USA and Russia: Protracted geopolitical "tennis"

USA and Russia: Protracted geopolitical "tennis"

The situation with the discussion of issues of strategic stability between Russia and the United States is beginning to resemble a protracted tennis match. One sends the ball to the side of the other, making a loud exclamation, the other sends the ball back with a similar exclamation, putting all the “sports” strength. No “aces” (strikes right through), but a lot of attempts to aggravate the situation, but all these aggravations so far look like they definitely can’t confuse each other.

Russia is demanding that the United States refrain from deploying strike weapons on Russian borders, renounce NATO expansion, and withdraw troops from countries that joined the military bloc after 1997. The US says that Russia has no right to demand anything from them or from NATO.

This is followed by another blow to the geopolitical tennis ball, in which the United States shouts at Russia: "If you continue in the same spirit, we will introduce new sanctions." Russia does not miss a shot, sending the ball to the other half of the court, shouting that "with your sanctions, you still will not force us to stand at attention."

Draw is protracted.

It is important who sits in the stands. The majority are "fans" of the USA. And for many, the “American tennis player” themselves also pays extra so that slogans in his support are chanted from the stands. It is not easy to play in such conditions. But Russia has no other option, because too much is at stake - the geopolitical Grand Slam.

Mikhail Leontiev talks about the situation in his program “However” on Channel One:

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  1. +1
    1 February 2022 08: 54

    USA and Russia: Protracted geopolitical "tennis"
    . No one wants, and cannot afford to lose.
    1. -4
      1 February 2022 09: 26
      This is not political "tennis", it is more like a sexual intercourse between a very old man and an impotent man.
      One threatens - here I am now with you, and the second answers him - no, it's me with you ....
      But the result is known in advance and the doctor will not help.
  2. -2
    1 February 2022 08: 57
    Michael, when will the dollar collapse?...tired of waiting. wassat
    And so there is another fight in the history of Russia for its survival ... there will be no sensation for the fans and the United States.
    There will be a struggle to exhaust the forces ... I bet on the victory of Russia ... well, maybe a draw. what
    1. 0
      1 February 2022 12: 37
      I bet on the victory of Russia ... well, maybe a draw.
      It's like? Both countries are in ruins?
  3. -1
    1 February 2022 08: 58
    Remind me of war and shame? Who are they who officially recognized the presence of the US military in a sovereign country? Even shared notifications with them, determined the strategy...
    Continue in the same vein. These snot on the fist are worthy of weak kids.
    If the state wants to be reckoned with, it defends its interests by any means...
    1. +1
      1 February 2022 09: 16
      Quote: yuriy55
      If the state wants to be reckoned with, it defends its interests by any means...

      Between these two words, to my great regret, there is always the word possible.
      Beijing, Statement of the CPC Central Committee, February 4, 2022
      In connection with the persistent and constant provocative actions of NATO countries against the PRC and our good neighbor and permanent partner of the Russian Federation, the CPC Central Committee decided to join the CSTO ...

      And don't tell me it's not "by any means" wassat Although, of course, dreams
    2. -5
      1 February 2022 09: 54
      if you don’t know, then read how Hitler came to power in Germany. war (World War I), shame, strong Aryan people, and away we go. as a result, blood and shame became many times more, the country was divided into parts. now they live quietly, without upholding by any means.
  4. +1
    1 February 2022 09: 20
    Protracted geopolitical "tennis"
    Only now there are fewer and fewer fans in the stands. It bothers the fans to watch this "tennis". Many are already aware that in this match there will be no “aces”, no “double”, or even broken rackets and a checkmate against the judge on the tower. Because this "tennis" is pure agreement. Exhibition match. Just to attract fans to the stands. So that the fan, looking at "tennis", forgets about his other problems. Only now the fan popped from the stands. Because I suddenly discovered that the “tennis players” are stirring up some incomprehensible turbidity on the sly. Even in the same seemingly prosperous and law-abiding Canada. Suddenly, a fan of the "trucker" system got into a smoke that now he has a somersault everywhere, and without a somersault, finally, in any way. And what for the fan in this situation exhibition "tennis"? The fan got ready and rushed to the capital of all Canada, Ottawa, where one of the "tennis players" by the name of Trudeau lived, and concurrently - the Prime Minister of Canada. "Tennis player" Trudeau, seeing such alignments, dumped from Ottawa to hell (until now, no one knows where he is - in general, the uncle mows under the elbasy, does not shine even once, just rags). In short, both stands don't really believe in all this "tennis". And something tells me that it will be even more dreary. For tennis players.
    So the noble prophet-agitator Mikhail Leontiev - do not thump (crossed out) do not fall ill: there will be enough work for his lifetime, propoganders will still be required.
    1. -1
      1 February 2022 09: 36
      Quote: Dalny V
      do not thump (crossed out) do not get sick:

      This is how it will be in nature:
      1. +2
        1 February 2022 09: 49
        Does not work!Working! thank you hi
  5. -10
    1 February 2022 09: 46
    Brad. An American tennis player does not need to pay anyone extra.
    And you just need to look at the situation from the other side. No one in Europe, especially in the countries of the former USSR, is not happy that Russia has seized part of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. And anyone asks the question - where else will they find "sacred lands". The vote at the UN on Crimea speaks well of the fact of support. And it is especially funny to read this, knowing how Abkhazia was recognized by the country of Nauru.
    1. 0
      3 February 2022 17: 39
      Russia seized part of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

      I am from Moldova, I wanted to be curious, what kind of our territory has Russia seized? That is, in fact, we now have a border with Russia? Miracles and more.
      And please, do not talk nonsense about the PMR here, although I live in Chisinau, I am from that region and I am fully aware of what is happening there. The PMR is no more Russian than Lithuania belongs to the United States. Campaign Balts under the United States even more laid down than the PMR under Russia. In manual mode, no one controls them. And yes, thanks to Russian peacekeepers, the region has not been shot for 30 years. It costs a lot.
      The situation is the same with Georgia. Ukraine? Crimea ran away on its own, there was no need to even push.
      The conclusion from all these stories is actually the same - Russia will come when they make her very angry in order to give an answer. I have not seen any other options since the 91st.
      By the way, in my personal opinion, Russia has been harnessing for too long. But it looks like it's the turn of the states. Let's live and see. All of this is a no-brainer.
  6. 0
    1 February 2022 10: 21
    From this ping-pong one gets the following impression.
    There are strikes coming from the US.
    1 Pumping up Ukraine with weapons.
    2 Preparing public opinion for conflict
    3 Consolidation and activation of US allies.
    4 Preparation of many different sanctions.
    From our side, there are only promises ...
    Now, here we are, how we swing ...
    But there is not even the slightest sign of movement anywhere.

    No, I understand, we may have such a trump card hidden up our sleeve ...
    But while on the surface there is one-sided ping-pong. One gate play. I'll be happy if I'm wrong and this um... will lead to something useful for Russia and its people.
  7. -2
    1 February 2022 10: 23
    And what about the match? A match is action.
    And we see only words.
    Usual verbal exchange.
    In which there are no winners or losers (until someone unties their hands).