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Kozyrev: "Russia has no national interests"

Kozyrev: "Russia has no national interests"

Former Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev called on Russian diplomats to resign and not support the Russian operation in Ukraine. The Foreign Ministry replied that "Kozyrevshchina" has always been considered synonymous with betrayal.


“Recommending diplomats to surrender and betray, Kozyrev knows what he is talking about from his own experience. Colleagues were always ashamed that they worked with Kozyrev. No one has ever understood why such a person was appointed head of the Foreign Ministry. After his resignation, he was never invited to any working or solemn event at the Foreign Ministry, where the country's foreign ministers - Primakov, Ivanov and Lavrov, were present, ”

- said source at the Foreign Ministry.

During the existence of the Diplomat's Day, the staff and department never congratulated Kozyrev on the holiday. Since his name is considered a household name among diplomats and is associated with the complete surrender of all positions. It entered into history diplomacy as "kozyrevshchina" - a synonym for betrayal.

Kozyrev left behind Russian diplomacy in critical condition. Yevgeny Primakov (Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1996-1998) with great difficulty, with the help of a team of professionals, managed to keep the department from complete collapse.

“Mr. Yes” once even declared that Russia had no national interests. As Primakov recalled, Kozyrev said this to former American President R. Nixon in 1992. The American asked what were the interests of the new Russia. “One of the problems of the Soviet Union was that we were too stuck on national interests,” Kozyrev replied. – And now we think more about universal human values. But if you have any ideas and you can tell us how to determine our national interests, then I will be very grateful to you.”

Nixon was surprised by this response. Later, the head of the United States, in an interview with political scientist Dmitry Simes, quite logically called Kozyrev a "slug."

Even Mikhail Gorbachev, who was much and rightly scolded for the collapse of the USSR and weak politics, was surprised at the baseness of Kozyrev. Under him, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs turned into a branch of the State Department, the former head of the Soviet state noted.

The West and NATO are Russia's "natural allies"

Andrey Kozyrev was born in the family of an engineer in 1951. He worked as a mechanic at the Kommunar plant, in 1974 he graduated from MGIMO. During his first business trip to New York in 1975, Kozyrev was shocked by the mass of personal cars from Americans and supermarkets clogged with goods.

“And this circumstance,” recalled the former minister, “led me to absolute internal dissent. I continued to work at the Foreign Ministry, but… in the end, to be honest, I was just an anti-Soviet.”

That is, he was a man of bourgeois views, for whom jeans and sausage come first. His hidden hatred for the USSR was apparently noticed by a member of the Politburo, the head of the Foreign Ministry and such a hidden anti-Soviet and nationalist E. Shevardnadze. Kozyrev made a rapid career. He was also supported by Yeltsin's closest aide, G. Burbulis.

He headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR in 1990. Participated in the collapse of the USSR - in the preparation of the Belovezhskaya agreement and the creation of the CIS. Kozyrev and Yeltsin were involved in the foreign policy of the Russian Federation. He believed that the United States and NATO countries are allies of Moscow. His philosophy was poor, like all Westerners. Like, in the world there is one pole of goodness and democracy, a beacon of "moral truth" - the West, led by the United States. And the task of Russia is to strive for it with all its might and to fulfill Western instructions as clearly as possible.

Therefore, Kozyrev pursued a course towards integration with the West, which resulted in the complete surrender of Moscow's remaining foreign policy positions. At his suggestion, a powerful strike force was withdrawn from Germany. As soon as possible, practically without conditions. The army was brought into the "field", in fact, they were defeated without a fight. Thanks to the activities of Kozyrev and those like him, NATO quickly advanced eastward, to our borders. The strategic security of Russia was undermined, for which we paid a terrible price during the Great Patriotic War - many millions of lives.


Kozyrev supported Western sanctions against Serbia and Montenegro. He advocated the creation of the Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, where they tried mainly Serbian patriots. He opposed the support of the pro-Russian Transnistria. He handed over to the West a number of secret archives of the USSR. He helped eliminate Vladimir Polevanov from the post of head of the State Property Committee, who prevented foreigners from buying military-industrial complex enterprises for nothing. Kozyrev said:

"If Polevanov is not removed, Russia will not receive another tranche from the IMF."

In the UN Security Council, Russia at that time was a servant of the United States.

It is not surprising that in the West they treated Kozyrev very reverently. He was his man. Presidential press secretary Kostikov recalled:

“There was a moment when almost every high-ranking visitor from Western Europe, and especially the United States, who came to the Kremlin to meet with the president, asked Yeltsin “not to betray Kozyrev.” I don’t remember that they stood up for Gaidar like that, although he was also known as a Westerner ... Kozyrev of that time was one of the “sacred cows” on a democratic pasture.”

Kozyrev was needed by the West, as obsequiously fulfilled all the requests and instructions of the Westerners.

Kozyrev was ready to surrender to Japan and the Kuril Islands. On August 21, 1992, the Russian government, signed by Gaidar, issued an order to prepare a state visit to Japan to resolve this issue. However, not everyone in Russia was ready for such a step. Experts in state security calculated the consequences of such a step and were horrified. A wave of territorial claims against the Russian Federation and the threat of war with China would begin, which considers the violation of the existing situation in the Far East a threat to its national security. The Russian Federation could fall apart in a few years. As a result, Yeltsin's visit to Japan was disrupted. The Kuriles remained with Russia.

True, Kozyrev was still able to "share" Russian land with foreigners. Thanks to him, hundreds of islands on the Amur and Ussuri were transferred to China. Including the famous Damansky, where our border guards fought the Chinese in 1969.

As a result, more than five years, when Kozyrev led the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, became the years of shame for Russian diplomacy. Now Kozyrev, having received thirty pieces of silver for his deeds, lives in the USA and continues anti-Russian information activities, denouncing former and current Russia. In his opinion, the Kremlin is up to its old tricks, "walking along the path of resuming the Cold War, using old and new tools of subversion against the countries with developed democracies in America and Europe, as well as young democracies - Ukraine and Georgia."

Obviously, in the conditions of the military conflict in Ukraine and the new Cold War by the West, the Kremlin should clear the rear of such "Kozyrevshchina". Westernism and liberalism, which flourished in the Russian Federation throughout the post-Soviet period, will not lead to good.

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  1. faiver
    faiver 5 March 2022 04: 53
    is this "woman of low social responsibility" still alive? And go and live somewhere abroad ....
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 5 March 2022 06: 18
      Quote: Finches
      Since 1996, Russia has been a member of the Council of Europe, which in 1998 adopted the European Convention and from the same year obligations to respect human rights and comply with the decisions of the ECtHR began to apply to Russia - it was the time of the total revelry of democracy so beloved by our liberals! We were friends with the USA and kissed with Europe
      And how can I not remember the bastard head of the Russian Foreign Ministry traitor Kozyrev - nicknamed "Mr. YES", who under Yeltsin, saving the world from a nuclear war by ONE-SIDED disarmament of Russia, did not refuse anything to Washington and who now lives safely and comfortably in the United States and is now trying to remind himself again!
      It is difficult to remember a more shameful and humiliating period in the history of our country than these more than five years, during which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, through the efforts of Kozyrev, completely lost its independence and actually turned into a branch of the US State Department.

      History reference
      Andrei Kozyrev was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs on October 11, 1990 at the suggestion of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR Ivan Silaev and held this post until January 5, 1996.
      - In December 1991 Kozyrev participated in the preparation of the Belovezhsky agreement on the termination of the existence of the USSR and on the creation of the CIS.
      - Thanks to Kozyrev, who refused any negotiations to ensure guarantees of the preservation of all the full rights for the Russian people with the leadership of the Baltic countries, many Russian-speaking residents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have become second-class people, have been deprived of their citizenship and left to fend for themselves.
      - Diligently following the orders of the West, Kozyrev made every effort to speed up the withdrawal of the Russian military contingent from the Baltic states without any guarantees or compensation. The troops were withdrawn in a great hurry, leaving behind property, equipment, well-equipped military camps.
      - At his suggestion, Russia resignedly abandoned strategically important objects: Skrunda radar station, which was an important part of the missile attack warning system, the Center for tracking space objects in Ventspils, the submarine base in Liepaja, actually exposing its defenses.
      - In September 1993 Kozyrev approved President Yeltsin's Decree No. 1400 "On Phased Constitutional Reform", according to which the Congress of People's Deputies and the Supreme Soviet of Russia were dissolved. This was followed by the shooting of the defenders of the White House and the bloody events in Moscow in October 1993 with thousands of people killed in Moscow from different cities of the Russian Federation.
      On October 20, 1993, by Yeltsin's decree, Kozyrev was appointed a member of the Russian Security Council.
      Kozyrev persuaded Yeltsin to transfer the Kuril Islands to the Japanese, and on August 21, 1992, the Russian government, signed by Gaidar, issued an order to prepare a state visit to Japan. Only the special services of the Russian Federation, having learned about the purpose of this state visit, simply disrupted Yeltsin's visit to Japan.
      But Kozyrev's thirst to bestow Russian land on foreigners was quenched. He handed over to China more than 600 islands on the Amur and Ussuri. Including the famous Damansky, defending which 1969 border guards died in 58 from the Chinese. TAlso, the eastern comrades got fertile virgin lands in the Primorsky Territory.
    2. wakedcat5
      wakedcat5 5 March 2022 09: 17
      And no one will give him an ice ax for the holiday.
      1. Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell 5 March 2022 15: 03
        So he definitely should have given him a personalized barrel in the end, so that the bastard would shoot himself, preferably with a control
      2. Starover_Z
        Starover_Z 15 March 2022 23: 23
        Quote from waildcat5
        And no one will give him an ice ax for the holiday.

        The FSB is not the KGB, alas ...
    3. VORON538
      VORON538 5 March 2022 12: 41
      This one ..... lives in the states. Well, apparently, he worked for the benefit of the Americans.
    4. Sergey Tankist
      Sergey Tankist 5 March 2022 21: 08
      He's been living in the US for a long time...
    5. Pravodel
      Pravodel 9 March 2022 08: 37
      still alive? and go and live somewhere abroad.

      The bourgeois, after all, love our traitors, they carry them on their hands, they give out sweets, candy wrappers, pieces of silver for betrayal ..
  2. 5 March 2022 04: 57
    "Our minister of their foreign affairs" is still not dead?
  3. Vietnam Russia
    Vietnam Russia 5 March 2022 05: 09
    I am very emotional when I read this article! Yes, we are brother! We stand with Russia! Sir V.Putin is the best president in human history! A friend of Russia from VietNam.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 5 March 2022 06: 46
      Quote: Vietnam_Russia
      I am very emotional when I read this article! Yes, we are brother! We stand with Russia! Sir V.Putin is the best president in human history! A friend of Russia from VietNam.
      To a friend of Russia from Vietnam, thank you for your support!

      Translation from English.
      Quote: Vietnam_Russia
      I am very excited when I read this article! Yes, we are brothers! We are on the side of Russia! Sir V. Putin is the best president in the history of mankind! Russia's friend from Vietnam.
      Thank you to Russia's friend from Vietnam for your support!
    2. with a bomb
      with a bomb 5 March 2022 11: 03
      not really. the only good one was Iosif Vissarionovich. about the rest imposed the opinion of television and the media
  4. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 5 March 2022 05: 12
    Black sheep! This Mr. "Yes", Yeltsin - "God bless America"!
    Yeltsin's legacy must be disposed of both morally and physically by eliminating the hotbed of Russia's enemies, the Yeltsin Center.
      HUNTERDON 5 March 2022 09: 22
      I support for all 100%
    2. with a bomb
      with a bomb 5 March 2022 11: 04
      it's a pity there is no one to liquidate
  5. Far B
    Far B 5 March 2022 05: 17
    Obviously, in the context of the military conflict in Ukraine and the new Cold War by the West, the Kremlin should clear the rear of such "Kozyrevshchina"
    To clean the rear, in fact, you need ahead of time. In a war, doing this is, firstly, problematic, and secondly (most importantly) - it’s already too late, because they already managed to do harm so that mom doesn’t grieve.
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 5 March 2022 05: 26
      we, such "trump cards, are still full
      1. Far B
        Far B 5 March 2022 05: 36
        In fact of the matter. One redhead is worth something.
  6. hohol95
    hohol95 5 March 2022 05: 30
    He was also called "teddy bear without claws" ...
    Just a badass...
  7. Moore
    Moore 5 March 2022 05: 55
    It is not surprising that in the West they treated Kozyrev very reverently. He was his man.

    Lackeys are not treated with kindness. And he definitely cannot be "his own" for the owners.
    Kozyrev was needed by the West, as obsequiously fulfilled all the requests and instructions of the Westerners.

    There is a definition: "Irreplaceable, like a garbage can" ...
  8. ivan2022
    ivan2022 5 March 2022 05: 57
    The pirouettes of the domestic "elite" over the past 65 years are amazing. For there is no answer to the main question; "what is going on in their heads and how do they find themselves in the highest positions? What other crazy nonsense will hit them in the head?"
  9. Ravik
    Ravik 5 March 2022 06: 23
    Kozyrev, Bakatin, Shevardnadze... we remember everyone.
  10. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 5 March 2022 06: 31
    it's high time like with Trotsky
  11. Lykases1
    Lykases1 5 March 2022 06: 37
    Well, yes. Now I understand. It's all Kozyrev's fault. This is what happens - our Foreign Ministry determines foreign policy? And I thought the president with the government. And the minister voices it and enters into negotiations. Serdyukov also destroyed our army; it is not clear where the president and prime minister were. Miracles and more.
  12. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 5 March 2022 06: 38
    At the mention of the former Minister Kozyrev, I want to spit at the monitor ... smile this person is so disgusting to me ... our prosecutor's office should initiate a criminal case against this person suspected of committing many illegal acts.
  13. Sir Galant
    Sir Galant 5 March 2022 07: 34
    is he still alive? )))
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 5 March 2022 09: 04
      A messenger from Mercarder should be sent to him.
      1. Luminman
        Luminman 5 March 2022 09: 10
        A messenger from Mercarder would be sent to him

        We all live in the third millennium and use Novichok instead of an ice ax! The iron horse replaces the peasant horse ©! That's it!
        1. sniperino
          sniperino 5 March 2022 09: 30
          Quote: Luminman
          instead of an ice ax we use "Novichok"!
          Judging by the results, the ice ax is more reliable.
          1. Jekakiller258
            Jekakiller258 13 March 2022 22: 03
            Ha ha ha! I almost passed out with excitement! laughing
            In turn, I suggest lubricating ice axes by a beginner. good
  14. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 5 March 2022 08: 25
    Andrei Kozyrev was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs on October 11, 1990 at the suggestion of Ivan Silaev, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR.
    A little off topic. About Silaev. This organism for a long time in the USSR was the deputy minister of the aviation industry. Then, under EBN, he became the prime minister of the RSFSR. I managed to carry out some kind of scam in the early 90s, that then the Nogi company seized Russian property wherever it could reach it - either our sailboat, or the plane in Farnborough (I could be wrong, the plane due to the possibility of confiscation, it seems they were afraid to send it there). In general, the ice ax cries for him. With his little son, Alexander, I had a chance to study at the Faculty of Aeromechanics and Aircraft Engineering in the 70s. (He entered the faculty of space research, but did not pull it, he was transferred to us). He studied exactly, he was neither an excellent student, nor a loser. He was distinguished by extreme arrogance, he had no friends - at our faculty, even Muscovites were given a hostel, everyone lived together. During perestroika, he instantly left NIIAS, where he was distributed in 1978, into commerce.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 5 March 2022 11: 32
      Petrov and Bashirov! Comrades! You --- take note!
  15. riwas
    riwas 5 March 2022 08: 48
    Kozyrev: "Russia has no national interests"

    That's who needs to be eliminated as a traitor who caused great harm to Russia.
    1. north west
      north west 5 March 2022 13: 35
      It is necessary for this reptile to send a package with an ice pick.
  16. Luminman
    Luminman 5 March 2022 09: 07
    Quote: faiver
    is this "woman of low social responsibility" still alive? And go and live somewhere abroad ....

    I'll tell you more - this creature is not just alive and lives abroad, it also writes libels indicating how we should live ...
    1. man
      man 5 March 2022 09: 43
      but who reads it ... Even liberals are shy of it
  17. APASUS
    APASUS 5 March 2022 10: 56
    So it turns out. As soon as we are ready for anything, for the sake of friendship with America, they immediately climb on our necks. And all these words about democracy, rights and freedoms become a pumpkin with mice at 12 00 !!
  18. Aaleks1974
    Aaleks1974 5 March 2022 11: 12
    He got out of his American swamp, and even dares to say something! As I understand it, the loot is probably running out, but here there is a reason to remind you of your vile mug!
  19. tank64rus
    tank64rus 5 March 2022 11: 34
    "The Kremlin should clear the rear of such "Kozyrevism". Westernism and liberalism, which flourished in the Russian Federation throughout the post-Soviet period, will not lead to good." Oh, and it needs a cleanup.
  20. Basarev
    Basarev 5 March 2022 12: 27
    Or maybe it really isn't? And in fact, Kozyrev is a misunderstood patriot? After all, all his actions were aimed at one thing - so that the West and the United States personally would not have any claims against Russia at all, even formal ones. To make sanctions against Russia unimaginable even in the wildest dream. Agree, having the mandate of a superpower, it is much easier to solve your problems.
    1. VORON538
      VORON538 5 March 2022 12: 35
      The aspen stake is crying for such "patriots".
  21. Yumico
    Yumico 5 March 2022 13: 22
    most likely it was a mole, having successfully completed its tasks
  22. BAI
    BAI 5 March 2022 13: 28
    I hope that in the midst of the current Russophobia, they will beat him in the face just because he is Russian and make it clear how traitors are valued. No matter how he licked the West's ass.
  23. north west
    north west 5 March 2022 13: 32
    The bastard is still the same.
    Kozyrev was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs on October 11, 1990
    a humiliating period in the history of our country,
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the efforts of its leader, has actually become a branch of the US State Department. This .......... openly demonstrated such a degree of helpfulness, servility and subservience to the Americans that even hardened and cynical Western politicians were confused and discouraged. They were completely incomprehensible to all this molasses, endlessly pouring from the lips of a high-ranking Russian official. Former US President Richard Nixon, who by no means can be accused of special sympathies for Russia, in one of his interviews called Kozyrev a "slug", giving him an exhaustive and very accurate shame and infamy of Russian diplomacy.
  24. Witness 45
    Witness 45 5 March 2022 13: 49
    . There is such a profession, to sell the Motherland for thirty pieces of silver. It causes disgust by its very appearance more than a crushed toad on the road.
  25. Kaufman
    Kaufman 5 March 2022 14: 03
    I think we need a team. And there is someone to fulfill it.
    Petrova and Bashirov - for sightseeing!
  26. ROSS_51
    ROSS_51 5 March 2022 14: 36
    The worst traitor ever. American pad.
  27. Emergency
    Emergency 5 March 2022 14: 42
    sad Also found a "summoner"! You are not even manure for the Foreign Ministry, you are shit. And who listens to the calls of shit-ma? Think, treacherous mug!
  28. Joker62
    Joker62 5 March 2022 14: 52
    This slug, the traitor Kozyrev, must be caught in the USA and secretly transferred to Russia in order to judge! He did a lot of damage to Russia. For such deeds, you need to give him a life ... and best of all - hang him on a pillory.
    1. also clean
      also clean 5 March 2022 22: 35
      Certainly. Judge openly. And let him repent .... But first, let the competent authorities work with him. He should know a lot about those who are still entrenched in Russia
  29. lukewarm
    lukewarm 5 March 2022 15: 40
    Recently, news came out that a participant in the first round of negotiations from Ukraine was killed. Suspected of treason. What am I to? Maybe something worth learning. Roll this kozyrev. Desirable, indicative. So that everyone, of which we have divorced a lot, before deciding to do dirty things, would also consider such an ending for herself. And so - he will burn in hell and suffer before that
  30. Ermak_Timofeich
    Ermak_Timofeich 5 March 2022 16: 43
    Andrei Kozyrev urged ...]

    Female dog.
  31. larisa levenchik
    larisa levenchik 5 March 2022 17: 11
    One thing interests me, but what about Yeltsin, who is being built "centers" throughout the country, like Zelensky was a puppet? What (whom) was the "root of evil"? BUT?
  32. iouris
    iouris 5 March 2022 17: 16
    Kozyrev only stated a medical fact.
  33. NSV
    NSV 5 March 2022 21: 55
    What is now to stir up history ...?! We must live in the present and the future! Lavrov is not Gromyko either!) Yes, and our economy is not driven by Kosygin, and not even by Gerashchenko ...
    1. Alf
      Alf 5 March 2022 22: 33
      Quote: NSV
      What now to stir up history ...?! We must live in the present and the future!

      "He who does not know the past has no future."
  34. bessonov932
    bessonov932 5 March 2022 22: 56
    Feeling of burning shame, annoyance, pain, inability to fix something. I voted for Yeltsin. Kozyrev is a pawn, a trifle.
  35. Arabfun
    Arabfun 6 March 2022 05: 42
    all the trump cards were in the hands of the KGB
    see "The last head of the KGB of the USSR (1991-January 15, 1992)" As soon as Bakatin left, the problems with the Kuril Islands ended in August. The reason for the collapse of the USSR is precisely the collapse of the KGB.
    "Experts in state security calculated the consequences of such a step and ... the Russian Federation could fall apart in a few years. As a result, Yeltsin's visit to Japan could be thwarted." easily
  36. Ilia Kaganovich
    Ilia Kaganovich 6 March 2022 08: 00
    Apparently it is necessary to take this ka out of the states and judge in Russia and put him in jail for life.
  37. zenion
    zenion 6 March 2022 15: 02
    Kozyrev is not a surname, it is a diagnosis. He is right, the best rulers of sheep are wolves. Although people think that it is not wolves who should manage the sheep, but a shepherd with good guard dogs.
  38. your vsr 66-67
    your vsr 66-67 6 March 2022 16: 03
    Born in 1951. Worked as a locksmith. In 1974 he graduated from MGIMO!
  39. Russian Bear_2
    Russian Bear_2 6 March 2022 16: 31
    Criminal, traitor.
  40. Sibguest
    Sibguest 6 March 2022 20: 02
    His name, and similar Judas-traitors of the USSR and RUSSIA (Hunchbacked, drunk-Yeltsin, etc.) will be forgotten by descendants. The name of the family is covered in disgrace.
    And RUSSIA will live on. Without betraying our children today, we will live forever in our descendants.
  41. Evg63
    Evg63 7 March 2022 10: 16
    I wonder if Kozyrev A. did not suit everyone as it is written in the article, was there really no one to organize a car accident with the participation of Kozyrev?
  42. Glagol1
    Glagol1 8 March 2022 11: 11
    In general, this horseradish, they said, was recruited. Those. he was not just under the influence, but under the control of the mattresses. When, after the resignation, it surfaced somewhere (counterintelligence, FSB, who knows), this rubbish rushed to the States, it has been living comfortably there for a long time and little by little crap.
  43. ovod84
    ovod84 8 March 2022 20: 18
    but is it possible to fill up this subject, there will be one less traitor
  44. ermak124.0
    ermak124.0 9 March 2022 01: 17
    this is h.m.
  45. voitenkoalexandrv
    voitenkoalexandrv 11 March 2022 05: 06
    Put this nit Kozyrev on a par with the hunchback, Yeltsin and designate them as traitors to the country ... When will you remove the Yeltsin center ???
  46. nemez
    nemez 11 March 2022 08: 34
    Well, he is right, there are no national interests, there are global ones. in the interests of Russia.
  47. Sergei Mikhailovich A
    Sergei Mikhailovich A 11 March 2022 12: 12
    You should have just poisoned him with Perdachok gas.
  48. Vladimir-78
    Vladimir-78 13 March 2022 23: 19
    Well, this is a rooster, why did it crawl out from under the bunk? would sit quietly, you look and would forget)). And so he will go to the bath to swim, the scarf will not remove even that .... he will drown
  49. Molot1979
    Molot1979 14 March 2022 06: 29
    Russia does not have this Kozyrev. And the interests, as they were, remain
  50. Skif
    Skif April 17 2022 09: 35
    Sausages there in America eats from the belly! Slug's dream come true.