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APU hit from American HIMARS at the crossing in Kherson, there are dead and injured

APU hit from American HIMARS at the crossing in Kherson, there are dead and injured

Information continues to be received about the consequences of a night strike by Ukrainian troops on a crossing built across the Dnieper in the Kherson region. In the past few days, it has been actively used to evacuate civilians from the right-bank districts of the region. Only yesterday, at least 5 people left Kherson itself via the bridge built near the Antonovsky Bridge.

According to the authorities of the Kherson region, the troops of the Kyiv terrorist regime fired at least 12 missiles of the American Haimars strike systems at Kherson. 11 of them were shot down. One exploded at the crossing, which led to the death of the civilian population.

As a result of the impact, at least 10 cars burned down completely. At the moment, it is reported that 3 people died as a result of this terrorist act. Over 15 local residents who crossed to the left bank of the Dnieper were injured.

There are children among the victims.

Rodion Miroshnik, a representative of the Luhansk People's Republic in Moscow, also confirms the information about numerous civilian vehicles burned down as a result of the impact.

Recall that over the past few days, the evacuation of the civilian population from Kherson, Nova Kakhovka, Berislav and other settlements of the Kherson right bank has been carried out due to the aggravated situation. It is used as an induced crossing, as well as ferries plying between Kherson and Aleshki.

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  1. coinsam
    coinsam 21 October 2022 06: 03
    Yes, that's to be expected, to be honest. It is surprising that the shelling did not start earlier. They write that out of 12 missiles, 11 were shot down by air defense. If they don’t lie, then the efficiency of air defense is good.
    1. ruha
      ruha 21 October 2022 06: 06
      Where is the op, where is the video? If we did this, we could imagine what kind of op would stand for the whole world, and we only give dry numbers.
      1. laws70
        laws70 21 October 2022 06: 12
        The crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions love silence. in the Western media.
      2. ZIF122
        ZIF122 21 October 2022 06: 42
        Yes, the Western media will never voice the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities, even if you bring a thousand proofs, they will never admit it! Not only that, they will also say that it was Russian troops that fired!
        1. Vladimir_2U
          Vladimir_2U 21 October 2022 06: 47
          Quote: ZIF122
          Yes, the Western media will never voice the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities

          So it means to recognize the criminality of Western governments! The Ukronazis did not receive data about the crossing from their satellites!
        2. laws70
          laws70 21 October 2022 07: 28
          Moreover, they will also say that it was the Russian troops who fired!

          They will blow up something bad in our country (God forbid) and they will yell that Russia herself arranged this so that there would be a reason for an answer. And the people - to nod and discuss our unearthly meanness.
    2. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 21 October 2022 06: 07
      Taking into account the vileness of the Ukronatsiks, he expected that they would hit even earlier ... It remains only to condole.
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 21 October 2022 06: 22
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        Taking into account the vileness of the Ukronatsiks, he expected that they would hit even earlier ... It remains only to condole.

        That's it! It's good that only one rocket hit. And who here was interested in why the Russian media write about "forcibly mobilized and the Nazis immediately write." So the Nazis hit! Only they could hit the civilians who are being evacuated. Now it is clear?
        1. Bingo
          Bingo 21 October 2022 06: 48
          Quote: Egoza
          And who here was interested in why the Russian media write about "forcibly mobilized and immediately write the Nazis." So the Nazis hit!

          Elena, you know, I have such a point of view ... There is a phrase "the army shoots at its own people 1 time, the second time - it shoots at someone else." To me, all these snot "forcibly, unbearably ..." It is incomprehensible, it was like at first in WWII that all Germans were workers and peasants and, in general, Marx and Engels.
          This is the ENEMY, by force and kicks - "he who wants to kill me is more an enemy than a friend" - "Dogma".
          Khokhil himself and the lands are not alien, even though he was born in Moscow. Well, I understand perfectly well that there are people like you, for example, or there is a Red Biker, however, the state of Ukraine and the army are an unconditional enemy. Among which stand out those who should not be taken prisoner at all
      2. kuztoday
        kuztoday 21 October 2022 12: 47
        And what is the ugliness? This is WAR. People who voted and abandoned Ukraine, supported Russia and go to Russia, and not to Europe - these are FERIOUS ENEMIES FOR THEM. And we all continue to gasp and grieve: oh, the West does not see and does not criticize ukrov. Ukrainians are fighting, if anything. Let them have their bestial power, but they defend it by hook or by crook. And we nobly show our good nature. We are afraid that, God forbid, a man in civilian clothes will die in Kyiv. Who just happily took a selfie against the background of a picture with a blown up bridge. Fine.
        1. Uncle lee
          Uncle lee 21 October 2022 13: 34
          Quote from kuztoday
          Ukrainians are fighting

          With peaceful people? They are worse than rabid animals!
        2. Uncle lee
          Uncle lee 21 October 2022 13: 40
          Meanwhile, it is already known for certain that there were civilians at the crossing. Four people were killed, among them two journalists from the Tavria TV company. Oleg Klokov, a 48-year-old Russian journalist and producer, arrived in Kherson in early October 2022 to work for the Tavria TV company. At the time of the strike by the Ukrainian army on the bridge, he was just at the crossing and died.
  2. Alex66
    Alex66 21 October 2022 06: 08
    Do you know the details of the terrorists? You have to answer directly.
  3. 9PA
    9PA 21 October 2022 06: 13
    There is some kind of tactic for stopping KHIMARS, suddenly we get there soon, how to deal with them
    1. antiaircrafter
      antiaircrafter 21 October 2022 06: 29
      Quote: 9PA
      There is some kind of tactic for stopping HIMARS

      The best tactic for stopping Himars is Russian tanks in their firing positions.
      1. 9PA
        9PA 21 October 2022 07: 15
        This is clearly understandable, your man instead of Zelensky. But purely tactical, I will get to the front in the near future, for example, and 24 hours non-stop satellites see me, they can direct himars. How can I avoid death
        1. antiaircrafter
          antiaircrafter 21 October 2022 07: 38
          Quote: 9PA
          But purely tactical

          Trench, camouflage, dispersal.
    2. Monarchist
      Monarchist 21 October 2022 19: 08
      I hope our answers are not weak. Little is said. But if there are large enemy groups plus equipment, then the coordinates of their artillery are known. Somehow it seems that ours are not bombing enough! We wish our heroes Good Luck, Victory and return alive!
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 October 2022 06: 16
    What else to expect from the bastard fascist regime reinforced by Western "friends of Ukraine". Naturally, the Western media will modestly keep silent about this, or they will give birth to another fake about a Russian strike on themselves. Today, Kyiv is simply obliged to sit in bomb shelters.
    1. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 21 October 2022 11: 42
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Today, Kyiv is simply obliged to sit in bomb shelters.

      So he, civilian Kuyv, sits huddled with fear .. Yesterday I talked with a cousin from Kyiv ... They bombard, he says, he talks terribly, they turn off the light, he says, anger against Russia is growing ... I asked him, and he remembers how we were in Sevastopol and Crimea without electricity for half a year ... through the fault of Kuyva? Remembers that Donetsk is a millionth city bombed? He grumbled something and quickly started a conversation ... It hurts when you hurt, but what hurts another doesn’t hurt .... But it’s not so cold yet, not all TPPs in Svidoukrayn have been decommunized ... So, that from anger at Russia they will smoothly move on to anger at their rats. And there is more further ... Come on, General Armageddon, decommunize the Svidoucres.
      1. Monarchist
        Monarchist 21 October 2022 19: 15
        hi Well said! Embittered at the Russians? And the fact that they set fire to this whole war with their own hands? They have what they want! And about the Rat with paws up to the throat in blood and it is not necessary to speak. I sold U ... rin and all Ukrainians. Paid from all countries. There and Britain and the States and Germany. Ugly Duremar, who opened biolaboratories for money and developed an atomic bomb for the Third World War. Frantic down.
        1. Reserve buildbat
          Reserve buildbat 23 October 2022 11: 38
          You don't understand, it's different. They peacefully, in a European way, killed Russians, which, as you know, is a good thing. And then the Russians barbarously began to respond, instead of kneeling down and giving the country to Fashington, like the French to Hitler.
  5. culinary
    culinary 21 October 2022 06: 16
    That is, when dill crossings are attacked, this is NWO.
    And when Russian, then terrorism? Military facility in the combat zone. Agitprop needs better wording.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. Kaufman
    Kaufman 21 October 2022 06: 17
    The blow was at night. Where are the civilians on the bridge during the curfew? What a mess?
    1. AlexTires
      AlexTires 21 October 2022 06: 25
      Do you need to report that there is an emergency evacuation going on at night too? . Even the forelocks knew about it, so they hit it
      1. Kaufman
        Kaufman 21 October 2022 06: 37
        Then, if you think like you, is it more logical to strike during the day? When will there be more civilians?
      2. solar
        solar 21 October 2022 11: 12
        Saw on varoline recently

        There should not have been an evacuation of civilians at night, it turns out.
    2. Yuri Pravoslavny
      Yuri Pravoslavny 21 October 2022 06: 43
      It can be assumed that the evacuation took place regardless of the time of day. Everyone wants to live, and can you really fall asleep when you need to do your feet ...
      1. Kaufman
        Kaufman 21 October 2022 06: 47
        Yesterday I listened to business FM, asked the locals - they say not many people leave, mostly stay. Talk about 50-60 thousand evacuees is apparently overstated. Why so many people, if 30 thousand people took part in the referendum in the Kherson region
    3. Gorynych_1977
      Gorynych_1977 21 October 2022 06: 57
      According to your logic, it turns out that people stood in line for evacuation until 9 pm and went home to sleep. But in the morning by 8 am again in line. Yep, now...
      1. Kaufman
        Kaufman 22 October 2022 07: 06
        According to your logic, during the curfew, you can safely move by car around the city?
    4. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 21 October 2022 21: 34
      Civilians are being evacuated. Around the clock!
      1. Kaufman
        Kaufman 22 October 2022 07: 45
        Yes, apparently not only Kherson, but also from other cities from the other side
  7. Seryoga Nemuslim
    Seryoga Nemuslim 21 October 2022 06: 20
    Reply to Kukuev for this, what's the point of waiting.
  8. Gorynych_1977
    Gorynych_1977 21 October 2022 06: 25
    Of course, you will excuse me, I will say rudely, but in such situations, "debt by payment is red." If non-humans do this to the civilian population, then they will knock out a wedge with a wedge. You just need to carry out carpet bombing in revenge (not by planes, but by missile strikes) on Kuev, Lvov, etc., as Anglo-Saxons and Yankees like to do in other states since WWII (Dresden in 1945, Afghanistan, Iraq 00 years, Syria, etc... And declare to the whole world that this is the only way to fight against Nazism.At the same time, as in Stalin's time, to call on the working people of the whole world to fight against Nazism on the air.For ordinary people to help to overthrow this scum both on 404 and all over the world. They consider it in the order of things, well, we will use their methods. There is a return from every shot, although it sounds cynical. But they want to live, they themselves will expel these Natsiks. They do not have the concept of "Humanism", why do we go with such a concept? Anyway, no one understands our humanity and culture and everyone wants our lands, our fossils and us as slaves - untermenschen. And as you know, there is no man - there is no problem. stop angry soldier
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 21 October 2022 19: 25
      Yes, in general, it's time to create an organization that all over the world every day on radio and TV channels will vehemently prove the lies of Von der Leyen, Biden's Dementia, the meanness of the Poles and the bloody executions and terror of Ukrov. Just shout about it to everyone in all countries, publish newspapers, open and sponsor channels on the Internet and on TV. Have us same all proshlyapil for a long time. Streamlined formulations "as if something did not work out." And it's time to get out!
  9. Slon_on
    Slon_on 21 October 2022 06: 29
    The abomination of forelocked scoundrels rolls over. If possible, then publish the data - full name, addresses of residence, composition of the families of important charters, commanders of artillery units. Well, the boys know what to do with the captured artillerymen.
    1. 2112vda
      2112vda 21 October 2022 06: 39
      And who said that there are "chubat"? I repeat for the hundredth time, the "forelocks" live in the Southern Federal District. Chubs, that is, settlers, were worn by the Cossacks, but the rest of the farm population of Little Russia was forbidden, it was not according to their status. Farmers, that is, Selyuks, cut their hair under a glacik, that is, under a pot. The Selyukovsky raguille, together with the Galician wuiks, is rampaging in Ukraine, and the "forelocks" are again to blame. You need to be more careful with definitions. I'll give you an example. The Don Cossacks are Russian, but far from all Russian Don Cossacks.
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. Monarchist
        Monarchist 21 October 2022 19: 31
        Yeah! hi It's time to put submarines around the States and Britain for a long time. As an exercise! And so that reconnaissance aircraft fly in terms of "routine control" over Britain at a decent distance. Well... just... wink
  10. Two
    Two 21 October 2022 06: 43
    hi We must continue to drive Svidomo cattle into the Stone Age! Finish off the remnants of generation and industry! Remember the diverse range of ammunition, and not just about HE! am
    1. Pilot
      Pilot 21 October 2022 07: 41
      And for this, you first need to sweep the bourgeois 5th column with a filthy broom so that your insatiable havalnik does not gape at industry and so on and do not get confused underfoot. But there is no one to take up the broom.
  11. Saboteur_Navy
    Saboteur_Navy 21 October 2022 06: 56
    UAVs are needed in the area where the Himars appear, a lot of UAVs, otherwise they will not let you cross, satellites see everything
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 21 October 2022 19: 35
      It's time to blind all Western satellites indiscriminately! mistake. feel . But everything! It has long been clear that NATO is directly at war with us. yes
  12. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 21 October 2022 06: 59
    APU hit from American HIMARS at the crossing in Kherson, there are dead and injured
    Knowing the nature of the cannibalistic regime, nothing surprising.
  13. polk26l
    polk26l 21 October 2022 07: 21
    Well, where is the answer!?! Already today they were supposed to bomb half of Kyiv and other strategic targets, especially "decision-making centers" including on the street. Banking and others!!! Why are the railways still not being destroyed, starting from the borders of Poland and Hungary and to the south!??? What, it takes a lot of mind to do this?! Is it really not clear that it is necessary to prohibit, completely!, the supply of equipment, weapons, ammunition, fuel and lubricants and other MTS to the territory of the former Nedo-Ukraine!??? When will a strategic offensive grouping be created and a Plan for a strategic offensive operation covering both the northern, central and southern parts of Nedo-Ukraine be developed! The Ukrainians do not have enough forces and means, taking into account the destruction of their infrastructure, to conduct active hostilities along the entire line of contact!!! Or will the leadership wait until all those "who want to fight" reach "full learning"?! And during this time, the Ukrainians will destroy the entire infrastructure of the surrounding regions and kill a lot of people?! It's time to get active! The time has come!!!
  14. Ludmila Myshkina
    Ludmila Myshkina 21 October 2022 07: 27
    and where is the answer? although it has already been stated that there will be no missile strikes yet. HPP again? But what about people? already about the red lines are silent. as well as about goals for decision-making centers!
  15. rocket757
    rocket757 21 October 2022 07: 39
    APU hit from American HIMARS at the crossing in Kherson, there are dead and injured
    The fact that they are criminals is understandable ... how to get to them and figure it out is the question.
  16. Romanenko
    Romanenko 21 October 2022 07: 54
    It would be necessary to burn a little "civilian" cars in Bankovskaya in Kyiv, the fascist salokhryaks have become insolent!
  17. Vovk
    Vovk 21 October 2022 08: 22
    Just one question, what the hell were civilians doing at a military crossing? Who let them in? AAA?
    1. no better place for
      no better place for 21 October 2022 09: 25
      The military crossing was covered. Well incomprehensible. When military men go there along the same crossing and civilians from there, then a blow should have been expected
    2. Viktor29
      Viktor29 21 October 2022 09: 44
      Martial law allowed them there, and barges from civilian property, not in green like pontoons.
  18. Volhv
    Volhv 21 October 2022 09: 35
    On all our channels they trumpeted about the crossing ... like they hung a carrot in front of a donkey ... so the donkey belched a rocket ...
    The brainlessness of the media is alarming !!!
    As, however, - and the absence of censorship in wartime in the front-line territories !!!

    Marcus Porcius Cato the Elder: "Besides, I think that the USA must be destroyed...
  19. vovochkarzhevsky
    vovochkarzhevsky 21 October 2022 10: 38
    I don't get it, what is this? Not the ability to conduct a counter-battery fight, or a lack of necessary weapons? Sorry, but the argument that the MLRS leaves the launch area immediately after the salvo is only relevant for the WWII period. However, even then the Germans fought quite well with our Katyushas, ​​simply calculating possible retreat routes.
    At present, there are much more means of detection and means of destruction. Counter-battery radars are already capable of detecting launch points before the shells reach the target. So what prevents you from quickly responding with ammunition equipped with self-aiming submunitions such as SPBE, SPBE-D and SPBE-K? The lack of availability of these, or the inability to organize all this?
  20. Master 2030
    Master 2030 24 October 2022 10: 54
    Antonovsky Bridge is still working?! Yes, Soviet power was strong.