Military Review

Bulletin on 02.03.22

Yuri Podolyaka
The most interesting thing that happened this morning is ... the first report of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which, well, at least somehow resembles the truth. Apparently, realizing that there is no longer any point in hiding the truth from the population, which in this case will simply stop believing them, representatives of the Kiev regime began to dispense it in doses.


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  1. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 2 March 2022 14: 06
    Thanks for the summary!
    There is no greater joy than the words of the inhabitants of the LDNR and the fighters of the people's militia that they finally waited.
    Peace to them all! Long-awaited peace and union with Russia!
    1. mitroha
      mitroha 2 March 2022 14: 25
      Peace to all of us!!!! I hope that after the disposal of the Nazi and fascist stratum, it will become better and easier for our peoples to remember that we fought in the same trenches and we are one people
  2. Alien From
    Alien From 2 March 2022 14: 21
    I wish our fighters health and success! Dispose of the Nazis to the last nit!
  3. sen
    sen 2 March 2022 14: 34
    Youtube, Facebook, etc. have imposed strict censorship on truthful coverage of events in Ukraine. Apparently, Yuri Podolyak has not yet been reached.
  4. Scharnhorst
    Scharnhorst 2 March 2022 15: 04
    All this is good and inspires optimism. But today at work I listened to Bagdasarov on the air with Vladimir Solovyov. After all, he already knew that he was not a balanced person and by the end of a half-hour conversation breaks down in the peak of hysteria. But today was too much. Our note head of SMERSH, having not yet won in Ukraine, predicted the restoration of a tank factory and a military tank school in Kharkov!
    This is my personal opinion. This is not why the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are now sparingly disarming and denazifying the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a known territory in order to restore tank production and a forge of personnel in six months. NO - despite the past merits of the strategic plant for the USSR and personal acquaintance with Soviet graduates of the school! Maybe still fill up with orders for the Navy "Motor Sich" or reanimate "Yuzhmash"? What remains of the outskirts should be at best an "agrarian superpower", otherwise a "banana republic".
    Even the United States will now deal with the withdrawal of the real manufacturing sector from its territory to cheap countries. Do not repeat their mistakes and it's time to draw conclusions from your own. Well, now I will filter Bagdasarov's speeches by "coarse grinding", taking into account the thesis he mentioned above.
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 2 March 2022 15: 21
      Quote: Scharnhorst
      What remains of the outskirts should be, at best, an "agrarian superpower"

      So is Kharkov a Russian city or not??
      1. tank64rus
        tank64rus 2 March 2022 15: 59
        And it depends on all of us. Look what the brainwashing did. Germany 1933-1941 Ukraine 2013 -2021 As Hitler said that he wants to grow young people like wild animals. When the Red Army retreated, the barriers fought to the end, allowing the refugees to escape as far as possible. In the Brest Fortress, women and children were taken prisoner, and even the Germans did not shoot. And now these non-humans are opening fire on refugees with a white flag, hiding behind like a human shield. And for the Kharkov plant, let the militias just look in the eye and force everyone to pass through Donetsk and Lugansk. Let them look at the Avenue of Angels. And these are people who worked at the plant that created the T-34. There are no further words. If Donbass is the Stalingrad of our time, which defended the Honor of the Russian People, then who are they.
        1. aybolyt678
          aybolyt678 2 March 2022 22: 57
          And what can we offer them after the war - our own oligarchs and the same problems? I think that Russians are Soviet, and we need an ideology that does not exist
      2. Scharnhorst
        Scharnhorst 2 March 2022 21: 46
        I did not find it in the updated Constitution of the Russian Federation of the Kharkiv region. Well, if it appears, it should be no higher than the Khabarovsk Territory ... alphabetically.
    2. MBRSS
      MBRSS 4 March 2022 02: 13
      Scharnhorst, however, the higher the agrarianism, the higher the "banderlog" and vice versa. The western agrarian and eastern industrial regions of Ukraine are an example of this.
      And the plant. Malysheva can rivet tractors and excavators. We buy wheeled tractors in Belarus, since we are not able to make our own :((
      1. Scharnhorst
        Scharnhorst 4 March 2022 18: 22
        Do you propose to step on a rake like with planes from Boeing and Airbus?
        1. MBRSS
          MBRSS 5 March 2022 01: 52
          So, we (in the sense of our authorities) have already stepped on all the available rakes. Do you offer to buy, say, excavators in Japan, for big money? For me, it's better in the future friendly Ukraine, for inexpensive.