The cunning monkey sat on a palm tree for a long time and waited, in general, everything was like - top!
        Now I have to get down and...
        In general, we will look at the process.
        1. evgen1221
          evgen1221 18 November 2022 12: 14
          It’s definitely not going to work for a long time, she won’t get off herself, they’ll cut down the Christmas tree.
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 18 November 2022 12: 35
            Everyone has the right to live in their own illusions ... to get out of there, not comme il faut, as a rule.
            And when they pull you out of them, it’s not comme il faut in a cube!
  2. Uprun
    Uprun 18 November 2022 10: 51
    Today, the language does not turn around to call the actions of Nata against Russia on the ocarina a cold war. There are no eternal wars, the cold war has passed into a hot phase, but it will not last forever either.