At first, we did not pay attention to what was happening in Ukraine, now we are looking for an answer to the question: “How did it happen?”

At first, we did not pay attention to what was happening in Ukraine, now we are looking for an answer to the question: “How did it happen?”

One of the cornerstones of the Ukrainian conflict is connected with the question of how it was possible to divide the united Russian people, and even into such parts, one of which feels real hatred towards the other. In the world, of course, there are certain examples of such a division (for example, Korea), but there are diametrically opposed ideologies, which, if not impossible, are extremely difficult to combine.

Russia and Ukraine in modern conditions did not exactly differ in any diametrical opposition of ideologies. Both we and them have “rampant market capitalism”, perhaps with some temporary (emphasis on the third syllable) “gap”. Both in our country and in them at about the same time, persons who managed to make a huge fortune at the expense of the people received access to the fixed capital of states. Both in our country and in their country they looked to the West as a "reference system of values". Both here and there, the achievements of the Soviet period were trampled into the mud - to varying degrees, of course, but nonetheless.

And that is why today it is extremely difficult to answer for ourselves the question of why Ukrainians suddenly position themselves as “anti-Russians”?

You can, of course, talk about the "pernicious influence of the West", pointing a finger "over the ocean." But in general, it is worth admitting the main thing - after the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine simply "took as much sovereignty as it could." After all, it was on this principle that everything was determined then. In addition, sovereignty was also distributed within Russia, which almost led to the complete dismantling of statehood.

Therefore, there is a systemic error, when at first they did not pay attention to Ukraine, to what was happening there, including Nazism raising its head, and now we are suddenly perplexed: “How did this happen?”

Reflections on this subject were presented by Nikita Mikhalkov in his own interpretation of what is happening:

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    1. +6
      November 15, 2022
      They raised the oligarchs of this territory with their own hands, they got stronger, stood on their wings and, of course, bite the hand of the giver. This is normal.
      1. +6
        November 15, 2022
        Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov himself, all these more than 30 years, was very tightly spinning in power structures and perfectly saw how the supreme power of Russia behaved toothlessly and irresponsibly in relation to the protection of Russian, Russian-speaking and Russian languages, Soviet history and Soviet successes in all former republics USSR and countries of the former socialist camp. She turned a blind eye to all oppression and outright genocide and, according to the established tradition of the late USSR, kept feeding and feeding the breakaway republics at the expense of Russia.

        And now the Russian authorities are wringing their hands and stating what has actually happened, as if they were not constantly poking their noses into these Nazi burps in the former Soviet republics and were not warned of the consequences.

        Therefore, Nikita Sergeevich can be reminded of the truth that has set the teeth on edge - "After a fight, they don't wave their fists."
        First, gangrene was allowed in Ukraine, and now we are feverishly, with a big delay, carrying out an operation called SVO.
        1. +1
          November 15, 2022
          If only ...
          Burnt out by the sun, Nikitka did not have to scribble, but about the fate of the world and socialism.
          The forest owner does not understand the lumberjacks
      2. +5
        November 15, 2022
        Now the question "how did it happen" is much more relevant to get an answer from the leadership: What are the goals of the NWO? What is the motivation for the mobilized? What are they protecting and who are they protecting from whom? Why did NWO start completely unprepared? Why are we giving up cities? Why hold a referendum and then abandon the local population?........ Who is responsible for this and for this?
        1. 0
          November 16, 2022
          Silver99. Whatever the gentlemen do, the poor people will be responsible for it. How everyone was twisted, deceived and made guilty.
    2. +5
      November 15, 2022
      At first, we did not pay attention to what was happening in Ukraine, now we are looking for an answer to the question: “How did it happen?”
      Well, the right of the nation to do what you want is sacred! fool Yes, and here the Liberal Democrats have been steering for 30 years and are still taxiing.
    3. +7
      November 15, 2022
      Power in Russia has been bought by the oligarchs from top to bottom, while capitalism has no nationality and only one ideology - profit at any cost! This is the reason for all the failures of Russia. The current Russian ideology has one basis - profit and robbery! What kind of patriotism can there be!
    4. 0
      November 15, 2022
      One system error more, one less. These bugs, starting from the last century, you can collect several wagons and a small cart.
    5. +5
      November 15, 2022
      It's funny to listen to a blinker, who himself is one of these
      Both in our country and in them at about the same time, persons who managed to make a huge fortune at the expense of the people received access to the fixed capital of states.

      And how did it happen? Let him ask himself and his homies.
      Repulsive personality. 100500 times changed shoes in a jump. The same NAG (invisible), only of a different polarity.
    6. +3
      November 15, 2022
      And this should be asked from Chernomyrdin, he was the ambassador there and did not ring the bells.
      1. +2
        November 16, 2022
        Quote: Ros 56
        he was an ambassador and did not ring the bells.

        He lined his pockets! And "sat on the valve" - ​​his words!
    7. +2
      November 15, 2022
      Therefore, there is a system error when ...

      When they allowed the leadership of the Russian Federation to spit on the past of the country and close the mausoleum of Lenin with plywood, kissing the hands of Russophobes.
    8. +3
      November 15, 2022
      I constantly, from all the zaputints, hear the phrase: "We will win anyway." They constantly compare it with 1941, because of ignorance they don’t understand that they are comparing "well .. with a finger." And today on the first channel, the deputy of the State Duma Tolstoy, said the same thing. That we will win anyway, if not in three months, then in three years. How! That is, the authorities are not going to end this war in the near future! And by 2024 they will achieve some success and Putin is again the president, and even the hero-liberator, "collector of Russian lands" !!
      "How did it happen?"
      I looked here, and it turns out that among the generals and heroes of the Chechen war, no one is alive. There are no heroes of Donbass alive. Both in Ukraine and in our country, the process of "cleansing" is in action. Everyone who becomes more popular than the authorities and the people is dearer, in a "strange" way, who dies, someone is imprisoned. Grudinin, Furgal, Platoshkin. The only critic of the Kremlin who is still alive is Strelkov-Girkin. My puzzle doesn't fit? But if you listen carefully to Strelkov, then he, like Putin, considers the Bolsheviks to be to blame for everything. Nikolashka is a saint for him. That is, ideologically, he is a White Guard. White bone - blue blood! But he is an ideological White Guard. For him, Russia is more important than money. It is not for sale! And this is a big crime for Putin's government! My puzzle came together. What's next? The war will not end in the next three years. At a critical moment, Strelkov will "shoot". And then, everything will depend on Strelkov, which side he will take. Brusilov at one time did not want, for the sake of Russia, to go against the tsar. But he supported the Bolsheviks, because there were Bolsheviks. And now, even close to the Bolsheviks "does not smell", everyone is immediately cleaned up.
      1. -1
        November 15, 2022
        Quote: steel maker
        Brusilov at one time did not want, for the sake of Russia, to go against the tsar.

        Your idea is not entirely clear.
        And this one, even more so:
        Quote: steel maker
        But he supported the Bolsheviks, because there were Bolsheviks.

        By the way, Brusilov was neither red, nor white, nor a monarchist, in the last years of his life he prayed a lot, what was in his soul, he alone knows.
        1. 0
          November 16, 2022
          "I don't quite understand your idea."
          Type in YouTube "Brusilovsky breakthrough". And notice why this breakthrough stopped and what role the king played in this as the Supreme Commander.
          , "Brusilov was neither red, nor white, nor a monarchist"
          There is a biography of Brusilov on YouTube. Do not upset me with the level of your education.
          1. 0
            November 16, 2022
            Quote: steel maker
            On youtube there is a biography of Brusilov. Do not upset me with the level of your education

            No comment.
      2. 0
        November 16, 2022
        When you lie, then know the measure. Shamanov, who is this?
        1. 0
          November 16, 2022
          "When You Lie"
          Without rudeness already in any way? Well, if I'm wrong, tell me who Shamanov is? Praise him if he's so good. Or is education only enough for rudeness?
          1. -1
            November 17, 2022
            Is Wiki not smart enough to turn on? And if you don’t know who Shamanov is, then don’t write about Chechnya. fool
    9. +2
      November 15, 2022
      If the country's leadership treats its own people with mockery, rudeness, neglect, and sometimes with outright hatred, then what can be expected from other countries and peoples?
    10. +2
      November 15, 2022
      I don’t know what was howling among his Mikhalkov - I didn’t look. I only know that his ideology is Volodin's: "If there is Putin, there is Russia; if there is no Putin, there is no Russia."
      And after all many support! But in vain. The wolf pack led by Putin, to which Mikhalkov belongs, for thirty years tore the country alive for meat, which they also got, and now we will silently contemplate how the remains of this carcass will be taken away by other jackals, along with bones.
      And it's all about him, about Putin!
      It was he who betrayed everything that can be betrayed, as a former ordinary citizen of a great country that had the status of the second economy in the world, called the USSR, who swore allegiance to this country as a soldier, and now became a gravedigger even of Russia, as the successor of the USSR.
      And he also betrayed Ukraine, including.
      Therefore, there is a systemic error, when at first they did not pay attention to Ukraine, to what was happening there, including Nazism raising its head, and now we are suddenly perplexed: “How did this happen?”

      What is a system error?
      Thirty years of doing nothing, silent contemplation of the banderization of Ukraine to the accompaniment of nightingale trills and the unrestrained theft of Russian officials of all ranks and stripes, the construction of dachas, palaces, personal ski resorts and the global embezzlement of public funds with the export of 90% of state revenues to offshores - this is the Putin regime in in all its glory! And this is not a system error!
      Life only for yourself!
      This is the life credo of Putin and his friends, such as Chubais and Rotenberg.
      One of the cornerstones of the Ukrainian conflict is connected with the question of how it was possible to divide the united Russian people, and even into such parts, one of which feels real hatred towards the other.

      And you, gentlemen, didn't you know that they always wanted to divide us?
      And this was possible only because in the West the lessons of history are learned much better than in Russia, and unlike Putin, they always understood that not only galoshes were made in the USSR. (T-f-f-f-u-u-u-u!!!)
      The apotheosis of this Putin darkness was this war, where some Russians cut the throats of other Russians. And various Mikhalkovs and Kiselyovs are trying with all their might to create a flimsy moral foundation under the collapsing building of Russian statehood, which should support everything that the greedy and two-faced president with his vital "bonds" has done in the twenty-two years of his reign.
      There can be no catastrophe in the legal change of power and the president! Russia has always been and will remain a self-sufficient state, in order to protect itself and resolve all issues of its own destiny even without the Putins and Volodins. Including the issue with Ukraine. And at the same time, the fate of those individuals who created it all, and one way or another, is involved in the creation of the impending collapse.
      And this very collapse will come very soon if our government, headed by the current president, continues to muddy the waters in the Russian expanses...
    11. 0
      November 16, 2022
      We used to be one people.
      And it was a very long time ago.
      As a result of natural selection, Russian people were selected and concentrated on the lands of Ukraine, who did not want to live "under the yoke" of the Russian state ...
      They lived between Russia, Turkey and the Commonwealth ... And they maneuvered - either for someone, or against someone. And they did not show integrity in friendship and hatred ... They were looking for benefits in alliances in order to rob one of the neighbors with impunity.
      As a result, a certain association was formed, for which no special name was invented.
      And their historical tradition - not to love the state, played a cruel joke with them. They were not able to equip their state either. For the desire to live at the expense of someone does not move them to labor exploits for a modest salary and in the name of a common cause ...

      But this is about a collective idea.
      Individually selected Ukrainians, if they are not concentrated, in many respects remained Russian people. It is for this reason that within the framework of a single state, led by passionate statesmen, they worked well, fought bravely ...
      But slammed in their bank after 1991, they ruined, pilfered, sold ... what they got from the Soviet Union.

      We seemed to have the same initial conditions in 1991, but the presence of the state idea in most of us has preserved Russia and, God forbid, will put us on a solid road to the future.

      And for the citizens of the former Ukraine, there are two possible options.
      The first is to remember. that they are Russian people - as I understand it, our President hopes for this - and then we will forgive them everything ...
      The second is to remain "anti-Russian" and earn on it to the last Ukrainian. There is no other "anti-" option anymore. In modern conditions, they have no opportunity to plunder Turkey, Poland or Hungary. In this case, the key term is "the last Ukrainian".
    12. 0
      November 16, 2022
      - Can an operetta copy of someone else's economy successfully fight the original?
      - Can a copy of a foreign world become an empire?
      - Can a dove fight a hawk or an eagle?
      Is it possible to answer slaps with a smile?
      - Can a verbal husk replace a fist?
      - Is it possible, standing knee-deep in someone else's lies and dirt, to mumble some of your own truth and who will be interested in it?
      - is it possible to fight alone against the troops without an effective team of allies?
      - can empty threats against the enemy scare him to justice?
      - Can banks and billionaires command the country?
      Such dreams are dreamed periodically by a sick person.
      Let there be joy always and everywhere no matter what!
    13. -2
      November 18, 2022
      And this is how it always works out for us.

      For example, in the early 60s, Khrushchev openly declared at a congress that the party had abandoned the dictatorship of the proletariat. And the crowd of descendants of serfs looked and nodded their heads. Although this is nonsense, the rejection of the main thing. But there was no discussion.

      Yeltsin and two other freaks in 1991 at night in the forest, in Belovezhsky Pushcha, signed a paper that there was no more country. And the crowd again looked and agreed ..... How did it happen? Yes, be quiet...

      And it's not just in politics. Let's look at the literature. A. S. Pushkin, a genius and "our everything" ....

      In his main novel, he writes that one of the main characters, the poet Lensky, is going to marry not a girl, but a child! After all, the main character, as follows from the text, is 13 years old, and Lensky marries his younger sister ... And this perversion is our classic? Fundamentals of culture? ..... And again the congregation looks and "is silent." Like this!
    14. -1
      November 18, 2022
      Why argue how it happened, everything is simple, the dumber and poorer the population, the same population you can do whatever you want
      Ukraine example:
      on the one hand, it seems like smart people from the times of the USSR with songs and a smile on their faces handed out stones in order to throw them at Omon, but why? Yes, smart, but beggars in fact, they were given 100 euros roughly speaking, and they don’t care what to do, the most important thing is 100 euros, and then at least the grass does not grow
      The youth who made Molotov cocktails are stupid and poor, everything is clear here, this generation will sell their mother for an iPhone
      The Americans understand this very well, they have elevated to the absolute the beloved Khokhlyat idea that everyone owes them, and a lot and for free, and there are Russians who don’t give it to them, and urine rushed through the pipes
      Well, then he cut the dough, war, and so on.
    15. +1
      January 10 2023
      it’s just that the Russian leadership was enthusiastically engaged in plundering their own state and swinging the dough .. they just woke up now ...

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