Russians do not leave Sumy region

Yuri Podolyaka

Yesterday the governor of Sumy told the residents of the region the most unpleasant news Russians are not leaving the region.
True, not for all its inhabitants it became unpleasant ...

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    1. sen
      April 2 2022 14: 02
      What is won by blood must not be abandoned.
      1. +8
        April 2 2022 14: 04
        Unfortunately, there are "politicians" who think differently and act differently .....
        1. +3
          April 2 2022 14: 25
          It seems that they decided to drag out the conflict in order to destroy more Nazis.
          And not everyone was in Mariupol.
          After the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kyiv, dill will definitely not quickly agree to the announced peace conditions
          1. -1
            April 2 2022 14: 41
            The green will come soon. In the steppe it will be easier to manage Ukrovermacht. am
            1. 0
              April 2 2022 14: 50
              Here's another. Bury them? Let them bury their own or dispose of them in field crematoria.
          2. 0
            April 3 2022 15: 31
            Losses on both sides are heavy.
        2. +6
          April 2 2022 15: 51
          Everyone who is related to the authorities to take a picture with St. George's Z and a photo on the Internet, if you don't want to, go to the owners.
    2. -2
      April 2 2022 14: 07
      They say a lot of things. It’s good that they didn’t leave. But time will tell. And here is Yu. Podolyak with his goofy analysis.
      1. +4
        April 2 2022 14: 11
        I really don't understand why it's posted here. He is not a military analyst. And as practice shows, his "overcomes" should be divided by one and a half, and preferably 2 times.
        1. +10
          April 2 2022 14: 16
          He is posted from a lack of information from the principle of at least something, albeit unconfirmed officially information.
        2. +5
          April 3 2022 07: 01
          Everything is fine with his analysis. It is with the analysis of available information. No one else has any other information.
      2. -2
        April 3 2022 15: 36
        Be careful, Yuri Podolyaka! | "Street of Truth" | Sergei Kolmogorov (VIDEO)
    3. 0
      April 2 2022 15: 02
      Russians are not leaving the region.

      Really? Did someone promise something?
    4. 0
      April 2 2022 15: 29
      What for? They do it right. Otherwise, there in paradise, Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub would not have understood us.
    5. 0
      April 2 2022 15: 32
      And you can't leave from there. It is necessary to create well-fortified positions, to establish security. To constantly pull back part of the enemy's forces and keep him in suspense. After the completion of the operation in the Donbass, this bridgehead can be used again.
      1. +1
        April 2 2022 15: 54
        It depends what the plan is.
        It seems that all the original plans have been radically revised.
        The main task for today is to defeat the Donetsk group. And there ... how will it go.
    6. -9
      April 2 2022 15: 58
      I think the Ukrainian authorities know about Podolyaka and sincerely wish him good health and prosperity. With such an "analyst" they can save time on their information campaigns
      1. +6
        April 2 2022 19: 43
        And not weakly he pressed you by the organ! Correct man. Bandera and Shushkevich kaput!!!
        1. -7
          April 2 2022 20: 30
          Who is this? Bandera - heard, and Shushkevich?
      2. +3
        April 3 2022 07: 01
        For God's sake. Don't get carried away)
      3. 0
        25 May 2022 10: 51
        And why did you not like Podolyak as an analyst. He is well versed in the fronts that have been created, boilers in the Donetsk direction. Or the fact that he is not on the side of the Kyiv authorities?
    7. -5
      April 3 2022 04: 17
      Resident, Com. Podolyaka reported everything, laid out everything, illuminated the operational situation throughout the territory of Ukraine .... He will probably receive the award in the Kremlin, separately from everyone else. May I rest, Comrade Colonel? bully
    8. +2
      April 3 2022 11: 44
      leave or not leave now no one will make out. Unfortunately, Yuri often conveys the words of people who are completely unaware of information, so quite often he does not guess
    9. 0
      4 May 2022 10: 59
      Did our people leave Trostyanets or did they leave ours? I saw one unpleasant video from there, but I do not know the picture in general. And they say something like that about Trostyanets ...
    10. 0
      25 May 2022 10: 45
      It is in the Donbass that we need to destroy the most trained and bandied units of the Ukrainian army, just not let them out of the boilers, smash them with artillery until they give up.

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