Global Times: US aims to prolong conflict between Russia and Ukraine as much as possible

Global Times: US aims to prolong conflict between Russia and Ukraine as much as possible

The US authorities are by no means interested in an early end to the armed conflict in Ukraine. This is written by the Chinese edition of Global Times.

According to the authors of the publication, the administration of US President Joe Biden aims to weaken both Russia and Europe. The Ukrainian conflict is best suited to achieve this goal. An endless armed confrontation between Russia and Ukraine would be an ideal scenario for the development of events for the United States.

Also, the authors of the publication believe that the US Republican Party, which announces a possible reduction in the scale of military and financial assistance to Ukraine, is doing this intentionally. The tasks of the American leadership include eliminating the likelihood of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations and, at the same time, forcing Europe to take on the bulk of the financial burden of supporting the Kyiv regime.

For the sake of weakening Russia and Europe, the United States is ready to sacrifice Ukraine and the countless Ukrainians who die during the conflict. The authors of the Global Times write that it is high time for the world community to get rid of illusions about the goals and actions of the United States. The US policy is clearly not leading to peace in Ukraine.

The publication also drew attention to the fact that the Washington Post reported on Washington's calls for the Ukrainian leadership to show readiness for negotiations with Russia. It also became known that National Security Adviser to the President of the United States Jake Sullivan is holding confidential talks with representatives of the Russian leadership on the situation in Ukraine. True, the Russian side does not confirm the fact of these contacts.

And it’s not very clear what can be negotiated with Ukraine if it puts forward conditions that are obviously unrealistic for Russia and does not want to hear Moscow’s position at all. Or, against the backdrop of recent events, negotiability (at least on the part of Russia in relation to the Kyiv regime) began to be seen ...
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  1. +5
    November 9, 2022
    Soon Medinsky will again be taken out of the dusty bag and put at the negotiating table? He is a responsible parliamentarian, he will do everything to the highest standard and put his squiggle where they show, where there is already a tick ...
    1. +11
      November 9, 2022
      Solemnly confer the title of Count Polukhersonsky on the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Medinsky.
      And still poke a finger at him - He's all ..... l!
      Not Putin, not Shoigu, not Kadyrov and Prigozhin, not the Federation Council, not the Security Council, not no no.
      Medinsky - he is to blame for everything.
      1. +1
        November 9, 2022
        Joe Biden's US aims to weaken both Russia and Europe

        So far, in my opinion, Russia is only getting stronger.
        In real serious battles, the army runs in. And not against the Mujahideen, but against the army, which is supplied by our real and main enemy. That is, the situation in miniature copies the future Last War - if we manage to shoot down most of the nuclear missiles, then we will fight that way.
        In addition, they finally began to invest money not abroad, but in Russia (they will immediately be confiscated abroad).
        They are increasing their production.
        And a weakening Europe - and to hell with it, it was nefig to accept Poland into its ranks. And once accepted - everything. Falling apart is now inevitable.
        And very clearly the world was divided into our friends, neutrals and enemies. Which is also a plus for us. There are very few countries left such that "there is a friend, there is not a friend", and there is only one of the strong ones.
        1. 0
          November 10, 2022
          ... abroad they will be immediately confiscated

          And where did you get this?
          Do you think the record export of capital this year is a sign of clinical idiocy?
      2. -1
        November 10, 2022
        Yes, it seems to me that you are talking about him in vain.
        The composition of the negotiating delegation from the Russian side was initially selected as frivolous.
        The Russian leadership has already stated that it sees the Ukrainian people as one with the Russians. And this means that this people can have only one leadership. And this leadership is clearly not in Kyiv, but in Moscow.
        Therefore, the current Kyiv authorities simply do not exist for Moscow.
        It is impossible to negotiate with emptiness.
        The whole policy of Russia in Ukraine is a policy of resubordination to Moscow.
        And "negotiations with the Kyiv regime" is like negotiations between a mother and a one-year-old child.
        Of course, you can ask him for a spoon for mom, a spoon for dad. But in the end, he will still eat his porridge. Well, or die of hunger ..
  2. +9
    November 9, 2022
    Well, the fact remains that after such undercover contacts with mattresses, the Russian army leaves the territory of the Russian Federation (Kherson region) and builds a “convenient” defense along the low left bank of the Dnieper (
    1. +8
      November 9, 2022
      Quote: Anchorite
      after such undercover contacts with mattresses, the Russian army leaves the territory of the Russian Federation (Kherson region) and builds a “convenient” defense along the low left bank of the Dnieper

      If only the United States would do everything to prolong this conflict as much as possible. But the Kremlin is making no less effort on this - 7 (SEVEN!) Months in all irons they were bawling "There will be NO MOBILIZATION!" and even volunteers in the military registration and enlistment offices were played through the lip. "We're all going according to plan." And those volunteer formations that nevertheless prepared and sent - under the auspices of the Russian Guard. Everything that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have achieved in this wonderful operation is solely due to the merits of the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation.
      But the fact that the decision was made to leave the right-bank bridgehead is the right decision. Even though it's difficult. The alternative was to increase the size of the group in the summer to conduct a decisive offensive with the capture of Nikolaev and, if possible, Krivoy Rog. But for this it was necessary to mobilize in the spring, when it became clear that the cavalry raid did not achieve its goals, and the available forces were catastrophically insufficient. It was enough to mobilize volunteers through the military registration and enlistment offices, where people went from the first weeks of the war \ NVO ... and they were sent.
      And it wasn't stupidity.
      1. +2
        November 9, 2022
        There, as it were, is the fault of both Putin and the military. The first one put restrictions on the military from the very beginning of the NMD - to be limited only to the group of contract soldiers that was brought to Ukraine from the very beginning, since the military swore and swore that such a group was enough and the president himself did not expect that the West would be so brazenly and so powerfully involved in a proxy war against Russia. But there was a gradual escalation, a gradual pressure, a gradual probing of your abilities and your reaction, and now the West is openly doing what Russia was afraid to do in Syria and Afghanistan, thinking that this would lead to direct conflict and nuclear war - but no, now thousands of soldiers of the RF Armed Forces were killed and the West continues to openly say that it will continue to contribute to this, and even more strenuously and no - this did not lead to a direct conflict and a nuclear war, it turns out that it was possible ... It turns out that the American bases in Syria are the hands of the Syrian military from Russian artillery cannot be destroyed, but according to American intelligence data, it is possible to destroy the Russian military from HIMARS and M777 in Ukraine. Plus, Putin set the task of protecting the civilian population as much as possible, which the enemy constantly used, and apparently there was a restriction not to hit civilian infrastructure until October, which the Ukrainians also used. That is, from the very beginning, the military of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation faced a lot of restrictions, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as befits terrorists, do not shun any methods, methods and means to destroy the enemy. And secondly, the military of the RF Armed Forces, not daring to report bad news to the Supreme Commander and not daring to say for a long time that they screwed up in their calculations to achieve all the goals of the 150-strong group, they simply hid part of the truth ... Plus, in the pursuit of surcharges, bonuses and shoulder straps, and ordinary soldiers and officers exaggerated the amount of enemy manpower and equipment being destroyed, which also misled for a long time that things were going well at the front ... It is important that not only abroad they tell the truth about Russia, without "narratives" imposed from above on ordinary US citizens and Europe by their ambitious hypocritical Western politicians, but also that inside Russia itself the central government would receive real truthful information from the localities, and not Potemkin villages.
        1. +3
          November 10, 2022
          Quote: Dron_sk
          not daring to report bad news to the Supreme

          And what is this "sugar girl" that we are. take on their direct duties? Which during the war amuses itself with tank biathlons and military games 8000 km away. from battlefields? Who, apart from the opening of the Devil's Wheel, does not need anything in life? And who is so weak ... "wise and insightful" that he does not know that it is impossible to wage war with a tiny group on FIVE fronts of the largest state in Europe (Russia is a Eurasian state) ... impossible?
          Do you really believe that there are so inadequate characters that they are not able to solve the problem of the third class?
          They told you in plain text: "EVERYTHING IS GOING TO PLAN".
          Believe them, for it is the Truth.
          It's just such a plan.
  3. +2
    November 9, 2022
    The US authorities are by no means interested in an early end to the armed conflict in Ukraine.

    And with them the same tune is blowing, and you yourself know who, who in fact does everything for the same.
    1. +4
      November 9, 2022
      I think that there will be no delay. The army will leave for the administrative border of the RSFSR in 1991
      1. +2
        November 10, 2022
        Quote: dmi.pris
        I think that there will be no delay. The army will leave for the administrative border of the RSFSR in 1991

        Oops! And no one has posted here yet. Pessimistic, but quite realistic forecast.
  4. +3
    November 9, 2022
    Come on? How does everyone's eyes open so abruptly. And then it was not clear even in the 14th? Or the fact that the trap slammed shut, judging by the actions of the Kremlin from the same year?
  5. +5
    November 9, 2022
    It doesn't work without a mat. Contraceptives for sale. Let them get it. Stinky hucksters
  6. AAK
    November 9, 2022
    Unfortunately, mattresses and geyropas and even filthy dill reach their veins
  7. -4
    November 9, 2022
    Maybe we should offer China to create the USSR 2.0. The collective West is now building NATO as a counterbalance to Russia, our chances of survival are zero. But if you create a new country, firstly it will bring security, and secondly, it will blaze in the west when instead of the Russian army on their borders, they will receive an army from China.
    1. +4
      November 10, 2022
      Maybe we should offer China to create the USSR 2.0.

      China doesn't even need that. It works in close cooperation with the West.
    2. +4
      November 10, 2022
      China sees that Russia is ruled by the thieving oligarch Abramovich, who works for the Americans. In China, they are shot or imprisoned for 15 years. With us, China will not create anything.
  8. +6
    November 9, 2022
    Ay patriots minusers where are you? In fact, the drug addict made a great multi-move! And now what? And now those who left the mobilization, in fact, turned out to be right. How sad to say this.
    1. +1
      November 9, 2022
      Well, why are they right right away .. they could have died somewhere near Kherson .. Maybe even Sladkov would have written about them in a cart .. or a concert they held in Donetsk for the dead ..
    2. The comment was deleted.
  9. +7
    November 9, 2022
    I see not only the US authorities, but also our authorities and the military are not at all interested in the early termination of the NWO
  10. t-4
    November 9, 2022
    We've been marking time since March.
    In this situation, the Russian people understand nothing more than anyone else in the world:
    "What was it?"
    1. +7
      November 9, 2022
      This is the most strange war, after a year of chewing snot it is not clear how it will all end. Thank God, NATO aviation has not yet climbed in. Either ours cannot, or they don’t know how, or they are deliberately delaying the operation.
  11. -5
    November 9, 2022
    Global Times: The water is wet!
    Global Times: fire is hot!
    Global Times: sleep better at night!
  12. -3
    November 9, 2022
    Kirill Stremousov, who today absolutely by chance literally drove off in an accident, well, the stars just coincided so much that it’s time to hand over Kherson, and extra witnesses are not needed, a very remarkable biography, appreciate:

    • Born in the Donetsk region. Graduated from the University in Ternopil. Worked in Kyiv. In 2009 he moved to Kherson.
    • Was a laborer in Chicago, hitchhiking in North, Central, South America.
    • Was the owner of a fish breeding company. Later he headed the fish inspection.
    • After returning to Ukraine, he taught seminars on alternative medicine.
    • Founded the organization "For the President" in support of Yanukovych
    • Organized the Ukrainian Center for Ecological Self-Defense
    • Supported anti-vaxxers during covid
    • In the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 2019, he received 1,74% of the vote, in the elections of the mayor of Kherson in 2020 - 1,37%.

    As the saying goes: he lived sinfully and died funny. It’s only with such rogues that the Kremlin finds a common language, and as we can see, it’s only temporary
    1. 0
      November 10, 2022
      Oh, so he also worked in Chicago? And an hour not mishandled (recruited) Cossack?
  13. -3
    November 9, 2022
    An endless armed confrontation between Russia and Ukraine would be an ideal scenario for the development of events for the United States.

    We are outplaying the United States, there will not be a long conflict, another six months and to the borders of February, or even 2014, then everything will calm down and the mattress covers will break off with an "endless" conflict ...
  14. 0
    November 9, 2022
    The obvious thing is the driver of the US military-industrial complex, because the military-industrial complex of Europe has been destroyed, and instead of decommissioned to Ukraine, weapons must be bought
  15. +1
    November 9, 2022
    Nudk is very good and it turns out that the USA and Europe blurt out about the negotiations. The Russian Federation runs screaming, we agree, and there, but no, we didn’t say the Russian Federation was so sad) there again respected people from Europe and the United States will give false hope, like these give signals and the Russian Federation again bzhit and here the hop was deceived and we are waiting again! such sarcasm!
  16. +2
    November 9, 2022
    I agree with the Chinese - a balanced sober view of things. The states need a long conflict of attrition. Only another question arises: what kind of negotiations does Mr. Pu hope for then? Or Kherson handed over for the seed, what's next?
    Although it may be different alignment - hand over, do not give up, the war will not end? For 8 years Donbass has been languishing like this, and now they will set up the whole of Russia like this? It goes to that.
    And zeroed in joy - what kind of change of power during the war? Horses at the crossing ... you know.
  17. VLR
    November 9, 2022
    I think that the NWO was provoked by the West. Do you remember how many heads of foreign states and officials flew to Moscow on the eve of its start? Putin was given promises and guarantees of non-interference: they say, we will adopt a couple of resolutions and that's it. And deceived - as always. At the news of the beginning of the SVO, champagne was opened in Washington and London - because they managed the unthinkable: to force Russians with Ukrainian passports to kill Russians with Russian passports (there are almost no Galicians in the Armed Forces of Ukraine - everyone in Europe and Canada hangs out). Moreover, it was possible to dispose of obsolete weapons and ammunition with an expiring shelf life free of charge - and place orders for the production of modern weapons. And hit in the stomach of the same Germany - so that it becomes impoverished and knows its place. Well, Sweden and Finland in NATO are just "cherry on the cake." And then Putin "wanted security guarantees" - but you still have a thousand kilometers of border with a hostile state!
  18. 0
    November 9, 2022
    What about Stremousov?
    How about Masherov?
    Is the truck to blame?
    Or is Kirill still alive and well, but there is gossip in the news?
    1. +1
      November 9, 2022
      in the coming public they disperse that insinuation ... the corpse has not yet been shown ... only the driver of the Kamaz and the armored capsule of the jeep ... the driver is alive ...
  19. +3
    November 9, 2022
    We, with our gestures of goodwill, are also clearly not accelerating it, and all the talk that the liberated troops will attack more efficiently is nonsense, the general alignment of forces does not change, the enemy will free up a multiple of troops, we still do not have enough forces for a general battle, numerically, there is not even parity, there is no technological superiority either, and only those who strongly believe in the plan can talk about morale. Coordinated non-standard measures are needed, or at least destroy 20 bridges across the river, otherwise there will be no gap
  20. +3
    November 9, 2022
    Yes, everything is simple ... The Kremlin was terribly stupid, getting into the NMD, hoping for a lightning-fast blitz krieg, but it went nuts from the resistance of the Ukrainians and the impudent help of the whole West to them, from our army clearly not ready for serious battles on a huge front and is now looking for panic, how to agree on peace and finish the NWO with minimal losses, in the hope of preserving at least something of what they managed to pick up.
    1. +3
      November 9, 2022
      Even after 8 months, they did not realize that they can only rely on their own people. So they are still looking for support from "Western partners" and so on ...
    2. 0
      November 9, 2022
      Not always, the simplest is what really is.
  21. -2
    November 9, 2022
    The US is doing the right thing.
    To bleed more countries into local armed conflicts. Help the weak. As the weakening become stronger, start helping other weakening ones.
    Help to arrange without banal loans and interest. Just under "agree". Part of the invested funds, and supplies and finances, to write off with loud messages.
    Part of both supplies and financial injections should be made as closed from the media as possible.
    Why doesn't Russia do this? Don't know.
    Everything has been thought of before us. Take and use.
    There is no need to say that everyone knows this, therefore it does not work ...
  22. +1
    November 10, 2022
    We will play ahead of the curve and destroy the insidious plans of the enemy by surrendering Moscow and quickly end the war.
  23. +1
    November 10, 2022
    Today, the Russian army undertook a "brilliant" maneuver of the troops, which will drag out the war even beyond the American Wishlist for dragging out.
    Well, or they will try to conclude a shameful peace, which will turn into an even longer prolongation of the war.

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