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US ground test of B-21 bomber


The Northrop Grumman plant in Palmdale, California, is undergoing ground tests of the B-21 Raider strategic bomber. During their implementation, they will check the operation of various systems of this stealth aircraft.

This is reported by the American magazine Defense News.

The testers will connect the power supply, carry out all the necessary verification activities, after which a special coating and paint will be applied to the case. During the tests, it is also planned to start the engines, and then taxi the aircraft at low and high speeds.

At the end of the ground stage, it is planned to carry out a flight of the bomber to the Edwards airfield, which is also located in California. It is there that the flight tests of the aircraft will take place.

The head of the company, Tom Jones, said that the specialists working on the new aircraft did a lot of painstaking work in the laboratory to reduce risk and ensure that there were no "surprises" during the test activities.

Northrop Grumman currently has six of the latest stealth bombers in various stages of production, Air Force Chief Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Darlene Costello told reporters.

The U.S.-built B-21 Raider is claimed to have a long range, capable of carrying a significant payload, and is stealthy. In the American magazine Popular Mechanics, it was called "the coolest aircraft in the world."
Photos used:, U.S. Air Force

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  1. sergo1914
    sergo1914 6 March 2022 19: 32
    Serbs, in my opinion, love any such invisible and indestructible shnyaga. They do not see, but they shoot down. What kind of people?
    1. Fantazer911
      Fantazer911 6 March 2022 19: 46
      They just don’t know that he is invisible, and in the USA they give out special glasses, so he is invisible to the Pentagon, but they take visible money for him without stint!
    2. Thrifty
      Thrifty 6 March 2022 20: 00
      The Chinese have not yet established the production and sale of toy B21 with Chinese identification marks to start ??? wassat
  2. Sailor
    Sailor 6 March 2022 19: 33
    And the characteristics? Have the Russians confirmed low visibility?
    1. sergo1914
      sergo1914 6 March 2022 19: 42
      Quote: Sailor
      And the characteristics? Have the Russians confirmed low visibility?

      Yasen stump confirmed. In general, we don’t see a fig. Honestly. Even through binoculars.
  3. Blade3
    Blade3 6 March 2022 19: 45
    ,, We did not know that he was invisible ,, (S)

    That's all you need to know about American stealth technology
  4. XNUMX%
    XNUMX% 6 March 2022 19: 56
    From the bottom of my heart I "congratulate" the entire American military industry on the completion of the development of another shit plane. The reasons for your future unambiguously inevitable fiasco are your very "best" shit planes as well. I can't wait to see this shit start flying and falling apart. You deserve it.
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 6 March 2022 19: 59
    Stripes in their roles ... the very best is created in America.
    Will it be a corkscrew against any cork???
    As always, against such a "master key" there will be an appropriate counteraction.
    This is how it always happens.
    There was not, not once, an absolute weapon created, so that there would be no appropriate protection against it.
  6. Fisherman
    Fisherman 6 March 2022 21: 12
    Maybe they did the coolest shit, but the army doesn’t need coolness, but EFFICIENCY both in combat use and in operation, if the former is even more or less, then the Yankees generally have seams with the latter!
  7. Bayun
    Bayun 6 March 2022 22: 12
    What are billions of dollars spent on?
    - On an invisible plane, Sir!
    - Well, where is he?
    - Invisible, Sir!

    The "invisible" destroyer - did not work out, they tried the plane.
  8. Uh Neuhov
    Uh Neuhov 6 March 2022 22: 47
    And what about the F-117A?
  9. Dilettante grandfather
    Dilettante grandfather 7 March 2022 04: 51
    No, I will not sting or laugh at the Yankostians. It is quite possible that experienced the sample will fly satisfactorily, it is quite possible that it will correspond to the declared flight characteristics. The trick is that all problems will manifest themselves during operation. serial samples. After adoption.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Iris
    Iris 7 March 2022 14: 31
    Surprising, after all, the "Flying Wing" turned out to have the potential, despite all the shortcomings! Boeing, it seems, had in its portfolio a project of a passenger liner "Flying Wing" for a thousand people.
    1. Reserve buildbat
      Reserve buildbat 9 March 2022 17: 59
      Before the Hortens, the flying wing and tailless have already flown for 25 years. Including in the USSR. Aircraft Cheranovsky, for example
      1. Iris
        Iris 10 March 2022 00: 15
        Yes I know. The Hortens, of course, did not invent this scheme. But it was from the time of the Hortens, if I am not mistaken, that the appearance of the glider has come down to our days.