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Uzbekistan: Karimov swore to the West. West begins to shake the Karimov regime

Uzbekistan: Karimov swore to the West. West begins to shake the Karimov regime...First many it will be a little boring, because about a rather distant country.

The raider games in Uzbekistan - in particular, the expropriation of the Russian mobile operator MTS, which occurred in the summer, and recently ended with sentences - did not attract much attention. The fact that there is corruption in the post-Soviet republics, and the more southward, the more frank, it is not a secret that it is interesting for narrow specialists to delve into this issue. Probably, a very similar problem that had arisen recently with another mobile operator, this time the Swedish TeliaSonera, would probably not be too intrigued, but this time the scandal is accompanied by special effects that make it possible to talk about a weighty political component. complicated.

Certainly, the reputation of the Ferghana News site (the initiator of the release of information on the Runet) is so handshaking that you can only trust it by measuring not seven, but seven times seven. For the simple reason that in this case, this sample of creativity just retells the content of the film released on the Swedish TV screens, and - this is especially important - already shown in Spain, the United Kingdom and other countries. And since the Swedish-Uzbek graters are deeply uninteresting to the local hamster, the conclusion is inevitable: the precious prime time was bought not for the sake of the hamsters' fun, but in order to give a hint to someone in Tashkent: the story goes to a very high level.

Obviously, the anger of the authorities and, accordingly, the problems of “TeliaSonera” (and at the same time another Swedish company, “Ucell”) are connected with the film. And in this case, if something is not clear, it is why the Swedes suddenly decided to run into old partners, with whom they had cooperated for a long time and quite fruitfully. Although, on the other hand, there is no ambiguity. It all started not in Sweden, but in Switzerland. There, in lovely Geneva, on July 30, criminal proceedings were instituted (on suspicion of money laundering) against four citizens of Uzbekistan, and two of them (some Shohrukh Sobirov and Alisher Ergashev, managers of Coca-Cola Uzbekistan) were taken under the guard. Then, apparently, began to testify.

And here the wheel spun seriously. At first, the press utterly vaguely flashed hints of "not entirely explicable involvement" in all sorts of bad cases of "high-ranking persons from Uzbekistan." Then much harder materials began to appear, right down to that very film, multiseries and filmed incredibly quickly. Complicated graphics of “informal favors” built on the basis of kinship-friendship-enmity, which in itself — if it comes to the surface — are considered to be unacceptable in Europe.

And most importantly, in connection with various kinds of scams (business withdrawals, offshore money purging, extortion and tede), 320 sum of green lemons was mentioned, allegedly transferred through the Gibraltar offshore Gulnara Karimova, daughter of the President of Uzbekistan. According to investigators, they are almost the main raider of their country, and according to political scientists, the “strong lady” of Tashkent, who seriously intends to inherit the father’s throne. And as soon as this name sounded publicly, the economy faded into the background, giving way to pure politics.

Judge for yourself. Three years ago, far back in 2009, the purchase of “Coscom” (for 260 million euros) - just through the very Gibraltar off-shore - the Swedish press was very smartly discussing. Given the nuances, and the scandal was considerable, and requests in the Riksdag, but in the end the noise in a strange way died out. Even the opposition has forgotten the topic. Which is actually unusual for Scandinavia. Most likely (there are simply no other options) because TeliaSonera is not an ordinary joint-stock company, but a joint-stock company, the majority of which is owned by the Kingdom of Sweden.

That is, the Vikings cunning. They all knew, and acted in their right mind and solid memory, knowing full well what was acquired from whom and under what conditions. And the main shareholder knew, and the management knew, and the prosecutors, and the parliamentarians knew everything perfectly and in details. But they were silent. Because gingerbread, because it is sweet, and because besides them, no one knew. But now, when Switzerland, damn it, unleashed a scandal around the MTS and money laundering, the Swedes were startled. Not because of some injured foreign (especially Russian) mobile operator, but for the reason that it smelled fried for them too. Geneva investigators are famous for their tenacity, and the prestige of the Kingdom, both political and business, is at stake. So the gears started spinning, so the eyes turned round, as if the prosecutors had heard about everything for the first time, and so the press had found the principles.

But there is a mention of gingerbread and special flavor. From the compromising film, it obviously follows that the solid, although by European standards, and slightly “incorrect” business, the telecommunications operators allowed, by establishing good relations with respected business partners, to buy, in addition to radio frequencies, something more abruptly. For example, a batch or two of enriched uranium. Without the necessary notifications, where it should be, but with complete mutual interest. According to this scheme, it turns out that Vattenfall, the largest energy company in Sweden, worked in Uzbekistan. Also joint-stock and also mainly owned by the Kingdom.

And although something (about uranium!) Even leaked out to the press, neither the deal itself, nor business partners from far-off Asia attracted much attention at that time. The press reported the fact, but no one smelled sensations, no one suspected anything, didn’t catch it, and everything died down. And now this thing, seemingly well-forgotten, pops up with the appendage to the Teliasonera case, and the newspapers are gradually beginning to touch on the problems of “black cash”, pushing that the figures in the scandal today are the same as yesterday. Moreover, implicitly, fully thoughtfully, the idea is being thrown in that the raid on the MTS was organized by Gulnara Karimova along with the head of the strongest of the special services - putting her father in front of a fait accompli. That is, the West is shaping the view that Karimov personally has almost no control over the situation.

And here it becomes interestingbecause it is pure international policy for Russia.

If you remember, some time ago we were already talking about the decision of Islam Karimov to sharply turn the steering wheel, leaving the Russian roof under the wing of the United States in exchange for protecting him personally, and if the House with the Hill is deigned, then its clan. A certain logic in this decision was: The states are now strong, very interested in Uzbekistan (in many ways, the key country of Central Asia) and, importantly, gave convincing guarantees. In short, extremely gently laid. However, now that President Karimov has taken a decisive step, effectively dissociating himself from the Kremlin, there is no longer any need for softness. So, then the game goes on the principle of "nothing personal." Karimov did his job by kicking Russia, and now Karimov is better off.

Because the West (read: the United States) in the emerging geo-strategic solitaire emerging before our eyes really needs Central Asia - first of all, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan - but neither the presidential patriarchs nor their potential successors, rooted in local soil. In Tashkent and Astana, Americans need, let's say, “Saakashvili 2.0” - absolutely obedient, predictable leaders, surrounded not by the traditional power elite, but by “like-minded people” chosen for them across the ocean. It is only under this condition that the West has the opportunity, with full confidence in the reliability of logistical support, to engage in big fish like China and Russia.

Hence the Swiss investigators. Bern, although “a thing in itself,” but, - and this is not a secret, - very rarely refuses to help Washington. Hence the flow of compromising, yesterday did not bother anyone, but carefully accumulated for the future. Hence, the severity of interrogations, at which arrested people begin to smartly merge accounts-passwords-attendances of their “bosses” - that is, those potential heirs who, though (which is already there), are hated by many fellow citizens, but have a real chance to lead the elites and their support groups, if alternatively they are gauleiters who are ready to break the traditional balance of power schemes.

And Mrs. Karimova, of course, has such a chance. She is loved by her father, who, although omnipotent, but by many indirect signs, simply because of her age is less in control of the situation, she skillfully forms (has already formed) her "clip", where (very importantly) there is a place for representatives of all traditional clans, and she herself is strong-willed, tough, tenacious, able to stand up for herself, for her interests and, by the way, for the interests of a country that she regards as her own, which can not be transferred to anyone else's property in the least.

Here is such a political and economic performance with exotic dances. Rather, the overture with intermission. But the curtain is gradually moving, the first act is about to start, and the whole trick is that even the actors are not given out the roles in advance. What is the finish planned, they know only the author, director and, possibly, a group of prompters. And we, the spectators, - even in the stalls, at least in the gallery - we just have to watch.

In general, everything is more or less clear.
It is not clear what the Kremlin is thinking about all this ...

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  1. spender
    spender 24 September 2012 11: 31
    Buy it as long as buy, until it interferes with the commercial affairs of "white" people, but when it blows away from the beast and he begins to interfere with the "civilized" gesheft with his body movements, he is exchanged for another buy ... laughing
    And the fact that there is a lot of information for each buy, and about despotism and "unclean commercial affairs" (theft), no one doubts wink
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 24 September 2012 11: 34
      Really did not learn to distinguish who is friend and who is enemy ....
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 24 September 2012 11: 39
        Quote: Wedmak

        Really did not learn to distinguish who is friend and who is enemy ....

        And with the west only
        1. Wedmak
          Wedmak 24 September 2012 11: 43
          Nefig we do there, in the west. To enclose them with a wall high with a barbed wire, to make them without a flight zone, and bake well ... I would also suggest fusing them to another planet, but there are no options ...
          And yes, and missiles, planes to take away. In order not to be habituated.
        2. TekhnarMAF
          TekhnarMAF 24 September 2012 15: 56
          But you are right! Amer and hedgehog with them ....... whether his bullshit. I almost baba-Vanga-follow the news. Soon amers (face of (b) type (on the table) _kluknutsya in Arabia and ...... ...
  • spender
    spender 24 September 2012 11: 43
    Quote: Wedmak
    Really did not learn to distinguish who is friend and who is enemy ....

    The priorities are different in view of the Asian mentality: The one who pays the most is the friend for a while until a richer "ally" is found. Easy to buy, but just as easy to sell (betray). IMHO hi
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 24 September 2012 11: 47
      I fully support. He himself lived in Kyrgyzstan for a long time ... but not Asian, but rather .. a nomadic mentality or something ...
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 24 September 2012 11: 51
      Quote: spender
      . Easy to buy, but also easy to sell

      You suggest changing the current buy to a new one, well, what candidates will be winked
      1. spender
        spender 24 September 2012 12: 02
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        You suggest changing the current buy to a new one, well, what candidates will be

        I think the sparrow will be appointed correctly winked he has his own shovel-educational methods. For the courtiers, the very thing, you and I will periodically inspect, but I think after the sparrow we only have a harem for inspection, and in all other respects the sparrow will put things in order without us "like in tank troops" laughing
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 24 September 2012 12: 15
          Quote: spender
          I think the sparrow will be appointed correctly

          AU Vorobey, through interactive voting, you have been elected the new president of Uzbekistan, and tomorrow you will begin your duties. You will do the revolution laughing
          1. Brother Sarych
            Brother Sarych 24 September 2012 16: 11
            The guard of honor at the airport is already lining up ...
  • aktanir
    aktanir 25 September 2012 10: 20
    This material can be called (Uzbekistan: Karimov sworn allegiance to the West. The West is beginning to stagger Karimov’s regime) in different ways and will still be perceived normally
    For example:
    Uzbekistan: Karimov swore allegiance to the West. Karimov begins to reel the regime of Russia
    Uzbekistan: Karimov swore allegiance to the West. Russia begins to reel Karimov’s regime
    Uzbekistan: Karimov swore allegiance to the West. West begins to stagger Russia's regime
  • Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 24 September 2012 11: 57
    Money is stirring your eyes!

    Scorpio approaches the turtle and says:
    - Transport the turtle to that shore.
    -You sting me!
    No, in kind, if I sting, I’ll drown. About five minutes later Scorpus chatted with the tortilla.
    In the middle of the river, the scorpions still stung the turtle. And she said to him: Now we will drown!
    -What can you do?! East is a delicate matter!
  • SSR
    SSR 24 September 2012 12: 09
    Gulnara Karimova, daughter of the president of Uzbekistan. According to investigators, he is almost the main raider of his country, and according to political scientists, he is the “strong lady” of Tashkent, who seriously intends to inherit the throne of his father.

    And Karimov imagines himself "Bruce the Almighty" .. thinks that he was tenacious and grasping like this and remains ... but there is no fig .. and Gulnara will be thrown off to everyone .. she is already trying here and there and in kind and business to strengthen the environment .. only here byada .. for a long time the peasants will not be able to endure her anyway .. it is easier for peasants to come to an agreement, and those who are quiet will stir up their native country ...
    I'm afraid in Uzbekistan, "Sudan" will happen ..... with Karimov's feints, the dissatisfied in all strata are getting more and more .. when Karimov's regime is overthrown .. they will start to kill each other .. like a "mujahid" from Uztahrir and a simple secular Muslim.
  • JonnyT
    JonnyT 24 September 2012 12: 14
    Karimov will plunge Uzbekistan into the Stone Age. There are many nationalist Islamists, there is also the Taliban on the approach. Higher ranks have bakshish from transactions with heroin. States will throw as usual .............
  • Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 24 September 2012 12: 21
    It has been in Uzbekistan for a year. Too bad people. Them from the Middle Ages feudal to civilization, and now again to the Middle Ages.
  • bask
    bask 24 September 2012 13: 19
    Karimov- you are wrong. Rossi urgently needs to intervene, put pressure politically and economically .. Why is only America ,, making, color, revolutions?
  • AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 24 September 2012 13: 39
    An interesting article with good reasoning, which is very rare today. I would not want to create a bridgehead from Uzbekistan for amers.
  • gen.meleshkin
    gen.meleshkin 24 September 2012 14: 22
    Gaddafi also thought that he had grabbed God by the beard, financing elections in France and other Western projects, which did not prevent the organization of a terrible murder. By the way, Obama passed a law on the arrest of the defendants themselves and the confiscation of funds acquired in a criminal way. On tricky ass there is a "dick" with a screw.
    1. vladimir64ss
      vladimir64ss 24 September 2012 15: 57
      Quote: gen.meleshkin
      Gaddafi also thought

      At least people lived well with him. And so a common example. And the amers and Milosevic were given guarantees. And the same Gaddafi tamed. I hope the Kremlin will find something to answer.
  • bask
    bask 24 September 2012 14: 31
    What you don’t like, are the color revolutions. It’s necessary that they be in our performance, and not in the Amer’s version. The name is ---, the Uryuk revolution,
  • KIA
    KIA 24 September 2012 14: 42
    I wonder when Kazakhstan will begin to bend in front of the ami, and what will the Kremlin do?
    1. Forget
      Forget 24 September 2012 15: 55
      and what does Kazakhstan have to do with it .... about sagging, you have yesterday’s thinking, economic benefits most often crowd out established relations. So Russia now agrees to have less than half the profit from its oil fields and considers it profitable. The world is moving towards integration and erasing state borders, but this process is of course very long. WTO is the first step towards the disappearance of borders. Even the document on Russia's accession to the WTO was not translated into Russian, but was immediately ratified.
      1. Brother Sarych
        Brother Sarych 24 September 2012 16: 09
        Would be translated into Russian - no one would have agreed to join ...
        So the example is not very successful ...
        1. SSR
          SSR 24 September 2012 17: 58
          Quote: Brother Sarich
          So the example is not very successful ...

          maybe not entirely successful but essentially ...
          in general, from 2014 onwards in Russia, the Naglitsky language has become mandatory for the USE .. in general, that’s it.
          1. v53993
            v53993 24 September 2012 20: 48
            You need to know the language of your probable opponent, sorry, probable friend.
            1. hrych
              hrych 24 September 2012 23: 33
              Our soldiers perfectly learned the "hand hoh" in German, as it turned out to be quite enough for civilized communication, but the Germans "Hitler Kaput" perfectly balakali. A little earlier the French mastered the "bistro". But now the officials, in all seriousness, talk about the freedom of Pussy Riot, and many were not aware that these are mad pips ...
  • valokordin
    valokordin 24 September 2012 14: 42
    If the competent authorities listen to our comments, which are mostly pro-state, then you can’t hesitate. There are not only Karmov, Rashidov in Uzbekistan. Other pro-Russian-minded, including the military. They have a special hope. You need to act energetically, not paying attention to others. Remember the pictures of Vereshchagin.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 24 September 2012 16: 05
      Quote: valokordin
      If the competent authorities listen to our comments

      The competent authorities on our comments put big and thick.
      1. SSR
        SSR 24 September 2012 18: 09
        Quote: valokordin
        If the competent authorities listen to our comments

        um .. it happened .. that I personally know a person who prepares analytics (met in Russia when he was in graduate school)
        so at the beginning of 2000 he said that Karimov and Co. in general ... looking at analytics, they were doing exactly the opposite.
        as the citizens of Ozbekiston themselves say ... it’s more difficult for them to go to Tashkent than to Moscow ... at every corner a check asking why he came from the village to Tashkent.
        (I will be glad if I'm wrong).
    2. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 24 September 2012 16: 10
      Sip a valokordin and calm down - you should not take everything so close to your heart ...
  • taurus69
    taurus69 24 September 2012 16: 45
    Sarych, you are wrong! Uzbekistan is closer to Russia than Syria, and if the Wahhabs sit there, they will let everyone ... ask. therefore, movements must be done, and preferably in the right direction.
  • uizik
    uizik 24 September 2012 19: 21
    All is correct. Let him try and compare. Then he will understand where and with whom it is better. In the East, his own notions of friendship.
  • Stasi.
    Stasi. 24 September 2012 19: 39
    As the saying goes, the devil does not spare those who serve him. The examples of Milosevic and Gaddafi did not become a lesson for Karimov, let him not complain now. Not only he but his entire clan will have a bad time, the Americans will need completely new people. I do not think that the Kremlin will be indifferent to look at what is happening in Uzbekistan and not take any action. Inaction is too dangerous; one can lose the hard-won positions in Central Asia. And the Kremlin is not at all eager to incur losses, and even to get a hot spot, which can turn not only Uzbekistan but all of Central Asia with the assistance of the Americans. Now the move is for the Kremlin.
    1. algol
      algol 24 September 2012 21: 44
      The Kremlin made a move. The GDP flew to Kyrgyzstan for a reason. The hydropower cascade is a tap to the water that flows to Uzbekistan. Yes, and Tajikistan received a command - to the foot. So while the hand is on the pulse.
  • mark021105
    mark021105 24 September 2012 19: 47
    Quote: Stasi.
    Not only him, but his whole clan will have a bad time

    The worst thing will be not him, but the common people. It seems that you cannot say that he was not educated, under the USSR he worked as the Chairman of the State Planning Committee of the Uzbek SSR, his wife was Russian, well, how can you become such a "changeling" ??? Senility??? But at meetings with Putin or Medvedev, he seems to be talking adequately ... POLITICAL PROSTITUTE, definitely ...
  • Afftar
    Afftar 24 September 2012 20: 16
    Quote: mark021105
    PROSTITUTE POLITICAL, definitely ...

    Yes, it seems to me that he has already fallen into some kind of insanity. Maybe he thinks he is Napoleon, who will capture all of Asia.
  • v53993
    v53993 24 September 2012 20: 36
    He will try, but the people will have to compare, as always.
  • Eleven
    Eleven 24 September 2012 22: 07
    Everything suggests that Uzbekistan has no other way out than to return under the wing of Russia, otherwise it will be torn apart if not by the Yankees, then by internal contradictions.
  • Su24
    Su24 24 September 2012 22: 35
    Karimov himself does not know what he wants.
  • de_monSher
    de_monSher 25 September 2012 05: 07
    I did not like the article, to be honest. True did not begin to minus - why?

    Firstly, Karimov will swear an oath and will ALWAYS swear only to himself - to his beloved. Let me remind you, dear colleagues in the comments on the blog, the times of August, 91st year. It’s just to me personally, the moment was remembered when some dude, climbing on an armored personnel carrier, yelled with a falsetik - "Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Let us finally remember that we are the LORD! So let us be LORD - Gentlemen!". It was like this especially disgusting to listen to, .. it is this bleating, you can not imagine. Well, Karimov is one of such "gAspod". This time.

    Secondly. Amazing business, comrades and mmmmmm .. even those "gentlemen". Are you ready to measure everything with money and influence? I can give as an example, our "dear president" Mr. Karimov - yes, it's a no brainer that for him the case smells like kerosene. The dude confused business with life. But nevertheless, it sometimes seems to me that many commentators also confuse, strongly, business and life.

    So, dear ones ... business - as usual, life - as usual. Uzbekistan, will not leave the family of fraternal peoples - no matter how priests Karimov and his daughters wobble. Not the same mentality and the wrong system of values. The main thing is that these peoples, nevertheless, remain mmmmm ... brotherly, and not become "fraternal" - saturated with profit and selfishness.

    Look something like this ...
  • Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 25 September 2012 06: 55
    sometimes I think. even though I didn’t feel the times of the Soviet Union, but the Iron Curtain would be very useful to us, too much shit came to Russia in the 90s ...
  • not good
    not good 25 September 2012 09: 14
    The more active Karimov will be a jackal, the faster they will merge.
  • aksakal
    aksakal 25 September 2012 09: 20
    "and about herself, she is a strong-willed, tough, tenacious lady, able to stand up for herself, for her interests and, among other things, for the interests of the country, which she considers as her natural property, in no way transferable to anyone else’s... "- I don't care about Uzbek problems, that's why I think about my own. And that's why I only caught on to this phrase and add from myself - besides, very beautiful. I have to admit it. Dariga, the daughter of the Kazakh president, nervously smokes on the sidelines, only knows how to sing , and even then mediocre.