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In the Urals, a case on the transfer of secret objects in the pledge to the bank

The Investigation Division for Yekaterinburg opened a case on 3, part of the 286 article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (abuse of office with serious consequences). The reason was the transfer of a certain person to a very secret defense property as a pledge to Sberbank of Kazakhstan.

According to the investigation, the Ural Law Institute was secured in perpetual use (on the right of operational management) of 11-ti real estate objects of the second Ekaterinburg apartment-operational part of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the land area of ​​99 ha within the territory of the 97-th military town. At the same time, military property was classified as “secret” and “top secret”.

In the course of illegal transactions, it was alienated into ownership by third parties and dropped out of federal ownership. It turned out that further when making a mortgage, secret objects were pledged to a Kazakhstan bank. There was a stalemate situation, which actually threatened the security of the residents of the Middle Urals. After all, a foreign organization received rights to facilities located in the immediate vicinity of the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant.

At the request of the prosecutor's office, the Beloyarsky District Court requested military property from the possession of a Kazakhstan bank. Today it has already been returned to federal ownership.

Now, the investigation finds out all the circumstances of the crime committed, the employees of the Ural SURF and the Ministry of State Property Management of the Sverdlovsk Region are being interrogated. Who is suspected of committing illegal transactions, the regional investigative committee is not yet reported, citing the secrecy of the investigation.

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  1. spender
    spender 21 September 2012 10: 37
    Well, it's generally beyond ,,, TIME TO INTRODUCE SHOTS am
    How could federal property become a guarantee of a loan? Shock and nothing else, no words ... winked
    1. mongoose
      mongoose 21 September 2012 10: 41
      for once I agree with you spender! it's time to lift the moratorium on the death penalty !, and it is advisable to do this by public hanging
    2. dimanf
      dimanf 21 September 2012 10: 42
      Quote: spender

      the Kremlin and the ruble then empty!

      but a good thought!
      1. ughhh
        ughhh 21 September 2012 10: 49
        Quote: dimanf
        the Kremlin and the ruble then empty!

        no, not that!
    3. Averias
      Averias 21 September 2012 11: 27
      Yesterday I was just watching a program with Mr. Solovyov about lifting the moratorium on the death penalty. Two people (one I respect, no second) led the debate. One of the opponents (a well-known lawyer) carried such nonsense in defense of the moratorium. Although according to the results of the vote, the overwhelming majority was for withdrawal. For the first time he himself sent SMS voted in favor. There are too many nonhumans in our country trampling the earth.
      1. Russlana
        Russlana 21 September 2012 15: 52
        No one has canceled uranium mines. In vain translate a valuable human resource.
        1. satellite
          satellite 21 September 2012 21: 28
          This, by the way, is also a thought. Siberia has not been canceled yet))
          Who does not work shall not eat. That’s work and the death penalty (with poor work) in one
  2. Vadivak
    Vadivak 21 September 2012 10: 40
    Quote: spender
    How could federal property become a guarantee of a loan?

    Yes, it’s easy, the law allows it.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 21 September 2012 10: 47
      Quote: Vadivak

      Yes, it’s easy, the law allows it.

      Does a legal entity have access to military property classified as secret? Hang all the participants in the transaction by the eggs and demon the court and the investigation. Who put the signature, and that up am
      1. Grenz
        Grenz 21 September 2012 18: 01
        For the eggs you do not outweigh.
        And they sell houses as private houses together with people, and then throw these people out onto the street. And the court here is on the side of the owner. Etc.
        Yes, and do not grab them from below - vile - all blue.
        But you have to like the Turks - into a vat with shit on the neck and a scimitar over your head - dive.
        Probably then they will start HEADING to think and not a blue place.
    2. spender
      spender 21 September 2012 10: 48
      Quote: Vadivak
      Yes, it’s easy, the law allows it.

      Vadim me this passage embarrassed

      behind the Ural Law Institute MIA of Russia It was fixed on the right of operational management of 11 real estate objects of the second Yekaterinburg housing maintenance Ministry of Defense and land

      When "real estate games" begin between different ministries, this is a 100% guarantee that someone wants to "warm their hands"
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 21 September 2012 11: 50
        Quote: spender
        Vadim me this passage embarrassed

        So I do not know firsthand, I am with this every day ....
  3. Robin_3ON
    Robin_3ON 21 September 2012 10: 50
    land plot with an area of ​​99 hectares within the boundaries of the territory of the 97th military town. At the same time, military property was classified as "secret" and "top secret".
    ... and if it had not been classified as "secret" and "top" secret, the earth would have gone for a hat of crackers, as it happens everywhere, one would have been destroyed a little, at least 2-3.
    1. Russlana
      Russlana 21 September 2012 15: 52
      Clone and shoot again?
      1. Felix200970
        Felix200970 21 September 2012 20: 05
        Set aside to shoot! First tr .... to .op, and then to shoot am
  4. Nechai
    Nechai 21 September 2012 11: 23
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Does a legal entity have access to military property classified as secret?

    The devaluation of the concepts "secret" and "sov.secret" into a convenient "commercial secret" was purposefully carried out. Then the state has nothing to do with it. This is a question of the owner and business entities (they think they are the owners of everything and everyone). Remember what the roll was, not so long ago, in the media, in the Duma, and in the Government on this topic. Removing the vultures was presented as one of the parameters of openness, democracy, etc.
  5. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 21 September 2012 12: 06
    wow ... hmm, yes, sometimes I want to revive Stalin’s grandfather, everyone’s wiser at once ....
  6. pepelacxp
    pepelacxp 21 September 2012 13: 57
    the death penalty itself will not change anything
    it is necessary to show by personal example how to live your subordinates.: 0
    1. Funker1981
      Funker1981 21 September 2012 17: 45
      So it is necessary to shoot in front of the subordinates, so that an example would be for the future.
  7. GP
    GP 21 September 2012 14: 54
    I read the article and the first thought: where did the Law Academy (formerly the Law Institute) get secret objects from ?! URUI MIA (formerly GSOM - Higher School of Police) a small amendment and it becomes clearer where the legs of disgrace grow from - ministries are cheating.
  8. bubla5
    bubla5 21 September 2012 14: 55
    what wonder the corrupt power and corrupt servants, every other day almost such news
  9. Nursultan
    Nursultan 21 September 2012 18: 18
    It’s interesting why exactly our country was sold, moreover, in secret and top secret? I understand in our country it is common to sell everything and everyone !? But how do you have it allowed in the Russian Federation?
  10. olegyurjewitch
    olegyurjewitch 22 September 2012 15: 09
    And what, we have a big difference with you in this regard? It seems to me that the economic model is the same, pulling all that is possible, the control is either asleep or in share.
  11. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 24 September 2012 20: 30
    criminal cases of corruption or embezzlement in the Ministry of Defense and the Navy should be initiated under the article "CHANGE OF THE HOMELAND" with complete confiscation of property and a ban on early release and conditional punishment