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The fifth Scorpen-class submarine for the Indian Navy entered sea trials


The fifth Calvari-class (Scorpen) diesel-electric submarine, launched in November 2020, left the shipyard and entered sea trials. This was reported by the press service of the Indian Navy.

The submarine was built at the shipyard of the Indian company Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) in Mumbai and is the fifth in a series of six diesel-electric submarines for the Indian fleet. The construction of the series started in 2005 and was supposed to be completed in 2017, but various delays in construction have led to constant delays. According to the latest data, the completion of the series is now scheduled for 2023, but only if there are no delays again.

How long the sea trials of the fifth diesel-electric submarine, called "Vagir", will last, is not reported, but it is planned to put it into operation this year. The lead submarine "Kalvari", which gave the name to the entire series, became part of the Indian Navy in 2017, the second submarine - "Khanderi" - in September 2019. The third and fourth diesel-electric submarines, Carrange and Vela, entered the fleet in March and September 2021, respectively. The sixth submarine "Wagshir" is planned to be handed over to the military no later than the beginning of 2023.

The Scorpen (Kalvari) submarines are designed to replace the obsolete Sindukush (Kilo) and Shishumar (Type-209/1500) class submarines in the Indian Navy.

The main purpose of the submarines of this series is the fight against enemy submarines and ships. They are being built without an air-independent power plant, but taking into account the possibility of installing VNEU in the process of modernization in the future.

The length of the submarines is 67,5 meters, the width is 6,2 meters, the surface displacement is 1615 tons (underwater - 1775 tons). The submarine is equipped with 360 batteries, each weighing 750 kg. The maximum speed under water is 20 knots. Crew - 44 people, including eight officers. The armament of diesel-electric submarines is 533-mm SUT 266 torpedoes, SM-39 Exocet anti-ship missiles and mines.
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  1. knn54
    knn54 4 February 2022 14: 17
    Practically the only NNS of modular type. The composition of the power plant can include an air-independent installation, 2 large or 4 smaller diesel generators in size and power. You can choose a short or long cutting option (they differ in a different set of retractable devices), etc. You can even embed a waterproof jumper in the middle part of the case - a rubber dam.
    DEUs use electric motors of the EPM Magtronic brand with a capacity of 3,5 MW, created on the basis of the latest permanent magnets by the French company Jeumont Industries. The electric motor has 26 converters, each of which can be easily replaced in the event of a breakdown without turning off the electric motor itself.
    Two torpedo tubes are equipped with a forced firing system with pneumatic pushers:
    1. There is no need to fill the pipe with water before opening the front cover, so there is only one hole in the body - directly for the TA pipe
    2. This system allows you to quickly and easily get rid of "problem" torpedoes or missiles that have leaked fuel or have not passed the appropriate test. Emergency ammunition is simply loaded into the TA and, without starting its own engine, is pushed out like a piston.
    3. THIS method of firing allows you to effectively use weapons in maneuvering conditions.
    At the same time, the low cost of operating costs and a solid overhaul period of operation of new submarines.
    It lives up to its name...
    1. agond
      agond 5 February 2022 23: 04
      These boats are similar to the French Scorpion submarines built for export, single hull. and "Calvari" also has a light single-hull design, therefore, with an underwater displacement of 1775 tons, it contains only 160 tons of water, or 9% and batteries 270 tons or 15% (for comparison, in our Varshavyanka there is ten times more water, 1600 tons), it has 6 torpedo tubes and a place is still reserved in it for the installation of VNEU in the future .. External boats are very similar to the French nuclear submarines of the Ryubi type, by the way, 6 pieces were built in 1976-1987 and are still in service and their modest dimensions for nuclear submarines, underwater displacement 2 607t, no matter how they are interfered with.