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Why the West needs Russia

Why the West needs RussiaThe amazing transformation of Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Brzezinski, born in 1928, is one of the most odious figures of the American foreign policy elite. His writings attract with their meaningfulness of foreign policy reality, and at the same time they cause a feeling of discomfort with the necessary consequences of the implementation of this foreign policy reality. Since Brzezinski personally actively participated in the process of the Cold War, and besides, is still closely connected with the current political elite of the United States, which is why his books are not only historical documents, but also at the same time political documents that allow the reader to become better acquainted with a deep understanding of American foreign policy. And so, Brzezinski again brought his next book to the court of readers. This book is called “Strategic Vision” (“Strategic Vision“, 2012), it is highly curious in the sense that Brzezinski describes in it a radical political reversal of the United States with far-reaching consequences. In his new book, Brzezinski advocates a large-scale revision of the entire previous US foreign policy taken at the beginning of the Cold War. The central thesis of his book - the United States is now in the same situation that the Soviet Union was in the 1980s.

If in his most famous book, The Big Chessboard (1997), it was also said that the United States should take Central Asia under political control, and then in another place he wrote in 2008 that the United States still has a "second The chance of "building a unipolar world, now, 4 a year later, in his new book, Brzezinski states the decrease in US political influence in the world and the establishment of a multipolar world as an objectively accomplished reality. Based on this, Brzezinski comes to the need for a complete rethinking of the future strategy of the United States. Most surprising in his analysis of geopolitical reality is the fact that he completely revises his traditionally negative attitude towards Russia. Moreover: Brzezinski believes that the survival of the West in a multipolar world depends entirely on whether Russia can be integrated into the system of the West.

From Carter to Reagan

The significance of Brzezinski's sudden reincarnation in his new book can be fully imagined if one recalls the whole path of his career. Brzezinski can be compared to the royal adviser in the modern version. It combines the qualities of a political thinker and a realist practitioner with a cold mind. Already in his earliest books you can see Brzezinski's veneration of the institution of power and his pleasure in analyzing this institution of power. Brzezinski considered his main task to strengthen US power, which he then decided in practice under President Jimmy Carter, being his security adviser. Then, between 1977-1981 as an adviser, Brzezinski directly influenced the course of the Cold War. While Kissinger and Nixon were primarily interested in maintaining the US status quo in the Cold War, Brzezinski tirelessly sought ways to exacerbate the confrontation and bring it to a final victory. Its influence in American politics cannot be underestimated because Brzezinski’s geopolitical concepts continued to be used during the next administration of President Reagan. In 1998, Brzezinski opened the French newspaper “Le Nouvel Observateur” in an interview that the United States financially supported Islamic militants even before the USSR entered Afghanistan. As Brzezinski said then, the purpose of this policy of supporting Islamic militants before the USSR entered Afghanistan was to just lure the USSR into Afghanistan and increase this probability. When asked in this interview if he already regrets the US support for Islamic militants at that time, Brzezinski replied: “Why should I regret? This special operation was a great idea. With its help, we lured the USSR into an Afghan trap and after that you I seriously expect that I can regret it. On the day when the Russians officially crossed the Soviet-Afghan border, I wrote to President Carter: now we have the opportunity to arrange his own Vietnam for the USSR. " But when the correspondent in this interview hesitantly hinted to Brzezinski about the connection between today's terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism with US funding of militants in Afghanistan against the USSR, Brzezinski replied: “What is more important for world history? [...] A couple of fanatical Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War ? " (Xnumx)

Brzezinski: "Hobbies, harm Russia"

American economist James K. Galbright once wrote in his article that "for Brzezinski, this is a hobby, to harm Russia." (2) With this, he hinted that Brzezinski, even after the collapse of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin Wall, did not change his extremely negative attitude towards Russia. Of course, you can understand Brzezinski - he, being one of the main strategists in the Cold War and who devoted his entire conscious life to this fight, probably wanted to enjoy the fruits of victory in this war after 1991.

However, Brzezinski’s political strategy, which was soon introduced in 1997 in his most popular book, The Big Chessboard, ultimately meant more than just enjoying the fruits of the US victory in the Cold War. A more detailed analysis of this book shows that Brzezinski indirectly speaks in it for the hidden continuation of the Cold War, only by other methods.

The strategic plan that Brzezinski presented in this book in 1997 year envisaged the promotion of the United States and its European partners on the Eurasian continent to Central Asia itself. Brzezinski hoped in this way to build some kind of new silk route to China itself, namely, by expanding the European Union to the east, admitting Georgia and Ukraine as members of NATO, and laying oil and gas pipelines through the allied states to the Caspian Sea. Crucial to the West of this new Silk Road lay in the eyes of Brzezinski in that the West in this case will expand its influence to the very center of the most important continent of the planet - Eurasia. If it were possible to establish a geopolitical order in Eurasia advantageous for the West, this would automatically affect the distribution of forces on all other continents of the planet, i.e. would mean the control of the West over the whole world. Simultaneously with this advance of the West to the center of Eurasia, according to Brzezinski’s plan in the 1997 book of the year, Russia — the largest Eurasian power in territory — would be surrounded from the southern flanks and gradually degrade in a third world world in the West.

A loser country Russia and the US superpower

Brzezinski considered Russia in 1997 a year as a bankrupt in all respects country, which was to plunge into chaos, poverty, and continuous ethnic conflicts in the coming years. Brzezinski described Russia at that time as a “black hole”, which no longer had any “geopolitical choice” in its life, “because in essence it is only about physical survival in its purest form.” (3)

Brzezinski even thought out loud in 1997’s book of the year of dividing Russia into parts: “Russia would then consist of a loose confederation of European Russia, the Siberian Republic and the Far Eastern Republic, which would have made it much easier to establish close economic relations with Europe, the new Central Asian states and with the East. "(4) However, Brzezinski rejected any integration of Russia into the expanded world order of the West categorically:" Russia was too backward a country economically communicated IOM to poverty, and therefore more or less appropriate democratic partner for the US, it has become unable to. "(5)
Just as France, at the end of World War I, advocated long-term measures to weaken the German Reich in the Versailles Treaty, Brzezinski also advocated a new world order in 1990-s, in which Russia, a defeated geopolitical competitor, would take the place of a weak, backward, problem and surrounded on all sides of the country, which would have been denied the role of any respected geopolitical player.

The same inability of Brzezinski to withdraw from thinking in the categories of the Cold War was reflected in the book 1997 of the year regarding the exaggeration of the future role of the United States. In 1997, he proceeded from the fact that the USA is at least one more generation - i.e. before 2027 or even longer, it will be able to maintain the status of the only world superpower. This time would be enough for the United States, thought Brzezinski, to equip the Trans-Eurasian corridor - along the new silk road to China - in terms of the geopolitical security architecture. This space, which would consist of military bases, oil and gas pipelines, trade routes, countries with pro-Western governments, economic and financial branches of the West - all of this geographical space would have to connect vast areas of Asia with the enlarged European Union and NATO. And in the end, China was also supposed to integrate into this pro-Western Eurasian structure. Because, says Brzezinski, "already even a network of multinational concerns and various international organizations forms a kind of informal world system." And this informal system, supported by the growing globalization of the planet, "would have on itself a clear imprint of the current ruler of the world", which would lead to the fact that the US political system and their culture would extend to the transnational world system and change it to its own image: " And the geostrategic success of such goal-setting would be a legacy that America - being the first, only and last superpower on Earth - would leave the future world of the future to come. "(6)

But now Brzezinski sees the world and its future differently. He recognized the ever-increasing tendency of the Western community to weaken. If the West fails to conclude a long-term strategic alliance with Russia and Turkey, then this may turn into global isolation for it. This is all the more important given the current rapprochement between China and Russia. Brzezinski even scares his readers that the US may lose its influence in Mexico. Brzezinski concludes: the time of the omnipotent player for America has passed, now the United States cannot, as before, confidently present itself in a haughty pose to Russia, China, India, Brazil, Iran or Pakistan.

Also curious is Brzezinski’s new position with respect to the Middle East in general and Iran in particular. According to Brzezinki, the political awakening in the region of Arab countries and the rest of the world, characteristic of recent times, allows many people to recognize how the United States projects its power throughout the world. If the US or NATO starts a new war in the Middle East, this will lead to growing anti-Americanism, which will cause the loss of Western influence in this region of the Earth. And because of this growing political awareness of people around the world, wars are becoming undesirable.

Break with the Neocons

In fact, the new book "Strategic Insight" Brzezinski finally breaks his connection with the neo-cons. And you have to admit, his attitude towards the neoconservatives of the USA has always been ambivalent. From the outset, Brzezinski has advocated US expansion in the world. However, unlike the neoconservatives who wanted to achieve the same, but only by hard, military, direct methods, Brzezinski saw the expansion of America in line with the general trend of globalization, so to speak, within the framework of the natural laws of the nature of culture and values. As director of the Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski viewed the US as an informal world empire that imperceptibly, gradually, behind closed doors, defined and regulated international relations between the rest of the world, while the neo-cons sought openly, defying the might of the US empire in front of the world, using wars and strength to strengthen the empire.

Brzezinski had a goal to retain the status of the US superpower for at least one more generation. Beyond this period, Brzezinski represented America, which would be dissolved in the international interweaving of powerful transnational corporations and organizations that continue the traditions and values ​​of American politics and culture on a global scale. The neoconservatives wanted to see the 21 century as the “New American Century”, justifying this with the election and uniqueness of the American nation.

Contrary to these disagreements, Brzezinski had common views with the neocons. Both Brzezinski and the neocons attributed to the United States the main role of the architect of the future world order. They also agreed that the foundation of this future world order of the United States should be laid in the Middle East. They also had a common strategy of preventing Russia's alliance with Europe, preventing Russia's influence on Europe and the strategy of gradual military weakening of Russia through the expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia, building a space military component against Russia, surrounding it with military bases and anti-missile defense stations. And Brzezinski and the neocons shared in common that they categorically rejected building partnerships with post-Soviet Russia, although it belonged to a common Christian-European cultural world.

In his penultimate book Second Chance 2007 of the Year, Brzezinski harshly criticizes the neocon policy under the leadership of Bush the Younger. He wrote that the imperialist ambitions of the neocons exposed to the public openly impede and even nullify the possibility of the United States lining up a new world order in the 21 century. According to Brzezinski, the neocon war against terrorism was perceived in the Islamic world as a war against Islam as a religion, and therefore it weakened the authority and respect for the United States in this region. In addition, Brzezinski in this book accused the neocons of having done too little against the growing union of Russia and China.

And in general, Brzezinski writes, the Bush administration was too gentle with Russia, "because the Russians do not like the weak," Brzezinski said in an interview in 2008 year. (7) And yet, despite all these neocon blunders, Brzezinski still saw in 2007 the “second chance” for America to realize the plans of a unipolar world he formulated in 1997 in his book “The Great Chessboard”. In 2007's Second Chance book, Brzezinski wrote: “A more successful use of a second chance after 2008 will be decisive for America than it used its first chance. Because there is no third chance for the United States.” (8)

Results of Obama's reign: Great failure

At the moment, Obama’s presidential term is coming to an end, and following Brzezinski’s argument in his new book, Strategic Insight, 2012, the United States did not use this “second chance”: “In the future, America will have to pursue a more responsible and sophisticated policy than before. Worldwide the dominance of one single power in the world is no longer possible, regardless of how strong or weak it is. This is especially true when new regional powers have entered the world arena. " (9)

And this means more than just the entry of the United States into a new multipolar world. In his numerous interviews on the new book Strategic Insight, Brzezinski points out that with the establishment of a multipolar world, the entire 500-year epoch of global domination of the Atlantic maritime powers is coming to an end. When asked in an interview about the consequences of such a development, Brzezinski replied: "Basically, this means that we can no longer dictate our will. We can no longer be an awesome global player who regulates international affairs in the world." (10)

This does not mean, says Brzezinski, that the world order, which is now gradually being established, will be determined by China. If only because of the fact that the regional powers bordering on China, Russia and India will not allow him to do so. The new world means, including the fact that the countries bordering on regional powers - Georgia, Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Israel and parts of the Middle East - will lose their attachment to the US and will be involved in the power sphere of influence of these new powers. According to Brzezinski in his new book, the West can still avoid the plight of global isolation and international relegation to second roles. But for this you need to breathe new, life-giving forces into it and develop a new strategy and plan of action. For the West, this New Strategy, Brzezinski writes in his book Strategic Insight, should be able to integrate Russia and Turkey into the international system of the West. Turkey has focused on the West and its political system and culture for a century, and according to Brzezinski, Turkey should further deepen this interaction with the West, including its entry into the European Union. But decisive for the future international status of the West and for its strengthening will be the involvement of Russia in the expanded community of Western countries.

Such a union — which would be based on a universal system of political culture and values, and would extend from Vancouver to Vladivostok — such a union would have considerable political weight in the world, Brzezinski writes. Moreover, in his opinion, Western-style civil society is already gradually crystallizing in Russia. In a report for the organization Center of Strategic and International Studies, Brzezinski said that Russia today is much more democratic than the American media show: "If you live in Russia today, then you can freely read in newspapers direct criticism of Putin - a fact worthy of praise that you don’t hear often in America. " (11) According to Brzezinski, this trend of democratization in Russia will continue and intensify, and Russia's involvement in the system of the West can be implemented in several steps and in several variants.

America, the West and the rest of the world

But for this expansion and enlargement of the West to come true, Brzezinski believes, the very concept of the attitude of the West towards the rest of the world must be reformed. Because for the first time since the French Revolution, almost the entire population of the globe today has begun to think in political categories, has acquired a political identity. And this global political awakening, Brzezinski writes, is accompanied by anti-Western sentiments in many parts of the world. Tried injustice during colonialism, US military interventions in different countries after 1945, unresolved conflict between Israel and Palestine, recent US wars in the Middle East: all these factors, writes Brzezinski, now penetrate into the consciousness of the world population and this leads and even has already led to a significant loss of the legitimacy of Western policies in the eyes of the rest of the world. This may even lead to the fact that many parts of the world can fundamentally revise their attitude towards the West not in its favor, which in turn other powers, such as China, can use to their advantage. Therefore, taking into account the current situation, Brzezinski writes in Strategic Insight, the West can only survive if it fundamentally revises the concept of its attitude to the rest of the world.

Brzezinski unequivocally makes it clear that the fate of the entire Western community depends on whether the West succeeds in this update. In an interview, he says: “From our experience, we need to know that the use of military force has unforeseen consequences and, moreover, is very, very costly. [...] We can no longer be a global policeman, because this will lead us to bankruptcy , will cause an internal social explosion and foreign policy will lead to a loss of US legitimacy. " (12) In another interview, Brzezinski says: "America can experience the same systemic paralysis that was 1980's in the Soviet Union." (13) In the preface to the book "Strategic Insight", Brzezinski cites 6 parallels between today's US and Soviet Union 1980s:

1. The political system, frozen, stuck and incapable of reform
2. Financial bankrupt due to military adventures and bloated military budget and military industry
3. Falling living standards of the US population
4. The presence of a political class that is insensitive to growing social inequality, and who thinks only about their own enrichment
5. Attempts to reduce the legitimacy of power within the United States to compensate for the enemy’s foreign policy pictures
6. US foreign policy leading to self-isolation in the world

Paralysis of the United States of America

Further, Brzezinski says in his new book that this all-round paralysis of the United States can only be overcome if the United States conducts large-scale domestic and foreign policy reforms. Domestically, such reforms should be expressed in reducing thirst for profit and corruption in Western economies, as well as in increasing the opportunities of social elevators in Western societies. And although, according to Brzezinski, the West is today the only culture in the world that can offer a modern model of civilization, but still with high infant mortality, high unemployment, crumbling infrastructure and low possibility of social elevators, both in the US and in the West in general, such a society cannot be an attractive model for others. Only if Western societies become attractive role models again, only then can they spread democracy to other regions of the world.

Foreign policy paralysis, as the USSR experienced in 1980, the United States can overcome only if the indifference with which the Western public today refers to other countries is eliminated. According to Brzezinski, today's, however like yesterday, Americans practically do not know anything about other nations. In the book "Strategic Insight," Brzezinski cites statistics that show that 75% of Americans do not know where Iran is on a geographical map, and 88% cannot find Afghanistan. (15) And American politicians, Brzezinski says, consciously and purposefully use this indifference of Americans to gain their trust. This led to the fact that the public discussion of foreign policy issues on TV and in the media in Western countries is "more and more primitive, one-sided and historically regressive." (16) In a conversation with a journalist Jeffrey Brown, Brzezinski called the perception of foreign policy processes by the Western public "infinite ignorance." (17) And, accordingly, the American public gleefully welcomed the war with Iraq, even though it turned out to be a top-level strategic mistake - says Brzezinski in Strategic Insight. And this, in his opinion, should not be repeated on the threshold of a possible war with Iran, which Brzezinski considers to be strategically meaningless, he writes: "I think the whole world will laugh at us if we go to war with Iran." (17)

"Democracy" without charisma

In The Strategic Insight, Brzezinski writes that, to date, voices in the Western media are almost exclusively supporters of the war, moderate opinions are suppressed. In his opinion, this concerns not only the United States, but the media of all Western countries. And in Europe, too, public discussions in the media are more and more aimed at creating an image of the enemy, while the opposite foreign policy position of countries in the European media is distorted or even completely concealed. And such a systematic lowering of the adequate state of affairs by the hands of the Western press seriously threatens national security for many reasons, Brzezinski writes. First, partly because of this, wrong strategic decisions are being made. Secondly, one-sided coverage of events by the Western press is very well noticed and recorded in other countries. Thus, according to Brzezinski, the Western media destroy the attractiveness and charismatic impact of Western democracy on other countries, which leads to even greater strengthening of the already existing isolation of the West in the world.
Therefore, Brzezinski calls in the book for enhanced enlightenment of the Western public in foreign policy topics. According to Brzezinski, Obama gave excellent speeches in Cairo and Prague. But Obama must speak directly with the American people, he must also notify the Americans about the changed position of the United States in the world. At the same time, Brzezinski emphasizes in the book that only Obama, of all the other current presidential candidates, is able to make a change in the foreign policy course that America needs so much today.

From hell to angels?

The miraculous change in attitudes that Brzezinski expressed in his newest book, Strategic Insight, seems to us to be a highly curious phenomenon. As a security adviser under President Jimmy Carter, Brzezinski escalated the confrontation with the Soviet Union and deliberately brought the situation in Afghanistan to an escalation, which caused the war, a million dead, and the emergence of today's Al Qaeda. But even after the collapse of the USSR, Brzezinski continued the fight against Russia - for example, Brzezinski, during the short war between Russia and Georgia, in 2008 spoke in favor of Russia's long-term international isolation. (18) Against the background of all this, the current Brzezinski transformation is simply amazing - he suddenly stands up for rapprochement and even reconciliation with Russia. Also very impressive is his demand that democracy cannot be spread around the world through foreign political pressure, but only with his own examples of the successful implementation of democracy.

It is impossible not to note the ability of Brzezinski, already at a great old age, to change the angle of view and perspective of world events, although it would be even better if Brzezinski earlier, already in 1990, would have called on the Western community to integrate Russia into the West. The fact that such a rapprochement with Russia and its integration into the West at that time of the 1990s, when it would be easy to do it, only beckoning it with a finger, did not take place - Brzezinski himself is largely responsible for this. But maybe this new, unexpected revision of his views on relations with Russia is precisely his recognition that he is guilty and responsible for the past, the negative attitude of the West towards Russia.

It is also necessary to recognize the correctness of Brzezinski’s criticism regarding the primitive and one-sided understanding of foreign policy processes by modern Western society. But also here it is necessary to note that in the process of creating this one-sided media understanding, this information demagogy in the Western media, Brzezinski himself participated to a significant degree. For example, when Brzezinski in the year 2008 compared Putin with Hitler. (18) As a former adviser to the president, Brzezinski must be well aware that modern wars are fought and won in the information space. That is why both the Pentagon and NATO have put their work with the media on a professional basis, spending on this all large sums of money. You can see this with examples of media representations of the Vietnam War, in the Persian Gulf and recently in Libya. And so Brzezinski should perfectly understand that the indifference of the Western public to the foreign policy processes that Brzezinski complains about in his new book - it originated historically, i.e. has a long historical tradition. But for some reason he does not at all mention in his new book about this long tradition of mutual cooperation between the military-industrial complex of the West and the Western media.

Yet, despite all the above remarks and reservations, Brzezinski’s “Strategic Epiphany” gives rise to hope that the alliance of Western states could still be capable of self-rectification, so that we in the West would still be able to avoid the world isolation and ossification, as happened in 1980s with the Soviet Union.


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    . The sacramental phrase is especially striking: "A new world order with US hegemony is being created against Russia, at the expense of Russia and on the ruins of Russia." You can’t say more clearly!
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      1. UAZ Patriot
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        the sarcasm of the situation lies in the fact that the circles in which such people are composed plan their actions for centuries to come, and Brzezik is just another chatty pawn! THESE WEIGHTS WILL NEVER SHOW US FACES !!!
    2. Isr
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      Why the West needs Russia - Why Russia needs the West
      strange title, but inside the article, I did not find the answer to this question.
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        Quote: Isr
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        weird title

        There is no such title. The West of Russia is not needed. If tomorrow the West falls into the underworld, Russia will only be fine, and the rest of the world too. But Israel is yours - with giblets they will devour on the same day laughing
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      Quote: Bone
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      - It’s bad to have such enemies, it’s worse only to have them among friends.
      In order for such exchanges to occur, one must hammer in aspen stakes in their graves, then there may be changes.
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        views are varied to create from Russia a buffer between the golden billion and China — as clear as day! I also wrote this six months ago! Notice how everything came true in sowing. Africa and the B. East. Well, these comrades do not like to fight with their own hands, what to do here, this is not a lordly thing! So they want to pit us and China while pulling Russia into its zone of influence. That's why they smile to us and, in fact, smile. Teeth grind so to speak. And the created missile defense is our leash! It is one thing to lose control of al-Qaeda, another thing is the wild Russian, who suddenly defeated in the upcoming war, China will decide to screw up with its rusty nuclear weapons on Walt Street!
        1. grig1969
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          Here's what we miss:
          ========= A torpedo with a direct-flow nuclear engine (i.e. intake water flows directly into the reactor, heats up and is thrown out from behind by a jet stream - and what is there to take care of the environment - when atomic war has already begun).
          Such a torpedo equipped with nuclear warheads swims to the coast and when approaching the target, before reaching the surface, first ejects a nuclear warhead, which, when exploding, destroys or disorientes the enemy’s air defense systems - then highly protected warheads are launched that are already flying at the target.
          A torpedo can be launched directly from the territory of Russia - since its range can be very long. Within a maximum of several days, the torpedo will reach any point on the planet, not to mention the nearby seas.
          A ramjet engine can be used as a backup for submarines with nuclear missiles or torpedoes - in the event of a nuclear war they will be more likely to break away from the pursuit and enter the necessary combat positions.
          Such torpedoes can also be used without a nuclear warhead - for example, to search and destroy enemy submarines, large ships, aircraft carriers. They can be used for the remote destruction of maritime communications, ports, oil / gas platforms.
          It can also be assumed that rockets equipped with nuclear weapons can also be made on a ramjet engine.

          It is important that the torpedo (nuclear engine) is supposedly simple and many so-called "rogue states" can afford it - which will undoubtedly complicate the position of NATO and other pro-American blocs.
          Also, such a torpedo can carry several supersonic anti-ship missiles - it will be extremely difficult to destroy them for a potential enemy - and a torpedo will be able to get much closer to the AUG of Americans
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            Quote: grig1969
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      The views are the same, but in other words.
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    I am sure that from Brzezinski's point of view, “integrating Russia into the Western system” means destroying it, destroying it completely, and continuing to exist at Russia's expense. This is the position of a parasite living on a donor's body!
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      Quote: DIMented
      This is the position of the parasite living on the body of the donor!

      Well, you somehow exaggerate. America at the expense of Russia certainly does not live. The tavarooborot between them is simply scanty (compared to the same China) Europe at least buys gas and oil. America is definitely not a parasite on the body of Russia.
      America’s desire to ruin Russia is stupid, why? You have already been conquered and bought. You sell raw materials, get money, export money to the west, the West produces the final product from this raw material and sells it in Russia ten times more expensive than the cost of raw materials, Russia takes loans in the West to buy it. Who cuts chicken laying golden eggs?
      Sheep can be cut to infinity, and slaughtered for meat only once.
      Brzezinski is an old senile, living the rules of the Cold War. Times have changed, in order to conquer a country there is no need to attack it - you can just buy it.
      Follow the chain again
      Raw materials (selling to the West) - money - money to the west (2-3% per year) - west goods - Russia loans from the west (5-7% per year) - money to the West for goods., West - buying raw materials ..
      All the money in the west and he earns on every segment of the chain.
      It's simple.
      1. Rashid
        Rashid 8 September 2012 11: 52
        The scheme is depicted very correctly, plus more calculations through the dollar - so this is the parasitic system.
      2. gribnik777
        gribnik777 9 September 2012 22: 56
        Quote: DIMented
        "integrating Russia into the Western system" means destroying it, destroying it completely

        This is a great deal of truth. After all, not only Brzezinski, but also his girlfriend Albright believes this: “There can be no talk of world justice as long as one country owns such a territory as Siberia. Now, if it was a different country, then-another thing! ... "
    2. edge
      edge 9 September 2012 03: 16
      why be surprised, in the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth all are such that the Psheks, that the Baltic states ........
  5. sdf344esdf
    sdf344esdf 8 September 2012 08: 46
    Have you heard the news? A personal information search site has appeared. Now everything became known, all the information about every resident of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries
    This site appeared recently - but it has already made a lot of noise, since there is a lot of personal information about each of us, I even found my own nude photos, not to mention even addresses, phone numbers, etc. It's good that the "hide from everyone" button is still working - I advise everyone to do it and quickly
  6. darkman70
    darkman70 8 September 2012 10: 42
    In the future, America will have to pursue a more responsible and refined policy than before. World domination of one single power in the world is no longer possible, no matter how strong or weak it is. This is especially true when new regional powers have entered the world arena. "

    Very interesting ... Well, if Bzezhinsky himself sang like that, then that says a lot. He is certainly a noble Russophobe, but you certainly won’t refuse him in your mind. We will see how it all ends ..
  7. Apollo
    Apollo 8 September 2012 10: 43
    Western countries as a small child and there are a lot of them, and Russia is often called Mother Russia. Well, then you yourself understand how to punish somewhere in any family, to punish somewhere, and if necessary, encourage !!!
    1. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 8 September 2012 13: 36
      Quote: Apollon
      Western countries as a small child and there are a lot of them, and Russia is often called Mother Russia. Well, then you yourself understand how to punish somewhere in any family, to punish somewhere, and if necessary, encourage !!!

      Change places with them? Oh her ....
      Looking then at your fat and stupid grandchildren?
  8. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 8 September 2012 10: 45
    The grave will fix the humpbacked one. This old "polyankes" will hate Russia to death and intrigue, regardless of the form in which our country exists.
    1. crazyrom
      crazyrom 8 September 2012 21: 58
      Quote: lewerlin53rus
      The grave will fix the humpbacked one. This old "polyankes" will hate Russia to death and intrigue, regardless of the form in which our country exists.

      Well, he didn’t change any views, he simply changed his mind about the complete integration of us into them (enslavement) instead of destruction, that is, as they say, nothing new under the Sun.
  9. needles
    needles 8 September 2012 11: 14
    You marvel at it ... is this goat-pole a urine hit in the head .. strange progress.
  10. maestro123
    maestro123 8 September 2012 11: 43
    Brzezinski. When this surname ceases to exist. And the snout is a typical policeman.
  11. sergo0000
    sergo0000 8 September 2012 11: 45
    Unlike the snickering businessmen of the West, this wolf’s wolf’s scent hasn’t been lost! And it even inspires me some respect as a worthy adversary for us. It’s scary to even think that someone else in America can seriously take his plan as a guide to action! this world of evil.
    But the only consolation is that, due to their stupidity, the gamburoedists most likely will not take his words about Russia seriously. They didn’t receive such a thrashing from us as Poland did at one time in 1612 near Moscow!
    1. edge
      edge 9 September 2012 03: 19
      here they have burps so far and rushing.
  12. Kaa
    Kaa 8 September 2012 11: 48
    In my humble opinion, such a transformation painfully resembles the situation of 1938-1939 and earlier, before the start of the 1st World War. Then alliances took shape (in the 39th, for example) France -Britania-USA against Germany-Italy-Japan. The USSR was the force that could give (and gave) a significant, decisive superiority of one of the parties due to the availability of resources and a powerful army. Now (or in the near future) the watershed will pass along the line of the USA + NATO + Japan against China (with Muslim countries and India that have joined one and the other Muslim countries). Russia in this poker (while there is surrender and bluffing) plays the role of a joker, possessing resources, nuclear potential and a recovering army. In 1939, Stalin showed that the USSR is not an object, but a subject of world geopolitics, and in 1941-1945 it was convincingly confirmed. Flying with cranes is, of course, fun, but it is time (just the age of Stalin in 1939) to show these alliances that Russia, contrary to Western plans, is once again an object of geopolitics and play on their contradictions, because it’s like with all ages - with whom Russians - for those and victory.
    1. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 8 September 2012 13: 38
      Quote: Kaa
      Russia, contrary to Western plans, is once again the object of geopolitics and to play on their contradictions, for as in all ages - with whom the Russians - for those and victory.

      Kaa, you are dangerous ...
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 8 September 2012 14: 53
        Quote: Angry Tatar
        Kaa, you are dangerous ..

        Exclusively for banderlogs .... am
    2. crazyrom
      crazyrom 8 September 2012 22: 00
      Quote: Kaa
      Russia, contrary to Western plans, is again an object of geopolitics

      Maybe still the subject? An object is what subjects use, and Russia, as I understand it, has ceased to be an object and has again become a player. Same?
  13. razved
    razved 8 September 2012 12: 07
    It was necessary to strangle this nits earlier.
  14. Captain
    Captain 8 September 2012 12: 24
    The fact is that the Americans are now very concerned about the construction of the great anti-Chinese wall and Russia is trying to pull it into this alliance with all its might. Quotes of the same Brzezinski:
    Russia has no choice. She needs to go towards the West. And in the interests of the West, so that she goes in this direction

    The revival of the West, should occur through Russia and at its expense

    Moreover, the consequences of such a "union" (up to the military invasion of the PRC) will have to be cleared up only by Russia.
  15. baltika-18
    baltika-18 8 September 2012 12: 31
    Brzezinski speaks about Russia's integration into the Western system. But we need this integration, that’s the question. It’s quite difficult to answer now. In the form that is being offered now, as a supplier of raw materials, there is definitely no answer. And there is something else not yet visible.
  16. Nechai
    Nechai 8 September 2012 13: 02
    Quote: Karish
    Brzezinski is an old senile, living the rules of the Cold War.

    Quote: igls
    You marvel at it ... is this goat really -Poleurine hit in the head .. strange progress.

    Greater "loving" Russia with all arrogant hatred. than emigrants from the Commonwealth, apparently does not happen. That Madeleine Albright, that Zbigniew Brzezinski. Although there is a version that Zbysheka was born in Kharkivi.
    1. Common sense
      Common sense 8 September 2012 13: 33
      Except the Jews. Those in 1948 in the Soviet Socialist Republic and drawings of a nuclear bomb were urged, and the activists of the US Communist Party were 90% Jewish.
      Here is such a huge internal bug.
      1. Evil Tatar
        Evil Tatar 8 September 2012 13: 40
        Quote: Common sense
        , and U.S. Communist Party activists were 90% Jewish.

        Yes, they (Jews), they simply introduced their own in the Communist Party, so that they could keep their finger on the pulse ...
        1. Common sense
          Common sense 8 September 2012 18: 00
          Implemented 90% to keep abreast of 10% of the rest? )
          I will not tire of wondering the minds of local generals.
  17. Valuiskiy
    Valuiskiy 8 September 2012 14: 41
    Throughout his life, the enemy of the peoples of Russia (I propose to call it Zbigniew this way) has given us an understanding of a simple fact: one must always act diametrically against his proposals.
  18. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 8 September 2012 15: 08
    It should be noted that Brzezinski’s ability, already in extreme old age, to change the angle of view and perspective of the view on current world events
    Fresh tradition, but hard to believe! As they say in the East: "A snake changes its skin, but not teeth" ...
  19. askort154
    askort154 8 September 2012 15: 20
    Integration of Russia into the West is nonsense. USA - USSR 1980. The European Union is a "tsigan camp", is about to fall apart as soon as Germany gets tired of maintaining it. Integration of Russia and Germany with access to the Pacific region
  20. Mr.Fox
    Mr.Fox 8 September 2012 15: 34
    An interesting person, a decent man, but smart, this cannot be taken away. From that breed of people who think that they really rule the world and will live forever. It would be time for him to look after his white slippers too, and he was broadcasting everything ...
    1. Irkit
      Irkit 8 September 2012 16: 46
      Well said;) smiled
  21. taseka
    taseka 8 September 2012 17: 57
    Zbigniew is an enemy of Russia and all his words will sooner or later lead to the phrase - "he let it go and threw it!"
    And his book oozes hatred for Russia !!!
  22. dojjdik
    dojjdik 8 September 2012 18: 41
    Really this 4moshnika someone reads? when Ahmadinijad says that Israel needs to be dumped into the sea it is a kindling of national hostility, and when the Jewish brigade Brzezinski trembles that Russia needs to be destroyed, this is the norm
    1. edge
      edge 9 September 2012 03: 26
      they read, as they read Hitler ............ someone in the apotheosis of hatred, someone studies the enemy, someone correlates thinking
  23. Goldkonstantin
    Goldkonstantin 8 September 2012 20: 53
    Brzezinski is an old senile! He says one thing, thinks another, does the third. And in general, he has long been perceived as a jester. Yes, in the early 90s, his ideas developed successfully, but now, in the conditions of today's realities, not a damn thing works for any of his points. I have long been wondering why he has such hatred for Russia. The fact that he is a Pole, and the Poles, as you know, historically do not like Russians, is understandable, but .... Or he was not satisfied with communism. Thanks to the author for the article. If Brzezinski really "saw clear", and did not, as usual, pretend that he saw his sight - honor and praise. Comrade Zbi must understand that whatever he does, Russia cannot be stopped.
  24. MI-AS-72
    MI-AS-72 8 September 2012 21: 34
    Quote: GoldKonstantin
    Comrade Zbi must understand that no matter what he does, Russia cannot be stopped.

    Where not to stop, if in the abyss the probability is greater than in the other direction, "Comrade Zbi" is a brilliant and old enemy of the USSR-Russia, at his age, beliefs and enemies do not change, make no mistake.
    1. Goldkonstantin
      Goldkonstantin 8 September 2012 22: 17
      No one is mistaken. I have a couple of his books at home. I'll leave it for later, it will be something to melt the fire.
  25. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 8 September 2012 21: 54
    Yes, we have always been disliked in the West and will continue to not be loved, so we need to develop an army so that they don’t have a desire to poke around our territory
  26. mind1954
    mind1954 9 September 2012 00: 01
    It’s not the first century that they’ve been trying to explain to us that the West
    need the territory of Russia! And we are all trying to discuss something,
  27. Old Man57
    Old Man57 9 September 2012 03: 33
    VI Ulyanov (Lenin) has just a GENIUS phrase: "If a theory contradicts practice, we must throw out this theory!" It seems that everything is simple and obvious, but ... there are few in the world (and there were) people who, in reality, could do this. As a rule, everyone is closer to their own, hard-won theory than the realities (practice) and everyone is trying to adjust the practice to their theory, and not vice versa. But Lenin could make a 180-degree turn, if practice required it ("Brest Peace", NEP, refusal of collectivization in the form of agricultural communes, etc.) - that is just how he is brilliant!
    There was another very well-known person in world politics who possessed this quality (Bzezhinsky's predecessor, so to speak ...) - Winston Churchill! This man just as violently hated Russia (namely Russia, not the communist USSR) like Brzezik, and maybe even more and all his life he crap Russia as best he could.
    But ... when in the fifties relations between the USSR and the United States, well, completely deteriorated and Eisenhower (the then President of the United States) and the Pentagon were quite realistically going to unleash an atomic war (there was even a detailed plan for the nuclear bombing of Soviet cities), Eisenhower turned to Churchill as himself help the influential European politician in the implementation of these plans and ... The same Churchill who devoted his entire life to "destroying Russia" practically thwarted Eisenhower's plans, saying: it's too late, Russia has already recovered from that war and has its own nuclear weapons ... was a great realist!
    So, Brzezik SAME is a realist and a smart man (albeit a bastard) and all his writings are based on the realities of the time, but ... he has one BAAAL Puncture in his current plans for Russia, namely:
    Even 20 years ago (immediately after the collapse of the USSR), he argued with one. He argued to me that Russia is now over, it means nothing in world politics ... they say Russia is now ZERO WITHOUT A WAND. I told him then that ZERO is a very important figure and if it is placed next to ANYTHING WAND, then ... this wand will eventually become ten times stronger and more than other ... wands!
    Now there is a fierce struggle in the world (as has happened more than once before in world history) between the "West" and "East" ... and now no one considers Russia to be a zero in this "world game" (Bzezhinsky's new ideas about Russia confirm this !). But ... for all 20 post-Soviet years, the West (the United States and its subordinate Europe) have been waging a fierce war AGAINST RUSSIA ... instead of waging a war FOR RUSSIA ..! In this war they achieved considerable success and ... LOSE THEIR FUTURE by this !!!
    Brzezik is a smart guy and he understood this, but ... LATE (the West has already lost the war for Russia) !!!
  28. edge
    edge 9 September 2012 03: 36
    Oh, if you were to draw up a long alliance between Russia and Germany ...... the whole world would become cancer
    1. Averias
      Averias 9 September 2012 09: 02
      But in Germany such thoughts have long been circulated. The Germans, with their practicality, realized that a real union can only be with us. Many of them already ask questions in the Reichstag - why do we need the USA, they only take and in return only promises. And the most desperate ones offer integration with Russia.
      1. Old Man57
        Old Man57 12 September 2012 02: 33
        Quote: Averias
        But in Germany such thoughts have long been circulated. ...

        laughing In Germany, such thoughts have been circulating since the time of Bismarck, i.e. since the creation of a single German state (Kaiser empire) yes
        In Russia, people often like to recall the words, allegedly, of Bismarck, from his so-called "will": "Germany should never be at war with Russia ...". At the same time, they give this color: they say, the Germans should be afraid of the Russians - the Russians, they say, the Germans have always been beaten, beaten and will be beaten ... only few people know that this FALSE was created by the British special services during the 1st World War (in the psychological war of the Anglo- the Saxons have always been docks).
        But really ... Indeed, not long before his death, Bismarck wrote a private letter to one of his friends, where he made a thorough analysis of the then world politics and possible ways of its development. It was this letter that received the unofficial title of "Bismarck's Political Testament". And there is a somewhat similar phrase ... but only similar. Namely: making an analysis of Russian-German relations and their possible development, Bismarck wrote that GERMANY AND RUSSIA SHOULD NEVER Fight EACH OTHER AND THIS IS THE KEY TO THE PROSPERITY OF BOTH PEOPLES AND LASTING PEACE IN EUROPE (note: BOTH states should strive for peace) And further: IF THE SAME RUSSIANS AND GERMANS WILL Fight BETWEEN THEMSELVES, BOTH PEOPLES ARE WAITING FOR INCIDENTAL DISASTERS, REGARDLESS OF WHO WILLS, AND THE FRUITS OF VICTORY WILL COME TO THIRD COUNTRIES .)! This is not literal (i.e. not a quote), but the essence of the statement is exactly that !!! And I must say that grandfather Bismarck "looked into the water" ... unfortunately ... crying
  29. Dema239
    Dema239 9 September 2012 05: 39
    The West has always been, is and will be the mortal enemy of Russia. No matter what doctrines and phrases it is disguised or veiled, depending on the current political situation and world conditions. The only reason why the West has not yet destroyed us is the fear of getting a response in the face, and moreover, getting stronger than he gave himself. Hence the simplest recipe is to build up military and economic power and, as a result, international influence .. Only this will provide Russia with security in the future.

    Ps And the filthy pzhek Brzezik is a rare Russian-Orthodox-phobic vile rubbish that the KGB had to smother quietly back in the 50s smile
  30. Normal
    Normal 9 September 2012 08: 27
    Wrazhina of course. But the enemy is smart and therefore even more dangerous. And the fact that the United States is not beneficial, the collapse of Russia, I already wrote.
    1. Averias
      Averias 9 September 2012 09: 05
      I fully support you, with the collapse of Russia, the collapse of the United States will come. There will be no "Enemy" as they will bred taxpayers with money (defense, war, external threat). Moreover, the taxpayers will have to return the money - but where to get it? If the external debt is 16 trillion dollars, and this is official, and not officially, it has already exceeded 20 trillion dollars.
  31. Averias
    Averias 9 September 2012 08: 59
    It seemed to me alone or not. But the article traces an attempt to once again show us the Puppeteer and an ardent enemy of Russia, with a share of "sweetness" in the form of the fact that he has received his sight and now, as it were, for Russia. Or is it just another search for the culprit. It's just that what is described in the article is not a secret for anyone, I read Brzezinski's books, a smart man is a fact and everything is in order with analytics. The fact that he began to write about the fact that the States have been shitty (and in the context this is what it sounds like) is a normal assessment of an intelligent person. But to award him the laurels of such a Gray Cardinal is too much. Although Brzezinski cannot be trusted in any way, he said well - "Hobby, to harm Russia" - so what is the point. He has ambitions over the edge and it can be seen that not everything is in order with self-esteem. If I were in the place of the US authorities, I would also have presented him, since in his books he unobtrusively makes it clear that he is in charge, he invented everything and so on. In short, the unrecognized genius of behind-the-scenes intrigue, his mother.