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In the US, they are discussing the data on the call of General Milli to the PRC with the statement that the military will not allow Trump to unleash a nuclear war


Recently, reports came from the United States that after the failure of Donald Trump in the presidential elections in 2020, American generals seriously feared that Trump, who was not re-elected for a second term, would order a nuclear attack on China. Donald Trump still had a nuclear briefcase in his hands, and this made the American generals pretty nervous about whether the (then still) incumbent president would press the “red button” as an option in retaliation for the election defeat.

At the same time, it turned out that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milli, had actually made the incredible. He called Beijing himself and urged his Chinese colleagues to "trust him." The general made it clear that if Trump's "recklessness" goes far, then control over the real nuclear briefcase is in any case with the military, and therefore no pressing the "red button" will happen, that the military will not allow Trump to unleash a nuclear war.

Recall that a few days before the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden, the nuclear briefcase was taken away from the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. This proves the fact that the generals are afraid of "reckless" actions on the part of Trump.

Thus, it can be stated that a major American military leader actually transmitted information to the state, which he himself called one of the main enemies of the United States. Not only conveyed, but also stated that he would not carry out the order of the Supreme Commander. Can this be considered as a variant of a military coup in the United States? De facto, no. After all, the situation "was resolved by itself" without the participation of the military. But de jure ...

If Trump really gave the order to start a war against China, it turns out that the US military would not have started it, realizing the danger of the consequences.

Does this mean that in the event of a possible order to start an open and direct war against Russia by any of the American top officials, the American military will also do like Mark Milli? Or have you already done it?

This issue is of concern to many in the United States itself, where General Milli's call to the Chinese Ministry of Defense is being actively discussed.

Mikhail Leontyev reflects on the situation in the program "However":


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  1. andr327
    andr327 21 September 2021 07: 37
    Those who don't want to fight the most are the military! Professionals understand better how this will turn out.
    1. Finches
      Finches 21 September 2021 08: 29
      Go. From with an active life position is doubly dangerous for society than just go. From ... Even if he is a general! Here we see an act falling under the article about treason, but most likely the general just sold himself to the Democrats for a warm seat! But I like the American freak show itself! laughing
    2. knn54
      knn54 21 September 2021 09: 45
      NOBODY elected generals to RULE the country.
      There is a GOSIZMEN.
      1. gohomeyanki
        gohomeyanki 22 September 2021 02: 24
        yes, but .... on such people and the world keeps, because Biden really does not understand.

        And suddenly he sees that he is now in the times of the USSR, and Soviet hackers are attacking, then it turns out that he can unleash a war. The world rests on sane people who will not obey a criminal order. )
    3. datura23
      datura23 23 September 2021 06: 02
      Workers don't want to work, bees are against honey, etc. ?
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 21 September 2021 07: 47
    In the US, they are discussing the data on the call of General Milli to the PRC with the statement that the military will not allow Trump to unleash a nuclear war
    Another "entertainment" is besides all the others, others!
    Live happily, as you look at them ... but envy, not ah, I don't want to.
    1. LiSiCyn
      LiSiCyn 21 September 2021 08: 06
      Quote: rocket757
      Have fun live

      Interestingly the girls are dancing ... belay
      Not only did he call over his head, he also told me ... He must be imprisoned. Better immediately on the electric chair. laughing
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 21 September 2021 09: 52
        Quote: LiSiCyn
        It is necessary to plant it.

        So yes, the fact of treason all over the face!
        BUT, he was against agent Trumpov, and not against striping!?!?!?
        In general, you can't do half a liter here, no way ...
        On the other hand, this is their "fun", we stand on the sidelines and have a better snack, that's all business drinks
  3. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey 21 September 2021 08: 44
    Why do they smoke there, or want to divert attention from grandfather?
  4. Garist Pavel
    Garist Pavel 21 September 2021 08: 45
    Most likely, they portray Trump as an unbalanced, self-wandering psycho ... Although this is not so. I think this is an element of black PR ..
  5. Baron pardus
    Baron pardus 21 September 2021 08: 59
    Our army is degenerating very quickly. There is already talk of introducing a "Loyalty Exam" to the government. One senator (liberal) said that 85% of the military voted for Trump, and if so, the armed forces are struck by "ultra-right extremism." Even when I left the VS (and that was 10 years ago), the symptoms were already there. That the officers above the rank of the colonel were not military, but politicians and managers in uniform. This process began under Obama, and Trump was no longer able to stop it. The generals are no longer military, but POLITICS, managers, and most importantly, holders of shares in many military-industrial complex companies.
    God knows what is going on in the Army now. They declared equality - no problem. I personally saw the girls of electrical technicians who knew electronics like the back of their fingers - respect and respect to them. Never let you down. But they declared equality, and it turned out that - wah, standards, the simplest army standards, most of the girls cannot pass. Sometimes they cannot even lose weight to the desired one. What is the army doing? Since the politicians said that there is equality, then the standards must be fulfilled by everything - we lower the standards. Lowering physical standards. The 5-pound girl wants to be the loader on the tank. Fabulous. Even if she squeezes 120 times, it will not be able to quickly perform his work as well as 50 pound ebony Leroy, who spoiled the same 220 times. But for this all CARE. Girls shoot worse, as even Olympic records in bullet shooting speak about. But nobody cares about politicians who said "all are equal", which means that in terms of test scores, everyone should be equal in terms of performance. Are you complaining that 50 girls unload the truck slower than 3 guys? It can't be. The order came from the Senate that everyone is equal, and if you argue that this is not so, then you are a misogynist and a male chauvinist. The Senate also said that everyone is equal. Why are there so few women and representatives of "Oppressed, but distinctive national minorities" among the "smart" professions and in command positions? Are you a general not a racist for an hour? And off it went. And you never know, that Negro that reinforces the electronics and radar, is he there because it really passed all exams, or by quota? It's the same with the commanders. Here is that major woman, she really DESERVED a promotion, or also on a quota. And already in the days of Obama, many began to leave the Armed Forces, they just saw writing on the wall. Symptoms have already gone, and when biden it already took on the effect of a snow globe (I don't know how to say in Russian, in English - snowball effect).
    The only positive thing that comes out of this is that the non-statutory was really robust. Even in the special forces.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 21 September 2021 09: 55
      What doesn't make us / them stronger makes us / them worse !!!
      This is an axiom that does not require proof ... but after all, there, to grumble nature / natural, for the sake of anything, is almost the norm ...
    2. darkesstcat
      darkesstcat 21 September 2021 11: 37
      "snowball effect" - the effect of a snowball.
      But in fact, yes, there were stories that the generals after retirement are overgrown with shares of the military-industrial complex. For what merits it is not clear.
      1. Baron pardus
        Baron pardus 21 September 2021 11: 40
        Thank you, I figured it out later. Excuse me for using English expressions, I just communicate very little with Russian emigrants (although there are not many Russians here - there are a lot of Jews and especially Ukrainians, by the way I don't understand, you got your Nesalezhnist and Gidnist), but you go here and travel around the USA with their trident and zhovto blakytny praporams on cars. If you love "Ridna Nenka Ukrainu" so much, are you getting in here? Sorry, I got it.
        1. darkesstcat
          darkesstcat 21 September 2021 11: 43
          It happens that nations appear and die. You look soon, we'll start speaking Chinese. Loving your homeland is comfortable sitting in another country and looking at its problems from afar.)
  6. AlexeyA
    AlexeyA 21 September 2021 09: 42
    Mark Milli wanted to help President Trump. He wanted to establish the United States as a responsible player, regardless of political rhetoric. Mark Milli is a patriot, considerate leadership, able to advise in accordance with his rank and role in the JCS.
    1. Baron pardus
      Baron pardus 21 September 2021 11: 44
      You do not understand a nifiga at all. Millie had NO RIGHT to do that. The general DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO communicate with foreign military personnel WITHOUT THE EXPRESS PERMISSION OF THE CHIEF. In this case, Trump. And even more so, he has no right to tell foreign military (even friendly) that, in the case of a naughty man, he WILL NOT follow the orders of the commander-in-chief. You can imagine that they say the British decided to go to a separate peace with the Germans, and then Montgomery calls Zhukov "Grisha, here our Winnie Churchill got off the ground, decided to do a separate peace with the Krauts, you still know how I respect you Grisha, because your head is on your shoulders and not tukhes. So, I will not give our Winnie, Churchill, a separate peace with the Krauts. And I will not give the order to cease fire ":. This is roughly the equivalent of what happened.
    BISMARCK94 21 September 2021 10: 32
    There will be no proofs, right?)
  8. Tarasios
    Tarasios 21 September 2021 11: 20
    Quote: Finches
    Go. From with an active life position is doubly dangerous for society than just go. From ... Even if he is a general! Here we see an act falling under the article about treason, but most likely the general just sold himself to the Democrats for a warm seat! But I like the American freak show itself! laughing

    the general just wants to live. And he perfectly understands where political ambitions end, and where real death begins.
  9. Kaw
    Kaw 21 September 2021 11: 39
    Trump wanted to press the button, but they didn't give him, he wanted the whole world to dust, but the suitcase was taken away.
    Nonsense! Trump did not seem to be a suicidal psychopath.
  10. gorenina91
    gorenina91 21 September 2021 17: 54
    In the US, they are discussing the data on the call of General Milli to the PRC with the statement that the military will not allow Trump to unleash a nuclear war

    - This is great ... - A real "conspiracy of generals" ... - And cowardly generals ... - they suddenly call the Chinese (practically their enemies ... - for American generals, the Chinese leadership is nothing more than enemies) and ... and ... and they say they don't want to fight the Chinese army ...
    - Damn, China has already bought American generals, or what ???
    - Yes, after the same Erdogan (or Lukashenko); and the Chinese leadership itself ... - such "their generals" (if they had acted similarly) ... - they would have "nailed it" so much that it would not seem a little (they would have fled their posts right away - that's for sure). .. - And what ... - China after this will respect these generals ... - or someone in general will respect them ... - such "warriors" ...
    - And what kind of "warrior" from Trump (what kind of "orders" he could have given - this is sheer nonsense) ... - these are the "American brave men" themselves decided to play it safe (just in case) ... - came up with the first, what has taken over ... into their "fearless heads" ...
    - And then why didn't they call Russia too ??? - Or China is "more terrible" for them than Russia ??? - Hahah ...
    Yes, Generals Franco and Pinochet are just nervously smoking on the sidelines ...
  11. tank64rus
    tank64rus 21 September 2021 18: 01
    The empire begins to follow the path of the late USSR. When the USSR collapsed, two colonels met in Germany, one GRU the other the CIA. We sat down at a table in a German gate. The CIA officer says to ours: "why did you betray us." There were two world empires, there was stability. There is no USSR and we will also leave.