Genesis: giving up on yourself ...

Genesis: giving up on yourself ...After all the English tricks already described - one more news: Christian was demoted for criticizing sodomy. British Christian Adrian Smith, a member of the evangelical church, saw the BBC news under the heading “Gay church“ marriages ”get go-ahead", wrote on his Facebook page: "Equality has gone too far." He mentioned that the British government plans to lift the ban on the marriage of homosexual couples in churches. Smith wrote: “I don’t understand why people who don’t have faith and do not believe in Christ want to be blessed in the church. The Bible has its own specifics and assumes that marriage takes place only between a man and a woman. If the state wants to offer registration of civil marriages for the same sex, it can do it in its institutions, but the state should not impose its rules in places of faith and conscience. ”After the disciplinary meeting of manager Smith deprived of the leadership position, transferred to a lower position, and his salary was radically reduced. The dismissal was avoided only through Smith’s long and successful service in the company. This is, of course, their British affairs, but they are directly related to us: the ANGLOSAKSON MODEL OF THE POLITICAL DEVICE PRESENTS TO GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD ... And, of course, you need to understand that choosing “life as in the West”, we choose the future for ourselves, not West ...

Anglo-Saxon political culture gave rise to the extremely nasty climate of England and the centuries-old slavery of the indigenous population under the yoke of foreign, foreign language and alien conquerors. If Russia got rid of the Mongolian yoke with an armed hand and formed its political culture on the ruins of a horde of enslavers, then the British did not know the cleansing fire of the Kulikovo field. Dozens of English generations grew up in ethnic slavery among the Normans: there was no retribution to the Normans, and no one waited for their repentance. Hence the ethno-nihilistic concept scattered by the Anglo-Saxon political culture throughout the world, the contempt for the ethnic.

The main feature of England is that the British fled from it - fled desperately, throughout almost all of its stories. They ran anywhere, just not to stay at home. It is strange, to say the least, to entrust such a state and such a nation with such a political culture to the future of all humanity. A damaged person with complexes and a thirst for revenge should not be elected as arbiter at all. We are talking today about the transition of Anglo-Saxon political thinking to a global one, with which everyone is obliged to compare political hours ...

The fact is that England is a two-layered state, similar to a building, the walls of which lay on the foundation of the former building. The power of the Normans in England relied exclusively on brute and foreign military force. By the 1080 years, the indigenous Anglo-Saxon nobility was completely destroyed as a social stratum and replaced by foreign knighthood. At the same time, the people, as an ethnic slave, remained. His language was ousted from the sphere of government, and the language of administration and communication of the dominant social strata became the Norman dialect of French. About three hundred years, the Anglo-Norman dialect dominated the country and had a great influence on the formation of modern English. The Anglican Church - in fact, Catholicism, reassigned from the Pope to the ROYAL AS PAPE - is an example of the most shameless mockery of religion, political prostitution of religion and abuse of the soul of the people.

The national power structure of the Anglo-Saxons (the tena) disappeared and a fascist, in essence, new dominant layer of “gentlemen-immigrants” was formed with full power over the peasants of a different nationality. The English tradition of total mercenarism started from here: the English did not have their own country, therefore there was no place to take high patriotic feelings. Nobody perceived them as people at all. They were manipulated as animals — a whip and a piece of sugar. If they could not be forced to do something by force, they would be lured with a coin. This formed the basis of the English version of the coming capitalism, brutal, and at the same time unusually corrupt.

Largely because of this, English political culture is pathologically false. In other political cultures, the name and content of the processes usually coincide [1]. For example, the Tsar gave Russia a rather limited electoral law - but only because he was going to REALLY FOLLOW this law. The Tsar in the State Duma turned out to be workers, peasants, small petty bourgeoisie, and journalists who spoiled his blood.

Anglo-Saxons did not cost anything and should not proclaim boundless democracy, while introducing total tyranny. There is no problem for them to declare the most universal and democratic elections, because there are no problems to imitate the electoral procedure and to plant in the parliament some ministers of power, allegedly "publicly elected".

Falsity helps the Anglo-Saxon tradition to pretend to be a “beacon of the people’s rule”, because if you don’t intend to fulfill promises in advance, you are free to give out any, the most beautiful and bright promises. You can proclaim the most complete freedoms and introduce the most democratic laws, if it is not a question of their REAL implementation [2].

Indeed, for some reason, the people always loyal to the authorities sit in the English “free” parliament or the even more “free” American congress, and the British or American jury courts never justified their counterparts, Vera Zasulich.

In the "bloody despotism", as the Anglophiles say, in Russia corporal punishment finally disappeared, as a measure of criminal punishment, already in 1904. But in Norway corporal punishment was abolished only in 1936, in England - in 1948. In England, even during the period of the “enclosure”, self-harming punishments, which were applied in accordance with the “Bloody Legislation” to beggars and vagabonds, came to fashion (in Russia only to thieves and political criminals - appreciate the difference - cripple those who consciously embarked on the criminal path - or simply unfortunate who have lost their place in life). In English navy (the base of the English armed forces) was flogged until 1906 - and then they were afraid of the Russian revolution.

Spanking in English schools was canceled only in 1987 year - hard to believe, right? But even today many of the modern English parents doubt whether this was a sensible step. In the remaining private schools, corporal punishment was abolished even later - in 1999 in England and Wales, in 2000 in Scotland. In 2003, school rods were canceled in Northern Ireland.

6 Jun 2012 Independent reported that the English parents supported corporal punishment in schools. 49% British parents would like to go back to a time when corporal punishment was allowed in schools!

From the falsity of the Anglo-Saxon law follows its extreme formalism. Only the Anglo-Saxons can be situations of legitimate amoralism and the illegal moral act. If you make laws not to live by them, but only to IMITATE some state for the RESULTS in the fight against geopolitical opponents, if you are mired in “Belgorod kissels” and “Potemkin villages” - then Of course, the law is RESPONSIBLE from living life, in itself, like some kind of robot unaware of the meaning of its program.

English society and the style of thinking are extremely cynical, since they were formed by the complete enslavement of the indigenous people by alien conqueror aristocrats [3]. All the behavior of an Englishman is based on violence or bribery. The English way of life does not recognize other motivations. And imposes to the whole world such a flawed understanding of the motives of activity! Moreover, for some time this has been combined with unbridled lies about the standard of living in the Anglo-Saxon political tradition.

This began to overstate the standard of living of the Anglo-Saxons and the understatement of the level of all others by no means yesterday. They lied because it was beneficial for the masters of the position to lie, and the slaves had no right to vote. In "The Position of the Working Class in England" and in "Capital" Marx and Engels draw the life of the working Englishman. “When people are put in a position worthy of only an animal, they have nothing left to do but either rebel against it or actually become animals” (F. Engels, “The situation of the working class in England”, p. 147). “The immorality of young people at Sheffield,” writes Engels, “seems more than anywhere else; but it is difficult to say which city deserved the palm in this regard; what city to read in the report, it seems that it was he who deserved this palm. ” “According to the testimony of all witnesses, early promiscuous sexual intercourse and prostitution, which teenagers often engage in as early as 14 — 15 years, is extremely frequent in Sheffield” (F. Engels, ibid., P. 223 — 229).

The British reproached us with the poverty of the lower classes, and the far before us began the exploitation of female and child labor. “Service at the factory,” Engels writes, “like any other, if not more, is connected with the right of the first night of the owner, which, incidentally, is self-evident. And in this regard, the manufacturer has authority over the body of its workers. Dismissal is a sufficient threat that in 9 cases from 10, if not in 99 from 100, to defeat all the resistance of a girl who already does not value her chastity too much. If the manufacturer is sufficient for this low (and the report of the commission tells about many such manufacturers), then his factory is at the same time his harem ... (“The situation of the working class in England”).

In Russian, how many do not curse serfdom, this was not only in those times, but a hundred years later. A little over a year after the German attack on the USSR, which made it possible for the Germans to see Soviet soldiers and Soviet slaves who had been driven to Germany, a paper appeared in Berlin [4]: “Ostarbeaters, especially women, show healthy restraint in sexual terms. For example, at the Lauta-Verk plant (Sentenberg, 9 newborns appeared and 50 is expected. All but two are children of married couples. And although 6 to 8 families sleep in the same room, there is no total licentiousness. A similar provision is reported from Kiel: “In general, a Russian woman in sexual terms does not at all correspond to the ideas of German propaganda. Sexual debauchery is completely unknown to her. In various districts, the population says that during the general medical examination of the eastern female workers, all the girls had established virginity that remained. ”

This data is confirmed by a report from Breslau: “The Wolfen film factory informs that during the medical examination at the enterprise it was established that 90% of Eastern workers aged from 17 to 29 were chaste. According to various German representatives, the impression is that the Russian man pays due attention to the Russian woman, which ultimately is also reflected in the moral aspects of life. ”

But by the year 1942, the Russians had already experienced wild capitalism, an unbridled revolution with its theories of the “glass of water”, and terrible upheavals of hungry years. However, not only below the British, but even on their level 1849, did not fall! However, it is considered from the English clue that in 1849, the standard of living of a Russian was several times (!!!) lower than the standard of living of an Englishman.

What is England? She took away from her lower classes not only freedom, as Russian serfdom, but in general all human. Marx and Engels showed in detail how the joint work of Englishmen of different ages of both sexes in a factory, night work, etc., have a fatal effect on their morality: “The joint presence of people of both sexes and of all ages in one workshop, the inevitable rapprochement between them, the accumulation people who have not received any intellectual and moral education in one close space — all this cannot have favorable consequences for the development of a female character ”(F. Engels,“ The situation of the working class in England ”, pp. 163 — XNUM X).

In one of the notes from Capital, Marx quotes the following from the report of the International Statistical Congress in Paris: “In addition to the“ destructive effect of night labor on the human body, "there is also the" fatal influence of the night sharing of both sexes in the same poorly lit workshops "" ( Capital, Vol. I, 8-ed., P. 221, Note). Also, the housing conditions of large cities, crowding, overcrowding of dwellings negatively affect the character of the proletariat. Marx quotes the following words of Dr. Simon: “... it (the overflow of dwellings) almost inevitably causes such a denial of any decency, such a dirty mixture of bodies and physical items, such nakedness of the sexes that all this is bestial and not human in nature” ( “Capital”, V. I, 8 ed., P. 526).

"Many, without undressing, sleep without a bed on the bare floor — young men and women, married and single, indiscriminately, crowded together" (Capital, Vol. I, 8 ed., P. 529). “Pointing out how often it happens that adults of both sexes, married and unmarried, are huddled in cramped bedrooms, their reports should have led to the conviction that, under the circumstances described, the sense of shame and decency is broken most grossly, and that morality is almost inevitably destroyed ”(Capital, Vol. I, 8-ed, p. 549).

In his first volume of Capital, the following words of Dr. Hunter are given: “We must be a courageous prophet to predict everything that can be expected from children, to-rye under conditions that have no equal in this country (England), now they are being trained by education to become members of dangerous classes — educated, spending until midnight with people of different ages, drunk, indecent and ill-tempered. ”

The British and Americans have always overestimated and overestimated their standard of living sometimes several times in order to throw dust in their eyes and successfully conquer other peoples. Americans, for example, to improve the performance of national consumption overestimate the level of monetization of relations, and in the "square meters of living space" make any shed or carport without any indication of the thickness of the walls. In the end, get 90 square. m. and boast to the whole world.

It is not true that the Anglo-Saxons have ideologies, that their social thought is downright pragmatic, and that, apart from money, it is not interested in anything. The slavery and slush of Albion created a very sophisticated political philosophy. The behavior of the British and Americans on the world stage looks like a reactionary spiritual burping of a notorious outcast dug in deep underground who did not cope with the stress experienced after becoming acquainted with the world.

Today, British fanaticism has ceased to hide itself, the Doctrine splashed out at once from all political sound-amplifying devices, spoke by thousands of votes in Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.

We finally heard the truth. Whether she likes it or doesn’t like it is another question. But it consists in the fact that the Anglo-Saxon political tradition firmly stands on anti-democratic, anti-human positions. She prostitutes any electoral procedure, cynically falsifying any vote for the needs of the top. We know that she admires social Darwinism, that she likes the idea of ​​an era of English “enclosures” (so that “sheep eat people”) and that she does not experience false shame when applying repressive measures against her ideological and political opponents around the world regardless of their own (falsely declarative) or with someone else's legality.

The knowledge of this truth is useful both for those who cultivate spiritual conformism within the country, and for those who cultivate a pragmatic approach to the West in the spirit of realpolitik. The Anglo-Saxon view is that of a cripple at healthy frolicking people from a gloomy and gloomy basement, where a cripple fiercely invents tools and poisons, with one goal in mind: to avenge the lucky ones for their crippled life. Often, such a cripple, reinforced by long technical searches in a certain narrow direction, turns out to be stronger than careless merry-goers leading light-hearted round dances.

The Norman Conquest, having predetermined the whole fate of England, formed among the Englishmen a stable complex of a nation that for centuries was inscribed in the unprecedented and uncomfortable for her state order as an ethnos of the “second class”. English with its many hissing sounds is the language of the tsyng, the language of toothless people: climatic conditions and extreme poverty led to the fact that most people went without teeth for many centuries, they fell out of poor nutrition and beriberi. From here and all these English "-shins" and "-tfhs-". Experienced English teachers are advised to work out the pronunciation, imagining that you have a mouth full of porridge. But this pronunciation was formed not from porridge, but on the contrary, from its absence in the mouth for dozens of generations.

The British had two basic qualities in front of the Norman tyrants: the sly laziness of a slave, who immediately ceased to act without a stick overseer [5], and a craving for escape. The English kingdom fled from its king. The British fled anywhere - at least to the scalping Indians, at least to the Australian cannibals - just to get away from the island, where they used to see consumables in the common people.

The worldwide English diaspora from New Zealand to Canada is vivid evidence of the savage torment to which the fugitives were subjected at home. Mockery of an Englishman in his homeland gave rise to that amazing, brutal cruelty with which the Englishman treated other nations in all parts of the world. The slave who escaped from the slave owner brought with him the manners and relationships learned from the former master. Becoming a master himself, he tried to copy the patterns of his cruel, inhuman society.

The inferiority complex of an edentulous slave, deeply seated in Anglo-Saxon, gives rise to its compensatory hyperactivity, arrogance, and the desire to prove its primacy everywhere. For centuries, working for “retaliation”, the nation of psychological cripples, extremely disadvantaged and flawed people, has developed techniques and methods of power struggle, elevated the notorious British to the heights of world power.

This is scary. We are in a state of unprecedented global cultural counterrevolution. Something more is subject to revision than Soviet socialism and even pink Social Democracy. The question was the Christian choice of civilization as such. It is about the revision of the cultural and political paradigm in which humanity came into space and to the atom.

To talk about the destructive nature of Bolshevism and fascism, the ruling elite of the world, composed by the Jews and the Anglo-Saxons, themselves prepare a revolution, at times more crushing than the Bolshevik coup. This revolution threatens to shake the world to its very foundation, turning it into a “great England” of the times of the Puritan Kromwiele “enclosures”.

This is not only the revenge of the “deprived” English nation, as in the era of the emergence of the British colonial empire, or the “deprived” class, as in the time of the English bourgeois revolution. This is the revenge of the “deprived” misanthropic culture of Calvinism, repressed to the side of history, compressed to the size of the “black hole” of savage cannibalism, but not extinct, not dissolved in non-existence, but hidden and now ready to draw all of humanity into it. The thoughts and feelings of Calvinists and Puritans are settled and ready for use.

Our government, voluntarily or involuntarily, is pushing Russia into this “black hole”. With one hand, she indulges in the aggression of outraged ignorance, like the actions of Pussy Riot, attacking any pockets of cultural and spiritual growth. With her other hand, she terrorizes all those who are trying to resist this aggression.

As in England, disenfranchised and terror-stricken people are partly intimidated, partly captivated. The Anglo-Saxon model is affected by human immunodeficiency syndrome.

Today we see the global political and economic crisis of the Anglo-Saxon and Judaic model of life in the world. Imposed on the world, this way of life, in essence, was sublimated in special devilish technologies. A place of people who were wounded and crippled by the over-pressure of nations to people mentally and morally full-fledged and therefore, alas, UNRESPORTIVE. The merry fellow, when he laughs, once conspire conspiracies, but the cripple, obsessed with misanthropy, thinking only of revenge, becomes a master of secret intrigues. Here, as elsewhere, everything is decided by the issue of TRAINING.

And for what revenge? Just for harmony, for the symphony of the authorities, for the usefulness and self-sufficiency. Both the British and the Jews are psychological cripples who avenge their centuries-old historical second-rate, seizing upon cunning plots of cripples to the levers of planetary power. “NOW YOU, HAPPY, YOU ARE HAPPY, YOU ARE MERRYY - LEARN ON YOUR OCCURING, WHAT WAS WE HAVE!” - this is the main motive of Anglo-Jewish culturetregerism, clearly smelling gray Satanism.

LIBERALISM — a system in which, through fierce competition and universal struggle, some people MUST devour others, of course, betrays the poverty of the philosophy of the Anglo-Saxon elite, which behind the facade of beautiful words hid and hides the poverty of scientific and philosophical thought and the perversity of moral feeling.

That is why the time when the policy in the world was shaped by a Christianized consciousness, striving for good ended. The time is over, expressed by the words of N.I. Vavilova - “grow two ears where one grew up before.” The time has come for T. Maltus (an Anglican priest!) Who demanded to take away two ears from the wimps where they used to take one. And behind the times of frantic Malthusianism (purely English murder!), The time of the subconscious is coming, if it is not at all unconscious.

The modern Anglo-Sasconian subconsciousness is shaped by the patrimonial shock of English statehood, the British provincial fear of the Norman sword he has discovered, and therefore a seemingly hostile world. Anglo-Saxon and his descendant, an American, suffers from a deeply hidden inferiority complex, which he is trying to drown out by demonstrative rudeness and bluster, famous all over the planet.

[1] This also started with the Normans. Already the Norman conquest was accompanied not only by mass abuses and illegal land seizures, but also by a sharp parallel growth of fake paper court proceedings, which became an instrument of royal power in manipulating land and social relations in the country.

[2] According to the authoritative testimony of Lord Byron, in England, the “homeland of the rule of law” actually valued human life “cheaper than stocking.” The contempt of the elite of the conquerors for the conquered foreign slaves was expressed for centuries in that thing, object, private property was worth more in their eyes than life. Therefore, in England for many centuries in a row hung up even for small and very small thefts, even for thefts by need and from hunger. In England they would hang for what in Russia, having regretted the thief, they would add alms ...

[3] The outstanding 19th-century story writer V.A. Sologub very clearly diagnoses liberal “freedoms”: “The Germans and the French feel sorry for our man: martyr de! - They say, but you see, the martyr is healthier, fuller and more satisfied than many others. Ay them ... the peasant is certainly a hard worker: pay for everything: for water, for the land, for the house, and for the pond, and for the air, and for everything that you can tear off. Pay neatly: hunger, fire - and you still pay, canal! You are a free man: they do not push him out of their necks, die with children, where you know ... we don’t care. ”Sollogub, a Russian landowner, describes it like this:“ My first rule is for the peasant to have everything in good condition. His horse fell - you have a horse, you pay it little by little. He has no cow - take a cow - money will not be wasted. The main thing is not to run. It’s not for long to upset the estate, which is why it will not be possible to fix it. ” The well-known Russophobe echoes Russian writers, a person whose testimony is valuable even if it is impossible to suspect him of “lacquering Russian reality” - R. Pipes. Having worked a huge number of sources, he concluded that from the middle of the 18th century until the abolition of serfdom, both the landowner and the peasant were relatively prosperous. The Pipes data "do not confirm the picture of general torment and oppression, drawn mainly from literary sources." At the same time, the atrocities of the English kings repeatedly exceeded the atrocities of Ivan the Terrible, despite the fact that, unlike the Terrible, the kings did not even have a shadow of remorse ...

[4] Report by the Chief of the Security Police and the SD. Governance III. Berlin 17 August 1942 g. SV II Prince-Albrechtstrasse, 8. Ex. No.41. Secret! Personally. Report immediately to 1. Messages from Empire No. 309.

[5] The English soldier is always permeated with the spirit of mercenarism, easily surrenders if he is surrounded. During the Crimean War, the British were very surprised that the Russian soldiers, having lost an officer, chose the “senior” and continued to resist. In the English military unit - if an officer is killed - the soldiers immediately stop the battle.
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  1. Nevsky
    27 October 2012 15: 30
    Interesting ...
    1. +7
      27 October 2012 17: 17
      Yeah .... progress on the face. The most developed country in the world. If it is to be a developed country, I prefer to live in a third world (which I generally do, see my checkbox)
      1. +10
        27 October 2012 18: 58
        I agree with everything, we do not need the corrupt world of the Anglo-Saxons! It is necessary to resist the zombie money, luxury, false values! Everyone should strive for truth, kindness, justice!
        1. Sasha VwVI
          27 October 2012 19: 08
          there is no longer that west that was honest ...
          1. wax
            27 October 2012 20: 08
            But was he?
    2. +1
      27 October 2012 23: 49
      Quote: Nevsky
      Interesting ...
      - An interesting article, breaking the template straight! But what about the famous gentlemen? Or aren't the British authors?
      And here's another interesting thing: here in this article a quote: "Our government, voluntarily or involuntarily, is pushing Russia into this “black hole”. With one hand, she indulges in the aggression of outraged ignorance, like the actions of Pussy Riot, attacking any pockets of cultural and spiritual growth. With her other hand, she terrorizes all those who are trying to resist this aggression.". We read on the next thread" the country is on the verge of a nervous breakdown "quote:"Power voluntarily or involuntarily pushes Russia into this “black hole”. With one hand she condones the aggression of enraged ignorance, attacking any focal points of cultural growth. With her other hand, she squeezes out of the country all those who are trying to resist this aggression.". And there, and there is the notorious" black hole "where the authorities are pushing the Russian people, but the meaning is the opposite - in the first quotation the authorities are accused (presumably in the person of Putin) of repeating liberoids, in the second quotation - on the contrary, they are accused of fierce but the phrases are the same, even a poor black hole - and then one! laughing laughing laughing laughing
      My mind went beyond reason. laughing laughing And your Russian authorities will not be envied - and from this, and from that side of it, poor, they have popped black holes !!!!! Almost beaten to death laughing laughing
      These will come - they beat with "black holes", others will come - they beat with black holes! Where are the poor peasant poor government something to go?
      That's all for today, I'm going out! Something a lot of madhouse, my stomach hurts! laughing laughing
      1. +1
        28 October 2012 00: 47
        Do not pay attention. Fagots have only one "black hole" on their minds.
      2. Sasha VwVI
        28 October 2012 01: 14
        write clearly and then the nonsense of a crazy fagot turns out ...
        1. +2
          28 October 2012 01: 54
          Quote: sasha vwVI
          write clearly and then the nonsense of a crazy fagot turns out.
          - I advise you to select expressions and advise you to learn to read - without this skill you have nothing to do here. Start with the first class - by syllables, by syllables, you will succeed.
          For those especially "gifted" like you, I write in syllables:

          - This article is anti-Western in nature and has a paragraph criticizing the current Russian authorities for a pro-Western policy. You can find it above, but for you again I will quote (in italics):
          "Our government voluntarily or involuntarily pushes Russia into this “black hole”. With one hand she indulges in the aggression of enraged ignorance, such as the actions of Pussy Riot, attacking any foci of cultural and spiritual growth. With her other hand she terrorizes all those who are trying to resist this aggression."

          Below there is an article, published today, called "A country on the verge of a nervous breakdown." It has the opposite, pro-Western character and contains a paragraph criticizing the Russian authorities for their anti-Western policy. I quote this paragraph:
          "Power voluntarily or involuntarily pushes Russia into this “black hole”. With one hand she condones the aggression of enraged ignorance, attacking any focal points of cultural growth. With her other hand she squeezes out of the country all those who are trying to resist this aggression".

          Now let me explain - criticism of the Russian authorities for directly opposite actions - for the pro-Western policy in the first article and for the anti-Western policy in the second article is built almost identically in phrases, even the allegory "Black Hole" is used the same. It seems the authors are different, in the second the author is a certain Pastukhov, here is a certain Kuznetsov. Either this one and the same person, being a student of the Literary Faculty, is typing for us and practicing allegories, or the authors are different, but "clatter" quotes from each other, or it is really accidental.

          And at the end of the post, I just laughed at the use of this allegory when criticizing the authorities and the position of the Russian authorities, in relation to which the authors apply the above allegory. Like they stuffed her with these black holes. What's incomprehensible? So you chewed well. Or even simpler? Already without the use of words such as "Allegory", "paragraph" and others. Do you know all the words here? Are you even from Russia? Did you get an education? Which one?
          And once again, I strongly advise you to select expressions. The lack of mind is completely compensated by politeness, in your case it is relevant
      3. anchonsha
        28 October 2012 01: 38
        Oh ho ho. You, too, noticed this ... Although in the characterization of the Britons, Amers, the author all described the tyutelk as the tyutelka with their boorish, inflated self-esteem, never doing anything personally, but only by bribing others, etc.
        1. +2
          28 October 2012 02: 08
          Quote: anchonsha
          Oh ho ho. You, too, noticed this ... Although in the characterization of the Britons, Amers, the author all described the tyutelk as the tyutelka with their boorish, inflated self-esteem, never doing anything personally, but only by bribing others, etc.
          - so here put a plus in the article and agree with it, as well as with you. And the article "country on the garni breakdown" is a minus, and it's a pity that you can only roll in one. -))))
          1. 11Goor11
            28 October 2012 20: 01
            But it's really an amazing coincidence that two "human rights defenders" wrote different articles with the same hidden goal: to once again drip poison into the thoughts of readers about these "dastardly authorities" "Give me another revolution!"
            As if they were listening to one lecturer - they were just too lazy to rephrase.
  2. Kaa
    27 October 2012 15: 41
    Let the nagloseks live as they used to. And in the Nagloxonian countries, one should only welcome LGBT people, bestiality and other obscenities. Normal people will run away from this, and the rest will not leave offspring. But transferring this to Slavic territories is like sending an epidemic into your home. We need a moral (and sometimes legal) quarantine, prevention (among young people), which, in fact, was largely the Ideological Department of the Central Committee, during the times of them, even though they laughed at this case for a long time in the 90s ... until the roasted cock pecked ... And even now ... there are enough "mockingbirds". What is good for a small-britter is death for a Russian ...
    1. +8
      27 October 2012 17: 16
      Quote: Kaa
      Let the arrogant sexes live as they used to.

      Hello Kaa, but if they only had such a "life" in their own country, they impose such an image on the rest. Gay parade is the priority of democracy and is in the first place. The nation that leads its society to such ideals is DOOMED !!!
      1. Kaa
        27 October 2012 20: 58
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        The gay parade is a priority for democracy and comes first. A nation that leads its society to such ideals.

        Good evening, Alexander! There is an opinion. It is necessary to appeal to the government of small Britain with a request to introduce a special "blue card" with the right of permanent residence for domestic representatives of gay paradism. I think they will meet halfway. If European heterosexuals say that Slavs are beautiful and sexy, then what, gay Slavs, do you think will fail? Yes, from the buttocks lusting for them, the line will line up ... in the EU! And everyone is happy ... wassat
    2. +2
      27 October 2012 18: 12
      As long as we have the Airborne Forces and the border guards, this does not threaten us
      1. Sasha VwVI
        27 October 2012 18: 47
        I agree with you!
      2. +3
        27 October 2012 18: 55
        I’ll clarify while we have soldiers, sergeants and officers who were not educated and trained under Serdyukov.
    3. +2
      27 October 2012 20: 45
      So the pieces for the purpose of our decomposition are introduced.
      1. Kaa
        27 October 2012 21: 01
        Quote: Sandov
        pieces for the purpose of our decomposition and are being introduced.

        Introduce themselves, show off, sit down, then, I think, get expelled ... good
    4. Volkhov
      28 October 2012 00: 37
      Not everything is so simple - geyparads were invented to compromise the whole of humanity - a catastrophe is coming soon, we are planning to drown to clear the clearing, but we can help from the outside ... and so that there are fewer people who want to help, we are shown in the worst form, as mutants unworthy conservation.
      They invest in the Earth - money does not matter.
  3. +5
    27 October 2012 16: 03
    whoever said that, but these Anglo-Saxons have always been and will be our enemies ... divide and rule .... we have repeatedly become victims of this expression thanks to them ... bastards ...
  4. +4
    27 October 2012 16: 05
    at this pace, zapadentsy will soon lead all more or less adequate people.
    1. bask
      27 October 2012 16: 15
      Hi Andrey. I agree that these normal normal people in Europe and the USA are becoming less and less. And what they do there in their churches ,,,, definitely doesn’t have any relation to Christianity. It's more like)))) )))) Satanic sects ..)))))))) And they themselves turn from people into tolerasts .... Where))) Satan)))) there is chaos and degradation of MAN .... Laws of nature are not who not yet canceled !!! ..
      1. +3
        27 October 2012 16: 40
        Quote: bask
        Hi Andrew

        greetings. long time no see". good luck
      2. Sasha VwVI
        27 October 2012 17: 16
        I AGREE, it’s just a pseudo religion!
  5. +4
    27 October 2012 16: 12
    Bravo!!! No comment.
  6. +3
    27 October 2012 16: 34
    Very interesting, thank you, Alex. I confirm about the boorish behavior of the Anglo-Saxons abroad - more than once I came across this on trips abroad. By the way, the Australians as people I liked, or just lucky ...
    1. AAA
      28 October 2012 12: 40
      It was just luck
  7. Sasha VwVI
    27 October 2012 17: 15
  8. +9
    27 October 2012 18: 32
    What’s interesting to me is why all the major embezzlers, scammers, thieves, declaring themselves political opponents of the government, no matter which country they flee to, are they in London? Are you drawn to soul mates?
    Well, then it is necessary to congratulate the Anglo-Saxons on their new fellow citizens - if something happened in their country, they will certainly "help".
    1. patriot464
      27 October 2012 19: 53
      And where Gorbachev celebrated (the 80th anniversary, it seems).
  9. 0
    27 October 2012 18: 45
    And why not tell openly and honestly about the yoke of the Jews, who in fact conquered England and made it an instrument for destroying the world in their hands. .]
  • Stasi.
    27 October 2012 20: 22
    The West has long decayed, only skillfully masking its stench, passing it off as a fragrance. By the way, recently in England there was a law prohibiting flushing toilets in toilets. they say it’s not environmentally friendly and you need to save water. And environmentalism is explained by the propaganda of homosexuality, fewer people, better ecology.
  • +2
    27 October 2012 20: 50
    Yes, Europeans are dying out as a species, and the number of Muslims there is constantly growing. soon there will be a British Caliphate.
    1. Kaa
      27 October 2012 21: 02
      Quote: Vodrak
      soon there will be a British Caliphate.

      It’s in the form of a caliphate that we will take, say, into Tatarstan ... goodif you want - to Kazakhstan. By the way, the Islamic British British Autonomous Region of Kazakhstan (Tatarstan), Ukraine will sound interesting ... emphasize the necessary. laughing
  • +3
    27 October 2012 22: 12
    Come true! Named the source of the spreading worldwide infection
  • +2
    27 October 2012 22: 42
    Article plus.
    The concept of "island psychology" does not exist in vain, and it fits perfectly with the same Japanese (just remember how they behave on the continents, far from their Fujiyama, whether they are resting or fighting).
  • Gorchakov
    27 October 2012 23: 57
    The article is relevant .. I always said, I say and I will say that all provocations in the world come from Britain .... To the author +
  • Pablo
    28 October 2012 05: 01
  • Fox
    28 October 2012 09: 43
    I read to the "Tatar-Mongol yoke" and did not read further nonsense.
  • Artillerist
    28 October 2012 10: 30
    I hate England as the most ardent enemy of Russia at all times, but ......... the author of the article is full Similar articles of this orientation were written by Goebbels' office on the eve of World War II, in order to form the image of an enemy "eating babies" among the burghers. There is neither serious analytics nor even logic here. Only an amateur can compare the Norman conquerors with the Mongol-Tatar yoke, draw historical analogies between them.
    England must be fought with more intelligent means .....
  • +1
    28 October 2012 12: 32
    I always had similar thoughts about England. But to write about everything like that - you need talent! Thanks to the author! They were mired there in their eternal slavery and hypocrisy. But, damn it, Russia is a lot of shit. Think for yourself - to dissolve our White Guards as suckers solely in order to supply them with faulty weapons! That during the offensive of Yudenich they put cannons without bolts and shells without fuses (read Kuprin - "The Domes of St. Isaac's Cathedral), that during the offensive of Kolchak, when he had 100 miles to Denikin! kill each other, so much the better. "Never mind, the time will come, they will pay these debts in addition. They have already turned into a miserable island. Where is their former empire of the 40s? And it will be even more interesting.
  • AAA
    28 October 2012 12: 48
    And with whose supply the two world wars began. Again they, only by the hands of the Germans. British diplomacy and intelligence did everything to push Russia and Germany. The scoundrels always make meanness with the wrong hands and this fully applies to the British.
  • +2
    28 October 2012 18: 59
    Anglo-Saxons, of course, are great assholes. Nevertheless, until propaganda works in our country (well, or an information strategy, as you like more), young people will look to the West as a first-grader to the ABC book.
    And the fact that there is no such propaganda (there are only rare unsystematic essays such as this article or stupid raids of our Duma in the style of "the fool himself") is the direct fault of the authorities, which are currently demonstrating their unwillingness to abandon sycophancy, sycophancy, nepotism and other delights of a corrupt community.
    I am convinced that in the presence of such propaganda, we would easily have broken the horns of both Georgia - long before 08.08.08, and the Ukrainian Nazis and the Balts. But instead, our government prefers to snap in the doorway, like a small "blotter", trying to present each of its bunch in the water as Jericho pipes.
    Maybe, after all, the time has come for action, and not for excuses and snapping?
  • 0
    28 October 2012 20: 08
    There is no desire to even read, and this England is hammering the children of our oligarchs and bureaucrats their culture, which then push it here
  • +1
    28 October 2012 20: 33
    Not an admirer of the Romanovs, but at one time Alexander III wisely remarked: "An Englishman is a Jew." Can not argue...
  • -2
    28 October 2012 20: 33
    Funny little article.
    Such nonsense can only be compared with the fact that "Russians all drink vodka day and night, play balalaikas and do nothing."
    It is immediately clear that the author envies Britain with black envy.
    I could answer reasonably, but I don't want to get dirty and "throw beads .."
    Good bye to all!
  • Stary oper
    28 October 2012 20: 49
    There are so many quotes from Marx and Engels in the article that it just smells like the agitation and propaganda department of the district committee of the CPSU. Moreover, these quotes are woven into the text so skillfully that it seems that the classics are writing about the current state of affairs in Great Britain, although they lived and worked in the 19th century. And in general, I do not understand the position based on the principle: while exalting yourself, humiliate others. And their psychology is slavish, and they are depraved, and in general, if you look closely, they are no longer British. When will we learn to glorify our country with real achievements, and not by looking for "stones" in our neighbor's garden? Or the principle that "for a Russian the greatest happiness is if a neighbor's cow is dead" will remain decisive in relations with neighbors? Understand, I am not singing praises to the West here. I'm just sorry for us. I am sure that one of the main reasons for manifestations of ill will towards others is envy. They will object to me that this is not about everyday issues, but about geopolitics. But the fact is that the principles of ideological struggle do not differ much from the motivation of everyday behavior. It is easier to blame an ideological opponent for all mortal sins than to achieve at least a comparable standard of living. Now let's think, would there be a need for such a struggle if it were higher in our country than in England? Try to honestly answer this question to yourself.
    1. 0
      28 October 2012 21: 25
      Nothing personal, just an information war.
    2. -1
      28 October 2012 23: 49
      Thank you, it is very true.
      (they, of course, will bite you and me together)
  • 0
    28 October 2012 21: 49
    Article plus! Fans of Western "culture" stuff their mouths with "shrapnel" to facilitate the assimilation of pronunciation! Very rightly noticed! Lies and hypocrisy are straight out of the insolent Saxon society!
  • -1
    28 October 2012 23: 51
    Have you lived in British society?
    And do you know anything at all about British culture?
  • +1
    29 October 2012 04: 58
    Quote: Stary oper
    I am sure that one of the main reasons for manifestations of hostility towards others is envy

    This is a favorite phrase of all who love the West very much. Envy of what? The fact that you MUST immediately give 80% of your salary in order to pay your bills? The fact that you need to take a shower for 5-10 minutes, because Is water + electricity expensive?
    I have not been to England, but I lived and worked in the USA. I assure you all that there is definitely nothing to envy.
    Quote: SlavaP
    And do you know anything at all about British culture?

    Exclusively from books. Which glorify England. And for England's business, putting her in a dung heap. England is a country that is cowardly acting out of tishka in order to weaken its competitors. I respect the Germans who earned everything with their work and brains. And I don’t respect the British, who made money by robbing the colonies. I respect the Germans, because they honestly go and fight. But I do not respect the British, tk. like a jackal from Mowgli they always urge the strong to attack another strong. And, apparently, God no longer loves England either. There was a great empire, but it became a miserable island. Not to hell was Thatcher being written like "Russia-Upper Volta with missiles" or "on the territory of Russia it is advisable to have 15 million people." So let's see now how many Englishmen there will be in England in the coming years.
    PS I hope that I still will not be too lazy to translate this article. High Anglo-Saxons revered smile
    1. 0
      29 October 2012 23: 52
      Good luck.
      99.99% of the British population will laugh very strongly - they have everything in order with humor.
      As for utilities, thanks for bothering me. I never thought about this, but then I decided to count it and it turned out that I spend about 6% of my monthly salary on water + gas + electricity = without saving (and I'm not Rockefeller on income).
      And about Iron Maggie - I agree, she is also oh-oh-they really don't like her here.
      And yet - if everyone worked as the British worked and continue to work - then there would already be communism.
      And Comrade K. Marx, whom the author of the article so lovingly quotes, 90% plucked from Adam Smith - guess three times who he was by nationality ...
  • 0
    29 October 2012 11: 07
    Quote: SlavaP

    Have you lived in British society?
    And do you know anything at all about British culture?

    Unfortunately, we already managed to get acquainted with the main achievements of English culture and its continuation in the form of American culture, and some even joined it:
    1. 0
      30 October 2012 00: 01
      Unfortunately, you didn’t look there.
      Without encroaching on Shakespeare’s comrade, remember at least Dickens, Conan Doyle and Robert Stevenson. Go to the London Picture Gallery (admission is free) and admire the paintings of Gainsborough and Reynolds. Finally, look at the series The Coast (Coast), prepared by the British Open University - and then we'll talk about British culture ...
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