Tank army has more than 40 million people worldwide

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Online peak on the Russian server World of Tanks exceeded 500 000 players

2 in October 2012 - Wargaming, one of the world's largest developers and publishers of online games, said that the number of users registered in the World of Tanks tanker MMO action game exceeded 40 a million people worldwide. This figure is twice the figure recorded at the beginning of 2012 of the year.

Against the background of such an impressive growth of the army of fans, the project set a new record for the number of players simultaneously on the same game server: the peak of online in Russia overcame the 500 mark of thousands of players.

With the recent release of a massive 8.0 update for World of Tanks, Wargaming expects both figures to continue to grow.

About the game World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a massive online multiplayer game entirely dedicated to mid-160th century armored vehicles. The game features more than XNUMX models of Soviet, German, American, French and British tanks, and the global map provides a lot of opportunities for fans of clan gameplay.

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About Wargaming

Wargaming is one of the world's largest publishers and developers in the free-to-play MMO market. The company was founded in 1998 year and during this time managed to develop and release more 15 projects. Wargaming is working on a military series of MMO games dedicated to tank, air and sea battles of the mid-20th century: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. All three projects will be part of the unified MMO universe of Wargaming.net, which unites millions of players in the global wargamer community.

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    1. +5
      4 October 2012 10: 35
      Good toy) soldier
      1. +9
        4 October 2012 10: 40
        Fuck knows did not play. I just want to wish that in real life the guys from all over the world do not clash like that and do not wet each other. it’s one thing behind the keys, but it’s really dumb sometimes in a tank.
        1. +4
          4 October 2012 10: 59
          Nor will they! It seems like "Tigers" and "Panthers" have already been removed from production!
          1. 0
            5 October 2012 05: 57
            And why is it better than Battlefield 3: Armored Kill?
    2. -1
      4 October 2012 10: 42
      I wonder how they will become online, if there, following the example of some IMOs, introduce a mandatory monthly fee? lol
      1. 0
        4 October 2012 11: 45
        For example EVE? so there are also many players ...
      2. 0
        5 October 2012 22: 55
        Given that a third of the players are sitting with the prem, in fact this is the board,
        if it is introduced, there will be less deer and lags.
    3. Pinochet000
      4 October 2012 10: 43
      Not such an obsessive advertisement)) In fact, the toy is valid, I have a question for the forum participants, what do you think, if you consider WoT as a tactical simulator? Network-centric, art is quite a WTO ... personal opinion
      1. +3
        4 October 2012 11: 06
        If we take into account random battles (random), then there is little tactics, but in company battles and on the global map, the game is based on tactics, discipline and coordinated actions of the whole team, and not on the personal skill of one taken player.
        1. Pinochet000
          4 October 2012 11: 39
          Quote: fantast
          If you take into account random fights (random), then there is little tactics
          In principle, I agree, but in the ramdom it is clearly visible, for example, profukany flank, leaked the battle or rolled out one at a time, one at a time and merged, or destroyed the artifact, the battle was almost always lost, etc.
        2. Seversk
          4 October 2012 20: 39
          Yes sir )))))))
      2. 0
        5 October 2012 22: 57
        If we consider it as a tactical simulator-tetris then a construction simulator. laughing
    4. +4
      4 October 2012 10: 45
      In the latest update, the sound was tightened, the shot from the ISU-152 sounded right good I was pleasantly surprised.
      1. 0
        5 October 2012 23: 00
        The first day after the patch I listened more about how everyone shoots, especially cool if the art shoots next. laughing
    5. +4
      4 October 2012 10: 54
      And I, for sports and outdoor games.
    6. +2
      4 October 2012 11: 02
      I myself didn’t play, I don’t feel like adrenaline at all ...

      I looked at the advertisement - everyone there is so bold "on the clave" ... it became a little dull, my memory remained with me.
      But it seems like a good toy, and develops tactical skills. I am glad that this is our development.
      1. Alexey Prikazchikov
        4 October 2012 13: 21
        Oh, this is Belarus. Ours cannot even do this.
        1. PLO
          4 October 2012 13: 32
          Oh, this is Belarus. Ours cannot even do this.

          C'mon, Belarusians and strangers already?
          and VG wants to stir up planes from Ukraine and ships from Russia
          1. +5
            4 October 2012 13: 56
            Quote: olp
            C'mon, Belarusians and strangers already?

            To the very point. We have nothing to share.
            1. Raven
              4 October 2012 20: 17
              unless gas transit through Belarus
    7. +6
      4 October 2012 11: 11
      Soon the army of pilots will appear, and closer to the fall of 2013, the army (fleet) of sailors. After that, it remains to make a global electronic map of our ball, combine all three games into one and boldly transfer all the wars there. With strategy, tactics and other attributes.
    8. -3
      4 October 2012 14: 33
      All these clones are earlier than WOW, all the rest that they came up with later, the same thing only, side view, there are fantasy tanks here.
    9. Vitaly PV
      4 October 2012 15: 37
      It would be better to build more "health trails" where you can jog, ride a bike or just take a walk.
      Tanks and online games in general are good, but they suck in and a person gets carried away and becomes addicted to it. The player thinks, right now "I'll pump this, and then that one", time passes, the form is lost, the mind degrades, and all this in exchange for a beautiful picture in the monitor, which gives nothing but a sense of self-importance!
      1. Raven
        4 October 2012 20: 18
        and to make health trails it’s necessary to save more money, bureaucrats don’t need it, they’re moneybags, they’re sitting in cars
    10. Procurement officer
      5 October 2012 08: 50
      everything is good in moderation. The game is good, it’s just not worth it to fan and turn into a gamer! On cold winter evenings, or in other rainy weather, you can sit down to play, but just do it for an active vacation!
    11. mrAnderson
      5 October 2012 22: 43
      and this ubiquitous wot advertisement is already annoying me

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