Europe again remembered about independence. Juncker's ideas live and win


There are a lot of materials about what is happening in Afghanistan today. We have looked at the American flight from Afghanistan from different angles. But at the same time, for some reason, they forgot that not only the Americans, but also the NATO bloc as a whole, took part in the operation in Afghanistan.

We were reminded of this by the Taliban, who widely held a "funeral" not only for the American army, but also for the armies of other countries - members of the alliance. I think many readers have seen these frames with coffins covered with flags of different countries. Unlike us, the militants knew very well what they were doing. This is a spit at NATO, not the United States.

Against this background, it is quite logical to announce that the Taliban (requested in the Russian Federation) wants to maintain friendly relations with the Americans. I will add on my own - will maintain friendly relations. President Biden is well aware of the need for rapid cooperation with the new authorities in Kabul. This will become at least some kind of "neutralizer" of the failure in Afghanistan.

"An old song about the main thing" in European style

November 2016. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker voices the idea of ​​creating a European rapid reaction force. The idea is good, as it allows Europeans in some cases to independently resolve military issues on their own territory.

Juncker already understood then that the Americans had no intention of fighting for Europe. And what at that time seemed unshakable, the economic and military dominance of the United States in the world, will soon end. Americans cannot control the entire world for long alone. The resources of even the most powerful country are not unlimited. This means that soon the Europeans themselves will have to pay for security.

He also spoke about the creation of an independent defensive alliance of European countries. And not within the framework of NATO, but completely independent. And in the long term - about the creation of a unified European army.

The idea was supported by French President Macron. It was Macron who proposed not just creating a defensive alliance, but also financing it through the EU's single military budget. And having its own COP and a channel for financing the army, the EU would have the opportunity to develop its own military doctrine for the defense of Europe. German Chancellor Merkel agreed with President Macron.


What about NATO?

Those military units and formations that exist in European countries are subordinate to the NATO command, that is, American generals. The locations of these units also belong to the alliance. It turns out that in order to create even small-scale rapid response forces, European countries must significantly increase their military budgets.

At the same time, the defensive capabilities of the EU will increase slightly. This is exactly what NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenber said in an interview with Spanish El Pais in November 2019:

“We live in a world in which we must be together. The reality is that there are so many challenges, so many threats, so much uncertainty that the best way to protect a country is to be with other countries. ”

So the love of Europeans for money overpowered the desire to become protected. And conversations about one's own stomach won out over conversations about independence and independence in decision-making. Everything was quiet. But Afghanistan happened ...

Guard, we are defenseless against the aggressors

“We Europeans have found that we are dependent on US decisions not only on the evacuation of people from Kabul airport, but also on a wider range of issues. This should serve as a wake-up call for everyone who cares about the North Atlantic Alliance. "

This phrase belongs to the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell. And this is already the end of the summer of 2021.

Suddenly Europe realized that she was nobody and her name was no way?

Alas, understanding, as I have shown above, was, but the greed of European politicians, unwillingness to spend money on defense, turned into the need for much greater costs in a shorter time.

The new idea, voiced by Borrell, is called rather strange for military doctrine - "European compass". The new concept of European security is to increase autonomy in military matters from the United States. As you can see, the head of diplomacy does not even set the task of an independent defensive policy. Just the right to determine dangerous directions by ourselves.

The concept should be developed in an easy-to-understand form in October-November this year. To be honest, it is doubtful that such a task is within the power of Europe. In a month or two, you can develop a concept from words that do not commit to anything. Slogans combined into a single text. There are many of them today. Strengthen, organize, express concern, support the aspiration ...

According to Western analysts, Compass is very similar to NATO's strategic concept. Defining a common vision of external threats, methods of countering them and planning joint defense projects. Including in the development of new types of weapons. How the Europeans plan to counter the American arms lobby is not yet clear.

The strategy is designed for the next 5-10 years. Simply put, if you remove unnecessary words, it turns out that to create its own full-fledged army, the EU assigns itself exactly this period. During this time, Europe must recreate a powerful military industry and develop weapons superior to those of Russia and China.

Why the question has surfaced again is understandable. Europeans are afraid. Yes, they are afraid. We have often heard in disputes about the power of the alliance, which is many times greater than, for example, the power of the Russian army. However, after the drap from Kabul, even the Europeans themselves do not believe in this power. Just as they do not believe in the independence of their own governments.

Europe suddenly realized that the United States regards all treaties, agreements and other interstate acts as nothing more than decisions that are necessary at this particular moment, not binding in the future. The situation is changing, and any contract turns into zilch.

The European Compass program is just an attempt to revive at least some independence of the EU, to get away from the need to follow the Americans in matters of foreign policy. A kind of insurance against unexpected American decisions.

Europe wants to mean something

For a long time, the EU has supported all US military decisions. Americans, Europeans and the whole world are used to this. For politicians from different countries it was more important to know the opinion on some issue, for example, Israel, than any European country.

Today the EU understands that such a situation is not beneficial. It is not profitable simply economically. The same Afghanistan under the new government will negotiate something with the United States, and not with Germany or France. Even the militants understand that after they reach an agreement with the Americans, Europe will not dare to utter a word.

On the other hand, Washington also realizes that any rupture of the United States with any country leads to a rupture with the global West. This is quite an expensive pleasure in the era of economic globalization. Therefore, even there they agree to a certain independence of Europe.

The same Josep Barrell expressed this idea very well in his interview:

"A more strategically autonomous and combat-ready EU will be better able to cope with the challenges that will arise in Europe's neighboring countries and beyond."

The diplomat spoke even more openly about Afghanistan. Yes, today for the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain the entrance to this country is closed. In the memory of the world, "coffins with flags" at the funeral of the occupiers in Kabul are still preserved. But there are states in the EU that may well establish diplomatic relations with the new government.

“We cannot allow them (the opponents of the United States, primarily the Russian Federation and the PRC) to be the only interlocutors with Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the West. Europe, together with the United States, must reconsider its participation. "

I think it makes no sense to decipher the quote.

Afghanistan is too important to the world in terms of its geographic location. This means that Afghanistan is very important for Europe.

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, did not stand aside either. I quote from RT in Russian. Unlike Barrel, Michelle focuses on economics as the basis of sovereignty:

“We don't need a second Afghanistan to understand that the EU should strive for greater autonomy and ability to act. Our strategic autonomy requires working on our economic strength, relations with neighbors and security capabilities. "

Brief conclusion on the situation

So, the victory of the Taliban (requested in the RF) revealed many contradictions between the countries. That which until recently seemed unshakable for many decades. Contradictions that were not critical before suddenly began to seriously affect the foreign policy of many countries.

More and more politicians understand that the hope for someone else's uncle who will come and protect is just a chimera. It is not for nothing that most peoples have analogues of our well-known proverb - trust in God, but do not make a mistake yourself. This means that the great powers, around which the small countries were concentrated, will more and more often face the fact that these allies will act independently in some issues. The tail of "all supporters" will no longer be so monolithic.

In general, the process of dismantling the old world and the birth of a new one is still going on more or less calmly. Those small nuances that we periodically learn about, although unpleasant, are not critical.

And the European army, the need for which European politicians have been talking about for so long (may Vladimir Ilyich forgive me for borrowing), according to the latest information, will not be large. Most likely, it will be called the COP brigade, and its number will be no more than 5 thousand people.
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  1. +9
    6 September 2021 15: 03
    Suddenly Europe realized that she was nobody and her name was no way?

    And only on the third day Indian Hawkeye noticed that the cell in which the cowboys had put them did not have one wall)))
    1. 0
      6 September 2021 16: 20
      Once upon a time there were three little pigs - Nif-Nif, Naf-Naf, Nuf-Nuf. They decided to build houses for the winter: one of straw, the other of branches, the third of stone. Who built which house, guess? crying
      1. 0
        6 September 2021 16: 32
        Quote: credo
        They decided to build houses for the winter: one of straw, the other of branches, the third of stone. Who built which house, guess?

        Well, from straw with dung it is clear, from the branches I saw the houses of the Africans, but from the stone I find it difficult to say.
        1. -4
          7 September 2021 08: 07
          Europe again remembered about independence.

          "Europe" cannot remember about independence because there was no such thing in history.

          There were countries in Europe and some of them were periodically independent.

          There were wars between countries in Europe.

          No more.

          So the headline is lousy
          1. -1
            7 September 2021 08: 25
            Quote: For example
            "Europe" cannot remember about independence because there was no such thing in history.

            It is true, always someone and someone for one place in Europe held.
      2. +2
        7 September 2021 17: 18
        Once upon a time there were three little pigs - Nif-Nif, Naf-Naf, Nuf-Nuf. They decided to build houses for the winter: one of straw, the other of branches, the third of stone. Who built which house, guess?
        ... He knocked on the door of the stone house of Naf-Naf and said: - Now unlock the door! It's me, the Wolf - ogly (-aga, -aka, -uly, -ben, -bar)! I can't have pork! Nif-Nif and Nuf-Nuf calmed down, and only the perspicacious Naf-Naf guessed: - and let him show it through the keyhole! wink
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. +2
      6 September 2021 17: 26
      Posted by: Alexander Staver

      Or maybe it's true, Alexander what it's time to hit! bully
      1. +1
        9 September 2021 18: 48
        Quote: Terenin
        Posted by: Alexander Staver

        Or maybe it's true, Alexander what it's time to hit! bully

        Well, we will always have time to hit, since Gennady has what and how ... And aot, to do with them as they do with the USSR and Russia, here the highest level will be and satisfaction ...
        To fully feel how EVERYONE felt, both we Russians and other peoples of the world .. hi
  2. HAM
    6 September 2021 15: 16
    They will build their own "Pentagon" in Brussels, create a "global command", appoint the General Secretary of the European army ... and calm down on this .... "a step to the left, a step to the right is equivalent to an escape from NATO ... shoot .... economically.
    1. +5
      6 September 2021 15: 53
      Quote: HAM
      your "Pentagon

      It was NATO, they will create OTAN! And all the business! bully
  3. +1
    6 September 2021 15: 16
    - German Chancellor Merkel agreed with President Macron.
    Soon the elections of the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, next year, the elections of the President of France.
    Voices are earning, however.
  4. +4
    6 September 2021 15: 25
    Whole NATO and the tobacco that joined Afghanistan flooded, got hit by the Mordos and fled, losing shoes, pants, people and weapons. At least ours did not drag the Warsaw Pact with them, and they left keeping their dignity and good memory of themselves (as it turned out).
  5. +1
    6 September 2021 15: 36
    Hmm, like in an old song
    Star showers light
    Were often happy with them,
    We did not think that somewhere in the twilight a dead end awaits us,
    We are too similar, we are too similar that's the trouble
    There is only the past, the past is a path to nowhere.

    This moment.
    This moment.
    Like a scream.
    Sudden impasse .....
  6. +2
    6 September 2021 15: 47
    Europe again remembered about independence. Juncker's ideas live and win
    ... Idea is "good", but what good will it be?
    1. +3
      6 September 2021 17: 33
      Quote: rocket757
      Europe again remembered about independence. Juncker's ideas live and win
      ... Idea is "good", but what good will it be?

      What is the use of ideas if they are in "quotes" winked
      1. +3
        6 September 2021 17: 53
        We put quotation marks on our side, but what about them, from their side? Hope and optimism?
        1. +3
          6 September 2021 23: 21
          Quote: rocket757
          and what about them? Hope and optimism?

          They have, as before, anything received for free, for free (Freebie)
  7. 0
    6 September 2021 16: 24
    According to Western analysts, Compass is very similar to NATO's strategic concept.
    Just under the compass, they put an ax and an arrow, turned 90 degrees.
  8. +1
    6 September 2021 16: 25
    It is clear that nothing is clear) What about the NATO troops, which are the troops of its members? That is, the Europeans are giving them away, but they are still molding troops separately for themselves? Or will NATO commanders receive "red packets" and showdown commands when they hit NATO with a bayonet and start following orders from their governments? If the first option, will there not be a war between the "NATO Germans" and "German-Europeans" one day?) And what will the "Germans-Germans" do at this moment?
    The guys got lazy and relaxed in the edge. I think nothing will happen yet. Well, until the shooting starts in Europe itself. Serious, real shooting. So far, there is no one to open it, so there will be no further chatter.
    1. 0
      6 September 2021 18: 01
      Quote: Mikhail3
      So far, there is no one to open it

      a critical mass of Arabs will accumulate
      1. 0
        6 September 2021 18: 18
        So what? Will the Arabs suddenly run to shoot in all directions? Why would it suddenly?
        Modern terrorism is when organizers are paid generously. Every terrorist attack is followed by a fatty financial trail, and it is not "seen" only because this trail - who needs a trace! Arabs, Kurds, penguins ... It doesn't matter who the belt with explosives is attached to. It would be necessary to catch the one who paid. Their nationality would surprise you a lot ... if someone really allowed them to be caught.
  9. +1
    6 September 2021 16: 49
    In light of recent events, Europe may no longer hope for this ridiculous alliance - NATO. Waste of funds. The most optimal solution is to conclude a non-aggression pact with the Russian Federation. ALL!!! Let anyone say whatever they want - an official document is much more expensive.
    1. +1
      7 September 2021 03: 30
      Here they will not get off with a contract (paper). They also signed a piece of paper with Hitler. Here, at the root of the Europeans' phobia in front of the size of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to liquidate and build good-neighborly relations that are beneficial to both, and this mentality of arrogance and superiority must be changed among the Europeans, the song is long but promises a continental union and a healthy profit. Here are just nishtyaki always wants one to get and work someone else.
    2. -1
      8 September 2021 07: 22
      So NATO is completely on the American balance sheet. There, Europe's contribution is minimal, as Trump pointed out.

      A piece of paper is just a piece of paper.
      Without NATO, you will have to build your own army.
      By army, I mean not a toy Bundeswehr, but a normal, modern army, which will require a lot of funds and will hang with a heavy weight on its leg.
  10. 0
    6 September 2021 19: 31
    Macron announced the creation of such an army a year ago. Merkel said nothing. Macron, of course, wants to be in charge of this venture. But Germany is unlikely to agree to finance such a project. This could end up in discord between European countries, so we don't need to worry too much. The small countries of Europe are already accustomed to the fact that someone else has to lead the carriage of military power, and they will immediately fight back. Maybe someone will agree, then only to cut their budget.
    1. 0
      7 September 2021 03: 26
      And in order to save money, you need to be friends and understand Russians, Europe was pathologically afraid of our geographical size, as it always tried to plow the Russians into their local squabbles. And if these phobias and wishlist were not there?
      1. 0
        7 September 2021 19: 24
        Yes, they were not afraid, but wanted to squeeze it out. And these are very different concepts.
  11. -1
    6 September 2021 19: 57
    and in the URA-media there are already articles about the future collapse of NATO ...
  12. 0
    6 September 2021 23: 47
    And the European army will not be large. Most likely, it will be called the COP brigade, and its number will be no more than 5 thousand people.
    and tanks ... on batteries)))
    1. 0
      7 September 2021 03: 22
      Well, a tank, but rather a battery-powered vehicle, is a dangerous thing. Rides noiselessly, the warmth is difficult to detect from the ground. And he can quickly bite and dump into the sunset.
      1. +1
        7 September 2021 09: 22
        Only not far and not for long. And with a whole infrastructure. During a special operation or in a computer game. I can imagine ... there are battles, there is no communication, shelling from everything in a row, air, camouflage, movement at night and such weapons in the queue for recharging))) The enemies will wait until they are charged, they will drink coffee and then the meat grinder))
        1. 0
          7 September 2021 09: 38
          Do you seriously think that they themselves will go to recharge in single file ??? On any scooter and so on, there have been quick-detachable battery modules for a long time, from tesli on and on, even more so. A truck with batteries will arrive and it will not take long to recharge from the genes of the transported battery or from the genes carried in the zip.
          1. +1
            8 September 2021 15: 32
            Well, this is your opinion, I believe that batteries are not effective in this case, including because of the necessary mass use And the truck may not reach, or rather, part of the thousands of trucks, if not tens of thousands. To recharge it, again, you need a generator, and for it fuel. It turns out an extra link complicating logistics. This is offhand.
            1. 0
              9 September 2021 03: 12
              Well, in principle, the internal combustion engine in the army will not be massively replaced by 100%, plus the portable generator can be made noiseless and in terms of heat it does not radiate as much as the main engine. In addition, at about zero discharge of the batteries, no one will go to the front line in principle. As for the extra logistic chain, there are certain problems, but the same states somehow manage to carry the assortment of an average supermarket to army stores and do not really care. I think they will not strain themselves with the supply of spare batteries.
              1. +1
                10 September 2021 22: 42
                Well, the states do not fight for serious reasons, only specials. operations. And very expensive. This does not happen in war. But if we hold a discussion about the operations of the security forces, then this is a different matter. And again, this is not mass production, but small batches, and this, in turn, conflicts with the need to produce infrastructure that has a large coverage (voluminous) and very expensive. If we assume that all this works in a period of peacetime, then it seems like a buzz, but why does a goat need a button accordion? After all, we have oil and gas ... I agree, as long as we have it. But if they are not sold over the hill, then they will. But if you feed half of the world with your resource, then yes, you will need battery-powered cars. That is, the reasons for the possible transition are purely political, and the point is not at all in the efficiency of energy resources ... And our discussion with you takes on a completely different shade and simply becomes meaningless. After all, the cornerstone is no longer the efficiency of the energy resource of weapons, but the efficiency of weapons in the absence of an effective energy resource. That is, we have hot versus salty.
  13. -1
    7 September 2021 03: 19
    The army is only a tool for dispersing armed groups of varying degrees. And then the pure economy begins and the expediency of throwing in funds. Either seriously and invest a lot of their money, or dispersed, quickly pumped out the necessary resource and dumped into the sunset. Amers with NATO have the second priority
  14. 0
    7 September 2021 14: 00
    Juncker's ideas live and win

    Live - live, but win? It seems that no one has been defeated yet ...
  15. -1
    8 September 2021 06: 46
    So the love of Europeans for money overpowered the desire to become protected. And conversations about one's own stomach won out over conversations about independence and independence in decision-making.

    I'm already confused. Since the Europeans have hammered on the United States and extended the completion of the SP-2, then they are dependent ...? Um, well ok.
    By the way, the choice of the Europeans is obvious. I, too, would not exchange the European standard of living for a "cheese product" and investing tons of dough in scrap metal.

    NATO fulfills its functions, and European bureaucrats have long lost touch with reality and adequacy, reminiscent of the late USSR.
  16. 0
    9 September 2021 18: 37
    Reading such articles, I always remember the poems of our Alexander Sergeevich ..

    Nothing has changed over the centuries .. hi
    1. 0
      13 September 2021 20: 10
      Reading such articles, I always remember the poems of our Alexander Sergeevich ..

      Poetry author - Vladimir Verov, 2004

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