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Who knows if the "Decline of Europe" has begun

Who knows if the "Decline of Europe" has begun

Forgotten Prophet

Spengler's book under this title immediately comes to mind. The book was published immediately after the First World War. Interestingly, Spengler writes that European civilization is only one of many civilizations, and it has no intellectual superiority over other civilizations, including, for example, the Arab culture or the culture of India and other countries.

Speaking about the decline of Europe, he described in detail its signs: giant cities, wars, tyranny. Another catastrophe he called the unlimited power of money, which has nothing to do with the state of the economy and the amount of resources.

He also noted that

“In the near future we will have three or four world newspapers directing the opinions of the provincial newspapers and through them the “will of the people”.

Spengler considered the emergence of the "fourth estate": the lumpen, a harbinger of the death of civilization. The philosopher had no doubt that Europe was doomed.

Has Spengler's prophecy come true? I'm sure it did. Giant cities, the power of money, and the dictates of the media. All this is. Does anyone doubt? At the same time, there are practically no independent media. Everyone blows on the same tune.

But Spengler did not even imagine that most of the states of Europe would lose their sovereignty by the XNUMXst century. For example, can an economically strong Germany be considered independent?

In 1954 Germany was admitted to NATO. The Paris Agreement concluded in the same year, which regulates the deployment of NATO troops on the territory of Germany, remains in force to this day.

In 1990, there were about 400 foreign troops in Germany, half of which were Americans. It was Russia that withdrew its military from Germany (Eastern - ed.), and closed the bases.

Suzerain and vassals

The USA is the suzerain of Europe, and almost all countries are vassals. By 2020, the American contingent in Europe had 52 thousand people. The 1st Armored Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division (three battalions in Poland, Romania and the Baltic states) was stationed on a rotational basis only in Eastern Europe. Subsequently, the number of military was reduced.

But in connection with the events around Ukraine, the number of military personnel at NATO bases began to grow again. The US is not very concerned about the well-being of the vassals. And in general, what to stand on ceremony with them? So, last fall it became known that Australia decided to terminate the contract with the French company for the development and construction of submarines.

Canberra has made a choice in favor of cooperation with Washington and London. A new AUKUS security partnership has been announced. Australian equipment fleet nuclear submarines was their first joint initiative. There was no place for France in this project.

In addition to the economic damage suffered by France after the loss of a $66 billion contract, political factors must also be taken into account. The French called the incident "stab in the back." But so far there is no particular anti-Americanism in the country. However, the boiler boils slowly.

Boiling points

And in Europe, there are plenty of other boiling points. Let's say Poland periodically bills Germany for damages caused in World War II. The damage, according to the Poles, is 850 billion dollars. The German government has repeatedly reminded that back in 1953 Poland officially refused reparations. However, Warsaw believes that the agreement was signed under pressure from the USSR.

Another sore point is the conflict between Brussels and Poland and Hungary. The fact is that the EU freezes the allocation of funds from the pan-European fund to "disobedient" members of the union. And Poland and Hungary are just such.

The fact is that Poland insists on the supremacy of its law over EU law, and Hungary has adopted laws against LGBT propaganda. The EU and the Baltic countries are dissatisfied. The policy of the European Union has led to the degradation of these countries and a colossal outflow of the population. And there is nothing to be surprised.

In the 90s, in the Republic of Latvia, most of the industry that remained from the USSR was “sawed into metal”, the last large enterprises ordered to live long already in the 2010s. Consistently bad relations with Russia were practically ruined by transit, which previously regularly fed Latvia. So young people leave for a more well-fed life in other countries.

Greece is also dissatisfied with the European Union, and many Greeks dream of leaving it. Thus, Greece was dissatisfied with Germany's reaction to the actual seizure of part of the continental shelf in the Mediterranean by Turkey. Greece also stated that the rest of the EU countries are putting increasing pressure on it in connection with the crisis around the influx of illegal migrants to Europe. Greece is the first country where the flow of refugees goes.

Waiting for collapse?

Of course, all these disputes and mutual claims are just there. But can they lead to the collapse of the European Union?

With a stable economic situation in the EU - hardly. But the situation is getting worse. There is an energy crisis. It started back in 2021. European natural gas prices have skyrocketed on the back of a switch to renewables and reduced supplies from Norway, Russia and US LNG, as well as higher energy demand.

At first there was not enough gas, and now also oil. Now, in connection with the sanctions imposed on Russia, the situation will become simply catastrophic. After all, Germany has suspended the certification of Nord Stream 2. It is difficult to say what the situation on the oil and gas markets will be in a week, but the crisis has already dealt a blow to the EU economy.

The situation around Ukraine also dealt a powerful blow to the belief in the ability of NATO countries to defend themselves. Why does Europe need NATO if, in the case of Ukraine, it “washed its hands”? And ordinary Europeans do not want sanctions or any other kind of confrontation. They want cheap gas and heat in their homes. Nobody wants a war.

So the "Sunset of a United Europe" is not far off.

By the way, let me remind you of Lenin's article "On the slogan of the United States of Europe." Here are two quotes:

"The United States of Europe, under capitalism, is tantamount to an agreement on the division of the colonies."

“Of course, temporary agreements between the capitalists and between the powers are possible. In this sense, the United States of Europe is also possible, as an agreement between European capitalists ... about what? Only about how to jointly crush socialism in Europe, how to jointly protect the plundered colonies against Japan and America.

The United States is well aware that a strong European Union is a threat to the United States. And therefore, the NATO Contingent in Europe also performs a purely police function: to prevent the strengthening of the EU! But to bring to collapse - always please.

And now let me remind you that Spengler wrote about Russia:

"Russia is the promise of the coming culture, while the shadow from the West will grow longer and longer."
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  1. vervolk
    vervolk 28 February 2022 04: 07
    In some ways, Spengler was right, in some ways he hurried. Let me remind you that in addition to Spengler, Fukiyama dabbled on the same topic, with the same message. However, at the moment, the situation is somewhat broader. it is not only about the decline of Europe. We are talking about the decline of the entire European liberal world. Including the hegemon represented by the United States, with all their dollar-based economy, a big club in the form of nuclear weapons and a small whip in the form of aircraft carrier groups. In fact, the West is still fat in the paradigm of colonialism, a kind of "gunboat diplomacy" and the reality of the "opium wars". After all, what is the opium war, if you don’t want to be included in our economy on our terms, then our fleet will come to you and destroy your statehood. the West did this, only if in the eighties it was wars for control over oil resources, then at the turn of the 21st century it already became wars for the preservation of dollar settlements and the influence of transnational corporations. As soon as Gaddafi threw himself on the rejection of dollar settlements, the statehood of Libya was already destroyed. got an uncontrolled coast of Africa and a bunch of refugees. However, now the unipolar world of the West, impregnated with the poison of LGBT values, backed up by printed cut colored paper and the arrogance of the militaristic top of the Western clans, is coming to an end. I hope Russia and China will turn out to be those stones against which the rusty gears of the demonic mill of world capital will scatter ...
    1. Dkuznecov
      Dkuznecov 1 March 2022 22: 21
      As soon as Gaddafi threw himself on the rejection of dollar settlements, the statehood of Libya was already destroyed

      Well, with Gaddafi a little different.
      He has done enough of this to
      wanted to throw completely different opponents.
      He managed to become uncomfortable for everyone, an inadequate and non-contractual dictator.
      Well, ambitions went off scale - to become a center of power.
      Therefore, Libya, like Iraq and Yugoslavia, were destroyed
      for the same reasons.
  2. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 28 February 2022 04: 37
    Let's see how far Europe will go in its desire to serve Washington.
    It's ironic that they do it to their own detriment.
    Two generations of people grew up after WWII, and besides, Europeans were diluted with migrants from the south ... Europe forgot the horrors of war.
    I guess they are looking at the war in Ukraine with pleasure by supplying weapons there ... let the Slavs kill each other.
    Now I understand Putin's actions ... it is necessary to eliminate the very possibility of such a war ... unfortunately they realized it too late.
    1. Lykases1
      Lykases1 28 February 2022 07: 18
      But I don't really understand Putin's actions. It remains now to wait for the transfer of this special operation to the plane of the people's war. Delyagin is right. Everyone cursed the elderly actress who transferred 10k dollars to Ukraine, and Gazprom continues to pour money there every day - it's different. I do not see a way out of the situation where they have driven themselves
  3. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 28 February 2022 05: 48
    Three generations have grown up after WWII, and Europe has turned into a kind of shitty bazaar, where merchants from different parts are gathered. There is no originality here, here everyone has only one task - to earn by any means. And above everything there is one “market director”, who has successfully completed one task: divide and conquer.
    From whom is Europe defending itself today? From the image of the enemy, which almost eighty years ago was met with flowers. Who gave up all attempts and thoughts to somehow influence the consciousness ... What happened in return? Sodom and Gomorrah. But, they consider it the best way of development. So be it. You just don’t need to climb into someone else’s monastery with your charter, constantly lie about good deeds in the name of general security and shake human rights, which are the same for everyone ...
  4. rocket757
    rocket757 28 February 2022 06: 03
    And sho geyropa ... the standard route from dawn to dusk, this time we managed quickly.
  5. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 28 February 2022 06: 07
    Anna, thanks for the great article! I hope that some homegrown politicians revere Spengler.
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 28 February 2022 06: 37
      Quote: Al_lexx
      I hope some homegrown politicians revere Spengler.

      Do you think that the reflections of a hundred-year-old German philosopher about the fate of a united Europe sound more relevant today than the teachings of the classics of Marxism-Leninism about building socialism? laughing Harry Potter is yours...
      Sometimes you can ask what they thought about people and the world in general a hundred or two hundred years ago ... No more ... Own history is much more important.
      1. Al_lexx
        Al_lexx 28 February 2022 09: 57
        Yuri Vasilievich. I believe that excessive self-confidence and radicalness in judgments is a sign of a narrow-minded and immature mind. smile
        As for the reference to the classics of Marxism-Leninism .. I don’t have literary words here, since Marx-Engels never worked a day in their life and existed on about the same money that color revolutions are created today. But at the same time (having no practical experience in economics or enterprise management) they managed to teach this to others. As for "grandfather Lenin", there is also a difficult case, since he was an obvious (as they say now) foreign agent who worked to destroy one of the most powerful empires and eventually died of syphilis. wink

        The very idea of ​​communism is undoubtedly attractive, but since the Bolsheviks tried to present it ... in general, they did not go far in their ideas from the first utopian socialists. It is impossible to build not only communism, but even adequate socialism, without taking into account the human factor. Your beloved Bolsheviks decided that in order to drive a huge country into communism, it is enough to break this country over the knee. But that doesn't happen. All people are different and do not know how to step in step to the same drum. Dear I.V.S. he understood this well and gave a wide avenue to consumer cooperation, i.e. the private sector. In general, by the end of his reign, he rethought many of his mistakes and diligently corrected them. But almost all the good that he managed to instantly destroyed N.S.Kh. the same private sector.
        In general, Yuri Sergeevich, I have a strong doubt that you have a clear idea of ​​what socialism, and even more so communism, is. You don't look like an adult. There will be no adult person as undermined to scribble posts on the Internet and even more so to clearly register by name and patronymic. This is usually found in teenagers who want to appear older, among adult uncles. Well, I don’t believe that you are now, like me, over 60. And if you are less than 50, then what can you know about socialism if you were a snotty boy then? smile
        1. Ross xnumx
          Ross xnumx 28 February 2022 10: 04
          Quote: Al_lexx
          Well, I don’t believe that you are now, like me, over 60.

          Dear man ... I have been a military pensioner since 1992 ... I will not compete with your age - you will live to my age ...
          1. Al_lexx
            Al_lexx 28 February 2022 10: 05
            "I do not believe." (C)
        2. saygon66
          saygon66 1 March 2022 17: 13
          So this is Marx, a professional parasite ..... Engels, on the contrary, was a business man and supported the entire Marxian family ...
  6. Ru_Na
    Ru_Na 28 February 2022 06: 32
    It looks like the decline of Europe has really come. Chasing the golden calf, inventing the image of a non-existent enemy in the East, replacing traditional values ​​with LGBT, the Europeans themselves are destroying their own home and there is no longer a chance to stop this process.
  7. Per se.
    Per se. 28 February 2022 07: 00
    Very interesting, - "So the "Sunset of a United Europe" is not far off."... I would like to note that Spengler's statement"Russia is the promise of the coming culture, while the shadow from the West will grow longer and longer" meant primarily the USSR. Why is United Europe more dependent on the masters of world capitalism than United Russia, than the morality of Russian capitalists is higher than the morality of European ones? The same morality of consumers and the cult of money, the same dependence on the West.

    It is possible to talk about the bright future of Russia, and indeed of all mankind, only when leaving the system of world capitalism, which is controlled by behind-the-scenes ghouls, super billionaires and transnational monopolies. If we remember Lenin, then we must understand that we have no other alternative in independence, as the creation (revival) of the world pole of power in socialism. Everything else is good intentions and puffing out, plus a utopia about the possibility of creating some kind of "parallel capitalism" outside the world system, outside its planetary masters.
  8. bober1982
    bober1982 28 February 2022 07: 00
    Europe is lust and mind, raised to the absolute, not having infinity, which leads to continuous bloody slaughter.
  9. ivan2022
    ivan2022 28 February 2022 07: 07
    It's a bad thing to lose the World War. Backtracking after 80 years. But even worse - "for no reason" to squander everything that was obtained with the blood of their soldiers in this war, built by the hard work of their ancestors during the period of rise.

    Yes ... s ... the people are, as it were, excellent on the whole, but in a single country in the 90s they only managed to ruin the country and bring a drunk and a traitor to power. And then for 30 years to "survive", while being, oddly enough, in the richest country in the world. Every man for himself, one Putin for all.
    The Bolsheviks are to blame for the fact that they, the bastards, wanted to build Paradise, but we will be able to settle down in Paradise as in hell ....

    And Western Europe? We don't have to worry about them! To someone else, but not to us. I believe that war between Germany and France or Britain simply by definition cannot be. It is we with our "wisdom of the whole people" that go down step by step, and not they.
  10. ivan2022
    ivan2022 28 February 2022 07: 24
    Spengler's prophecy is certainly interesting. But he wasn't a prophet. History also teaches something.
    For example, the division of Great Israel into Israel and Judah. wars between them. The betrayal by the people of Judea of ​​everything that could be betrayed, as well as the subsequent "defeat and the most terrible consequences" about 30 years later .... There is nothing new under the sun that was and will be.
    And the image of modern compatriots is very similar to the image of the ancient Jews. The same patriots also gouged their own country. For they wanted a "strong Empire", and they were only offered to live according to "utopian rules"; DON'T STEAL, WORK HONESTLY. TREAT YOUR NEIGHBOR AS A BROTHER. "Well, how can this be tolerated?
  11. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 28 February 2022 08: 21
    And now let me remind you that Spengler wrote about Russia:
    Spengler wrote about Soviet Russia, and not about the current, capitalist one. He died in 1935, when the collapse of the USSR was far away.
  12. ivan2022
    ivan2022 28 February 2022 09: 20
    Quote: bober1982
    Europe is lust and mind elevated to an absolute, not having infinity, which leads to continuous bloody slaughter

    On the territory of the former republics of the USSR, gouged "by the will of its peoples." And politicians elected by the peoples.
    1. bober1982
      bober1982 28 February 2022 09: 59
      The XNUMXth century marked the beginning of the decline of Europe, the First World War - the end of Europe, and this decline of the eighth world civilization, we are all observing.
  13. alesmart
    alesmart 28 February 2022 10: 12
    I don’t know how with the EU, but we still have a very dark prospect, so we’re getting ready - food on coupons, everyone’s work will obviously change.
  14. riwas
    riwas 28 February 2022 10: 48
    Who knows if the "Decline of Europe" has begun

    Sanctions are double-edged and ours have not yet introduced their own. Let's see how Europe lasts.
  15. Maks1995
    Maks1995 28 February 2022 11: 02
    IMHO, it has been repeatedly written that literature does not predict, but warns of the possibility.

    what do we have:
    1) Europe still has an impressive economic and human potential. Education, health care, culture, trade, manufacturing, neo-colonies, etc.
    Much more than Russia, with its 50% neo-colonial GDP (export of raw materials)
    2) Thanks to NATO, Europe saved a lot on armaments and the Armed Forces (remember how Trump cursed?)
    but retained military technology.
    3) The decay of Europe has been announced for 300 years already ... as, in less time, and the end of the dollar

    Problems are similar to ours.
    The dominance of migrants who do not fit well into the old life. (we also have half on the street in some places speaks non-Russian)
    Squabbles and separatism, multi-vector (only for the Old Man - this is bad, but for Turkey, Poland, Germany - good)
    Relative bureaucracy of politicians.
    Falling living standards.

    And then: In "sunset", many players can play, and indefinitely....
  16. Tests
    Tests 28 February 2022 14: 25
    Lykases1 (Lykases), dear State Duma deputy Mikhail Gennadyevich Delyagin, can send a deputy request to Gazprom, and Gazprom, as a deputy, is obliged to answer him to which countries and how much volume was pumped through the gas transportation system of Ukraine in February 2022. With a breakdown: to Italy, to Slovenia, to Austria, to Slovakia, to Hungary. to Romania, to Bulgaria, to Moldova, to Serbia. Or was it downloaded to Serbia only through Bulgaria? Serbia is the only country that is not going to apply sanctions against the Russian Federation. Turkey - abstains too. Serbia does not receive gas directly from the Russian Federation, but through a transit state: either through Ukraine from the north, or through Bulgaria from the south. Will we leave Serbia without gas?
  17. iouris
    iouris 28 February 2022 19: 25
    Has the decline of Europe begun? Who knows...
    Now the EU is fighting with Finland and Sweden instead of NATO.
    Wanted to buy the world at the cost of shame? Here you have a war after shame with a white flag ..
    Now the decline of Europe can only happen by hand.
  18. iouris
    iouris 28 February 2022 23: 24
    Today, the EU has officially become the Fourth Reich.
    "Neutral" Switzerland also joined Nazi Europe. The EU has effectively declared war on the Russians. If Bandera Ukraine is also accepted into the EU, then it will be necessary, when leaving, to extinguish everyone.
    Russians were equated with "Untermenschs" without distinction of gender, age or social status. Europe is hosting Kristallnacht. For speaking Russian in Latvia, the girl was sprayed with tear gas in her face.
    A modern "joke" (like an anecdote) about a Russian: "Tell me, please, how to get to the Gilyak?"
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 28 February 2022 23: 37
      Quote: iouris
      Today, the EU has officially become the Fourth Reich.

      Something a bit too much Reich on our heads. And who are our allies?
      1. iouris
        iouris 28 February 2022 23: 38
        It was not enough for us to be raped by the allies.
        "Lord, save us from friends, and we will defend ourselves from enemies" (A.S. Pushkin)
        1. Mordvin 3
          Mordvin 3 28 February 2022 23: 40
          Quote: iouris
          It was not enough for us to be raped by the allies.

          So alone against the whole world? So-so perspective.
          1. iouris
            iouris 28 February 2022 23: 46
            Objectively, today the RF Armed Forces are fighting not against the world, but for the whole world. We are not alone. There are quite a few who understand and sympathize, but in the West a real "witch hunt" is unleashed against these people, and Russians are preparing to be subjected to genocide. From this concentration camp, without winning, you can only leave through the chimney of the crematorium.
            1. Mordvin 3
              Mordvin 3 28 February 2022 23: 53
              Quote: iouris
              There are a lot of understanding and sympathizers,

              Yesterday I looked at Zen, where a Russian from Japan writes that the attitude towards her and Russia has changed dramatically for the worse. The same is written in the comments from the USA.
              Quote: iouris
              From this concentration camp, without winning, you can only leave through the chimney of the crematorium.

              In such scenarios, the chances of winning are scanty.
              1. iouris
                iouris 28 February 2022 23: 55
                Tell us how you calculated these chances?
                Defeat, of course, is possible, but then "the whole world is in ruins." Let them think.
                1. Mordvin 3
                  Mordvin 3 28 February 2022 23: 59
                  Quote: iouris
                  Tell us how you calculated these chances?

                  140 million cannot stand up to seven and a half billion, even if half of them take a neutral position. And the whole world will not turn into dust.
                  1. iouris
                    iouris 1 March 2022 00: 29
                    How many naive people have appeared in our country who are sure that all issues are decided by voting!
                    If a lion leads a herd of sheep, then it will win. But if the lions are led by a ram, then nothing will work.
                    1. Mordvin 3
                      Mordvin 3 1 March 2022 00: 38
                      Quote: iouris
                      How many naive people have appeared in our country who are sure that all issues are decided by voting!

                      And what about the voting?
                      1. iouris
                        iouris 1 March 2022 01: 31
                        And who said "140 million can not resist seven and a half billion, even if half of them take a neutral position."?
                        The methodology is obvious: since there are more of them (they have more GDP, they are richer, they have better beer, etc.), then they are right (more right) or even won.
                        In 1941, when this EU reached Moscow, even Ukraine and Belarus and even the entire North-West of the Russian Federation were occupied.
                      2. Mordvin 3
                        Mordvin 3 1 March 2022 01: 40
                        Quote: iouris
                        And who said "140 million can not resist seven and a half billion, even if half of them take a neutral position."?

                        I said. He didn't talk about any voting.
                        Quote: iouris
                        In 1941, when this EU reached Moscow, even Ukraine and Belarus and even the entire North-West of the Russian Federation were occupied.

                        Nevertheless, the USSR had a lot of allies, the anti-Hitler coalition as a whole was by no means weaker than the Germans with all their allies, and at the moment we have come to the point that two fraternal peoples that were part of the USSR are fighting. And as you said yourself, we have only those who understand and sympathize. Goodnight.
                      3. iouris
                        iouris 1 March 2022 12: 53
                        1) The USSR began to receive aid under Lend-Lease far from immediately. The USSR was forced to keep divisions on the Turkish, Japanese, Persian borders.
                        2) If you don’t fight for real, don’t win, then you only have sympathizers. After the first victories, the first defectors from the camp of the main enemy appear.
                        Good day.
                      4. Tavrik
                        Tavrik 3 March 2022 14: 37
                        Help was received almost immediately. Look at the convoy Dervish when he arrived. And about the operation "Consent" read. This is to the issue and Persia. How ours and the British quickly forced them in the right direction ...
                      5. Tavrik
                        Tavrik 3 March 2022 14: 35
                        In 41-45 there were countless countries in the anti-Hitler coalition. including USA.
          2. boni592807
            boni592807 1 March 2022 15: 57
            Mordvin 3 (Vladimir), Yesterday, 23:40 -"...So alone against the whole world? So-so prospect...."

            You seem to have been in school for a long time and did not study history. Or did they suffer from the exam. belay
            For reference, free of charge [/i:
            Alexander III Alexander (1845-1894) - Emperor of the Russian Empire in 1881-1894. Son of Alexander II, father of Nicholas II.
            Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich (uncle of Nicholas II) writes in the Book of Memoirs, [i]what the emperor often repeated to his ministers
            . "In the whole world we have only two faithful allies - our army and navy. All the rest will take up arms against us at the first opportunity.”

            «The bitter experience of the XNUMXth century, - continues the Grand Duke, - taught the Tsar that every time Russia took part in the struggle of any European coalitions, she later had only to regret it bitterly. Alexander I saved Europe from Napoleon I, и the consequence of this was the creation of mighty Germany and Austria-Hungary on the western borders of the Russian Empire.
            Nicholas I sent the Russian army to Hungary to suppress the revolution of 1848 and restore the Habsburgs to the Hungarian throne, and in gratitude for this service, Emperor Franz Joseph demanded political compensation for his non-intervention during the Crimean War.
            Emperor Alexander II remained neutral in 1870, thus keeping his word given to Emperor Wilhelm I, and eight years later, at the Berlin Congress, Bismarck deprived Russia of the fruits of its victories over the Turksand.

            The French, the British, the Germans, the Austrians - all, to varying degrees, made Russia an instrument for achieving their selfish goals. bully th.
            Alexander III did not have friendly feelings towards Europe. Always ready to take on a challenge Alexander III, however, at every opportunity made it clear that he was only interested in what concerned the well-being of 130 million people in Russia. good

            Since the time of Alexander III, little has changed in the geopolitical alignment of relations between Russia and Europe, despite two world wars, revolutions in the Russian Empire, the creation of the NATO military bloc, the Warsaw Pact and the collapse of the latter, as well as the collapse of the Soviet Union.
            1. Mordvin 3
              Mordvin 3 1 March 2022 18: 50
              Quote: boni592807
              You seem to have been in school for a long time and did not study history.

              I know better than some.
              Quote: boni592807
              In the whole world we have only two faithful allies - our army and navy.

              This expression has been bugging me for a long time.
              Quote: boni592807
              Alexander III, however, at every opportunity made it clear that he was only interested in what concerned the well-being of 130 million people in Russia.

              Today's tsar believes that even 18 is quite a middle class.
  19. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 1 March 2022 10: 24
    Interestingly, Spengler writes that European civilization is only one of many civilizations, and it has no intellectual superiority over other civilizations, including, for example, the Arab culture or the culture of India and other countries.
    Really interesting. Reading the texts of this man, I was always amazed how such an intelligent person can be such a fool. What does humanitarian...
    Alas, in trying to think in this way, he built his reasoning on a false premise, which automatically makes all his conclusions false. European civilization at some point became many times higher than the rest, and precisely due to intellectual superiority. It is this superiority, undeniable and undeniable, that has given Western civilization the opportunity to triumph over the rest, and to impose its cannibalistic power on them.
    How and why did this happen? And why is this desperately unwilling to admit the majority of the authorities, even of the Western world, which is rolling towards sunset because it, this Western world, has begun to give up its enormous advantage? Do you think)
    1. iouris
      iouris 1 March 2022 12: 58
      The strength (and weakness) of the Western style of thinking is in "ration", in effective technologies. Artificial selection according to the criterion of "efficiency" has been brought to an extreme degree, already to the point of absurdity.
      Efficiency here refers to the ratio between costs, losses and beneficial effects.
      Everything ineffective should disappear. As a result, we have a truly totalitarian system, Nazism.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 1 March 2022 13: 01
        You take its results for thinking. Thinking is a tool. This is a hint.)
        1. iouris
          iouris 1 March 2022 13: 11
          Technologies are not a product of "thinking", but a product of a certain way of thinking.
          The task is not to explain the world, but to transform it. "We can't wait for favors from nature..."
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 1 March 2022 13: 15
            Philosopher? Eka took you to meaningless distances...)
            1. iouris
              iouris 1 March 2022 14: 22
              No, not a philosopher.
              In general, philosophy is "love of wisdom". Wisdom is the "dialectically filmed experience of mankind", the basis for building a working theory.
              "There is nothing more practical than a good theory."
              1. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 1 March 2022 18: 09
                It is a pity that you are not able to say "I do not understand." If a person is not able to say this to himself, he no longer develops. And everything that does not go forward falls back.
  20. Siegfried
    Siegfried 1 March 2022 17: 17
    The EU has gone for broke, burning the last bridges in complete hysteria. Perhaps from the realization of what the future holds for the EU. And the future is bleak. They will have to overcome economic problems from sanctions against Russia, build up weapons and prepare for a Cold War against China, from which they can no longer get out. The EU can no longer be a sovereign entity. The US, when they need the EU in the Cold War against China, will simply order them to line up. It is impossible to refuse, otherwise the EU will be left alone next to an embittered Russia.

    One question is haunting. Russia wanted exactly this development of events or there was a chance for another scenario. The fact that Russia demanded from NATO and the way it did it (ultimatum) suggests that already at that moment the implementation of the plan began, where the chances for a different development of events than now were almost zero. The EU understood all this, but did not make concessions, did not want to lose their positions and did not want Russia to become stronger. The fact that Ukraine would not agree to fulfill Minsk was also obvious. It must be understood that Ukraine's failure to comply with Minsk was the decision of the United States and Britain. It was the US and England that led the EU to this impasse. In France and Germany, they allowed themselves to be fooled, the United States told them there that Russia would not invade Ukraine, but would only recognize the LDNR and that it would be possible to impose a bunch of sanctions with little or no harm to themselves and, most importantly, without losing positions in Ukraine. The fact that Russia launched the operation was probably a shock for Berlin and Paris. The fact that they are now just hysterically trying to intimidate Russia with sanctions and provoke a wave of protest in Russia suggests that the EU is in despair. They were stupidly thrown by their main ally. Framed, bent, call it whatever you want.
  21. Vladimir27
    Vladimir27 2 March 2022 08: 02
    Apparently, the instruction to the Nazis (fascists) from the Washington Regional Committee was to destroy the entire European infrastructure in order to restore it with someone's money and make Europe someone's colony ... What a strange coincidence ...
    and it’s also possible to unite Europe and command all countries, relating only to their goals ... And, most interestingly, before the Second World War, someone also had a rather strong crisis ... such parallels, already, it becomes creepy ... for someone - then again the crisis and again the world is bending under itself in order to get out of the crisis ...
    And there is no decline in Europe after the end of the Second World War ... Europe now has a hopeless darkness ...
    1. ivan2022
      ivan2022 20 March 2022 10: 07
      In fact, our "recent history" is a voluntary rejection of all previous conquests, an annual multibillion-dollar tribute to the West, and now also an internecine war.

      Russia's policy changes regularly by 180 degrees. This is essentially a natural wandering in the dark. Western policy has not changed strategically for a thousand years. And who has "gloomy darkness"?
      1. Vladimir27
        Vladimir27 28 March 2022 10: 20
        I didn't really understand what you were talking about...