Ilya Galinsky: The revival of Great Russia may begin from the Transdniestria Eurasian region

Ilya Galinsky: The revival of Great Russia may begin from the Transdniestria Eurasian regionThe initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika on the creation of a “Eurasian region of Transnistria” and Ilya Galinsky, director of the Research Institute for Strategic Analysis and Forecasting (Tiraspol), commented on October 19 for the REGNUM news agency on negotiations on the issue between Tiraspol and Moscow.

The political leadership of Transnistria has recently boldly put forward and justifies the need for new constructive ideas important for the viability of the state in the context of embedding Transdniestria into global unifying structures, primarily in the Eurasian socio-political and economic space. It is in this aspect, as the realization of the will of the Transdniestrian people, expressed at national referendums, that the proposal of the Transdniestrian Foreign Ministry on the possible creation of the Eurasian region Transnistria should be considered.

Of course, this is not just some populist slogan used to solve any PR problems. In our opinion, this is once again a publicly declared geostrategic choice of both the Transnistrian people and their lawfully elected state power: Russia, the Eurasian political, socio-economic and humanitarian space.

The only question is that this, of course, a progressive and constructive idea, was not only heard and approved by the top political leadership of Russia, but also translated into practical implementation. However, taking into account the special place occupied by Transnistria in the world system of states, including the lack of its de jure internationally recognized status and a common border with Russia, this path may cause quite predictable difficulties and obstacles in the face of its geographical neighbors: Moldova and Of Ukraine. It is hard to imagine that the current pro-European and pro-NATO leaders of Moldova, who are geopolitically oriented towards the United States and the European Union and working to the maximum on the "reintegration" of Transnistria into Moldova, would so calmly "allow" Transnistria to turn into a Eurasian region, having lost its own in this case, even if only visible, but "legal legitimacy." It is very problematic that these pro-Western authorities would allow the "Russian-speaking" regions of the Republic of Moldova to join the possible "Eurasian region", especially on equal terms with Transnistria. In this context, it seems to be no secret to anyone that the Moldovan authorities utter beautiful phrases about the need to bring the two banks of the Dniester closer, but in fact they are doing everything to prevent this convergence from happening. An example of this is their position on the opening of a Russian consulate in Transnistria. Of course, Russia could calmly “spit” on the opinion of Moldova if it is outside the framework of Russian national interests, as is often done in similar situations by the United States. But it is possible that the political leadership of Russia for such a decisive action is not yet fully prepared and is waiting for any "final" confirmation of Moldova’s double play or fictitiousness of the declared neutral status. Although, in our opinion, evidence of this is more than enough. Especially, as regards Moldova’s participation in various NATO programs and projects and the NATO control of the Moldovan defense space. It should only seriously analyze all this.

It is also not difficult to imagine the possible reaction of Ukraine to the creation of the Eurasian region “Transnistria”, taking into account the existence of a common border between the countries, and its declared desire to join the European Union. Again, and this is not a big secret for knowledgeable political experts, a strict demand was placed before Ukraine by the EU leadership - a mandatory condition for the rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU should be maximum support for Moldova’s “reintegration” policy of Transdniestria, including support for all restrictive measures, against the people of Transnistria. In other words, modern Ukraine, which conducts its geopolitics largely under the dictation of the “Euro” and “American” commissars, will insist on exclusively Moldovan jurisdiction over the possible future Eurasian region “Transnistria”. Which, of course, is unacceptable not only for the people of Transnistria, but also for its political class.

Does this mean that the creation of the Eurasian region "Transnistria" is not feasible? Of course no. And perhaps feasible. The quickest and easiest solution to the problem would certainly be the official recognition of Transnistria by Russia (following the example of Abkhazia and South Ossetia). Russia has plenty of arguments for this. Here is the illegal withdrawal of the Moldavian SSR from the Soviet Union in the past, with gross violations of the relevant Law 1990 of the year and, accordingly, the deprivation of the right of the Transdniestrian people to self-determination. Also in this series is the still not reversed decision of the Moldovan Parliament on the legal insolvency of the consequences of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Here, there are also gross violations of the fundamental rights and freedoms of 170 by thousands of Russian citizens living in Transnistria by the Moldovan authorities. Finally - these are the results of the national referendum 2006 of the year, which showed that all Transdniestria for their independent state wanted Russia (17 September 2006 of the year, a referendum was held in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, which resulted in more than 97% of voters in favor of independence of Transnistria from Moldova and subsequently joining Russia - REGNUM comment).

Another, more painless, in our opinion, through the creation of the Eurasian region "Transnistria" can be the practical legalization of the decisions of the Madrid Convention 1980 of the year, their transfer to the Eurasian space. Namely, according to the Convention, subjects that do not have a legally approved status can become equal participants of the Euroregions (to the question, if Russia is not ready to consider officially Transdniestria, not de facto, but de jure state).

In any case, as they say, the political ball is on the Russian side today. The Transnistrian side is ready for any support of the Russian position. Therefore, it all depends on what political choice Russia will make in this direction, in this matter. And, perhaps, it is with this choice that the true revival of Russia as a Great Eurasian and world power will begin. Pridnestrovians are expecting a lot from a new meeting soon with Dmitry Rogozin, the representative of the Russian president for Transnistria. It is quite possible that he will bring to Pridnestrovie any practical proposals for explaining and deciding on the implementation of the substantive aspect expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a youth forum in Seliger that only the Transnistrian people should determine their own future and their political status.
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  1. +9
    October 22 2012
    It's time to collect stones. Well, only for some reason they are scattered alone, but others have to collect it.
  2. +9
    October 22 2012
    yeah ... a lot of problems after the collapse of the USSR accumulated ... although I did not live with it, but I think it would be better if it did not break up ...
  3. +3
    October 22 2012
    A temporarily frozen conflict that could explode at any moment. It is still the Moldovans have enough brains not to shake the situation. But our sworn "friends" can also "help" to destabilize the situation around Russia. Ours need to think something. Although it is very difficult here - there is no common border, and you are not our helpers here.
  4. wax
    October 22 2012
    We will not give up Transnistria.
    1. S_mirnov
      October 22 2012
      Unfortunately from you comrade Vksa, now nothing depends. For at the moment, power in our country does not depend on the people. And the referendum will soon be equated with extremism! Less ponte, write what exactly are you going to do so that our country does not give Transnistria ... that nothing - then there is nothing to shake the air!
      1. 0
        October 22 2012
        I agree with you 100%. While people in power in Russia do not know what they want, from whom, and for what, from whom and why, it is too early to talk about the fate of Transnistria. By their inconsistent actions, the authorities are signaling to the whole world that Russia is ready for anything, but only in words, and when it comes down to it, then into the bushes. 08.08.08 is an exception to their rules. The top understood. that if it does not provide assistance to South Ossetia, then this very top may not exist. There are a lot of examples of inconsistency. to enumerate their thankless task (who knows, that one will understand, but for those like the "wax", they will not understand anything to say for nothing, they blindly believe in the sinlessness of Putin and his entourage, and in the strength and might of Russia).
  5. Alex_AS
    October 22 2012
    The people who live there, although they voted for "the subsequent entry into Russia", are well aware that these are plans that are not destined to come true ... A dream for a brighter future ...
  6. S_mirnov
    October 22 2012
    "From the Eurasian region" Pridnestrovie "the revival of Great Russia may begin" - that's real, these Mozhalschiki got tired of it! MAY start, MAY not start! About MAY our journalists smear snot for a long time. MAY start to live better, but MIGHT not, MAY we will pick up corruption, but MAYS it us! I suggest the readers of this magazine minus a priori all articles with the word MAY in the title. I would like to read "From the Eurasian region" Transnistria " can to start The revival of Great Russia has STARTED! "It's time to disaccustom our zhurnalyug to pickle!
  7. +3
    October 22 2012
    I don’t understand that everyone is eager for the EU? Is it spread with honey? The example of the Baltic countries seems to be very revealing, with the Soviets and where they rolled into the EU. Is it not enough for others? The EU itself is cracking at the seams. Or do they want to be operid and overgrown?
  8. 0
    October 22 2012
    In any case, as they say, today the political ball is on the Russian side.
    In Russian, then in Russian, only players are somehow sluggish, what are they waiting for?
  9. 0
    October 23 2012
    You cannot ignore the opinion of the people of Transnistria, you cannot abandon OWN! Moreover, there is no visible line of those who want to unite with Russia, on the contrary, in the former republics there are many who want to yap at Russia, accuse it of all mortal sins on the orders of Europuppeteers and their Overseas patron. The inclusion of Pridnestrovie in the orbit of Russia will strengthen its position in Europe and in the world and will cool the ardor of excessively zealous Russophobes who rave about "great" Romania, then Poland from sea to sea, and other sixes who earn on hostility to Russia!
  10. 0
    October 23 2012
    This is here, on the site, between us clever and clever, all problems without exception are solved. But in practice it turns out a little slower, and given the difference in the priorities of the problems, we will not wait for a solution to some problems.
  11. karimbaev
    October 23 2012
    Dreaming is not bad !!!!!
  12. 0
    October 26 2012
    Eastern Ukraine + Transnistria is our everything, and let Bandera go wherever they want, they go there, even in the EU, even in Romania, to local Roma and hell Count Dracula himself at the same time! ))))

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