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125 days off Earth: the 33 expedition launched on the ISS

Today a new watch, the 33 expedition, set off for the ISS. At about three in Moscow, the Soyuz launch vehicle successfully launched from Baikonur, cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Yevgeny Tarelkin, as well as NASA astronaut Kevin Ford, were on board. In orbit, they are to conduct some 40 scientific experiments and take several trucks. In the meantime, the new crew is preparing for docking with the station, which will be home for him for six months.

The last hours before the start. To the song of the group "Earthlings" - and this tradition has been for many years - the crew slowly leaves the hotel. Near the bus - and this is also part of the ritual - astronauts stop and wave their hands to their families. Evgeniya Tarelkina came to see her father and wife. The daughters could not come, but they gave the father a gift - a toy hippo. The crew immediately chose his ship mascot.

"We came to the children's store, saw a lot of different toys, and my girls chose a little hippo. I asked why the hippo. They replied:" And we make our dads kind. So big and kind, "says Alla Tarelkina, the flight engineer of Evgeny Tarelkin’s spouse.

Before the start, the hippopotamus will be hung under the ceiling of the ship, and according to it, the astronauts will know when they are in zero gravity. Already in the launch complex, the crew puts on heavy suits. They are very hot, so until the landing in the “Union” will have to carry in the hands of portable air conditioners.

A distinctive feature of the current expedition is that none of the crew members had previously controlled such a device as the Soyuz. And most importantly - for commander Oleg Novitsky and flight engineer Evgeny Tarelkin, this flight will be the first in life. So far, only American Kevin Ford has been in space. In 2009, he flew around Earth on the Discovery shuttle.

The ship "Soyuz", though outwardly, is striking in its size, but very closely inside. The astronauts will spend two days in a half-bent position. Food and water - from tubes. To sleep - eight hours. The rest of the time will dock with the ISS. However, at the pre-launch press conference, the astronauts promised to cope with any difficulties.

"There is such a huge sense of confidence in our ship, in our specialists, which give us the opportunity to perform this flight. Of course, we are very afraid, but we were told at the state commission today that we have no way back. We will have to fly anyway," the commander of the Soyuz TMA-06M spacecraft, Oleg Novitsky.

The astronauts themselves perform the last check of the devices for serviceability. From the ground the command “key to start” sounds, and with a deafening roar “Union” takes off from the ground.

Again, the minutes are painfully stretching. Tense waiting is replaced by relief only when computers show: the rocket reached a predetermined orbit.

Ahead of the participants of the 33 expedition is waiting for docking with the ISS. There, at the end of the year, they will receive cargo ships, conduct 52 scientific experiments. Including, in preparation for the flight to Mars. The astronauts will work out abnormal situations - for example, extinguish a fire, learn to breathe in a special way to save air in case of depressurization of individual compartments. They will also try to grow new varieties of plants in zero gravity conditions - they will release enough oxygen for a long flight and provide vitamins to the human body for 1000 days. And in their free time, the astronauts are going to photograph the stars and keep the orbital blog. On the ground, they are expected to return in 125 days.

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    NAV-STAR 24 October 2012 11: 15
    Have a good trip to astronauts.
    1. ughhh
      ughhh 24 October 2012 11: 53
      Hippos, by the way, are quite dangerous beasts. Omnivores.
      Have a good work in space!
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 24 October 2012 22: 49
        Quote: ughhh
        Hippos, by the way, are quite dangerous beasts.

        but good-natured, unlike a rhino. Hippos can be fed from the hands, the truth is preferably a shovel laughing
  2. Wedmak
    Wedmak 24 October 2012 11: 19
    Good luck and have a good watch!
    1. crazyrom
      crazyrom 24 October 2012 22: 52
      Of course, we are very afraid

      Why are they afraid of that? I don’t remember when the last time the astronauts died. The Americans won’t constantly exploded, but it seems that for many decades everything has been calm, or not?
  3. strannik595
    strannik595 24 October 2012 11: 37
    but in principle we are all astronauts, we only manage to fight and kill each other for the common ISS for some reason .....
  4. bairat
    bairat 24 October 2012 11: 56
    Who knows, tell me what they do there in orbit?
    1. NAV-STAR
      NAV-STAR 24 October 2012 12: 02
      Read the last paragraph. hi
      1. bairat
        bairat 24 October 2012 12: 09
        thanks, did not notice
  5. wave
    wave 24 October 2012 13: 02
    I didn’t understand her, but would a hippopotamus leave in space or something ...? Or bring back?
  6. georg737577
    georg737577 24 October 2012 13: 35
    I think soon we will stop transporting enemies into space. Better hippos.
  7. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 24 October 2012 14: 51
    Maybe due to the cosmos, humanity will eventually grow wiser and we will not be divided into our own and enemies. I'm sick of it already. We spend such money on war, and it would be better on education and space exploration. After all, once, the descendants will have to move from Mother Earth, but if they can, if we live like this, we live now.
  8. Nechai
    Nechai 24 October 2012 17: 52
    Quote: georg737577
    I think soon we will stop transporting enemies into space

    Since yesterday, a representative delegation of American corporations has been working at the Samara engine building enterprises. The goal - preparation of in-line production in the USA, adaptation to their conditions, engineering design support of production and operation NK-33 engine on new NASA LVs. A test bench "start-up" of the engine with their fuel pair, for the entire working, required resource, was already carried out immediately. The tests were successful.
    1. sir.jonn
      sir.jonn 24 October 2012 18: 58
      This is a complete kayuk. Previously, they were engaged in espionage, they secretly stole secrets, but now everything is done through greedy sluts sitting in the offices, eager for money. Eh, Comrade Stalin would return for a couple of years, with great pleasure I would go to the mass graves of these freaks to spit.