Breakthrough of the front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south, Gorlovka, Izyum

Yuri Podolyaka

In the evening, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russian troops had gone on the offensive in the Gulyai-Pole area with the obvious intention of reaching the area of ​​Pokrovsk and the encirclement of the Eastern Front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with the Izyum and Gorlovka groupings of the RF Armed Forces and the NM of the DPR.

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      March 31 2022
      In the evening, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russian troops had gone on the offensive in the Gulyai-Pole area with the obvious intention of reaching the Pokrovsk area and the encirclement of the Eastern Front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

      Good news, good luck!
      1. +3
        March 31 2022
        They will crush the Donetsk group, and at least Donetsk and Gorlovka will not be shot!
        1. +6
          March 31 2022
          Summary of the Sovinformburo performed by Yuri Podolyaki. How Levitan's voice is missing, because now there is the same battle with fascism as then. The Anglo-Americans then nurtured and set Hitler on us, and now the dill.
          1. +2
            March 31 2022
            Quote: Tatar 174
            Levitan's voice is missing,

            Now there are no announcers with an iron-concrete voice and a timbre that penetrates the soul!
          2. +2
            March 31 2022
            Right! No wonder Levitan was the personal enemy of the Fuhrer!
        2. +1
          March 31 2022
          The thing is that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also not fools and they will withdraw their very combat-ready (this was shown by the last month) from under attack. Yes, ours will liberate Donbass, but in my opinion the main grouping will still be able to withdraw to new positions there will not be a complete encirclement for several days and they will have time to leave. Well, if they are not followed by an order, like Paulus in Stalingrad.
          1. -2
            March 31 2022
            This is what it was necessary to pour into the ears of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so that they would consider themselves cooler than the Wehrmacht.?! And they began to fight with the "weak" Russians. There is something stronger than stupid here.
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            March 31 2022
            for a month now this group has been surrounded and there is no sense: huge losses on both sides, shattered villages and towns .. Moreover, although the authorities forbid the Armed Forces of Ukraine to leave, they manage, having (according to reports from the General Staff of the Russian Federation) neither aviation nor equipment, etc. , they manage to regroup forces, receive reinforcements of weapons and equipment, take out the wounded and also defend themselves quite powerfully ... Based on this, I am sure that when the real threat of the boiler forms, they will come out and gather already by the river and maybe even beyond the river. .
            From the point of view of logic, if the authorities would like to save the country's army and population on the remnants of Ukraine, they now really need to go across the river and start negotiations on the abandonment of Crimea and the LDNR and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the rest of the occupied territories of Ukraine. Unfortunately, they do not want to think logically and they are not allowed to. The war will be long and bloody.
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              March 31 2022
              Sense "zero"? Fresh thought....
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. +1
        March 31 2022
        Hyung prosecutor outskirts get time? For delaying the investigation with the torture of our military.
        Or just a bullet in the forehead?
        Why Kyiv does not inform the world community about the progress of the investigation
    2. +8
      March 31 2022
      Podolyak has been telling us about the encirclement of the Donbass group for a month now.
      True, then everything was more fun - now our troops will quickly pass, they will cut off the Ukrainians, blah blah blah ...
      And then it gets sadder and sadder...
      By and large, ours are standing where in the first 2 days they went out with a "cavalry swoop" until the non-brothers came to their senses.
      And now we have to liberate the territories in such a way that there is no living place left.
      I can imagine how happy Kherson, Melitopol and Berdyansk people are when they see what has now become of Mariupol or Severodonetsk-Rubezhny...
      1. +4
        March 31 2022
        It is very problematic to encircle and destroy the Armed Forces of Ukraine with cash forces. And Yuri has recently turned into a soothsayer and often uses unverified data. This issue of his is one in one two weeks ago, where he talked about a breakthrough to Pokrovsk, which then allegedly was already developing.
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        March 31 2022
        Found someone to listen to)) and he is not the only one on the Internet
    3. -2
      March 31 2022
      - All these comments by Y. Podolyaka look a little optimistic and "far-fetched"!
      - All these are his "day or two"; "two or three days" - few people are encouraging! - Almost everything remains in the same position as it was before.
      - And this "status quo" remains the same for quite a long time. - It is alarming that our RF Armed Forces began to attack with small forces, without enlisting "a large number of troops" and reserves! - It is not clear how, with such a small number, it is possible to break through the defense lines and surround the enemy ??? - After all, such an offensive can run out of steam very quickly - and the enemy can launch a counterattack !!! - After all, this can lead to disaster!
      - Our Armed Forces of the Russian Federation need additional full-fledged replenishment and the creation of reserve groups! - Covers a very big alarm for the conduct of today's hostilities!
      1. -2
        March 31 2022
        Read mine just above.
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        March 31 2022
        you know what garbage they told me: Everyone understands after a month of the war that few forces were involved and moreover, almost half of them are now engaged not in the offensive, but in cleaning up the occupied territory and maintaining order. When everyone realized this, replenishment was introduced, but based on the rotation and losses, not so much arrived at all to the total number. It seems that they are still preparing replenishment, but they begin to buzz about the fact that constantly introducing more and more new troops, Ukrainian and Western "experts" will begin to talk about the fact that the introduction of troops is due to severe losses. and therefore, in order not to spoil the media picture, they are trying to fight with what they have. From my point of view, this is not logical, but knowing our officials and the military, I cannot completely deny such logic ...
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      April 1 2022
      Beginning of the End.

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