Visitors from Central Asia were detained in Krasnoyarsk on suspicion of recruiting for terrorist activities

Visitors from Central Asia were detained in Krasnoyarsk on suspicion of recruiting for terrorist activities

It is reported about the next detention in Russia of recruiters of a terrorist organization. This time we are talking about the alleged criminals in the city of Krasnoyarsk.

The press service of the FSB department for the Krasnoyarsk Territory confirms the information that two alleged recruiters of a terrorist structure called "Katiba Tauhil wal-Jihad" (banned in the Russian Federation) were identified and subsequently detained.

It is known that two detainees had previously arrived in Krasnoyarsk from Central Asia. Over time, they tried to establish the spread of destructive extremist ideology, which resulted in attempts to recruit individual local residents to participate in terrorist activities.

At the moment, there is no information about how many people were able to involve these two immigrants from the Central Asian republic in terrorist activities.

It is reported that criminal cases were opened against them. The detainees are in custody in Krasnoyarsk.
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    1. +20
      15 September 2021 07: 09
      Migrants, migrants. Zadolbali. We need to introduce collective responsibility for them. The entire diaspora pays a large fine for the arrival of one. No diaspora, the employer pays. And of course the landing and entry bans.
      1. +19
        15 September 2021 07: 18
        With terrorists of all stripes, the conversation should be short, unconditional surrender or liquidation. No compromises, as our senior comrades did.
        1. +4
          15 September 2021 08: 36
          Shurik, are you a member of the Komsomol? These are not our methods!

          Is the information reliable? I'm talking about the KGB in Lebanon. And then the Internet, it's such an Internet ...
        2. +6
          15 September 2021 08: 53
          No compromises like our older comrades did

          For this, statesmen of the scale of Joseph Vissarionovich and Lavrenty Pavlovich should be at the head of the country, and not the new shit, which, besides personal accounts in the West, is not interested in anything else ..
        3. +2
          15 September 2021 15: 36
          I look at this story so many tales have already been made that any action movie will be jealous. Castration has already been invented, I thought that the bike would stop at inventing a tossed severed head, but then castration was invented. belay Like in the village, damn it. And then we wonder where the stories about 2 million raped German women come from. I will not be surprised if in a couple of years they will already say that Pennant raped the floor of Beirut and cut off their heads and threw the Hezam. belay
      2. +9
        15 September 2021 08: 50
        I wonder why activities such as diasporas are not considered criminal? After all, this is an unofficial, nowhere registered community of foreign citizens, with extremely murky goals and absolutely unclear funding. So, they say, a navalner is a foreign agent and an enemy of the people, and some golimy barmaley speaking on behalf of such an organized criminal group is, like, quite acceptable for our authorities? And - where is the logic?
        1. +1
          15 September 2021 19: 01
          Dear Pavel, it seems to me that the diaspora is one thing, but the UCP is quite another. But even diasporas are getting criminals, it's true. But I hope that by diasporas you mean not only such associations of citizens from Wed. Asia (after all, this is probably about them in the article), and all the community groups and other forms of diasporas that exist in Russia? For example, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Moldavian, Ukrainian, etc. But in the form of fusion of diasporas with the UCP (or rather, the UCP simply crushes them under itself), these listed by me are head and shoulders above all the diasporas from Wed. Asia, and since Soviet times. Neither then, nor even more so now they cannot do anything with them. Also, unfortunately, I do not see any logic in the fact that the state for some reason does not work seriously against crime! Maybe those who have no time in power, they have their own priorities and tasks, or rather their interests are directed to something else? And crime was just right in the 90s (full revelry) from the authorities, that even at the state level they began to hold song (and maybe some other) chanson festivals, essentially a thug song of the criminal environment ... , in all branches and at all levels. And of all nationalities (and what about without it). And the current nouveau riche is entirely from this environment and grew up, and who else can maintain connections, who knows? I don't want to climb further into the jungle ...
      3. +1
        15 September 2021 11: 06
        Quote: lwxx
        Migrants, migrants. Zadolbali. We need to introduce collective responsibility for them. The entire diaspora pays a large fine for the arrival of one. No diaspora, the employer pays. And of course the landing and entry bans.

        As long as such labor migration with lobbying for such a position is profitable for Russian "business", nothing will change. How many interdepartmental meetings of security officials have already been held at the federal and regional levels, nothing has changed, and after all, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB introduced legislative initiatives.
        So far, work to identify criminals among migrants is being carried out thanks to operatives of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
        Ethnic diasporas themselves do not always have a legal status as public associations (NPOs).
        Diasporas have signs of informal organizations, ethnic unification, not always for legal activities, rather the opposite, or formal organizations, i.e. public organizations, religious communities based on cultural and educational activities, the publication of the media and literature, the development of religious life, invitations to
        region of statesmen of their homeland, charity in their midst.
        It is necessary to control the diasporas, register as public associations, oblige the "heads of the diasporas" to bear responsibility for the criminal actions of their compatriots (for harboring, not reporting criminal activities within such a community or among fellow countrymen).
        Control the sources of income of such communities, which are not always legal (trade in fellow countrymen-workers, smuggling, cashing, drug trafficking, etc.).
    2. +2
      15 September 2021 07: 10
      We need even more guest workers. And then without them crime falls
    3. +10
      15 September 2021 07: 11
      It is high time to introduce a visa regime and electronic document management with these comrades and checks at every step. Out of base, kick home and bill for deportation. And then let them deal with them on financial matters.
    4. +1
      15 September 2021 07: 14
      Yes, every year the load on the Russian special services is growing. Anglo-Saxon "controlled chaos" girdles Russia more and more.
      1. +6
        15 September 2021 07: 23
        Quote: askort154
        Anglo-Saxon "controlled chaos" girdles Russia more and more.

        Did not understand. So it is the Anglo-Saxons who bring migrant workers from Central Asia to us in Krasnoyarsk?
        1. +2
          15 September 2021 07: 44
          [Sergey1964 ....Did not understand. So it is the Anglo-Saxons who bring guest workers from Central Asia to our Krasnoyarsk?

          The Anglo-Saxons do not import, they cook them. These are the results of controlled chaos. Refugees and guest workers
          excellent material for special services. This is clearly visible on the wreckage of the USSR.
          1. +2
            15 September 2021 08: 17
            Quote: askort154
            The Anglo-Saxons do not import, they cook them.

            That is, the international division of labor? The Anglo-Saxons train guest workers in Tajikistan, and the Russians bring them to Russia and provide jobs - do I understand correctly?
            1. +2
              15 September 2021 08: 21
              Sergey1964 ....That is - the international division of labor?

              Want to troll ?! That is the wrong address. No.
              1. +5
                15 September 2021 10: 28
                Quote: askort154
                Want to troll ?!

                No, I would like to understand your logic. From a beggar (thanks to the wise leadership of Emomali Rakhmon, a former member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and former director of the exemplary state farm named after Lenin), migrant workers go to Russia (in particular, to our Krasnoyarsk). Russian entrepreneurs provide them with work, since guest workers are ready to work for less wages than Russians. Since, as Google suggests, the majority of the population of Tajikistan professes Islam, there are guaranteed radical Islamists among the migrant workers. But the Anglo-Saxons are to blame for all this. what
      2. +2
        15 September 2021 08: 40
        Quote: askort154
        Yes, every year the load on the Russian special services is growing. Anglo-Saxon "controlled chaos" girdles Russia more and more.

        The media said: the red zone is the admin, the black zone is the beholder, and now the green zone is the contingent for terrorism. The terrorist is in correspondence with a Russian girl, powders his brains, marries (!) And receives Russian citizenship. For me, it’s better to kill more barmaley than planting. am
    5. +3
      15 September 2021 07: 17
      it's time to put things in order with migrants. The one who invited him here must be responsible for each newcomer, without this they cannot be allowed into the country
      1. +13
        15 September 2021 07: 29
        Remember "Brother 2", "blacks live in Africa"! Earlier, when the word "Siberia" was mentioned, these comrades fainted, but now they have filled the whole of Russia! To drive these "friends" out of Russia by the same methods as they expelled (and in some places and cut) all Russians and infidels from their ... camps!
      2. +3
        15 September 2021 08: 43
        They can't be allowed here at all. For the country from them - one harm. Benefit - only for business type wallets.
    6. +7
      15 September 2021 07: 19
      Someone said that our economy is suffocating without an influx of migrants!
      1. +6
        15 September 2021 07: 55
        It is our "effective owners and managers" who are cursing their wages, not wanting to pay their own people as they should. Only they do not take into account that the cheap hidden barmaley on the whistle will deprive them, if not of their life (the owners may have time to escape), then of property, for sure. And before the whistle, the barmaley can work for free, in terms of dumping they have no equal.
        "Oh, you would not be chasing, priest, for cheapness" (A.S. Pushkin)
      2. +2
        15 September 2021 17: 09
        It is their economy that is suffocating without migrants, while ours has long since died! We are now, as one "great helmsman" from Sberbank said, "new oil"! So, it seems that the "local" ones were decided in "expense" ... And so far they are less problematic and costly!
    7. +2
      15 September 2021 07: 30
      It was, is and will be ... the services are working, they are suppressing.
    8. +9
      15 September 2021 07: 53
      Islam of different directions threatens our country, and it is a pity that this threat is considered as ephemeral. First books, then weapons. It is necessary to pay attention to the strengthening of border protection. Many of them are ghostly.
      1. +5
        15 September 2021 08: 34
        Quote: nikvic46
        Islam of different directions threatens our country, and it is a pity that this threat is considered as ephemeral
        And what to do, if in general the current government is promoting religion again as the main fastener. It is clear that Islam is more convenient for the authorities than Marxism, and even the Stalinist sense, for example.
      2. +1
        15 September 2021 08: 41
        It is necessary to pay attention to the strengthening of border protection

        What is the point of strengthening the borders - if they are quite legally imported by the millions? Like, business does not care about our safety - it is only interested in loot. Their families do not live in Russia.
        1. -1
          15 September 2021 18: 12
          Business under the current system does not give a damn about everything and everyone, this is true.
          As recently as yesterday, the chicken leg business began to groan, they say, there are not enough workers for the poultry sector, where migrants mainly worked. Help and save the pier, urgently give a command to the satraps to allow them to return ...
          You have correctly noted that their families are not in Russia, but there are those who go as families, but they are much smaller than others. This is essentially the same rotational method, so this form of recruitment would be legislatively enshrined and that's it. Many Russians are already turning up their noses from certain types of work, just what kind of bar ?!
      3. -2
        15 September 2021 18: 26
        "Violent" Orthodoxy no longer pricks your eyes? But after all, many different religions are one of the forms of managing the masses (herds) of people ... And there it costs nothing to push them against each other, go and then figure out whether there was something or not. Time will pass and no one will remember anything until the next new disclosure of a cell or a gang (of two people), as the other day they reported about a case in the North Caucasus.
        Others, I do not even want to emphasize their nat. belonging, they steal and rob by billions, everything stolen is taken abroad, and then they themselves make their feet there ... And the authorities don't see anything terrible in this, it's just that the power itself is all of the representatives of this nationality. They are not afraid of any border, all borders are transparent through and through for them. For me, they are much more dangerous than the same bearded ones, who, by the way, are seriously kept under control. Continue work and that's it, and not write and make noise about it all over the country.
    9. +5
      15 September 2021 08: 13
      Finally they began to wake up. Back in 2017, I left the bus station in Krasnoyarsk, where the airport used to be. I went to a diner near the bus stop. There, one with a beard saw me with the same beard, and let's offer to join the ranks of the wars of Islam almost openly. Apparently not vdamek that in Siberia Old Believers wear beards. The case ended in swearing and I asked him to wait while I ran to fetch the outfit. Immediately disappeared somewhere.
    10. +2
      15 September 2021 09: 58
      Yes, something a bit too much we have divorced "native speakers of the Russian language" from Central Asia .. When will the limit of this migrant madness come.
      1. -2
        15 September 2021 18: 03
        Is two people a lot? Angry, calm down, pzhlsta!
    11. -2
      15 September 2021 18: 02
      Supposed, but who tried to establish destructive activities and, most importantly, at the moment there is no information about how many people they managed to involve in terrorist activities.
      News for news's sake and everything to inflate again that which has already begun to calm down !?
      It's like the news about the round-up of non-working millionaires in the Saratov region - it turns out that millions are hiding from the state! And those that billions (hundreds) in foreign currency are diving in offshore only tax holidays and all sorts of indulgences, or even direct financial assistance to save them ??? !!!
      Such activity would be against the real enemies of the nation and constantly, and not showy activity only on the eve of the elections!

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