Seven marines arrested in Britain because of murder in Afghanistan

Seven marines arrested in Britain because of murder in AfghanistanIn the UK, seven marines were arrested on suspicion of murder committed in Afghanistan last year. This was reported by the British Ministry of Defense.

"The royal military police arrested seven soldiers of the Royal Marines on suspicion of premeditated murder. The arrest is related to the incident that occurred in Afghanistan in 2011 year," said the military department, ITAR-TASS.

"The incident occurred after a clash with insurgents. Civilians were not involved in the incident. The investigation will be carried out by the military justice authorities," the document says. "The arrests demonstrate that the ministry and the armed forces are determined to get the military to comply military action and our standards. "

As reported by the British BBC Radio Broadcasting Corporation, this is the first time that British soldiers have been arrested on suspicion of murder in Afghanistan.

The ministry does not provide any details of the incident that caused the arrest. The British media is still silent.

Thus, it is not known whether this concerns the case of the killing of a wounded or captured enemy or another violation of the rules of warfare.

During the stay of British troops in Iraq, several British servicemen were accused of having tortured Iraqis suspected of belonging to an armed rebel group in 2003. One of the detainees died from his injuries.

British soldier Donald Payne was sentenced to one year in prison in 2007 for allegedly inhuman treatment of prisoners. The charge of manslaughter was dropped from him. Six other military men were acquitted.
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  1. +1
    October 12 2012
    Democracy is like beauty. To admire her - you have to make sacrifices!
    1. 0
      October 12 2012
      Quote: Karavan

      Democracy is like beauty. To admire her - you have to make sacrifices!

      As they say: beauty is a terrible force! No, it’s better to admire the beauty of our women it will be much better, since the country has not become poor! By the way, I think a demotevator in the topic:
    2. 0
      October 12 2012
      So the whole army of Her Majesty needs to be arrested, for many years of colonial wars, and now in modern history there are so many murders by them committed.
  2. +2
    October 12 2012
    Afghans would demand these tricks for their trial, it would be interesting to see. or they’ll either prove nothing, or find mitigating reasons and limit themselves to a fine
    1. 0
      October 12 2012
      For andrei332809, it will be so, they will not be given severe penalties. But our colonel-hero Bodanov was punished, and for nothing.
  3. 0
    October 12 2012
    Quote: andrei332809
    Afghans would call for these tricks

    With all due respect, I would refrain from such categorical conclusions. They, too, may have their own reasons for the act, and therefore their own "Budanovs, Arakcheevs and Ulmans." Everything needs to be dealt with. And not only with the consequences, but precisely with the reasons.
    At one time, "spirits" were also handed over in Tsaranda, and after a while again the same faces came across in the hands and even with smiles ... after the presence of "two hundred" from our side. Humanism ... it tends to exist up to a certain limit. Then comes the time for revenge.

    Quote: Understudy
    came across in hands

    come across with weapon in hand
  4. 0
    October 12 2012
    A day for 15 will give wassat
  5. escobar
    October 12 2012
    Quote: HUMANOID
    A day for 15 will give
  6. 0
    October 13 2012
    And put all the American drones that strike at civilians. let's say in Pakistan. There are no words, they themselves sent people to the war, and now they are playing democracy again, only now with the lives of their citizens.
  7. lorvig
    October 13 2012
    Window dressing for the sake of the Afghans. As you can see, we also have enough bastards of the office. They don’t go to the raid themselves.

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