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How the Germans tried to capture a stuck T-34 - from the narration of a Soviet tanker


History The Great Patriotic War knows many cases when the enemy tried not to destroy Soviet armored vehicles, but to capture it either for the purpose of being studied by designers, or for further use at the front as part of the Wehrmacht forces. Often one did not interfere with the other in the end. And if first to the Soviet tanks The Nazis treated with a fair amount of disdain, then over time this arrogance began to get confused not only by Soviet soldiers at the front, but also by Soviet gunsmiths, who created effective weapons and military equipment in the rear.

It also happened when, when trying to capture a Soviet tank, the Germans were left with nothing in the literal sense of the word, losing their own armored vehicles.

The memoirs of the Soviet tanker Nikolai Baryshev have been published online. He talks about how the Germans tried to capture the Soviet T-34.

When overcoming an anti-tank ditch (Soviet), the tank got stuck, its engine stalled. Attempts to start the car were unsuccessful, moreover, the batteries were discharged. Seeing that the tank got stuck, the Germans decided to deal with it at close range.

The tanker notes that the enemy tried to destroy the T-34 with an anti-tank gun, but instead the tank destroyed the German cannon with a return shot.

At night, the Germans approached the stuck tank and demanded that the crew surrender. But the Soviet tankers decided to fight to the end, using a tank cannon and a machine gun.

The tankers stayed awake and without water for almost three days, collecting snow lying on the field through the emergency hatch.

What happened next is described on the "Memories of a Soldier" channel:


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    I remember reading about this case in the distant 80s. good
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    I read somewhere recently.