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The strangest tanks: Strv-103

What are the designers capable of having received carte blanche? Flying equipment, Tanks with four tracks, military Robots This is just the tip of the engineering iceberg. We present the project "The Strangest Fighting Vehicles of the World" from the creators of the legendary game World of Tanks. The rubric tells about the amazing, daring and failed decisions of tank engineers. The protagonist of this issue is the Swedish Strv-103.

After the Second World War, Sweden considered the invasion of the USSR as its main threat. The country was preparing exclusively to repel the attack of the Soviet troops, but there was not enough budget for a large-scale purchase of foreign tanks. As a result, the command made a bet not on the quantity, but on the quality of its equipment. Sweden continued to create a fleet of combat vehicles on its own, and the designers were given the task of developing a fundamentally new tank. One of the main requirements was ease of development, so that soldiers could quickly learn how to control. Thus began work on the Strv-103.

Unlike countries specializing in the creation of wide-profile machines, the Scandinavians concentrated on a few basic parameters - good security and improved maneuverability. At that time, technology did not allow most tanks to shoot accurately on the move, and in order to aim and make an accurate shot, they had to stop. The Swedish engineers could not improve the stabilization system either. Instead, they first abandoned the idea of ​​firing on the move, and then offered to remove the turret and mount the gun directly on the hull. As a result, the profile was lowered (1.9 meters), and the tank itself became more compact.

To increase the security of the Strv-103 and keep a relatively small mass, the designers placed the frontal armor plate at a very large slope. Its thickness was only 40 mm, but the rational arrangement made it possible to effectively repel enemy projectiles. In addition, the machine was equipped with lattice anti-cumulative screens. They were used for the first time, and information about them was kept secret until 1992.

However, the tank became a legend thanks to the combined power apparatus and internal layout. The engine compartment housed both the classic Rolls-Royce diesel engine and the Boeing gas turbine. They could work both autonomously and together, so the car turned out to be very fast. Moving even in reverse, she developed a speed of 50 km / h.

A rigidly fixed gun passed along the axis of the entire hull, and the loading mechanism was in the stern. To aim at the target horizontally, it was necessary to change the position of the tank each time. With vertical guidance, an improved hydraulic suspension came into play. Thanks to its high maneuverability, the Strv-103 turned on the spot almost as quickly as the turret of conventional tanks, which allowed it to operate effectively even on the offensive.

The tank was armed with a powerful 105 mm Bofors L7 cannon, which was developed for British vehicles. At that time, she was considered one of the best in the world. However, the Swedes lengthened it from 56 calibers to 62. The modernization increased the muzzle velocity of the projectile, and also improved armor penetration, which was already enough to destroy even promising Soviet armored vehicles.

The crew of the car consisted of three people: commander, driver and radio operator. The control devices for the commander and driver were duplicated. This made the Strv-103 a unique tank that could be controlled and fired by one person at the same time.

Another feature of the Swedish car was the boost system. It was a high rubberized case that rose from the sides. Thanks to him, Strv-103 could swim across water obstacles. At the same time, the driver was on the edge of the structure and controlled the tank with the help of cables.

Unusual technical solutions made Strv-103 a national treasure. It was constantly upgraded, equipped with modern surveillance systems and dynamic armor. Designers experimented with weapons and ballistic computers. However, the car never showed itself on the battlefield, and in 1997 went on a well-deserved rest.

For more details about the crazy Swede, see the video from Wargaming.


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  1. your1970
    your1970 26 January 2022 06: 59
    Well, they completed their task - the "terribly terrible USSR" did not attack .... belay fellow
    They already did this and that - but he still didn’t attack .... he probably disdained feel ...
    However, the ITS a school of tank building is always good for industry ...
  2. Errr
    Errr 26 January 2022 09: 15
    - Yes, this is the coolest tank!
    - And why?
    - Yes, because he is reckless in nature !!! laughing
  3. svp67
    svp67 26 January 2022 12: 00
    Of course, this is not a tank, it is rather an assault or anti-tank self-propelled gun, but the car is certainly interesting. I can’t guarantee for sure, but at one time there was talk among us that the reason for the rapid removal of these “tanks” from service and re-equipment on the Leo-2 was fire tests of this tank as opposed to our T-72B and T-80U. According to their results, it turned out that even when ricocheting from the armor of this "tank", the shell of the Russian 125-mm cannon simply broke through the armor of the "Bitch", causing severe damage to the inside of the vehicle with armor fragments. But the return shot could not penetrate the armor of Soviet vehicles in the frontal projection
    1. Yarhann
      Yarhann 27 January 2022 20: 07
      the impossibility of maneuvering combat, that is, the active support of motorized riflemen in attack or defense, is the main reason. such a cart is only suitable for positioning to enter a position under the cover of fog, shoot a couple of times into silence and dump quickly. How it can actively fight in defense or offensive, I have no idea. The Germans suffered this nonsense at the end of the war when the Yagtiger was released - the bucket is cool but can only fight in the direction of the front
  4. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 26 January 2022 12: 14
    Well, the Swedes are big fans of experimenting! They love this business and therefore they have done a lot of experienced (and, moreover, very interesting, original ...) samples of armored vehicles!

    From the UDES 03 series... not the only one!
    After the Strv 103, there was an interesting Strv 2000 tank with an additional 40mm autocannon...

    In the forties of the last century, self-propelled guns with recoilless guns were tested ...
    In the second half of the last century, an experimental tank gun was installed "on the ZhMV" ...!
    1. Catfish
      Catfish 28 January 2022 16: 52
      Swedes are big fans of experimenting

      "-- I want to make excrement."

      Hi Vladimir! hi
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 29 January 2022 11: 43
        Hello, Kostya! And it was a good series! He was the first of his kind! Too bad it hasn't been shown in a long time!
        1. Catfish
          Catfish 29 January 2022 11: 49
          So it is on the network, come in and watch "free and in good quality".))
          There I periodically review the "Magnificent Seven" of 1961 in our dubbing, it's nice, yet we have a better sense of humor than the Americans.
          I recently rewatched "Normandy-Niemen" - a wonderful film.
          1. Nikolaevich I
            Nikolaevich I 29 January 2022 12: 39
            I remember about the "network" ... but I feel sorry for the "people" too! Recently I came across several videos on YouTube showing the results of surveys of young people, middle-aged people, etc. , about the history of our country ... Often there was a terrible impression! And so ... at least in an "artistic" form, something would be perceived! And about myself ... I often choose films for myself, make a list ... but there is no time to watch!
  5. The comment was deleted.