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New York Times: German Chancellor reacts negatively to the words of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, who accused Berlin of "abstract fears"

New York Times: German Chancellor reacts negatively to the words of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, who accused Berlin of "abstract fears"

The American edition of The New York Times writes that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is extremely annoyed by the statements of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba about Berlin's unwillingness to supply Kyiv Tanks Leopard and BMP Marder.

Recall that Kuleba recently noted that Germany has no reason to refuse to supply modern armored vehicles to Ukraine. The minister added that he was disappointed with the position of Germany, as its leadership relies on some kind of justification and "abstract fears", which is not at all like the leading state in Europe.

In turn, Olaf Scholz, according to the American edition, reacting negatively, rather emotionally responded to the accusations from the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. According to the chancellor, leadership lies precisely in the ability to make the right decisions, and not in fulfilling any requests of "partners".

It is worth noting that Germany today is in a very difficult position. Being under pressure from the United States and partners, Berlin cannot refuse to help Kyiv. At the same time, this assistance is extremely expensive for Germany itself. Because of the confrontation with Russia, German business has already lost a huge market, and high gas prices in the near future may bankrupt the German industry.

At the same time, "grateful partners" in Kyiv regularly attack the German authorities. Haven't forgotten yet история with the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, who called Scholz "an offended liverwurst", as the Kyiv authorities again made insulting criticism of Berlin.

So, in addition to Kuleba, the president of Ukraine also expressed his version of the refusal to supply modern armored vehicles by Germany. According to Volodymyr Zelensky, Germany is hindered by the “Nazi past”. It is this "barrier", according to the Ukrainian leader, that does not allow Scholz to make the right decision. Added a degree of discussion of the topic “who do we help at all” in Germany and broadcast from the territory of Ukraine, where a tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a Nazi swastika on board passed live in front of the camera.

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  1. Fisherman
    Fisherman 26 September 2022 17: 11
    In nemchura twists his tail! The burghers survived - their current and future lackeys are also rude to them!
    1. Leshak
      Leshak 26 September 2022 17: 13
      Quote: Fisherman
      In nemchura twists his tail! The burghers survived - their current and future lackeys are also rude to them!

      In the case of relations between Ukraine and Germany, the definition is appropriate - the tail wags the dog.
      1. Fisherman
        Fisherman 26 September 2022 17: 36
        dill is most likely like lice on the skin of a German shepherd - they drink blood a little and make it itch, but the shepherd does not change plans because of lice ... not a tail at all.
        1. guest
          guest 26 September 2022 17: 39
          Yes, what kind of German shepherd, so what is a small mongrel.
          1. Shurik70
            Shurik70 26 September 2022 19: 24
            Quote: Fisherman
            The burghers survived - their current and future lackeys are also rude to them!

            Now the burghers themselves are the serfs of the Anglo-Saxons.
            As well as xoxly.
            So some serfs quarrel with other serfs.
    2. Greg Miller
      Greg Miller 26 September 2022 17: 18
      Quote: Fisherman
      In nemchura twists his tail! The burghers survived - their current and future lackeys are also rude to them!

      The current burghers, these are floor rags - wiped their feet and went on ...
      1. EXPrompt
        EXPrompt 26 September 2022 17: 28
        I would moderate my ardor, and would not be rude and would not perceive the greatest machine civilization on our planet in this way. The Germans have not yet spoken. Although Ukram tanks do not supply this position ..

        I will not poke, but the probability = 100% that today you drove the German inventions of the internal combustion engine or Diesel or a car. What was the last time you flew? - not on a jet engine by any chance? When was the last time you swallowed an aspirin...

        Where Russia is heading, we already hate everyone in the world.
        They are pursuing their own, interests, THEIR .. They should not pursue our interests. Respect and respect for the fact that the Germans do not bend to them, even to such a slug as Scholz.
        1. Fisherman
          Fisherman 26 September 2022 17: 56
          Benz created his ICE 21 years later than the Frenchman, who managed to sell almost 1500 engines, so not the Germans. The Carnot cycle is not named after Diesel, who only successfully implemented the Carnot cycle, with a delay of 66 years, and Carnot was ... wait a minute - also French! Oh la! Cugno's steam cart - damn it, well, again the Frenchman was decades ahead of the Germans, who stuck it into his cart according to his own principle instead of steam ICE. Even in the ancient world they knew about jet thrust and used steam pushers, Kibalchich invented rockets with jet thrust before the Germans in prison, gas turbines also somehow passed by the Germans, but six countries compiled and created jet aircraft at once, including Italy and Japan. ... The Italian car is considered the first successful one and flew in 1940, because the Germans kept their car in a terrible secret and who made the first successful prototype is a moot point now, although the Germans squeal that they flew back in 1937 ... that's debatable .. .on the Japanese kamikaze, jet boosters definitely stood in droves. I won’t say for aspirin (controversial tablet) - I don’t know, but then let’s go through the whole pharmacy and the Germans are definitely not leaders there. they forbade their soldiers from using them for cooking - rare rubbish is obtained from a microwave ... and the Yankees launched it into mass use and they poison us in cafes every day. So go to the Germans and clean their boots, and the scientific school developed all over the world, and whoever sold the wheel first is not an inventor, but just a cunning huckster ..... like Edison.
          1. YanniKounnar
            YanniKounnar 26 September 2022 18: 44
            Chechez "Charles Cros et son paleophone" aussi volé par Edison...
            30 April 1877
            Chechez "CVharles Cros et son paleophone" is also stolen by Edison....
          2. EXPrompt
            EXPrompt 26 September 2022 22: 50
            Fisherman (Dmitry)
            If you look at the inventor of the parachute and the Da Vinci helicopter this way .. This does not change the fact that he could not build it.
            And the Germans were the first to implement a diesel engine and an internal combustion engine and a jet engine ... and solved the technical problems of production, and MAINLY they were put into mass mass production in the world.
            So you can be smart, but few people remember Carnot, but for some reason all cars with a diesel engine in the world are called diesel in German. not a Carnot engine.

            So don't underestimate their success. This is a great engineering nation whatever one may say.
            1. Fisherman
              Fisherman 26 September 2022 23: 27
              Well, you yourself know what is written on the fence, but this is a fence ... "Edison's lamp" was not invented by him, but the registration of a trademark and the trade name imposed on the whole world does not make the lamp the brainchild of a scoundrel. Don't worry about the jet engine - the whole world almost simultaneously rushed forward with a small backlash, just as the V-1 turned out to be a dead end branch and greedy but uneducated businessmen - the United States - fell for it. Ours went their own way and bypassed everyone. The Germans are not an engineering nation, but a nation with excellent engineering discipline - these are different things, they simply perfectly implemented other people's inventions by robbing colonies and later the cheapest Soviet / Russian gas and shoved them into the market. But just as they forced captured and bought engineers to work for the Reich, so now the Yankees are buying inventions and implementing them, here the Yankees are overtaken by the "engineering genius" of not only the Germans ... it's unseen - to buy or steal inventions. Have the Germans gotten close to the helicopters yet? Moved Sikorsky from the Russian Empire, who fled?
              1. EXPrompt
                EXPrompt 27 September 2022 07: 28
                Once again especially for you.
                You can invent anything, but not everyone succeeds in putting this invention on the assembly line.
                Here, the Germans were the first in the world to manage to put combat missiles, jet aircraft, and a stormtrooper on the assembly line in the end ..
                They were able to design all this both technologically and to reach mass mass production.
                This is a real engineering achievement. And they made it the first in the world. whether you like it or not.
                Here the British, the first nation to industrialize itself in history, could not survive until 1945 and put any reagent on a mass production conveyor ... the E28-39 gloster, so it remained a prototype.
                the German analogue of the Xe280 seemed to be armed, and maybe he fought, but did not become serial ... but there was already a 262 really serial car.

                Not everyone is given the opportunity to bring their ideas and patents to mass production.
                1. Fisherman
                  Fisherman 27 September 2022 12: 02
                  they built their car on the bones and brains of all robbed Europe ... so praising the "discoveries" of the times of fascist Germany is a shame for you .... you still tell about the "highly developed culture" of France and Britain, which robbed the whole world and scored own museum storerooms looted.
                  1. EXPrompt
                    EXPrompt 28 September 2022 08: 05
                    You are a shame for you that you hate and despise other peoples of the world.
                    I remind you that fascism also began with hatred for individual peoples.
                    An adequate person understands and appreciates what different peoples of the world have done for civilization on the planet. And he appreciates their contribution to the development of the same engineering civilization.

                    The British robbed .. so excuse me, Stalin, in the same conditions of the necessary industrialization of the country, did exactly the same thing in Russia, he only robbed the Russian Church, the rich, and the museum of the Republic of Ingushetia. He sold bryuliks to the west, and remelted icons, for the construction of factories.
                    Industrial industrialization requires huge resources at the start, the British are smart, they robbed other Hindu Malays, etc., etc., Russia had no colonies, there was no one to rob, they robbed their own. If the colonies would have robbed them ..
                    I'll tell you more, Peter the Great also solved the problem of accelerated industrialization of the country, and also robbed the church, melting bells into cannons.
                    Everything in the world happens according to the same laws. To build the Dneproges and the Kharkov tank, you need to rob someone at the beginning. Life is like that.
        2. user
          user 26 September 2022 18: 02
          the greatest machine civilization on our planet. The Germans have not yet spoken.

          You don’t say such things to the Americans or the French, otherwise you will be tormented to prove something.
          Yes, and the Germans have no word, but there is the Chancellor Act, which, by the way, was concluded until 2099. And your admiration for the Germans is based on the assessment of other Germans who built the 3rd Reich.
          So temper your ardor.
          1. EXPrompt
            EXPrompt 26 September 2022 22: 52
            When I spoke about the Germans, I was not talking about the chancellor, but about such a people, the Germans. So far, there have been no riots and demonstrations against Scholz, I think close ..
            I don’t feel sorry for Scholz, I feel sorry for the hard-working big-headed people of the Germans.
            1. user
              user 27 September 2022 06: 24
              When I spoke about the Germans, I was not talking about the chancellor, but about such a people, the Germans.

              Yes, there was no such people after the Chancellor Act. After World War II, two nations were destroyed by the Americans. These are the Japanese and the Germans, but the people remained (although the Germans diluted it great with the Turks and other who came in large numbers, but the Japanese are still holding on). Where are those Germans who conquered all of Europe and bent over the Anglo-Saxons in Africa? It's just that the lack of resources ruined the 3rd Reich (and interestingly, the Germans are again stepping on the same rake). So there are a lot of people and citizens, but there is no nation, but where did the samurai go, who put all of Asia and America in cancer?
              So, apart from the passage with pots and flags, there will be nothing in Germany. Well, they will change the leading party, but the Chancellor Act will remain.
              1. EXPrompt
                EXPrompt 27 September 2022 07: 12
                You have a break in logic in the main.
                The 3rd Reich was initially destroyed not by resources, but by the exorbitant ambitions of their ruler who came to power.
                At first there were ambitions, and only then, resources were needed for them. At first, Hitler swung at world domination, and only then, during the war, 3 years later, by 42-43, it turned out that Germany was not pulling this war in terms of a lot of parameters, and resources are only one of them, far from the most important.
                But nevertheless, by 45 it must be admitted that the engineering nation of the Germans was able to massively put missiles and jet aircraft on the assembly line and they had a modern assault rifle, they had the first in the world, etc., etc. - these are facts ..
                This is the result of the work of the German engineering school, they really did it.
                So calm down, there was, and still is, the greatest engineering school in the world. Yes, after the war they were severely limited, but the Germans, always the Germans.

                PS Unfortunately, this reminds me of modern Russia, we see the leader's ambitions. And what about the resources and, most importantly, technology within the country?
                We are already buying UAVs from the Iranians ... This is with our great, best military-industrial complex in the world.
                1. Fisherman
                  Fisherman 27 September 2022 12: 15
                  the Nazis scattered their efforts, they really did not have enough resources, read where they got some materials and the same bearings from ... what, the "Great Reich" could not establish the production of bearings? I couldn't! And the material for submarines, and rare earths - everything was exported, they cut off sea supplies and their high-tech assemblies stood up, and yet Germany spat out a submarine a day at its peak! To crush the whole of Europe under oneself and make them work for oneself is not a miracle of "engineering thought", but pure colonialism. If you don’t have enough information, then I’ll share that Czech tanks were the basis of the Wehrmacht’s armored fist against the USSR, according to the Germans themselves, they were much higher in quality both in engineering and manufacturing .... cartridges and shells and artillery were also stamped by the Czech Republic to the Nazis and a quality higher than German ... one can describe for a long time the supposedly German "miracle of thought", which was not German in essence.
                  As for UAVs, this is a matter of corruption and stupidity of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Rostec and our defense industry, which incorrectly formulated tasks for the military-industrial complex, according to Rostec, there are now darkness checks, where they preferred to buy Chinese and not develop their own. Our engineering school is the greatest in the world, when it comes to tight control at the level, we are ahead of everyone. The UAV is not the height of engineering, the main thing here is to establish the flow ON TIME, this is TIME and they blew it, so we plug the holes with Iranian and Chinese. And the Iranian Shahids are not for long, the Anglo-Saxons will simply release cheaper MANPADS on the very noisy and hot Iranian internal combustion engines for drones and the issue with the Shahids will close itself. Therefore, ours are now going their own way in parallel - round-the-clock production of UAVs has already been launched in Dubna, and their development and bringing to mind different models is in full swing. They were simply late due to corruption and bureaucracy, but the engineering school did not get any worse from this.
                  1. EXPrompt
                    EXPrompt 27 September 2022 17: 40
                    The 3rd Reich was initially destroyed not by resources, but by the exorbitant ambitions of their ruler who came to power.
                    First ambitions, Mein Kampf and the beginning of the war, and only then ah not enough tungsten ah not enough nickel, oil, etc., etc. according to the list
        3. Alexander Salenko
          Alexander Salenko 26 September 2022 18: 59
          I usually put a minus for stupid comments, but in your case I will make an exception. About aspirin, there was such a pepper Konrad Lorenz, Nobel laureate in ethology. During the war, he was a Wehrmacht doctor and was taken prisoner. He, as a doctor, was attracted to medicine and he goes to the Soviet doctor and says that that German officer needs to open a limb. The Soviet doctor refused and Lorenz decided that ours thought to rot the German. However, he went on the mend. Our medicine, according to him, turned out to be superior.
          1. EXPrompt
            EXPrompt 26 September 2022 23: 20
            And does that change anything? A specific example of a medical error...
            This does not change anything, as the Germans were a highly developed machine engineering civilization and still remain.
            This is not the main thing .. We are Russians, since when have we changed, and began to hate and despise all the nations in the world.
            Who gave us the right to behave like this. And to what extent, such mental behavior will bring us in the end ... Here is my question, but you are talking about petty things.

            Scholz, for example, a slug is a weak leader, the Germans say absolutely nothing about the people .. We also had fools and weaklings in power in Russia .. it happened ...
            1. Alexander Salenko
              Alexander Salenko 27 September 2022 08: 58
              Why love? Since the 16th century, we have wanted to like Europe, maybe it's time to tie up with this activity? Regarding Scholz, and you look around, I didn’t perceive Merkel as a politician, but Sarkozy, but Holland came after him, now Macron. And Lisa from the Track, she's not a match for Thatcher. And if the people tolerate this, then this is a problem of the people, and a very deep one.
              1. EXPrompt
                EXPrompt 27 September 2022 17: 45
                Alexander Salenko (Alexander)
                You don't know history very well and you're delirious..
                But nothing that Peter1 himself, then Ekaterina2, invited them massively for the first wave to Russia. And they didn't just do it.
                But nothing that the Germans built and raised a very small piece of Russian industry in the Russian Empire.
                But nothing that Siemens Daimler, etc., etc., worked here in Tsarist Russia and built enterprises.
                It's like ... I understand everything, but it was not without reason that in the 18-19th centuries they were invited to Russia and given tax breaks ..
                Wake up, the Germans in the Republic of Ingushetia were both the industrial elite and the most technologically advanced agricultural producers of the Republic of Ingushetia.

                YOU stop hating all the countries and cities of the world, this is where fascism begins.
                1. Alexander Salenko
                  Alexander Salenko 28 September 2022 04: 51
                  Of course, I don’t know history well, but you probably unlearned at the history department, like me, at least, who doesn’t know it well. Moreover, you still probably didn’t learn Russian well, since you are confusing the present with the past. I’ll tell you in secret that Skopin-Shuisky also used Swedish mercenaries, and Pope Peter 1 hired the Scotsman Gordon in particular and generally created regiments of a foreign system, he is much no less reformat than his son in terms of the army, the Kremlin is an Italian fortress and the Italians built our temples from the 13th century.
                  They invited the Germans, for example, as colonists to us in the Crimea, among other things, because it was a big problem to populate new lands.
                  But there are two problems, the first, about which you say that the Germans were invited, only they served Russia, and the second is the admiration for the West, what the communists have been talking about for so long.
                  1. EXPrompt
                    EXPrompt 28 September 2022 07: 08
                    @Alexander Salenko (Alexander)
                    As you sang, we remembered who built the Kremlin for us and created the army.
                    You see, you even know Gordon. So we'll get to Bruce, Lefort.
                    Yes, of course, the first mercenaries appeared before Peter 1, but I told you EXACTLY about the waves of German emigration to the Republic of Ingushetia.
                    But this does not change the fact that Russia was reformed on the basis of German, English, Italian, French, including technologies and educated people. These are the facts they remained in the history of Russia.
                    You approach the main buildings of the RI-USSR-RF then built
                    Kremlin Italians, Winter Rastrelli, arena - Betancourt Betancourt, large - Beauvais. Isakiy - Bove .. All pure Russian people .. yeah ..
                    Who are the largest industrialists of the Republic of Ingushetia - do not believe the Nobili brothers.
                    Who built the Izhora factories - Vasily Gaste. etc
                    Who is the chief jeweler of RI - Faberge.
                    And they have no number.

                    About bowing to the West ..
                    Are you a normal person? Can't you distinguish agitation and propaganda from reality?
                    Don't bow, don't bow, you can't get away from the facts... The Germans, Italians, French, and so on and so forth built our Western technical engineering civilization here. Yes, the Russians studied, but the teachers were with difficult German surnames.
                    We don’t believe in Stalin’s industrialization either, we hired Germans, Italians, British, Americans.
                    AvtoVAZ who sold us?
                    Briefly draw your own conclusions.

                    And if you move to our time, we are already with the Iranians ... with the Iranians !!! ... We buy UAVs from the "great industrial nation of IRAN".
                    I am a Russian person, I have no non-swear terms on this fact. I will not speak, they will be banned. But this is an indicator for you of what the great military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation is capable of in 2022.
                    Who drills offshore oil for us - shell, chevron and schlum berger provide drilling support ..
                    Who supplies microprocessors here - inetel, SMSIay.
                    We sat for 3 centuries on Western technologies, we sit and we will. These are facts. You won't get away from them.
                    what do you ride? I personally drive a KIA - not a Russian car
                    You drive a vaz-kopeck, I congratulate you, the factory was installed by the Italians, the car is a licensed copy of fiat124 ...
                    Can continue to deny the obvious, and tryndet about admiration for the West. And continue to drive a VAZ.
                    The last time for the USSR it ended badly in 1991.
                    And what has changed since Peter the Great in 300 years?
                    Unless the balabols came up with the term admiration for the West.
                    1. Alexander Salenko
                      Alexander Salenko 28 September 2022 09: 43
                      My friend, it doesn’t matter what I ride, roughly speaking, the current situation in Russia does not inspire me in terms of industrialization. But the fact that we used their technologies does not speak of the greatness of the West, let's remember how much they stole from our country. And how many others, of course, get so fat on their money, you can safely invest in science. And yes, the penny is not the first fiat we produced, I can add about color film, for example, and about a lot of other things that we stole, that we couldn’t.
                      On the subject of balabols, and those who bow did not sell us to you? Now what do they want?
                      1. The comment was deleted.
                      2. Alexander Salenko
                        Alexander Salenko 29 September 2022 10: 16
                        What is your offer, surrender? Were we fed a little? Of course, you will excuse me, but in order for the turbines to spin, there must be energy, but does the West have it in abundance?
                        It seems to me that you accurately call our people stupid like that, saying that in the West there is, but we don’t. Well, it’s okay, we won’t have a Mercedes, but a Cossack, but will they definitely have something for their own money? Can't they just rob?
                        In Baghdad in the Middle Ages, for example, and understand, I'm not a fan of Asia, there were 200 bookstores in the 12th century, there were not so many in all of France.
                        According to current technologies, are you aware that Rosatom has no competitors? Now you know, no one was lying around. And in terms of rocket technology, we are definitely not the last.
                      3. EXPrompt
                        EXPrompt 29 September 2022 15: 18
                        Give up when I offered?
                        Rosatom is the world leader.
                        We are world leaders in a number of technologies. But it's a little funny when it turns out the percentage of bearing production in relation to demand in the Russian Federation.
                        What I propose is to start simple, to begin with, to condemn those who plundered the industry of the USSR. I understand that these assets do not exist, and perhaps the people who plundered are not in the country and are not alive.
                        Birch, red, etc., etc.
                        But this must be done exactly for 3 reasons.
                        1 it is necessary to give a political assessment of the process
                        2 A court decision is a possible presentation of further actions to seize property and money that will be found from the defendants and their heirs. Well, well, not confiscation, but let's say the imposition of fines comparable to the amounts for which they took ..
                        3 Lustration of all who participated and lustration of all beneficiary companies.
                        Until this is done, it turns out that privatization in the country was correct .. But this will not happen, our authorities will not agree to this, for the simple reason they are afraid to take on themselves.
                        And of course, to restore critical production, to invest a lot of money and time in this.

                        And to rearrange shouting about admiration for the West, this is a counterproductive thing. It is better for society to tell the truth about our history and about who built and taught it, and to tell the truth about the problems that exist in the country.
                      4. Alexander Salenko
                        Alexander Salenko 30 September 2022 10: 07
                        Here you speak counterproductively, while you yourself bow before the West. No, my friend, the West did not build us, that under Peter, that in the 30s, we hired them for money, these are slightly different things in principle.
                        As for the knowledge of history, let's start with the fact that in the broad masses everything is frankly bad with this and I see other completely different problems in textbooks. Even my generally good Soviet textbooks lagged behind science by 40-50 years. I would have a serious argument with my father when I was in the 7th grade, and he wrote a diploma from my future head of department, now the dean of the history department, just in the Middle Ages, though in archeology.
                        So the point is, as dad taught me, I poke him a link to the textbook that the knight’s armor is so heavy that he couldn’t get up without help, is it written? Well, my father explained that this, son, is complete bullshit, and this can only be said about tournament armor.

                        This is not the biggest problem, just illustrative of how a textbook can fall behind, I am simply horrified with textbooks on the history of my children. Well, for example, two paragraphs on the Greco-Persian wars, okay, okay, let it be the same in the old textbook, and two paragraphs on Old Testament Israel, such an important topic, or the Jewish religious lobby?
                        My daughter is an excellent student, let's ask about the Hundred Years War, but she doesn't know a damn thing about the Black Prince, or about the fact that after the battle of Poitiers the French regained significant territories, here is the textbook that I criticized, it was all there, opened daughter's textbook, but it's not there. In addition to the fact that the backlog has been preserved and even increased, the pedagogical quality of the textbooks themselves has fallen. Where are the basic concepts, terms.
                        It really was in Ukraine, in 2013, I went out to work at the school, they asked me to close the hole, and since my work is seasonal, I had such an opportunity. There, one girl went on maternity leave, the other had not yet had time to leave.
                        Here they are, the students, just passed the WWI, well, I push off from it and see, they don’t get it. Let me ask you for basic things, a positional crisis, unlimited submarine warfare - they don’t know a damn thing. And it’s not the teacher, she ran to the last during demolition, everyone thought, they told me how she didn’t give birth in the lesson, and not even in the textbook, there is about it. Nobody cares about FIG.

                        Going further, what do you propose about revising something like privatization and it is not the only problem, is it all big capital in Russia to be recognized as criminal, will the government itself go for it? For this, my friend, a revolution is needed, and I don’t even see a hint of a revolutionary movement.
                        History will condemn, in fact it has already condemned it, everything is clear, but now it is naive to expect that the ruling class will do this, and the non-rulers are not in a position to raise the question. Look at the Yeltsin Center, is it just a museum and how much struggle is around it?
                        Moreover, I believe that he has the right to exist, only there it is necessary to talk about the collapse of the country, default, banditry and other "charms" of his rule. But even this is not possible for the authorities to do.
                      5. EXPrompt
                        EXPrompt 30 September 2022 13: 48
                        One more time for those who don't understand.
                        It is counterproductive to deny that they did not build industry for us and transfer technology from the time of Petrovsky Stalin to the present.
                        They built it for us. It is a fact.
                        You say they were hired, does that change anything? They came here hired as carriers of the engineering military culture of their nation, and they were paid for this knowledge and skills.
                        It is counterproductive to lie. And to conduct impudent agitation about admiration for the West. It is productive to tell the truth as it is.

                        And if you don’t understand a little, then all this is very clearly seen in the current open source software, the whole world is already fighting with drones, and our Orthodox military-industrial complex has not been able to set up the production of cheap kamikaze, you have to buy from Iran.
                        Yes, we can fight with manned aircraft, we have a lot of it, but there is a feeling that the century has changed a little, we are already using technologies of a slightly different technological level against us.
                        Moreover, everything was visible even 20 years ago, the Americans did not hide the fact that they were developing UAVs of even a strategic intelligence level. And now these global hawks fly along the borders and provide intelligence information to the Armed Forces of Ukraine .. Well, ours were picking their noses .. That's how we live.
                      6. Alexander Salenko
                        Alexander Salenko 1 October 2022 21: 57
                        The fact that they were hired changes a lot, they built the Soviet Union, for example, in Afghanistan, they were paid fees, which they hardly received in their homeland.
                        I don’t remember something that in K=Europe they recognized something similar in relation to the Arabs, since you are equal to them, and there the Arab influence is no less, and it’s generally amusing to me that we are comparing Europe with all of Russia. And Mendeleev's periodic table is simply called the periodic table, and the inventor of radio is Marconi.
                        WHAT to tactics, how fundamentally different, for example, the archery regiments of Peter from the soldiers, do not tell? Are you sure that this is a European army? Maybe something on this topic is worth reading? There was a European one, well, a maximum uniform and formation of a regular army, we went our own way, so don’t lie, it’s not for me for sure, whether you like it or not. If Peter's army looked like some kind of army in Europe, then rather like the Swedish one, and then this similarity did not appear as a result of the Northern War, but because the Swedes had approximately similar problems.
                        At the same time, the European regular armies were formed as mercenaries and, in fact, they come to the national ones only after the French Revolution, you are still on the military forum, and at least you should know the history of the Russian army in the approximation.
                        If any army in our history looked like two drops of water to the European one, it was the army of Ancient Russia, they are not just outwardly similar there, take the tapestry from Bayeux, but also in the principle of recruitment and tactics, then from the 16th century it becomes completely another, and we could not create a hired one, say when Skopin-Shuisky hired the Swedes at one time, he had problems with non-payment of salaries, but there was no silver of his own.

                        And Peter's colleges, but how do they actually differ from orders, can you tell me? We have a historical basis that has never been European, so they didn’t build us, but worked here on a salary, and this is a big difference.
                        And bow to the Europeans for what? For the fact that they robbed a third of the planet, if not more, or because they are a historical anomaly? As for the whole world fighting UAVs, well, it’s probably worth remembering that we suffered a terrible geopolitical catastrophe, for starters, what happened to us? Well, for example, we have a plant that mainly worked for the defense industry, the only one in Russia that produces power tools. Almost 7 thousand people worked in it and now there are two. And the fact that the West gnaws at itself, by the way, what was written by both Marx and Lenin, doesn’t bother you personally? It seems to me that the degradation of the West is not visible only to the blind, and now I’m not even talking about rear-wheel drive and the like, although this is also, but just look at Western art, Western politicians, and the Western army too, for example, in Germany there was a problem with military transport aircraft during the war in Iraq, only the lazy did not talk about tanks, I now consider the Polish armed forces to be stronger than the famous Bundeswehr.

                        But since the conversation was about history, and who should be grateful to whom? The one who got the job? Ilim the one who gave it. You know, I myself hire workers, not on a permanent basis, but also in contracts. And somehow the thought does not enter my head that I owe them something, do you not catch the difference in approaches? I didn’t pay for their education, some of them are suitable for my parents, nor their experience was developed by me and I pay their work well too, I’m not greedy. So this is a micromodel of the economy, and the state is a macromodel, and market relations are by no means an invention of capitalism.

                        And what you are trying to say with your historical truth, then it must be created in its entirety .. And you stubbornly do not want to do this.
                        For example, in small Europe on June 22, 1941, 400 million lived without our country, and we have a little less than 200 - is there a difference in such spaces, or did you miss the word few people? And the big question is who provided services to whom if there were a large number of those who were not found in their native land?
                        In Europe there were a bunch of idlers who studied there for years at universities and did not really do a damn thing, some percentage of them came out sensible, but there were plenty of them for Europe. Of course, we hired highly qualified specialists, but not a small part, if they hadn’t died of hunger in Europe, would have led an existence similar to the current scourge. By the way, in recent times, so many economists and lawyers have been riveted in our country that they are simply not needed in such numbers.
        4. Bolt cutter
          Bolt cutter 27 September 2022 04: 11
          What was the last time you flew?
          The first workable gas turbine engine was built by the Englishman Frank Whittle.
  2. Roma 1977
    Roma 1977 26 September 2022 17: 16
    Offended, right? Can't be. Liverwurst, even theoretically, cannot be offended. When she is being fed to dogs, it is her business to remain silent.
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 26 September 2022 23: 14
      Quote: Roma-1977
      Offended, right? Can't be. Liverwurst, even theoretically, cannot be offended.

      I also drew attention to this.
      He was not offended by the "liver sausage", he pretended that this was such a joke of humor. And then he fluffed his tail like a peacock ...

      And further.
      According to Volodymyr Zelensky, Germany is hindered by the “Nazi past”. It is this "barrier", according to the Ukrainian leader, that does not allow Scholz to make the right decision.
      Zelensky, without realizing it and not wanting it, told the truth. If Germany supplied weapons, and tanks too, to the "warriors of light", then there would be no questions. And if Germany does not want to supply weapons, remembering Nazism, then the conclusion suggests itself that she does not want to supply weapons to the Nazis. She does not want to be accused of neo-Nazism, of reviving Nazism and helping the Nazis.
      A simple answer to the question - are there Nazis in Ukraine or not.
      Poor Zelensky! Looks like it’s difficult with elementary logic, he blurts out such things with his tongue.
  3. Flooding
    Flooding 26 September 2022 17: 16
    Added a degree of discussion of the topic “who do we help at all” in Germany and broadcast from the territory of Ukraine, where a tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a Nazi swastika on board passed live in front of the camera.

    Is there a video of this on youtube?
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 26 September 2022 23: 21
      Quote: Flood
      Added a degree of discussion of the topic “who do we help at all” in Germany and broadcast from the territory of Ukraine, where a tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a Nazi swastika on board passed live in front of the camera.

      Is there a video of this on youtube?

      I don't know about YouTube, but I saw it on the news.
  4. Emergency
    Emergency 26 September 2022 17: 16
    Wow! Scholz from the liver decided to become a leader. sad A German leader from an American lackey? It is unlikely.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 26 September 2022 17: 17
    104 years ago, Germany recognized the Ukrainian Directory and began to squeeze the juice out of it, now it's the other way around.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 26 September 2022 17: 22
      Quote: parusnik
      104 years ago, Germany recognized the Ukrainian Directory and began to squeeze the juice out of it, now it's the other way around.

      Here it is Retribution! And this is just the beginning! Learn history, Germans, and then don't be surprised.
  6. Uprun
    Uprun 26 September 2022 17: 25
    It will wipe off and continue to stir up ...., I, like the allies ......, do not want to run the line of the locomotive .... as soon as the arbashki go, the question will not arise for the leopards ....
  7. rocket757
    rocket757 26 September 2022 17: 29
    New York Times: German Chancellor reacts negatively to the words of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, who accused Berlin of "abstract fears"
    oh, oh, oh, "liver sausage" of something ... puffs, not happy !!!
  8. Alexander X
    Alexander X 26 September 2022 17: 39
    Soon Kuleba will kick Liver Sausage in the soup and put him in the corner with his knees on the peas. And what to stand on ceremony, since everyone allows.
  9. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 26 September 2022 17: 53
    all this tryndesh to us to one place, the main thing is that they continue to supply weapons (remember the watercraft near Sevastopol turned out to be ineffective, but this is only the beginning) and the further our troops get worse, unfortunately the Kremlin is only now beginning to understand this
  10. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 26 September 2022 18: 05
    Olaf Scholz is extremely annoyed by the statements of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba about Berlin's unwillingness to supply Kyiv with Leopard tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

    And who will pay for the tanks? Ukuraina has no money, and the United States will not pay the Germans for the independent. The Natsiks were so sick of it.
  11. Anton Boldakov
    Anton Boldakov 26 September 2022 18: 19
    Partly sorry for Stolz - he got in touch with Ukraine - and got a "wagon" of trouble.
  12. YarSer88
    YarSer88 26 September 2022 18: 26
    Did liverwurst grow eggs? Or did it seem? They carry him with his muzzle on the table, and he only bleats something indistinctly. In his person, the whole nation is humiliated if they do not understand this. For insulting speeches, conversations about any kind of help should be generally closed, I think. Well, or wrap around silently and be prepared for the fact that this will become the norm.
    1. Alexander Salenko
      Alexander Salenko 26 September 2022 19: 02
      Even liverwurst has periods of epiphany.
    2. Tochilka
      Tochilka 26 September 2022 19: 36
      And not just talk. All those who arrived from Ukraine - go home. Or allowances tightly cancel. And then parasites came in large numbers. From regions where there were no hostilities. And they sat on the neck of honest taxpayers.
      1. YarSer88
        YarSer88 26 September 2022 20: 50
        So why go home? Deprive benefits and let them spin there. Either they will run away themselves, or they will not have problems with cheap and relatively high-quality labor wassat
        1. Tochilka
          Tochilka 26 September 2022 21: 02
          To get any job, you need to know the language. Most of those who came in large numbers can only know "Hitler Kaput", "Hyundai Hoch", "Ausweiss and Faustpatron". And they know how to leave heaps of shit behind them. So these "refugees" cannot be forced to work. I think so.
          1. YarSer88
            YarSer88 26 September 2022 21: 29
            This is while benefits are coming, but as soon as they stop, they will remember English, and German. Yes, and we have loaders in warehouses that work with languages? One out of 10 knows, he is like a translator for them, the rest can only speak in their own way, and nothing.
  13. Alexander Salenko
    Alexander Salenko 26 September 2022 18: 51
    According to the Chancellor, leadership lies precisely in the ability to make the right decisions, and not in fulfilling any requests of "partners".

    But in fact, Kyiv was sent with its Wishlist.
  14. ASM
    ASM 26 September 2022 19: 01
    Yes, everything is clear. Germany has no surpluses, and even this parody will not dare to leave the country "naked" in front of the Poles. To release new technology, even simplified for the outskirts, resources are needed, incl. energy, but they are not. Their existing production stops, and then they ask to increase something. So let the n-s themselves supply 60s from the warehouses, but no one can repair them, and the logistical shoulder is hefty large.
  15. Revolver
    Revolver 26 September 2022 19: 13
    Liverwurst was really offended.
  16. Million
    Million 26 September 2022 19: 54
    What's negative there?
    Scholz had already been spat on by the Bandera people before ... More spitting, less spitting, he was no stranger to it.
  17. IVZ
    IVZ 26 September 2022 20: 54
    According to Volodymyr Zelensky, Germany is hindered by the “Nazi past”.

    Perhaps it’s not the Nazi past of Germany that interferes, but the Nazi present of Ukraine and, I hope, the remnants of national consciousness and self-respect among a part of the German elite, or at least concern for the German economy and the well-being of the Germans.
  18. faterdom
    faterdom 26 September 2022 23: 44
    Nervous what this Scholz.
    That means that he doesn’t like the name liver sausage, then “abstract fears” haunt ...
    Ukrainians know how to conduct foreign affairs, and others will be taught!