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The first serial RTO "Sovetsk" project 22800 "Karakurt" got up for scheduled maintenance

The first serial RTO "Sovetsk" project 22800 "Karakurt" got up for scheduled maintenance

Small rocket ship "Sovetsk" project 22800 code Karakurt Baltic fleet went in for scheduled maintenance. The ship was docked at the 33rd shipyard in Baltiysk, Kaliningrad region.

RTO "Sovetsk", which became part of the Baltic Fleet in October 2019, is the first in its stories docking and scheduled maintenance. It is noteworthy that because of this, the company's specialists independently worked out the placement of the ship in the dock, based solely on "competence, professionalism and work experience." The whole thing took about 10 hours.

After the work is completed, the ship will return to the combat fleet.

RTO "Sovetsk" (formerly "Typhoon") was laid down at the shipyard "Pella" on December 24, 2015 simultaneously with the lead RTO "Mytishchi" (formerly "Hurricane"). The lead ship was launched on July 29, 2017, and the Sovetsk RTO on November 24, 2017. Both became part of the Baltic Fleet. It is the second in the series and the first serial ship of project 22800 "Karakurt".

RTOs of this project have a length of 67 meters, a width of 11 meters and a draft of 4 meters. Displacement - about 800 tons, cruising range - up to 2500 miles, autonomy - 15 days. The main armament is one PU UKSK (universal ship complex) 3S14 RK for 8 KR "Caliber", one 76-mm gun mount AK-176MA, two anti-aircraft guns AK-630M (from the third ship - "Pantsir-M"), two 14.5- mm or 12,7 mm MTPU machine gun mounts.

RTOs of project 22800 "Karakurt" began to be built to actually replace RTOs of project 21631 (code "Buyan-M") for the Russian Navy, of which only 12 pieces have been ordered. Unlike the Buyans, the Karakurt series will continue.
Photos used:
33rd Shipyard in Baltiysk

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  1. Vladislav_2
    Vladislav_2 15 February 2022 13: 27
    scheduled maintenance. Scrap shells and cover with layers of antifouling yes the ship is new and there is not much serious there (except for the thrusters), if they are present and the propeller is inspected, then this is normal for 2 years! The main thing is that the timing of the next maintenance should not be postponed to "stalemate"
    1. Alex777
      Alex777 15 February 2022 13: 55
      Some kind of cynical attitude towards Ukraine.
      Take and put the ship on TO. It's a shame. bully
    2. TermNachTer
      TermNachTer 15 February 2022 18: 51
      Scheduled maintenance can be combined with modernization, two years is a considerable period - new equipment has appeared.
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty 15 February 2022 13: 59
    Instead of these misunderstandings, it was necessary to build Cheetahs in large quantities! There is a displacement of almost 2000 tons, and the range of weapons is richer, and autonomy is higher! Simply, money is thrown away!
    1. storm
      storm 15 February 2022 14: 09
      Cheetah would replace six ship projects at once:
      - Frigates pr. 11356
      - Corvettes pr 20380
      - Corvettes pr. 20385
      - Corvettes pr. 20386
      - RTO pr. 22800
      - Patrolmen 22160
      A large series of 50 units. laid down at 3-4 shipyards would provide each of the 4 fleets with 12 units. CHEETAH
      Six units Buyan-M would have remained on the Caspian flotilla.
      1. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 15 February 2022 15: 20
        Quote: assault
        Cheetah would replace six ship projects at once:
        - Frigates pr. 11356

        11356 would have been built even if there were Cheetahs. Because "Cheetah" grew out of the TFR project of the coastal zone, replacing the "Albatross". Instead of 1135 (of which 11356 was the heir), they made a larger project 11540.
        Will Gepard be able to work in the same place as projects 1134B, 1135M and 61? For they built 11356 precisely for the urgent replacement of this floating antique from the KChF surface ships brigade.

        On the other hand, if the Russian Federation washes away to build Gepards, then Project 11356 will build all 6 pieces - because the construction of Gepards means that the Russian Federation has its own gas turbine engines. smile
    2. Barberry25
      Barberry25 15 February 2022 14: 15
      the problem would be the same - there is no power plant, gas turbine engines will only be mass-produced in a year and a half ... The problem of the fleet is that they are repelled by wants, and not from what CAN be built ..
      1. Thrifty
        Thrifty 15 February 2022 14: 31
        Barberry 25-aodomets are not destiny? And who is to blame for the fact that we are so disgusting with engines for warships? Why didn’t they think to build for themselves, but searched and are looking for where to buy more and cheaper ???
        1. Hog
          Hog 15 February 2022 14: 39
          Barberry 25 - is it not destiny to set aodomes?

          The gas turbine engine told you no, who will turn your water cannons?
          And who is to blame for the fact that we are so disgusting with the engines for warships?

          The collapse of the union?
          Why didn’t they think to build for themselves, but searched and are looking for where to buy them more and cheaper ???

          They were not looking for cheaper, but where they were always made (in Ukraine).
        2. Barberry25
          Barberry25 15 February 2022 15: 01
          water cannons are so far more about theory than the practice of large ships, and for engines, here is the direct fault of the Moscow Region, which sabotaged the launch of a series of gas turbine engines for ships under the sauce "why should we pay for your production, we are supplied from Ukraine"
      2. storm
        storm 15 February 2022 20: 16
        Barberry 25
        Gas turbine engines will only be mass-produced in a year and a half

        And what does a gas turbine engine have to do with it, when even larger corvettes run on diesel engines .....
        The main power plant (MPP) of the project 20380 corvette is represented by four 16D49 diesel engines manufactured by Kolomensky Zavod JSC.
        You, dear Barberry, before you downvote and write illiterate comments, at least look at Wikipedia!
        1. Barberry25
          Barberry25 15 February 2022 20: 56
          Cheetahs have gas turbine engines, so there would be a similar story .. And yes, in principle, I almost don’t minus anyone, and in this case I didn’t minus anyone). And I know about Kolomna diesel engines. In general, I’m waiting for a series of medium-speed Kolomna diesel engines they will be very good
          1. storm
            storm 15 February 2022 22: 15
            Sorry then!
    3. Jacket in stock
      Jacket in stock 15 February 2022 15: 12
      Quote: Thrifty
      Instead of these misunderstandings, it was necessary to build Cheetahs en masse!

      Yeah, with Ukrainian turbines?
      The frigates have already been built, they still do not know what to do with.
      1. storm
        storm 15 February 2022 20: 23
        And you there too ...
        GTU CHEEPARDS do not need, Kolomna diesels are enough.

        According to reports on the website of the Zelenodolsk plant dated 2011, "in addition to the gas turbine, an economical diesel power plant can be used on the Gepard-3.9 ship" - a two-shaft diesel-diesel plant of the CODAD type, consisting of 4 MTU diesel engines with a capacity of 4700 hp each. or their equivalent
  3. lopuhan2006
    lopuhan2006 15 February 2022 15: 00
    So what's the replacement? These ships are for different theaters of operations! Both types were needed. Rather, it is a replacement for Lightning. It's like a "strategic" Tu-22M
    1. storm
      storm 15 February 2022 22: 22
      And why are theaters so seriously different and why should the Black Sea Cheetah-3.9 differ from the Pacific or Baltic?
      The Navy needs a multi-purpose OVR corvette, and the Cheetah, as a single corvette for all fleets, has an order of magnitude more advantages than this "hodgepodge" of five types of different ships ...
      1. lopuhan2006
        lopuhan2006 16 February 2022 15: 57
        I mentioned RTOs, not Watchtowers. For Buyan, the source was the Shallow Water Artillery Project. For Sovetsk, a unique project for the open sea, and here it is rather a replacement for Lightning, but not for Buyanov, who at that time were the only thing new that could quickly give a shipbuilder. industry. Did I mention the cheetah somewhere? The fact that this platform was not developed further is another story. And yes, the Cheetah, in my opinion, is better than two RTOs, and especially as a PLO, those that we desperately lack.
        1. storm
          storm 17 February 2022 01: 44
          I didn’t include Buyan-M in the list of those ships that would replace the Cheetahs, I just pointed out that if the fleet had a sufficient number of Gepard corvettes (12 units in each fleet), the Buyan-M series would most likely have ended on the 6th RTO and they all served in the CFL.
          1. lopuhan2006
            lopuhan2006 18 February 2022 12: 57
            I understood it in a different context. It's clear. For Buyans, I think there are tasks for 12 pieces. Here all the cards are good, since there are no others. But why the Cheetahs did not begin to develop, here are questions for the FSB and counterintelligence rather. The example of China with 056 is instructive. And why did they not begin to develop the postponed and most importantly serial project and with a reasonable price, but they sucked 3 Cheetahs into Mercury for sure! There are only epithets of sabotage and sabotage.
  4. Constanty
    Constanty 15 February 2022 23: 10
    Why were the names changed from the traditional "meteorological" names for the Russian/Soviet fleet?
    1. lopuhan2006
      lopuhan2006 16 February 2022 16: 22
      Somewhere there was an explanation from the Ministry of Defense that those ships over which a decision was made on patronage are called by the name of the city. It is beneficial for the Navy to have additional goodies for ships, and this is the crew from the boss's city, additional funding and support (for example, fuel and lubricants!). That's the profit from renaming) It's not bad! It's just that the bad weather division left a trail for me.
      1. Constanty
        Constanty 16 February 2022 19: 36
        Thank you for the clarification hi