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The Netherlands received the first modernized infantry fighting vehicle CV9035NL Mk III

The Netherlands received the first modernized infantry fighting vehicle CV9035NL Mk III

The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands received the first CV90 infantry fighting vehicle, which was upgraded under a contract concluded with BAE Systems in January last year. This was reported in the message of the Dutch military department.

At the beginning of 2021, the Dutch Ministry of Defense signed a contract with BAE Systems to upgrade 122 CV9035NL Mk III infantry fighting vehicles that have reached "mid-life". The work was planned to be carried out in Sweden at the Hägglund enterprise, which is the developer of this BMP.

On September 26, the Swedes presented the first modernized CV9035NL Mk III infantry fighting vehicle. The updated BMP received a new turret with enhanced protection, a new fire control system, an Israeli Rafael Spike-LR ATGM, and an Elbit Systems Iron Fist active protection system (KAZ). This is the main, some more minor improvements are possible.

Now the military of the Netherlands, together with the Swedes from Hägglund, will carry out all the necessary testing and verification of the new BMP, only after that the process of upgrading the rest of the vehicles will be launched. The testing process is quite long, so work on the remaining infantry fighting vehicles is scheduled to begin at the end of next year and be completed at the end of 2026.

A total of 122 CV9035NL Mk IIIs will undergo a major upgrade, the so-called mid-life upgrade (MLU)

- said in a statement the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands.

The upgraded infantry fighting vehicles will have to be in service with the Dutch army until 2039 inclusive, after which a decision will be made on their future fate.
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Netherlands Ministry of Defense

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  1. SKVichyakow
    SKVichyakow 27 September 2022 13: 08
    However, the upgraded BMP looks impressive.
    1. prodi
      prodi 27 September 2022 13: 17
      it is unlikely that this is an infantry fighting vehicle, because even with a seven-wheeled chassis and a habitable tower for landing, there is no place in sight
      1. Alex777
        Alex777 27 September 2022 13: 45
        Classification: infantry fighting vehicle
        Combat weight, t 35 (MkIII)
        Crew, pers. Xnumx
        Landing, people Xnumx

        Caliber and brand of gun: 35-mm automatic "Bushmaster III"
        Sights for day and night thermal imaging, with a laser rangefinder
        Machine guns 1 × 7,62 mm Ksp m/39

        Distinctive features of the CV90.35 MkIII are the weapon system based on the Bushmaster III bicaliber 35/50 mm cannon, the Saab UTAAS fire control system, which includes a muzzle ammunition programmer, an aiming system built on the Hunter-killer principle, which implies the presence the commander of the vehicle and the gunner have fully stabilized sights with day and night channels independent of each other and from the main armament.
        Starting from February 2011, in order to reduce fuel consumption and wear of the vehicle in the troops, and, accordingly, reduce the cost of its operation, it is planned to dismantle the hinged armor from all previously delivered CV 90.35 infantry fighting vehicles. At the same time, vehicles that continue to come from the manufacturer are also delivered without hinged armor. Sets of hinged armor weighing six tons per vehicle are stored[
        1. prodi
          prodi 27 September 2022 13: 57
          well, I look at the picture, even six landings are highly doubtful
  2. Archivist Vasya
    Archivist Vasya 27 September 2022 13: 13
    Now Zelya will run to the Dutch embassy shouting - why do you need it, we need it more! Give it back!
    1. Nexcom
      Nexcom 27 September 2022 13: 15
      So she is the only one so far - a prototype, Zele and his APU will definitely not make the weather. But it would not hurt to get a "cut" for armor and KAZ in order to know the weak points.
  3. I dare to_notice_
    I dare to_notice_ 27 September 2022 13: 17
    "The upgraded infantry fighting vehicles will have to be in service with the Dutch army until 2039 inclusive, after which a decision will be made on their future fate."
    They have one fate - Ukraine ...
    1. valentine light
      valentine light 27 September 2022 14: 22
      Are you laughing or something "until 2039" and "Ukraine"? :))
      1. VSO-396
        VSO-396 28 September 2022 05: 09
        Quote: valentin light
        Are you laughing or something "until 2039" and "Ukraine"? :))

        Yes, I remember how here, in the comments, everyone laughed together in March, just like "May 9 and" Ukraine ". And it's almost October. I always say that, history has punished such laughers more than once! It is enough to recall the Russian-Japanese , and Polish-Soviet, and even Afghanistan.
        1. valentine light
          valentine light 28 September 2022 10: 15
          Well, let's separate the soup - the flies separately.

          No need to equate Tsar Nicholas II and competent admirals of Imperial Russia.
          Admiral Makarov was a supporter of a different strategy, and only his death did not allow them to be implemented.
          Makarov's followers brought out two ships in the fog and dealt a painful blow to the raiding ships of Japan. And the tsar battered the fleet from Krogstadt on the campaign and without preparation put it to Korea.

          Japan did not defeat Russia - it won a naval battle, and on the Mulden Heights, Russian troops for the first time massively used
          machine guns as a result of gigantic losses among the Japanese.
          This suggests that everything should be done by specialists, and not by artistic directors of comedy groups.
          Rossi has experience in conducting actions!

          The Polish-Soviet war of 1920 - as the main indicator, the response to the blessings of the Polish leader Bulak-Bulakovich and then Pilsudski's direct aggression against the USSR and the USSR went to war and reached almost Warsaw, and only the fact that Tukhachnvsky was surrounded by Budyonny turned to him for a breakthrough.
          There is no victory for the Poles, as such - they fought back and that's it !!!!! (True, there were 160 thousand prisoners and 84 thousand Poles killed for fun or killed in the camp.
          There is no apology or repentance from them!

          From 1979 to 1982, as such, there were no active operations - they stood at the bases. The situation was spoiled by local party leaders, who too zealously began to embody the ideas of the German Karl Marx among Muslims - resistance began.

          But by 1987, ours had learned to "work" on caravans and blocked up to 80% of the flow of weapons from Iran and China.
          Many Mujahideen began to think about ending the war.

          Only Gorbachev's cunning and his political decision to withdraw troops extremely quickly became an imitation of the "victory" of the opposition and subsequent troubles for those who supported us there.

          Now the former Mujahideen regret that they fought with the "Shuravi", which led the Americans into a stupor.
    2. frei67
      frei67 27 September 2022 14: 56
      happy. these 190 machines cost billions of euros
  4. Two
    Two 27 September 2022 13: 19
    hi Serious car! Svidomo oh how they need it! Send - we'll see, we'll touch ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
  5. valentine light
    valentine light 27 September 2022 14: 20
    It is immediately clear that the Dutch car is All in a light haze of Kumaran in the photo. :))

    I wonder why they need a combat vehicle in the center of Europe?
    1. Petr_Koldunov
      Petr_Koldunov 27 September 2022 16: 09
      Ah need to same as thought converge! :)) I left a comment - and saw yours :))
  6. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 27 September 2022 16: 08
    And why is this Dutch prodigy covered in smoke in the photo? Is the crew puffing marijuana while moving?
  7. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 27 September 2022 16: 10
    It is strange that the unshaven president of Dailand has not yet performed his signature solo: "Give, give, give ..."
  8. Graduate engineer
    Graduate engineer 27 September 2022 17: 33
    We would like this. With such protection (forehead from 30-mm arrows) + KAZ from ATGMs, and firepower (BOPS, fragmentation with programmable detonation), how many problems would be solved. But, money is needed, big, which is not there - they went to the yachts of the Abramovichs, the Usmanovs and their comrades.
  9. S. Sergei
    S. Sergei 27 September 2022 22: 07
    The era with 57 mm was even tried on the BMP-2. It would be quite a solution. That's just a long time we try on.