Reports from the fronts, the situation around Transnistria

Yuri Podolyaka

Traditional evening summary from the fronts of the war in Ukraine

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    1. -8
      April 28 2022 21: 54
      they, Romanians, are tied to NATO - this is the time. For those who do not understand, this is a collective responsibility. What the GDP announced, in the case of Romanian participation, will unleash a response throughout NATO, at least in Eastern Europe. From a sound point of view, it is already necessary to bargain with the Russian Federation on the desired territories .. and Romanians and Poles and Hungarians and Slovaks is a completely adequate and reasonable way to solve problems
      1. +6
        April 28 2022 22: 00
        This is the collective irresponsibility of the European elites towards the peoples of Europe.
      2. +4
        April 28 2022 22: 21
        I don't understand what you recommend? Give the Romanians Transnistria or the Poles-Kaliningrad?
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. -1
          April 29 2022 17: 59
          Poles - Lviv, Hungarians - Uzhgorod ... Southern Bessarabia, which the Romanians asked Khrushchev to attach to Moldova, keep for themselves ....
          1. 0
            2 May 2022 21: 16
            I think such a generous gift will crack the mug! Grandfathers liberated the lands from the Nazis and then give them to the Nazis, I’ll lie down with bones, I’ll die at the front, but not an span of Russian land to the Nazis, NATO and geyropa! am
      3. 0
        2 May 2022 21: 19
        iz odessy: And you yourself liberated these lands from the Nazis, what were you going to give? am
    2. +4
      April 28 2022 21: 56
      The Starstripes want a hot war across Europe, but they can have it in their home.
    3. +1
      April 28 2022 23: 54
      with a limited contingent, almost not exceeding the number of defenders, to storm the fortified areas "head-on" ... and even in conditions of dense residential development, where again there are probably a lot of peaceful civilians ...?! Somehow this doesn't fit in my head. I guess I'm not as smart as the military and political leadership of Russia... Do they know something like that...? Again, reports about the destruction of transport infrastructure along the borders of Ukraine and NATO countries have stopped ... Will the weapons for the Ukronazis continue to go for the Ukronazis along these intact roads unhindered?
      1. The comment was deleted.
    4. +4
      April 29 2022 00: 17
      Я while I see Afghanistan in the form of tracing paper. One-on-one.

      From the last.
      Report of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation two days ago: the rest of the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - 0.
      Today they shot down an SU-24, so they already went into the minus.

      Although, of course, they could repair it, or ours could be captured.

      Who does not have critical thinking - please do not verbiage.
      1. +2
        April 29 2022 15: 48
        Today they shot down an SU-24, so they already went into the minus.

        [/ quote] Although, of course, they could repair it, or capture ours. [quote]
        Do not tell me, how can I capture the Su-24? what
    5. +8
      April 29 2022 00: 29
      Quote: DKuznecov
      I see Afghanistan
      in the form of tracing paper.
      Here is one-on-one.

      There is no tracing paper here, everything is much worse, there most of the army was loyal to us, even allied, and we fought with partisans with moderate support from abroad, here we still cannot create a loyal army even from prisoners and support is much larger. Besides, Russia is not the USSR
      1. -1
        April 29 2022 14: 34
        accurately written. rather not necessary. the only thing, if counted as a positive advantage, is everything is nearby, not across the river. Second, there will be no dushmanism, after 2014, 90% of the population of the South East is waiting. Trust in irreversibility - no, from the word "absolutely"
    6. -3
      April 29 2022 00: 53
      Propaganda way of Podolyaki:

      1. Was a centurion on the first Maidan
      2. During the Maidan-2014, he did everything to calm the society of the Russian Federation and prevent the introduction of troops
      3. For the next 8 years he said that Ukraine was about to fall apart
      4. And after all the "achievements" it is again watched by millions!

      He is clearly working against the interests of the Russian Federation. Recruited or ideological - I do not know.

      But how to explain such a lack of disgust among his viewers? Do not remember what the "expert" used to do? Or do they really believe that this time he is definitely not mistaken? Or do they just hear what they want to hear, even if it's a fairy tale?
      1. -5
        April 29 2022 03: 51
        But how to explain such a lack of disgust among his viewers?

        - It's not realistic to understand - how the public is led to such a primitive !!!???
        - Well, maybe it's worth remembering A.S. Pushkin! - True, Pushkin has all this somewhat "on a different occasion" - Pushkin has a slightly different leitmotif.! - But nonetheless !
        Ah, it's not difficult to deceive me! ..
        I'm happy to deceive myself!

        - Otherwise - how can one understand - that such primitive and constantly repeating nonsense can be listened to and listened to regularly !!! - But this is just a complete profanation of the media, which is encouraged and constantly presented in these supposedly "reports" of a certain Podolyaki !!! - It's hard to find something more ridiculous and awkward !!! - But nonetheless !
      2. +1
        April 29 2022 08: 28
        Particularly touching are the statements that our Russian Federation residents of the border regions with Ukraine are not in danger.
        1. +3
          April 29 2022 09: 59
          Are these the ones where he says that if there is an opportunity, it is better to leave?
      3. +1
        April 29 2022 19: 11
        The influx of Svidomo bots is amazing. Double salaries have already begun to be received from Brandon's possible billions
        1. +2
          April 30 2022 14: 10
          If you look at the results, then Svidomo bots are just Podolyak, his colleagues and fans. Few have done more to shape the Ukrainian nation and to neutralize Ukraine's opponents than this propagandist.
        2. -1
          April 30 2022 16: 23
          Quote from Kolins.
          The influx of Svidomo bots is amazing. Double salaries have already begun to be received from Brandon's possible billions

          Not. he's a real pan changed shoes.
    7. 0
      April 29 2022 14: 53
      Quote from Humble Civilian
      Or do they just hear what they want to hear, even if it's a fairy tale?

      Well, of course, this is the main reason, he is a propagandist for a certain audience, for another - there is Girkin.
      Can you imagine what morale would be if millions of people watched Girkin? But Podolyaka is not so bad, but it will be even better

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