Military Review

Unable to swim

Spring. Any teachings. The terrain is mountainous. River.

In order to have a reserve of time, the decision is made not to go along the tank route, but to climb the river in an armored troop-carrier. We start from the water area of ​​the lake, where the river flows from the mountains.

We go against the stream. The track winds. Ahead - cramped. The next turn, and we see some muddy wall in front of us - however, like a wall in the middle of a river! And this “wall” falls on us! Fortunately, the armor was only 2 man, managed to dive down.

Above, in the mountains, (spring, damn) a small dam burst. And we managed to meet with the wave in the narrowest place! The armored troop-carrier covered, drowned and carried back. While carried out into the lake, the armored personnel carrier took water, began to sink.

And carried to the middle of the lake. The car spun and froze. And drowns a little bit. Need to do something. Get started - it won't start. It is necessary for someone to swim to the shore, to find someone on the vehicle, to try to pull the armored personnel carrier to the shore with a cable.

First one floated away, then another. In different directions. The car is sinking, no one. Once again they repeated - the two swam away in different directions. One of them didn’t swim very well, so I took the machine gun from him. The car is sinking. We are sitting with the driver on the tower - the rest is under water already. I send, as a result, and the driver to the coast. I stayed with three (two aliens, one mine) automatic machines, etc., that I had. Time passes, the car sinks, no one there ...

And here is the final - the coast, people are bustling around, trying to save the car. And I'm on the sand with guns, all wet, shaking ... The trick is that I can't swim. At all. Tonu in the life preserver, wearing a life jacket). And here - 3 automaton, taxiway, pistols, knives, uniform, shoes ... I do not remember and do not know how I reached the shore.

Such a case was once again - the river washed away the bridge when I was in its middle. He came to himself on an island near the shore. Not drowned, not crushed by the debris of the bridge. How?!...

Then I somehow smashed my head - well, no luck, it happens when you are not sleeping for the third day. At the hospital, everything was glued together, covered with protacril. And so, "in the civilian world" already, I get into an accident. Get out of the car. From above, from the second floor of the building, near which it was, someone from the window asks (calling by name) - like, didn’t hit his head, didn’t catch the injury? Mechanically I answer - normally. Then he realized that in this city no one knows me !!! ... And then - by name, he knows about his head!

Together with me in the car were the guys from FGC (as I called them at that time, in my opinion). One of them witnessed a dialogue. He approached, asked - who is it? I say, I do not know, let's go see. Rose, interviewed people. Nobody saw my interlocutor! ... But the guy from FSK / FSB saw and heard the conversation !!!

Then, over a glass of tea, the guys say - you, the soldier, have your own guardian angel, probably you can’t explain otherwise!)))

And I never learned to swim.

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  1. Smirnov Vadim
    Smirnov Vadim 29 September 2012 06: 39
    Yesterday an error occurred, the article was not published. We publish today.
  2. erased
    erased 29 September 2012 09: 29
    It happens. Alive and good.
  3. peter-tank
    peter-tank 29 September 2012 12: 05
    Handsome man!
    Either it really blew your head well, or the talent is to compose such nonsense? Third opus from this author. That's for sure - everything is at the level of soldier's tales. And those soldiers who, somewhere in the headquarters or in the lockers, "pulled the strap". And this, it seems, is an officer ...
    1. воронов
      воронов 16 January 2013 02: 08
      So what? That's why they are tales to cheer.
    2. sasska
      sasska 27 November 2013 14: 29
      Quote: piter-tank
      Handsome man!
      Is it true that the head is well spread, or is there talent to write such nonsense? The third opus from this author. That's for sure - everything is at the level of soldier's tales.

      “Then my head somehow blew up - well, it’s unlucky, it happens when you’re not sleeping for the third day. In the hospital, everything was glued together, covered with protacryl.”
      this is what place on the head tavarischu closed up ?? "Plastic PROTAKRYL-M is used in dental practice to repair and fix (relocate) removable dentures, maxillofacial and orthodontic appliances, removable denture splints in case of periodontal disease and other purposes." request
  4. Lich
    Lich 29 September 2012 16: 51
    Pretty currents are an interesting story. Sorry for the details is not enough ((((... I would like more details about this.
  5. busido4561
    busido4561 24 February 2013 17: 07
    "Then, over a glass of tea, the guys say - you, a soldier, have your own guardian angel, probably, there is no other way to explain it!)))"

    I completely agree.