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American press: Ukrainian troops in Soledar do not trust local residents, and they do not trust Ukrainian troops

American press: Ukrainian troops in Soledar do not trust local residents, and they do not trust Ukrainian troops

Western media write that the Ukrainian armed forces may soon lose Bakhmut (Artemovsk) and Soledar. Recall that the allied forces a few days ago entrenched themselves in Artyomovsk, in its industrial part, and are systematically moving deeper into the city.

American journalists from the New York Times write that the Ukrainian army is not favored in these territories. Jeff Gettleman of that publication notes that many refuse to obey Kyiv's order to "need to evacuate."

From material in NYT:

The situation in Soledar is such that the Ukrainian troops do not trust the locals, and they do not trust the Ukrainian troops. Nobody trusts anyone.

At the moment, hostilities between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the NM of the DPR and LPR are already taking place in Soledar itself.

According to Andriy Marochko, representing the Lugansk People's Republic, there is an advance of the allied forces in the city, the enemy troops are being pushed back - street by street.

The Soledarsko-Artyomovskaya agglomeration, we recall, was turned by the enemy (according to his standard tactics) into a fortified area. The Armed Forces of Ukraine use the residential sector to organize positions, create firing points there, deploy heavy equipment, which once again proves that they are of little concern to the fate of the local population. In this regard, Gettleman's statement that the residents of Soledar do not trust the Ukrainian military is quite understandable.

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  1. white fall
    white fall 19 September 2022 06: 08
    Hehe, how can Ukrainians be trusted when they ironed their own city before that? And it's hard to trust drug addicts and fascists
  2. coinsam
    coinsam 19 September 2022 06: 33
    The situation is such that it is better not to trust anyone. Trust is very misleading.
  3. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 19 September 2022 06: 35
    Will they trust us? After the "incident" near Kharkov
    1. Alexander Salenko
      Alexander Salenko 19 September 2022 07: 40
      And we to them? Let's put the question differently, those who trusted us, this is a problem now, but what did they do before? They looked to see if Crimea would come out or not, and if they had risen in 2014, there would have been no shelling of the Donbass, no NMD.
      1. dmi.pris
        dmi.pris 19 September 2022 08: 26
        So in the Crimea, there are still utyrki from the locals. However, this applies to all of Russia, especially to the capitals.
        1. Trapp1st
          Trapp1st 19 September 2022 09: 14
          So in the Crimea there are still utyrki from the locals.
          I went to Sevastopol this year. It's still a long, long time...
          1. Alexander Salenko
            Alexander Salenko 20 September 2022 06: 04
            I don’t know what you could see in Sevastopol, I go there regularly so much that I can get a residence permit.
            1. Trapp1st
              Trapp1st 20 September 2022 12: 38
              I don’t know what you could see in Sevastopol
              Ukraine left the Crimea, but Ukraine did not leave the local staff.
              I go there regularly so much that I can get a registration.
              The same nonsense
              1. Alexander Salenko
                Alexander Salenko 20 September 2022 14: 28
                And what did you see in Sevastopol from the frames? They could only impose a governor there, how did you encounter bureaucracy after visiting there?
                1. Trapp1st
                  Trapp1st 20 September 2022 14: 38
                  And what did you see in Sevastopol from the frames? They could only impose a governor there, how did you encounter bureaucracy after visiting there?
                  With the Russians 20-25 years ago. Maybe the next generation, intermixed with continental Russians, will be the same as in the rest of Russia. In Yevpatoria, this is by no means the case.
                  1. Alexander Salenko
                    Alexander Salenko 21 September 2022 06: 57
                    Well, Yevpatoria is a less pretentious city, frankly, Sevastopol residents annoy with their show-offs, but a pro-Ukrainian Sevastopol citizen is nonsense.
                    1. Trapp1st
                      Trapp1st 21 September 2022 09: 13
                      frankly, Sevastopol residents are annoying with their show-offs
                      Not the Russian mentality, Ukrainian, in Russia for a long time there is no such thing, but the fact that they now do not like modern Ukraine is already a detail.
                      1. Alexander Salenko
                        Alexander Salenko 21 September 2022 09: 31
                        Sevastopol didn’t like any Ukraine, I have fellows from Sevastopol, my parents. If they don’t like something now, it’s the prices in stores, because of the military, Sevastopol is already more expensive than Yalta. We have the same picture next to Simferopol in the garrison in Gvardeisky, they are going to us in cars.
                      2. Trapp1st
                        Trapp1st 21 September 2022 09: 34
                        Sevastopol did not like any Ukraine
                        Yeah, especially business owners))) I'm talking about the difference between the continental "Russian" and Sevastopol.
                      3. Alexander Salenko
                        Alexander Salenko 21 September 2022 09: 57
                        Well, I can agree with business. It's a matter of business, communications are interrupted.
                      4. Trapp1st
                        Trapp1st 21 September 2022 10: 00
                        communications are interrupted.
                        It's not just about connections, more bureaucracy, falling revenues, taxes, rising rents, etc... Some of the owners I spoke to this year frankly don't care what flag they raise, in general...
                      5. Alexander Salenko
                        Alexander Salenko 21 September 2022 13: 58
                        It was you who communicated with specific characters very much. The bureaucracy in Russia is stupid, but do you think when everything was decided for bribes in Ukraine it was much better? I just know how the same business was crushed under Yanukovych, and how people were sent to jail. And certainly not Sevastopol to complain in this regard, I have no idea with whom you could communicate there.
        2. Alexander Salenko
          Alexander Salenko 20 September 2022 05: 59
          Yes, I know them personally. Recently, with a friend, such bones were washed.
      2. Dingo
        Dingo 19 September 2022 18: 01
        What a fool you are... You don't rummage around from the word "vaasche"... Did you finish school a long time ago? Or not yet?
        Like many here. Excuse me, "couch" - the grass is green, the sky is blue, we will win!
        I'm wrong? Yes, do not talk with your legs, answer ...
        1. Alexander Salenko
          Alexander Salenko 20 September 2022 06: 03
          School? I didn’t finish it, I, sharp, have been for so many years that I’m fit for your fathers, I would say, yes, there are already 4 warnings hanging. Chot I do not rummage, balabolisty my interlocutor? I know Ukraine, if not all, then not a small part of it, and you?
          It sucks that your mom and dad raised you, you turn to strangers, VO has deteriorated, because such parsley has come running.
      3. Dingo
        Dingo 19 September 2022 19: 18
        Alexander, my classmate (at school he sat next to me, in the Nizhny Novgorod region) - now lives in Lugansk. Well, that's the fate...
        He served "urgent" (DMB 77-79) IN the "zapadenschina", near Ivano-Frankivsk. Mechanical driver of the BMP, before being called up, he graduated from the ship-mechanical "techie". I stayed there, IN Ukraine - no, in the east, in the mine "coal rubal" ...
        Married, wife, children ... Already grandchildren.
        , he has all his relatives in "separas" ... All these years, since this "guidance" began ... On the Maidan ...
        Do you even understand yourself that you are "talking"? (The mildest expression allowed here).
        Before whom are you, "couch", wanted to "put the question"? You know your "Wishlist" yourself, where to put it? ...
        The other day I talked with him via video (Vatsap, sometimes Viber. He doesn’t have a cart).
        The fact that it is depressed - to say nothing.
        "...Vit, the other day I was walking with my grandson - on the wall of a neighboring house there is an inscription -" gays in the EU are not so scary as "3.14..y" in the Kremlin "...
        And this is in Lugansk, schoolboy, in Lugansk!!!
        What are you talking about there, "saenko" about the shelling?
        "...if they got up..."
        If my grandmother had ...- she would be a grandfather ...
        Who stopped them? Anyone on this site be able to give an honest answer? Or are "schoolboys" not "in business"?

        We fought, bl ... n. "Multi-move regroupings" ... Their name is not a legion. Their name is loot ...
        1. Alexander Salenko
          Alexander Salenko 20 September 2022 06: 11
          My last name is Salenko, but who are you, I don’t understand. Re-read my post, stupid citizen. Unlike you, the non-couch one, I went to the anti-Maidan and took part in a fun event on February 18, 2014, along with the Donetsk people.
          So, for the stupid, I repeat, the referendum in the Crimea on March 16, when the clashes between Strelkov and Khodakovsky began? And when was the house of trade unions in Odessa burned down?
          What can you tell me, worker? The fact that the expectation of war is not funny? So you yourself have no idea what it is, and it never crossed your mind where to hide your family with children, because a massacre is coming and I literally say this So cover your mouth. You don't have to reveal it.
  4. igorka357
    igorka357 19 September 2022 06: 38
    Yes, let them cut each other’s throats at least there .. They are not brothers to us, look how the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke out in Balakliya, those who grabbed our humanitarian aid with everything they could .. tfu ..
    1. Quote Lavrov
      Quote Lavrov 19 September 2022 07: 05
      And how will they trust us if they don't feel that Russia has come forever?
      How many of those who sympathized with us, worked with us, did we leave and the Ukronazis simply destroyed them when they entered the cities?
      Or do you think that the population, which has been turned against us for 30 years, should immediately go into resistance and throw themselves under Ukrainian tanks? No - it will do this only when we offer a real alternative to the Kyiv regime, when it feels our strength behind them. And this alternative should be much better than its Ukrainian counterpart
      We must fight for people, their opinion, their position, and not leave it to ourselves to ensure our survival, especially when we withdraw from the regions.
      1. Pavel73
        Pavel73 19 September 2022 07: 20
        Everything is interconnected. How can the local population trust Russia if they are not sure that it has come forever? And how can Russia trust the local population if it is not sure of their loyalty? All this can be found out only by typing. Which, by the way, is visible from the very beginning of the NMD: our troops entered the territory of Ukraine with relatively small forces, but along the entire length of the land border. Where we will be accepted and where not. Donbass, south of Zaporozhye and Kherson - yes. Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and apparently Kharkov - no (yet). Have not profited yet with the Nazis and NATO. The departure of the Russian army from the Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkov regions speaks primarily of the hostile attitude of the local population. Not ready yet.

        Well, we'll wait.
        1. Quote Lavrov
          Quote Lavrov 19 September 2022 07: 23
          "at random" you can get only today's result. And work with the population should be systematic, scientific, systematic and carried out at all levels. If the agenda is not formed by you, then you will be forced to adapt to the agenda imposed on you by the other side, and this is a road to nowhere. And even more so, you should never allow a gap between promises and actions. For example - we hold a referendum - we don't hold a referendum - we do, but maybe sometime later - no, so the population only forms doubts, and not an understanding that we have seriously and forever returned. I'm not talking about the "alignment of the front line" and the unpunished killings of representatives of local authorities
          1. Pavel73
            Pavel73 19 September 2022 07: 34
            Systematic, scientific and systematic work is underway. But verbal propaganda alone is not enough. Things are needed. An example is the active restoration of Mariupol. Most recently, the former under the Nazis and lying in ruins. The same will happen in other cities affected by the war. If it gets better there than under the Bandera regime, the population of the still Ukrainian regions will also turn away from the Nazis. This will be the proof whether Russia is serious or not. Not in words, but in deeds.
            1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Alexander Salenko
            Alexander Salenko 19 September 2022 07: 44
            Did you sympathize? I did not see Kharkiv residents on the anti-Maidan, maybe they were there in homeopathic doses. There was Donbass, there was Crimea, and what were these khataskrayniks doing? There are sincere people there, but not so many. I've been saying since the beginning of the SVO that Kherson and Kharkov are full of Svidomo, or neutrals. They didn’t think that someone could decide to make a career, as in the Crimea, for example, Polonsky, I remember his pro-Ukrainian position and was very surprised to see him in Aksyonov’s Russian Unity, and his dad is such an outspoken Banderite.
    2. Ratmir_Ryazan
      Ratmir_Ryazan 19 September 2022 07: 13
      What were you waiting for? That the inhabitants of Balakleya will rush under the tanks?
    3. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor 19 September 2022 13: 21
      There are a lot of social networks, you need to look about everyone, about the history of his comments, if he spoke out against Russia, then he needs to be destroyed, he is an enemy.
    4. Dingo
      Dingo 19 September 2022 19: 46
      That's really the truth (forgive me, Lord) - The Fatherland is waiting for heroes - p ... and gives birth to fools. (Damn, for this comment I will be "banned" again ... But I can’t do it differently. Not the same upbringing, however.).
      I want to ask - and leave the population, processed for 30 years by propaganda - and naively believed that "Russia has returned. Russia forever!" How is that ? Multi-move - or regroup?
      Yes, for 30 years we ourselves have grown a "generation of Pepsi", ... victims of the Unified State Examination.
      Sorry student. It's not about you. You are smart, handsome, educated... True, you haven't served in the army yet... Sick? I sympathize... Well, nothing... Look, our minister also didn't serve a single day in the army - and go ahead... If you grow up, you'll replace him. Yeah?
  5. 41st region
    41st region 19 September 2022 07: 26
    The task of the peaceful is to survive. And then you will see who to believe. Red or white, Russian or Burkina Faso.
    Few will oppose the military (any) or even express condemnation. They'll kill you and they won't ask you for your last name.
    Therefore, the situation is completely standard.
    Away from the military, closer to the shelter.
    There are also certain local features ...
    1. Dingo
      Dingo 19 September 2022 20: 14
      Quite right, 41 regions. They will put "against the wall" for one or two ... What are ours - what are "banderas" ... This is a war - whatever you call it - NWO or .... otherwise.
      To survive, to save a family - especially when they "throw" you, while distributing passports left and right - and at the same time "leaving" for "regrouping", leaving those who believed to be eaten by punishers - this is aerobatics ... I just don’t know what . Abominations? Or how to call it?
  6. Uprun
    Uprun 19 September 2022 08: 00
    And someone put himself in the place of the inhabitants of the Kharkiv region ...., Kherson today .... There were no shelling .... and then it started ...., DRG in the city, terrorist attacks everywhere .... Good on the couch in the depths of Russia, but what is it like there? Family, children, parents.... Do people have confidence?
    1. The comment was deleted.
  7. Mazunga
    Mazunga 19 September 2022 08: 26
    that the locals don’t give you a loan, but then what is the machine for you)))