Military Review

Fights on Ingulets, Mariupol, Kurakhovo, Rubizhne

Yuri Podolyaka

Today, March 17, 2022, in Ukraine, Russian troops are advancing on almost all fronts. Not fast, but on almost all fronts.


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  1. Or me
    Or me 18 March 2022 05: 49
    Not fast, but on almost all fronts.
    Right. According to the plan approved by the Supreme Commander. And so that there are no illusions among some of the public, asking "how many more days" the special operation will last.
    1. Far B
      Far B 18 March 2022 06: 29
      According to the plan approved by the Supreme Commander
      And what is his plan, dare I ask? I remember that in 2008, United Russia ran around, selling brochures with "Putin's plan" to everyone. Of what was written in those pamphlets, nothing came true, but at least one could read there what kind of plan it was. And now, what kind of plan was approved by the same Putin (at least call him Supreme, at least something else)?
      As far as one can judge, including based on the rhetoric of Putin himself during these three "special operations" weeks, his plan was extremely unpretentious: 1. a disarming strike and the introduction of troops; 2. the uprising of the discontented population and the transition to his side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; 3. The overthrow of the Kiev regime and the fulfillment of Russian demands by the new government. On paper (or in the head of the Supreme - God knows) it looked simple, fast and effective. But already at the second stage of this, so to speak, "plan", there was a misfire. Then Putin slightly corrected the "plan" and turned to the Ukrainian military - they say, overthrow Zelya yourself, it will be easier for me to negotiate with you. And again, a misfire, damn it! It was in this place that the plan of our ingenious geostrategist was covered with a copper basin. And in what form this "plan" is at the present time, I personally do not presume to say. If you have any reliable information on this subject, please share it with me and with the public, which, no doubt, will be very grateful to you for this.
  2. svoroponov
    svoroponov 18 March 2022 10: 01
    The plan should usually work for the result and not for the time. resistance was expected. Or do you think that such a number of scumbags with weapons will immediately surrender? There are no miracles in the world, and the Russian General Staff is well aware of this. Well, and that Putin turned to the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - even if a hundred cease resistance, it’s already good. In addition, please note that in the same troops of the LDNR, even with their hands up, they are unlikely to be taken prisoner, so much the Armed Forces of Ukraine got over the years. At one time, the son of my friend, an officer, told me that they were setting them up not to take anyone prisoner, so that in the future the surrendered and his offspring could not shoot us in the back, the same applies to the civilian population, regardless of age - you help adversary, to the Almighty.
    1. Sanguinius
      Sanguinius 18 March 2022 20: 34
      The fact that the plan should give a result is obvious, this is the ultimate goal of the plan, BUT the plan is limited by some kind of time frame (for example, the planned time to take the airfield, or the exit of units to some city, with subsequent coverage), some time is allotted for all this , time plays an important role in planning, if the plan is not completed within the allotted time, then something is going wrong.
      1. svoroponov
        svoroponov 19 March 2022 09: 17
        Why. For example, to prevent enemy fighters and bombers from entering the area. The main task is not time.
        Or surround the grouping of enemy troops for subsequent destruction. This is the main task. Well, the execution time depends on the methods for suppressing this grouping.
  3. gorenina91
    gorenina91 18 March 2022 18: 24
    Not fast, but on almost all fronts.

    - Yes, everything is so ... - but time is very precious !!! - And Zelensky was thrown a huge amount of money !!! - And he can recruit (mobilize) more recruits on the ground - after all, a huge part of Ukraine is still under the Nazis - and there are simply weapons - in bulk !!!
    - So everything is far from simple!