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Outrageous creative from the Ukrainian opposition

Outrageous creative from the Ukrainian opposition

In the course of the information war for Ukraine, Western leaders came to the use of creative and even sometimes outrageous tools of influence on public opinion. So, on the Internet some time ago a campaign called “A referendum on Ukraine’s accession to the USA” started and is gaining momentum. A large number of resources, including almost all the resources of the Ukrainian opposition forces, are actively involved in it. It was announced the beginning of the formation of groups of volunteers who are called upon in each settlement to collect the necessary number of signatures in order to further initiate the project. If we analyze the graphic and verbal stylistics, as well as how accurately and coherently the work is carried out, in which certain biased Ukrainian media actively speak, we can conclude that the entire campaign is organized and conducted not by a simple group of non-indifferent citizens, but by a very powerful and influential a political force with extensive experience in influencing public opinion.

It all started a little earlier. Thus, in April this year in the United States of America there appeared a tangible resonance in the media caused by the provocative article titled “Siberia will become part of the United States” in one of the publications of the Weekly world news. This material was about the fact that the influential political forces of Siberia want to join America. Moreover, among politicians and lawyers there were very serious conversations about the legal possibilities of such accession.

Now it seems that the second series of the scandalous project has begun, but this time Ukraine already wants to become part of America ...

It makes sense to say that certain opposition-oriented political forces of the Ukrainian state, not without material support from the West, decided to take advantage of the provocation in order to attract public attention. These forces appear to be inclined to hold a referendum in the country, taking advantage of the constitutional right of Ukrainians to self-determination. And everything would seem very simple. US law provides for the accession of new states to its territory if a decision is made by Congress. Ukrainian legislation, on the other hand, provides that the people are the sole bearer of power in the state. In addition, the Constitution of Ukraine also provides for the procedure for holding an All-Ukrainian referendum on the initiative of the population.

The campaign organizers are planning to collect 3 million signatures in order to be able to hold an all-Ukrainian referendum, the subject of which should be the only question: “Do you require Ukraine to join the United States as 10 individual states?”. Moreover, the organizers are confident that the majority (up to 90 percent) of the Ukrainian population will respond in the affirmative, because it is impossible to continue this way in the context of Ukrainian reality (poverty, unemployment, lack of social protection).

According to the initiators of the referendum, such a step will give a lot to both the state and its inhabitants: freedom, respect, well-paid work, financing, production technologies, high-quality education, social guarantees, professional army. At the same time, Ukraine’s accession to America is viewed as nothing more than emigration to a bright future.

The only thing that is surprising and puzzling is the harmonious and friendly connection of the Ukrainian media to this process, which, as if by agreement, placed on the front pages appeals to abandon state sovereignty. In addition, almost a half dozen sites created almost in one day, which are regularly filled with unique materials, almost immediately appeared on the Internet. The total number of informational Ukrainian resources with high ratings that are involved in the process is 36 portals. Moreover, active work with the public is also carried out in social networks Vkontakte and Facebook, where there are groups of professional network marketers. They convince people to support their idea. The fact that this work is being carried out quite successfully is evidenced by the fact that in three days only on Facebook, more than three hundred branches of discussions were created on various blogs and forums. On Vkontakte, this work is not being carried out at such a fast pace, however even there there are certain successes in the form of a multitude of groups.

At the same time, in real life (that is, outside the network), discussions about the shocking campaign do not stop, which very often leads to real verbal battles between supporters and opponents of the venture. It is noteworthy that all supporters of Ukraine’s accession to America practically in one voice repeat the same arguments and evidence that their position is very successful. Those who are in opposition to this undertaking (read sober-minded people), analyze in detail and disassemble the theory of the “Ukrainian bright future in America” to the smallest details, calling the campaign initiators not quite adequate people. They speak with great irony about the prospects of such a future for Ukrainians, saying that such nonsense could have only occurred to a madman. Moreover, to submit such ideas to Ukrainian nationalists, who in every possible way uphold the independence of the state, is simply stupid and even dangerous. And why America? Why not Japan or any promising African state?

In addition, as an alternative (in terms of delusions and stupidity), they propose declaring war on the Americans and surrendering in a few days, because, according to martial law, winners must feed and contain prisoners and their territories ...

Of course, if we talk about the legal prospects of such accession, then they do not exist. But it seems that this is not what the authors of the campaign wanted. The main thing is the wide resonance of deepening the split in Ukrainian society. It seems that they did not think at all that the amount of funds that could have been spent could have been invested in the national economy, there would have been much more benefit. After all, if you believe the opinions of experts, even by modest calculations, such a campaign will cost a couple of million dollars. And one more thing - if we analyze the entire course of the campaign, from the very beginning, the idea involuntarily suggests that the candidate for American presidents Mitt Romney, who has repeatedly expressed his opinion that Ukraine’s enemy No. XXUMX is Ukraine, can stand behind such a “creative” provocation. urgent need to join NATO ...

If we talk about the fact that all this venture really comes from the Americans, then it is quite possible to assume that Ukraine would become, if it joined the States, something like Brighton Beach, in which, in fact, most Ukrainians who left for America live.

But seriously, a quite definite question arises: why does Ukraine need it, why join the US as a state, if almost half of the world is such states and half-cadets (in this case, we are talking about those states that are involved in the American financial system, and in which the dollar holds stable positions). Thus, we can say that the Ukrainian state is already to a certain extent a semi-colony of America, in which the dominant is the American currency, technology, etc. The American banking system has a great influence on the Ukrainian economy, which becomes all the more noticeable if we consider Ukraine’s dependence on the global financial market conditions.

In addition, if we really take this idea seriously, it becomes quite obvious that its implementation is impossible, because in order to become a state of any state, it is necessary to be in relative proximity geographically. Agree, to fly to work every day across the whole of Europe and the Atlantic Ocean is a very tedious task ...

In addition, the commonness of culture, patriotism, knowledge and understanding of the American concepts and the American way of thinking is of no small importance. Ukrainians should also understand that the United States of America is not only a democracy, but also an order. What is there to work honestly ...

From all of the above, the only possible conclusion can be made: the idea of ​​Ukraine joining America does not hold water. Therefore, it is still better for Ukrainian political forces to try to translate socio-economic, political and legal relations into world standards and try to meet them ...

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  1. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 20 October 2012 08: 56
    The feeling that something is brewing is just creepy! When you read about Tatarstan, about Kazakhstan’s president Nazarbayev, you understand that Russia was enclosed in a tight ring, but what’s even worse is that those "who destroyed Russia" did not go far from power, made a cosmetic rocker and almost everyone is waiting for Putin's mistakes to repeat Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Only now, that would be for sure amers will introduce their troops, a reason can always be found, the main thing is not one su..and not vyaknet against them. You involuntarily begin to understand why they are foaming at the mouth of Stalin and repressions. Psychologically they set the people up to the fact that if these traitors begin to plant, they will start screaming that it is repeating for 37 years. But they must be planted, and they are not planted, which means that "propaganda" against the age of 37 is working. The deputies should be removed from immunity, because they are servants of the people. What good and correct laws they have introduced and which would have been simple and worked in the last ten years, I don’t remember. Every time I look at them ("deputies") and think that here is Putin with this pack, I apologize deputies, I do not envy. But every person has a weak point and this is primarily a family.
    1. Igor
      Igor 20 October 2012 09: 21
      Which country, such and allies.
    2. ughhh
      ughhh 20 October 2012 11: 22
      It is good that understanding is beginning to wake up; until recently, many did not believe that the opposition was sponsored from abroad. And do not be so tragic, everything goes on the right track, Putin did well. Another year or two will be a revolution. It seems to be soft, without social upheaval. It's funny that half the population may not even understand this.

      Regarding the article, he laughed a plus for the organizers of the boil. It will turn out funny if they reach the referendum.
      1. Норд
        Норд 20 October 2012 12: 22
        Just started to read the article and felt a complete deja vu. But I saw a link to the Karasev website and everything fell into place. Among my acquaintances, the mention of this gentleman does not cause anything other than a vile smile.
        Guys, I can say one thing: the whole article is utter nonsense. Even in Western Ukraine no one is discussing this issue. I used to treat the author quite normally, now I just won’t read anything written by him ...
        1. NAV-STAR
          NAV-STAR 20 October 2012 13: 38
          This is about such 90% of the population of Ukraine in question, the author had in mind those who daily betray their homeland by publishing similar articles and receiving American grants. Let the author rub his eyes, there are less than a percent of such grantees, and the common people soul for Great Russia. Brothers do not get fooled by such a farce and the work of American citizens, we are one people.
        2. Graaf
          Graaf 21 October 2012 12: 24
          I beg your pardon accidentally put "-", read the article, neighing from this nonsense ...
          1. Норд
            Норд 21 October 2012 12: 52
            Nothing, comrade, happiness is not in pluses.
  2. sergey32
    sergey32 20 October 2012 09: 00
    It is necessary to raise one more question for the referendum: do Ukrainians want to purchase part of the US debt in 15 000 000 000 000 US hryvnias in proportion to the population?
    1. Igor
      Igor 20 October 2012 09: 19
      What's the difference how much they owe? They have the most advanced technology, the strongest army, the largest economy, the highest standard of living, a large influence in the world and a large number of suckers who sell gas and oil for dollars and keep this loot in American banks.
      1. ughhh
        ughhh 20 October 2012 11: 31
        Lag behind, my friend, from understanding global trends. And the main global trend now is America’s fast-moving to hell. Sit back and enjoy the sight.
        1. Igor
          Igor 20 October 2012 11: 43
          Yeah ... Where are we going?
          1. ughhh
            ughhh 20 October 2012 11: 49
            to the sovereignty of America, at least .. then we'll figure it out.
    2. Felix200970
      Felix200970 21 October 2012 00: 22
      Quote: sergey32
      US debt of 15 US hryvnias

      As the saying goes: "Lord, may they draw the same amount" tongue
  3. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 20 October 2012 09: 07
    About 37 years old they say that there were distortions, there were traitors to make the people stand on their hind legs, but miscalculated, it cost many innocent lives, but now this is dead ... all on the surface, Check accounts, check real estate abroad, check, yes just look at how and what they live on, and the selection is ready. This is really not 37 where the traitors were very carefully conspired and worked so that they grabbed normal people who, by the way, were many among the middle peasants, but that's not about that!
    1. Pit
      Pit 20 October 2012 14: 11
      "Check bills, check real estate abroad, check, but just see how and what they live on, and the selection is ready."
      And who will check it? Who will give such a command?
      They, too, are far from living in the salary. 37 was so effective because people essentially didn’t have anything, and now, before going to check someone, any official will think from the beginning whether they will check me. And then again, mutual responsibility.
  4. cobra66
    cobra66 20 October 2012 09: 23
    Western Ukraine can support this garbage, Eastern all the same will be on the side of Russia it seems to me
    1. Igor
      Igor 20 October 2012 09: 27
      Every year there are fewer and fewer such supporters, especially among young people.
      1. Graaf
        Graaf 21 October 2012 12: 27
        Yes, and the further the fewer these supporters will be. Incidentally, the same is true in Russia, young people get drunk, sits at a computer, sniffs, pricks ... she is not interested in politics. Something like this!
      2. klava
        klava 21 October 2012 16: 21
        And indeed, the degradation of the mental abilities of youth is gaining momentum. There is a process of rapid separation of the group with high mental potential and the majority with smartphones and other gadgets. This process is reminiscent of the formation of the aristocracy in the Middle Ages from physically strong and cunning individuals.
    2. Splin
      Splin 20 October 2012 10: 18
      I did not want to interfere in political articles - but at least a little.
      Those who are over 45 still reach for Russia nostalgic for the USSR .. Those who are middle-aged-understand that there is the same garbage as ours. The more reactionary part of society is young people, who want to do a lot of shit and immediately don’t do any damn things for that - they are certainly against. Especially when the media receives negative information. Naturally, no one will allow such a referendum (even if it would not be a duck). There are questions that cannot be submitted because they contradict the Constitution.
      These are all little things, not worthy of attention. I read Romanian newspapers and forums yesterday, through an interpreter. That's where the snake club is. They clearly state that South Bukovina has been occupied by Ukraine and offer (you think about this insanity) to exchange for Transnistria, which they already consider their own.
      1. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 20 October 2012 20: 32
        Romanians swung cool!
        Even Odessa turns out to be a purely Romanian city!
        What do they smoke?
      2. Felix200970
        Felix200970 21 October 2012 01: 27
        Quote: Splin
        They clearly state that South Bukovina is occupied by Ukraine

        One out of two. Either the translator is no good, or it's time 300 fur. regiment (there is nothing else nearby) all the same to capture South Bukovina laughing soldier
        1. Splin
          Splin 21 October 2012 03: 03
          Thank you for the correction, thank you, and I had to check the map and information. Because this is a map from 1942, with the "returned" lands of the Kingdom of Romania and the occupied territories .. But even in spite of my blunder, in Romania they are discussing the restoration of borders, up to those that were in 1940.
    3. shkodnik
      shkodnik 20 October 2012 12: 00
      Well, why is this eastern will be on the side of Russia there are not only fools living
      1. SergeySK
        SergeySK 21 October 2012 11: 46

        Therefore, they will be on the side of Russia because not only fools live there!
  5. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 20 October 2012 09: 38
    Igor 4-It is not sad, but you are right for 120! About suckers and shitty money.
  6. Alligator_S
    Alligator_S 20 October 2012 10: 02
    Yes, this is utter nonsense! Do not think that only stupid people live in Ukraine. There are much more sane people here. And many, except perhaps the Bandera nedobitkov, believe that the three Slavic peoples will live together. In our country, no matter how some "well-wishers" slander us, we have the same moral guidelines and worldview. Only now the current Ukrainian rulers ("ghouls" and "genocides") have their own interests, but as they say they were not lucky with the people. And Russia does not yet have full sovereignty. But in the near future .......
    1. Igor
      Igor 20 October 2012 10: 05
      Quote: Alligator_S
      Yes, this is utter nonsense! Do not think that some stupid people live in Ukraine. There are much more sane people here.

      Yes, this is understandable, most of them vote there for fun and they know that this will never happen.
  7. Kshatriy
    Kshatriy 20 October 2012 10: 25
    ..... "In addition, as an alternative (in terms of delirium and stupidity), they propose to declare war on the Americans and surrender in a few days, because according to the laws of wartime, the winners must feed and contain the prisoners and their territories" ... ...............................

    ... At this point I was jammed with laughter ..... The author for the highest pedestal in the nomination --- "The funniest political review of the year" ..... + ... + ... + ......
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 20 October 2012 11: 32
      Yes, some politicians have a lot of fun with humor. Taken at face value.
      About captivity humorized in Odessa dozens of years ago during the time of Gorbachev.
      -Who has the highest standard of living?
      -In Norway.
      -Let's ask for independence for an hour.
      -What will we do in an hour?
      -Well, declare war on Norway and immediately surrender.
      Poltovites are the same English, tilki mov ne that.
      I have a question for the author. Will we be part of the United States with one state, or will 29 latochka stars appear on the mattress?
      Patient of ward No. 6 was stabbed, moved, smoked himself and broke free.
      Do not take someone’s nonsense and fantasies from House No. 6 for reality.
    PARROT 20 October 2012 10: 36
    Where do you get such news?) Ukrainofob.rf? We in Ukraine did not show this news on any channel. Is this your answer for Domodedovo? Russians are so Russian.
    1. Igor
      Igor 20 October 2012 10: 46
      Quote: PARROT
      We in Ukraine did not show this news on any channel.

      Yes, and in Russia this news was not shown on channels or did you confuse the Internet with a TV?)

      Quote: PARROT
      Where do you get such news?)

      Yes, all Ukrainian. On the sites this news was, though about 10 days ago.
    2. Splin
      Splin 20 October 2012 10: 47
      TVI and Channel 5 "Kanal Cheshnikh Novin" - talked about this a couple of times. But basically, such nonsense is sucked up in a maximum of 2 regional newspapers.
  9. Eugene
    Eugene 20 October 2012 10: 55
    And where did the voices about non-NATO membership go? Pupyrchatyy poured them into the sewers! And in general, I live in Ukraine, I follow the press. I hear about this nonsense for the first time. Something provocative.
    1. olegyurjewitch
      olegyurjewitch 21 October 2012 17: 07
      Quote: eugene
      . About this nonsense I hear for the first time. Something provocative.

      I live in Russia, visit Ukrainian sites, but I also hear about it in the first one.
  10. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 20 October 2012 11: 11
    I can’t read such articles without a shudder. I am very unpleasant! After all, there are RUSSIAN PEOPLE on the Dnieper and Chernihiv, in Odessa, Kharkov and Donetsk. It is necessary to get together and restore a single state, and not live in the territory occupied by foreign agents. It is not about restoring the USSR, it is about restoring the natural borders of the United Russian State, where you can take all the good from the past of the Russian Empire and the USSR.
  11. Arkan
    Arkan 20 October 2012 12: 43
    ))) A cheap anecdote, it is not known by whom, laid out in the internet has been elevated to the rank of state policy. Yes, the Slavs - shiz mow down our ranks. laughing
    1. in reserve
      in reserve 20 October 2012 13: 57
      Shiz then mows, but here they are the main goal they fulfilled brought confusion.
      1. olegyurjewitch
        olegyurjewitch 21 October 2012 17: 09
        Quote: in stock
        Shiz then mows, but here they are the main goal they fulfilled brought confusion

        What is the manifestation of turmoil? Enlighten.
  12. Kievan
    Kievan 20 October 2012 13: 54
    Article title
    "Outrageous creativity from the Ukrainian opposition"
    and the whole article as it alludes to participation in this Ukrainian opposition.
    And the organizers generally do not ambiguously declare
    We do not believe the stupid, helpless opposition. No one will take care of us except ourselves. Stop chewing snot and blunt. Like our page and share our idea with your friends immediately! Only together we are power.

    Of course, it would be possible to write off the illiteracy of the author Valery Boval if it were not for the elections in 7 days. Journalists such journalism ...
  13. datur
    datur 20 October 2012 14: 06
    ukry whom do you need ??????? laughing
    1. Graaf
      Graaf 21 October 2012 12: 36
      I would not want to insult your insignificance, but first: - we are not ukry, and secondly - most likely you, the young and young talents did not teach politeness and did not instill a culture of communication. Go to the ... library and read the correct literature, it will be better. For you, in any case, you’ll get your mind ... I think that forum users will support me. The incitement of ethnic hatred and insult should not be present on this forum. I apologize, but could not restrain myself from insulting.
  14. tambu
    tambu 20 October 2012 15: 13
    Well, you see, since we don’t need Russia to succumb to the United States, it’s a pity it’s not real, but I personally am FOR! ... and you know why? I want to live in a country that is respected, although I hate Americans, but I like the idea no matter what ...

    In general, I haven’t read much more idiocy for a long time ... they’ll call me such freaks at the door, I’ll send them, then I’ll think about it and put my signature on it ... only to live humanly, and not like the Russians, and just blather about patriotism...
  15. tambu
    tambu 20 October 2012 15: 14
    Well, you see, since we don’t need Russia to succumb to the United States, it’s a pity it’s not real, but I personally am FOR! ... and you know why? I want to live in a country that is respected, although I hate Americans, but I like the idea no matter what ...

    In general, I haven’t read more idiocy for a long time ... now such freaks will call me at the door, I will send them, then I will think and put my signature ... only to live humanly, and just blather about patriotism ...
    1. Pit
      Pit 20 October 2012 15: 26
      The Anglo-Saxons have not yet had one colony living humanly, and those territories that they annexed immediately lost most of the indigenous population. How many Indians in the United States are left?
      1. tambu
        tambu 20 October 2012 15: 42
        There are few Indians left in the USA ... wow ... they all left for Mexico)) So after joining Russia, more than half of the population here died, or they died of starvation, and so they shot like enemies of the peoples ... why did they forget? .. .a we remember ....

        believe here, more than half would have all the roots at once for all of them, getting them a social money of even 500 bucks ... then the heads of workshops at large enterprises get so much ... so that leave all your arguments about the colonies to yourself
          FREGATENKAPITAN 20 October 2012 16: 02
          Some YOU remember .... only one-sided somehow remember ..................
          1. tambu
            tambu 20 October 2012 16: 51
            there are none .... and not one-sided ....
        2. Kshatriy
          Kshatriy 20 October 2012 16: 52
          Quote: tambu
          So after joining Russia, more than half of the population here or died of starvation and even shot like enemies of the peoples ... Th, forgot? ... and we remember ....

          So someone shot you ... ... Aleksey Mikhailovich, or Peter Alekseevich? ..... I knew that you had a taperich story, but I did not think that to such an extent !!!!!!! !! And Pyotr Alekseevich near Poltava believed that he was fighting the Swedes on Russian soil ..... And why, with such hatred for the Russian invader and the sufferer by hunger, the peasants did not support the Mazepa and the King of Sweden ????? After all, with the full support of the people --- The Swedish crown, the persecutor and tyrant Peter the Great and would not stand a day, would have been near Poltava !!!
          1. tambu
            tambu 20 October 2012 18: 15
            Because I had in mind the years completely different 20-39 and the 20th century, well, since we were talking about those times, Mazepa was the brightest pyrememer, because not everyone was for the priest, the tsar, moreover, the famous Punitive detachments of Peter the First to remind against whom they were sent.? on whose land he fought he knew perfectly well, it was Hetmanism, and not Russian, learn history ... further Katka is yours too in 1775 didn’t shoot? Did she burn herself? So, let’s go without history with these excursions, especially the transition of the Moscow state to the Russian Empire ... is it that the name also changed just like that, or does the empire have some characteristic, huh?

            So do not tell me for a story that you all have the right and we all have the rest curve ....
            1. Kshatriy
              Kshatriy 21 October 2012 16: 39
              Quote: tambu
              on whose land he fought he knew perfectly well, it was Hetmanism, and not Russian, learn history ...

              So I now want to understand what kind of mine Nagramatnam is to learn, that ????? The one that your dear new owners slipped into ... I somehow don't believe in delirium ... "Pereyaslavskaya Rada", and the heroic struggle of Bohdan Khmelnytsky against the Polish-Jewish enslavement of the Ukrainian people ????? ...... In short, read your comics .... and do not try to slip your wonderful vision of this world to other people, like great "truth" .........
              1. tambu
                tambu 26 October 2012 01: 34
                Oh God .... but it all started with a comment, I quote: "ukry who wants you tries?" which corresponds to the rules of the site, according to which it is allowed to send 46 million people, but to blame one of these millions of his disagreement with this - no ... well, okay, let's play by YOUR rules ...

                So I meant the 30s of the XX century ... what does the "Pereyaslovskaya Rada" have to do with it? .... and I did not advise anyone to "great" truth ... this truth can be read on Vicki ... I don't know how in Russian modern history textbooks, but in the Soviet ones it was written like that, and what made it so outrageous? I still don't understand what exactly I'm wrong about?
      2. late
        late 20 October 2012 19: 21
        Easy ! More than 95% of the Indians were exterminated. Moreover, not during the war, the Indians were given blankets from under typhoid patients, soldered, evicted from their lands in the desert, where rainfall of 70 mm per year, in general, the Anglo-Saxons showed imagination.
        1. olegyurjewitch
          olegyurjewitch 21 October 2012 17: 14
          Quote: spat
          Easy ! More than 95% of the Indians were destroyed.

          Yes, good to drive, the Indians left for Mexico !!! wassat laughing
          1. late
            late 21 October 2012 19: 41
            Well, maybe the survivors .. No.
          2. tambu
            tambu 26 October 2012 01: 38
            I personally am there)) I’m supposedly shouted ...
    2. Eugene
      Eugene 20 October 2012 16: 10
      Kakeli, first of all, do not respect themselves. Why respect the Motherland, which, like a pig, has its own children? Who will now die for her, if she comes back, God forbid? I apologize for the emotions.
    3. Splin
      Splin 20 October 2012 18: 43
      Quote: tambu
      .a know why? I want to live in a country that is respected,

      And what have you personally done so that our country is respected? There is a wonderful Russian proverb "There is nothing to kick on the mirror if the face is crooked."
      1. tambu
        tambu 26 October 2012 01: 36
        I personally plowed at the state-owned enterprise for several years built very useful things for the country, which the country didn’t really need, but nonetheless .... so I personally helped my country as much as I could .... and you?
  16. Feanor
    Feanor 20 October 2012 15: 59
    Siberian influential political forces want to join America
    Yeah, well, but not all of Russia. The American media were even modest.
  17. Centaurus
    Centaurus 20 October 2012 16: 06
    Hmmm ... the world is going crazy. Soon, our politicians outdid the whole world regarding cretinism. But Mitt Romney is a Ukrainian who has changed citizenship, gender, first name, patronymic? .. What exactly does he pester us, nasty ...
    Let the orator speak in Africa ... orator, o-mine, for oral use, damn it!
    And in general, if such an idea rises at the state level (on joining the United States) it seems to me that there will be a civil war. And not a joke ...
    ... Fucking ... as 51 states! ... Them that woodpeckers have glued the brain to them ??? !!!!
    What states ??? Jobs, economics ... "shchastya" wassat ...
    eating that lucia ... well, let's join the PRC again! fool They also have economics, work ... and even harsh laws, and half of which provide for the death penalty. We ourselves need to introduce at least one such. For example, for propaganda. am
  18. Aleks60
    Aleks60 20 October 2012 16: 28
    For puppeteers, the worse the better. LAW OF FOOLS.
  19. wax
    wax 20 October 2012 17: 45
    Yesterday I voted in a referendum for lobsters - they didn’t bring, today I voted - they didn’t bring again ... Again, fat.
  20. mechanic11
    mechanic11 20 October 2012 18: 46
    The first time I hear about such a statement, although I constantly monitor politics.
  21. crambol
    crambol 20 October 2012 19: 22
    Probably some are very pleased to lick the American seat!
  22. Purgen
    Purgen 20 October 2012 19: 29
    Article, paranoid delirium.
  23. gladiatorakz
    gladiatorakz 20 October 2012 20: 59
    I am sure that such shit-making is really harmful to the friendship and the process of rapprochement between Ukraine and Russia. Too frequent the appearance of such crap on this site and the mention of grants for the enemies of the People resembles a proverb: The hat is on the thief !!! It is unlikely that anyone would dare to call the amount of slop about Ukraine on this site an accident. Question: who benefits from this? Russia or Ukraine? Horseradish. USA, Israel, EU? That's for sure. Nothing complicated: find a moron to constantly inflate the light. For money or stupidity. Let him write !!! It’s more difficult with the administration of the site, * patriots * to eat their flies, you have to translate grants with dollars into rubles. Just like in * Our rush *. - Do you think everything about Russia? You need to rest.
    1. Purgen
      Purgen 20 October 2012 22: 51
      Paranoid delirium.
  24. uizik
    uizik 20 October 2012 21: 31
    Gosha! The first time I hear. And who is it going to the States? We were still missing there! I don’t know about the referendum, why? I want to go to the beach in Miami and get a salary of 50 thousand dollars a day! Ideotism is complete!
  25. pavel007
    pavel007 20 October 2012 22: 50
    Yankees go home! and take us with you! wink I wonder how many states from Russia can turn out ..... let's join together! they certainly won’t digest it! that's just to learn English laughing I think this will be the main obstacle
    1. petro
      petro 23 October 2012 09: 40
      Amarik won’t pull them all together, he’ll fall back to the states. Then who will support democracy all over the world.
  26. Purgen
    Purgen 20 October 2012 23: 24
    ARTICLE!!! PARANOIDAL Nonsense !!!
  27. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 20 October 2012 23: 33
    It reminded me of A. Lukyanenko's story "Fugu in a uniform" - there, however, Russia joined Japan, but there was also a referendum, so the meaning was about laughing
  28. Ramldor
    Ramldor 21 October 2012 00: 08
  29. phantom359
    phantom359 21 October 2012 00: 31
    Merry little article.))) I heard everything, but it is.
  30. gen.meleshkin
    gen.meleshkin 21 October 2012 06: 20
    For independent and independent countries, joining the Americans as states is a powerful move. This is a recognition of complete bankruptcy, I would say a complete fiasco! With what are independent and congratulations. What Jatian state in practice and how it can independently live and be governed, they (s) have shown in practice. The author is right, you can’t hang around endlessly, like shit in an ice hole, you have to decide with whom, if the lyama themselves don’t have enough time to organize a well-fed and prosperous life
  31. petro
    petro 21 October 2012 11: 28
    Of course, this article is nonsense, and neither nationalists, and especially Ukrainophobes oriented to Russia will not agree to such an accession. Yes, and practically this is not solvable. But as an alternative to joining Russia, the version has the right to exist. And if you take into account all the pros and cons of each option, then the prospects of this option is obvious.
    1. Kshatriy
      Kshatriy 21 October 2012 16: 57
      Quote: petro
      But as an alternative to joining Russia, the version has the right to exist

      HI ..... ah ...... ah ... nice man ... Yes, with such a mind-blowing approach as yours, the option of joining the Far East to Japan is the best !!!!! gubernias, and those who do not fit --- shoot to the mother’s Ipen !!!!!!! ... So We Russian people have heard such nonsense more than once ....... poor ghouls end up with such thoughts bearing !!! !!!!!!

      Quote: petro
      , then the prospect of this option is obvious.

      Yeah ....... exclusively in your sick imagination !!!!!!!!!!
      1. petro
        petro 23 October 2012 09: 42
        Let's conduct a survey - you want to live both in the USA or in Russia. You doubt the results.
    2. Purgen
      Purgen 21 October 2012 21: 17
      Petro. Did you drink Or smoked? ..))))))))))))
  32. georg737577
    georg737577 21 October 2012 22: 15
    I met this information for the first time on this site. Unfortunately, Ukrainian legislation does not prohibit being an idiot. Many take advantage of this. Maybe there is some kind of secret circular, prohibiting it is at least the first persons of the country, but they have not written the law. So there are similar polls.
  33. BarrettM95
    BarrettM95 21 October 2012 23: 27
    I read about this poll only here. Neither my friends nor at work heard anything like this. By and large, we, in Ukraine, are ending the election campaign, and everyone is busy with it. Therefore, I think that such a poll has a pre-election background behind it.
    The article reminded the 90s when they said: let's declare war on Canada, and the next day we will surrender laughing This article is from a similar category.
  34. WW3
    WW3 22 October 2012 05: 26
    "Don't read Bolshevik newspapers at breakfast!" - good advice from Professor Preobrazhensky.
    If we are talking about Karasev - then he is a candidate for deputy in the parliament of Ukraine, this is just an election PR move. There are about a week before the election.