Special Purpose Triathlon 2012 Competitions

I recently discovered that because of the recent major events of the TVM-2012 and 100 years of the Air Force, I completely forgot to publish a report on the annual competitions among special units of Russia and Belarus in special triathlon.

22 June 2012 was held on the basis of the Vityaz Training Center competitions for special purpose triathlon. Twelve teams from nine divisions took part in the competition this year:
- Management "A" (Alpha) TsSN FSB of Russia - 2 team;

- SPBT "Almaz" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus - 1 team;
- 604-th TsSN VV MIA of Russia (Vityaz) - 2 teams;
- OCH "Torch" UFSIN of Russia in the Moscow region - 1 team;
- OCH "Typhoon" UFSIN of Russia in St. Petersburg and LO - 1 team;
- 25 th OSN "Mercury" of the MVD of the RF - 1 team;
- Regional CSF FSB of Russia "Yessentuki" - 1 team;
- 33 th OS “Peresvet” of the Russian Interior Ministry troops - 2 teams;
- The main "Thunder" Federal Drug Control Service of Russia - 1 team.
The program of competitions this year was supplemented with a new exercise - shooting from a car, everything else remains the same. At the end of the 1 competition, the Alpha-2 team took the second place, Alpha-1 took the second place, and the third place was taken by the winners of the previous competitions - the SPBT Almaz team from Belarus.

Performance of the first 33 team

The winners of the competition - the second team of the Department "A" TsSN FSB of Russia

Team 25 of the main "Mercury" of the MIA of Russia

The team of the "Typhoon" FPS Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

SPBT "Almaz" Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

The team of the Regional CPSS FSB of Russia "Essentuki"

Team OSN "Torch" UFSIN Russia in Moscow region


Cup for winning the competition

Hero of Russia Colonel Lysyuk Sergey Ivanovich
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